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Sam and Claire’s Imagination House Beth Winokur

Leafy Greens Publishing San Bernardino, California

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Home is Where Our Story Begins

Dear Reader, You can bring this story to life by using Sam and Claire’s avatars (a big fancy name for “guys”/dolls), and make them the actors in their own story.

Created by Beth Winokur Wonderful Contributors: Miles Winokur, Moonlily Winokur, Robert Winokur, Woody Sundberg, Anna Lambert, Michael Avila and Pamela McDaniel

Special thanks to all those who donate their time, money, energy, and love to Habitat for Humanity

‌and this is our story: It all started on the first day of Hi there. I’m Sam and this is my sister, Claire.

summer vacation.

Yummmmmmm Dragon pancakes‌

Mmmmmm‌Space pancakes!

- Mom: Mom “It’s the first day of Summer. I’m spending the day reading on the porch.” - Dad: Dad “That sounds nice. I’ll join you on the porch and practice my guitar. What are you two doing today?”

Yum, Yum! I love Pancakes!! Huh?…wait. What did they just say??????

Gulp….Oh No!! That means we’re not going anywhere fun today.

I’m going to watch “Zombie-WerewolfLove Vampire.” The whole 15 part series!

I have my day all planned! I’m going to play “Zombie Kills Vampire part 10.”


No video Games? No fair! That’s abuse! What’s that? Treasure???

OH NO!! This is going to be the most boring summer ever!!!

What does that mean?

Where I wash my face?

What kind of clue is that?

Hidden treasure is near! A magical box holds adventure, riches, laughter, and travel. Follow the clues and the treasure is yours! Where you wash your face, There is a clue you can trace. It will help you hop to the next place..

The Bathroom!

Oooh Ooooh I know!!!!!!

Sam, why are you raising your hands?

That’s what I was going to say!


Where’s the Treasure? The treasure’s not in here. We’re looking for the clue.

I know that. Hmmm it’s something we can trace and use to hop to the next place.

Where you wash your face…hmmm that has to be the sink but I don’t see any other clue.

Oh Oh! I know…it’s the…

It’s the picture! Mom’s bunny Picture! But what does that mean? If the bunny’s the next clue….then it could only mean…JOJO!

That’s what I was going to say!

Come on…let’s go…JoJo is in your room.

Look he had a note next to him and he’s missing an eye.

Oh Oh! I know…

He is not missing an eye. He’s just winking. What does the note say?

The Rainbow!!!

Follow the colors to the next clue. It’s somewhere below the blue.

The next clue is in my room!! That’s what I was going to say!

There’s nothing under the rainbow.

Look….there a giant piece of paper on the floor by your dresser.

What does it say?

Up above where the old things go, You’ll find a clue nestled with buttons and thread. Now you can sew an eye for poor old JoJo. Oh Oh, I know!!!!!!

The Attic!!! The next clue is in The Attic!!

That’s what I was going to say!

Come on…to the attic!

Ummm…I don’t like the attic.

Me either. I feel like something is always watching me.

I know, plus Mom’s scubadiving suit is pretty creepy.

I know. I always hear sounds up there. Dad says its just mice. But they’d have to be huge with all the noise.

Lets change the subject. So…what do you think the treasure is?

Or what if there is a giant wormhole that we can time travel in?

I don’t know …maybe it’s a genie’s lamp and we’ll get three wishes. That would be cool. I would travel to another planet.

I think there’s a monster in the attic.

In the sewing stuff. Look there’s another huge piece of paper. That must be a clue. Hurry up and open it, so we can get out of here.

Adventure is anywhere you want it to be. That’s good to know on rainy stormy days, but today is sunny. So go outside, feel the breeze and find what you seek. The treasure is in the place where the Sun doesn’t peek.

Oh Oh! I know… outside!!! The treasure is outside.

I know-it says so in the clue! Come on, let’s get out of here.


It could be anywhere!!! Lets check the garden. The clue said it’s in a shady place. Come on, let’s just check the garden first.

Maybe we should check the pond.

There’s no shade there.

Oooh Ooooh I know….. Grrrrrrrr rr By the tree.

I don’t see any treasure. It was just a trick. Ooooh! Look next to the tree. A treasure chest!

I knew it was there all along. I was just checking to see if you knew.

Open it!!

What’s that??? Another note!

This is an Imagination Box. It gives you the power (one that you already possess, in fact) to go anywhere, be anyone and do anything! Share it with everyone you know. The more you share it, the more your imagination will grow.

Dear Reader, This is only one of many stories that Sam and Clair share. Sam and Clair would like me to ask you to continue their story. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to draw, act, sing, or write the stories down, all that matters is you keep their story going.

A bit of information and a plea: Your imagination works like a muscle— you must exercise it every day. The world needs you to keep your imagination fit. So I beg you, dear reader, to go stare out a window and daydream!

Bye bye!

See you next time!

Beth Winokur Š 2013

Sam & Claire's Imagination House  

This book was written for children to use while interacting with the Sam and Claire's Imagination Dollhouse - a dollhouse, that was create...