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Water content smart meter.

Speedo is looking to expand their brand into the Chinese market, with the aim of encouraging more Chinese people to take up swimming. The brief set was to conduct in depth primary and secondary research into the Chinese market and identify an area of the market to design a product for. Following the research the groups split into individual work designing a product within the identified area to encourage people in China into swimming.

Speedo Hygiene

Speedo Hygiene -Accreditation mark. Speedo Hygiene mark.

Speedo Hygiene smart meter.

User guide.

Water content reader.

: Identified hygiene as a problematic area of the journey when swimming. • “At the pool the changing rooms can be dirty there is sometimes a lot of people.” • “In China the swimming pools are very crowded 1000+ People.”

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Highlighted a number of issues. • At the bottom of the pool by the drains a collection of dirt has formed including hair, plasters etc. •Water seeps through the tiles and starts to form moss. • There is a drainage system in the changing rooms, but the floor around this is dirty.

: tness apps such as “KEEP� are very opular in China, they encourage fitness th tips, workouts and progress tracking s well as having a link to social media.

aving an app means you can always ccess it�

also became evident that Chinese onsumers are heavily involved with estern fashion and the way they dress.

Many respondents identified there being problems with: Overcrowding, unclean or dirty surroundings. A number also went as far as to say that unhygienic pools, dirtiness, being too busy and a bad atmosphere would stop them swimming altogether.

edo Hygiene


Pool F

Speedo kit. The maintai using t

Speedo pool finder

Speedo pool finder

Speedo pool finder Jing’an pool Member of Speedo hygiene for: 3 Years Rating:

giene !


Last test: 05/12/2017


PASS PH: 12:30 pass CHLORINE: 13:30 pass ALKALI: 12:30 pass


PH: CHLORINE: ALKALI: More information about pool.

Your Location:


Your Location:


Hygiene is a system bought by pool owners. Upon signing up swimming pool owners receive the Speedo Hygiene e aim of this product is for pool owners to demonstrate that they run a clean and hygienic pool, that is being ined to the highest standard. In turn this provides reassurance to swimmers, who can easily find pool hygiene levels the connecting app, whether this is for individuals or families, encouraging people across China into swimming.

Pale grey concrete.

Loudspeaker manufacture has always been expensive in the UK due to the desired wood veneered cabinets. The brief is to design a portable concrete speaker,no bigger than 150mm3, for REGA that could potentially be viably produced in smallmedium sized batches. The majority of the speaker should be concrete however other materials can be used in moderation.


Polished maple.

Steel axis and speaker.


Aux output.

Brushed aluminium power button.

Concrete prototype made from vacuum formed mould, painted MDF and steel tube.

INSTRMNT is a deign studio based in Glasgow who get their inspiration from industrialisation. They base their products on functionality, simplicity and attainability. The brief set was to design a tabletop timepiece within the dimensions of 100mm3 that is complementary of INSTRMNT.


Battery casing Aluminium. Sliding back panel.

Main body. - Brushed aluminium.

Etched clock face markers.

Clock hands black and polished aluminium.

Herman Miller is a recognised innovator in interior furnishings. The brief set was to identify a brand extension and design and develop a product for the Herman Miller brands through focused primary and secondary research. The extension selected was the mobile workforce.

Modular bag

• Herman Miller is a company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service and the health and well-being of our customers and our employees. Innovative ways to improve the performance of their customers’ organisations have become their hallmark.

• Secu import as air time c

• Delay could

• Misp workfo with t proble

• An area their business does not touch on is the mobile workforce, this is the proposed brand extension.

• • • •

• A method of working that isn’t tied to a physical location. Dependent on technology to connect the employee to the services and networks required to do their job effectively. Becoming more and more widespread as the technology available advances and allows more efficient working from increasingly remote locations.


urity: Personal security is very tant to the mobile workforce as well rport security being restrictive and consuming.

ys Means there is wasted time which be utilised better.

placed luggage: As the mobile orce essentially carry their office them misplaced luggage is a serious em. Time spent in transit Layover

Work environment while travelling Working away from the office

• Liquids: Containers must be no larger then 100ml. • Electrical devices: All have to be removed from the luggage and screened separately.

•Passport and tickets • Purse / wallet • Mobile • Liquids and toiletries • Laptop / tablet and chargers • Important work documents

Essential items attach to the front panel of the suitcase.

The Items simply twist and pull off of the panel quickly and with ease.

The base of the panel unzips and folds up covering the contents.

The panel can then be lifted off and act as a separate bag for personal security.

This personal research project aimed to look into the gender differences in primary educational achievement.

The design solution should help reduce the behavioural differences between genders in primary education. The solution should encourage both boys and girls to be confident and excel in all subjects across the board in a fun and engaging way.

Colour Quiz

- Storage and charging unit. - Colour Quiz Console.

Teachers write class quizzes on colour quiz software tailored for their class.

The children press the colour answer they think is right illuminating that button.

The answers are then displayed and the teachers get updates on students answers and progress.

Your classes results... Click colours to see individual responses.





Personal Pursuit

Beth Tippite BA Product design portfolio  
Beth Tippite BA Product design portfolio