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LEARN BASICS TO PLAY BLACK JACK ONLINE Introduction: It is imperative to know the fundamentals before playing any game irrespective of its nature. Black Jack is no exception to it as it has a unique methodology unlike other online casino games. Black jack is one of the most famous gambling games which holds its thrill online as well as offline. Players prefer to play black jack online as it offers more opportunities to earn profits than other games. The fun & fortune game has variety of bets to play for which is the biggest reason people love this game. Beginners who are passionate about gambling should start with black jack as it is the easiest game to learn among other online gambling games. Before just straight away starting to play black jack online it is imperative to learn the terms as well as rules & regulations guiding the game. Objective of the game: Player aims to beat the dealer with a total hand(score) either equal to dealer’s hand or near 21. If the score of the player exceeds 21 then he loses the game which is also called busting of player. With the importance of number 21 the game black jack is also known as game 21. The game 21 has special rules to calculate the total score in comparison to other online games. Rules to calculate score: The ordinary cards from 2 to 9 are valued with the same value as displayed on the cards. The value of ace equals to 11 or 1 depending upon the player’s requirement to win the game against dealer. The court cards i.e. Jack, Queen and King share the equal value i.e. 10. And the value of card 10 remains 10. These values guide the calculation of total hand (score). The players decipher the value of cards as per above coding and then total it to get the score. Bets to play black jack online: Whether the game is played online or offline it has five basic bets that facilitate the game. The bets are surrender, double, hit, stand, split and insurance. Surrender is a bet to play if player has stronger position in the game. In case of Hit the player draws an additional card to increase the chances of winning. Stand bet is a common bet devoid of any additional card. Split includes the split of score if the player has two cards of same value. In double bet the player opts for second bet with the same value of initial bet while drawing one extra card. Insurance gives a player an edge to win half of the amount of initial bet against dealer if he has Ace. After learning the basics of black jack now you are ready to play black jack online efficiently. Black Jack is a game with stronger fundamentals and unique codes that must be learned before playing the game. The author of this article belongs to the Betluck online casino fansite. It is a popular online casino offering the complete information including tips and guidelines of black jack game, with a knowledge to play all kinds of bets as per your will to increase your chances of earning big money. This article explains the basics of black jack game including objective, rules and bets facilitating the game.


It is imperative to know the fundamentals before playing any game irrespective of its nature. Black Jack is no exception to it as it has a u...