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Name Beth Yates Date 8/10/2012 Blog. Dissertation Has the increasing use of social media by corporations put the power of Title advertising back in the hands of the consumer? Has the effectiveness of the advertising changed as a result?

Dissertation Lorraine Tutor Rationale (200 words) To continue to develop my image making skills for commercial contexts while also improving on some of my core design skills, mainly publication design and text layout. To find a way to integrate these 2 skills sets within my portfolio. How – making the image stuff but then using to practice type an layout – catalogues etc.

Statement of Intent (SOI) - (400 words) by the end of these weeks I will have: WC 8th – I will have determined the full list of deliverables for the doctor who and Halloween briefs. I will also have decided on the themes for my surface pattern collection and produced some initial designs. WC 15th – The identity for the doctor who exhibition will be finalised, inc conventions for exhibition way finding and WC 22nd – All surface patterns will be finalised and ready to mock up/photograph. All research for the contents of the pace publications will be completed. The Doctor who exterior signage and way finding will be designed/shown in context. Halloween characters and imagery will be designed. WC 29th – Surface Pattern photography/mockup will be completed. Dissertation writing. WC 5th – surface pattern book designs/layout. Design development for space publications. Spreads for DW publication. WC12th – Surface pattern look book done + printed. DW print collateral designed + printed. Halloween products designed mocked up. WC 19th – Surface pattern design sheets done. Space publications finished + printed. DW Design sheets done. Halloween packaging done. WC 26th – Space design sheets done. Halloween Design sheets done.


Brief 1 Black and White Surface Pattern A monochrome investigation into surface pattern with a focus on product application and promotion. I am going to produce a collection of black and white surface patterns and apply them to a range of products. The collection will then be presented in a print based look book. This will allow me to develop both my image making and publication design skills, as well as develop my photography/art direction skills. Product: Surface pattern collection Range: Application to a range of home and giftware products including fabrics, bedding, tableware, stationery and gift wrap. MOD: Print based look book. 2.

Brief 2 Doctor Who 50th anniversary exhibition A content led investigation of exhibition design with a focus on type. I am going to propose the structure, visual identity and promotional print collateral for an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. This will allow me to develop both my branding and print layout skills across a large scale project that explores a range of 3D and large scale methods of delivery. Product: Visual Identity for the exhibition Range: Imax tickets, exterior signage/promo, exhibition signage/way finding, exhibition guide/catalogue, promotional publication (commemorative), short ident proposal, opening night invites, bags/tickets/price labels for gift shop, app design for voting top 10 MOD: print, motion Graphics, mobile app/digital. 3.

Brief 3 Space Publications A typographic investigation of publication design with a focus on high quality print. I am going to produce a range of typographically focussed publications based on facts and information about the solar system. This will allow me to develop my type and layout skills while gaining more in depth knowledge of print methods and setup. Product: A typographic publication Range: An individual publication for each planet of the solar system. MOD: Print. Sold within an exhibition of space photography – possible expansion to this. 4.

Brief 4 Kids paper based party products. A commercial investigation of image application with a focus on children’s product design. I am going to develop a range of print based kids decorations and giftware themed around Halloween. This will allow me to develop my image making skills within a commercial context + investigate the print approaches associated with this. Product: A range of Halloween characters, surface patterns and themed typography. Range: Table decorations, tableware, party decorations, paper toys/craft projects, banners, mobiles, wrap, gift bag/party bags, poster, piñata, lights. MOD: print, instore (need packaging?) ADDITIONAL BRIEFS

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