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Creative Spark Swan Buildings 20 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JW

I’m Beth I’m a Graphic Designer in training from Bradford. I’ve just finished my second year studying at Leeds College or Art. I’m very interested in branding and visual identity and my practice is becoming quite image focused. I also enjoy illustration and explore image making as part of my personal practice.

I’m writing to you as I would very much like to visit your studio. I’m hoping that this would give me a much better idea of how Graphic Design works in the real world, and what is involved in the day to day running of a studio. I picked out your studio in particular as your practice covers a lot of the areas I am interested in exploring through my own work. I especially like how you combine type and image a lot in your designs, I really liked the way you used the stick men throughout this publication for Greater Sport.

I also really admire how much you all seem to really embrace self led work within the studio, it looks like such a fun place to be with a really healthy work/ play balance. What you’ve done with your meeting room is just amazing, there needs to be more rooms like this in the world.

So if you’re available for a studio visit I’d really appreciate the opportunity. There are some select pieces of my work on my website, or if you prefer I can send you a PDF of my portfolio with some of my more recent work examples. Thanks a lot for your time! Bethany Yates Graphic Design & Illustration 07824994400