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Women in Design

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Women in Design

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“I’ve pushed back against this ‘women in design’ thing 6

I’m not a woman in design, I’m a designer.” •



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“The world is mad. When we look at it the fantastic thing about the human race is that we learn to cope with this crazy place and adapt. On the horizon is a movement towards equality for everyone, equal rights and equal opportunity and equal freedoms, if these things are just available for the half that is male then we aren’t making progress. To make progress in times like this takes bravery, courage and needs the type of people who are willing to stick their neck out and do things differently. Agencies like 18 Feet and Rising are doing away with the outdated creative department structures to modernise agencies and further the cause of women in adland, now that’s progress. The world has moved on; creative departments and the entire industry need to keep up or else we’re all just standing still and going nowhere in this mad, mad, mad world.” Dani Brown, Digital Creative, SheSays awards coordinator.



“A profession that has been long dominated by men is changing. There are simply more women. There are more women who are terrific designers, more women running their own businesses, more women corporate executives, more women changing the scale of things and appearing out of scale. There are more women in design groups, more women’s panels, more women mentoring women and looking for women role models.” •



In a survey conducted by Influence, results showed that out of

50 design students and graduates, 100% could identify 3 male graphic designers. Out of those same design students and graduates, 72.5% could not name a single female graphic designer. Influence has been created in collaboration with paper merchant G F Smith and network Kerning the Gap to raise awareness of this gender inequality in the graphic design industry. The idea behind this book is to allow female graphic designers the opportunity to see and gain notable female role models who have made a career within the industry. In a talk by Designers Breakfast in 2012, titled “Where are the Women?” Jack Renwick, former Creative Director for The Partners, argued that “less female exposure gives others less confidence, as they have no one to aspire to be.” From the same talk, Nat Hunter, co-director of Design at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, explained that in order to change the industry, women need to put themselves out there and become role models for others. “Change happens by small things happening,” and public female exposure is a good place to begin. This book aims to celebrate women of many nationalities and disciplines, from set-making to web design, digital design to paper craft. The book features women in all levels of the industry, from junior designer, freelance, creative director and co-founder / partner. The reason behind this is to expose and educate individuals on women making the industry work for them in all disciplines, in all levels, and for you, the reader, to be able to identify with someone. The hope is you will gain a role model or two after reading this book, because there is someone like you here, and they have been able to find their feet in the design industry. And you can too.




1) Existential Calculator, Adobe, 2013. 2) Occupy!: Scenes from Occupied America front cover design, 2011. 3) This Book is a Planetarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions, 2016. 4) This Book is a Camera, concept & design 2015. 5) This Book is a Camera, concept & design 2015.






Anderson, Kelli Kelli Anderson attended the University of Louisiana, and after graduating, attended the Pratt Institute in New York for painting and art history. Following this, Anderson worked at a digital agency for four months due to an interest in the internet and building websites, however realised that a traditional, full time job wasn’t suitable for her. After leaving the position, Anderson was able to get a job in the photographic archives of the library of the American Museum of Natural History. Anderson now works freelance full time and has created projects for Tinybop, Russ & Daughters, Adobe, Momofuku, Neutral Milk Hotel and Air BnB.





Atkins, Annie Annie Atkins is a graphic designer specializing in graphics for filmmaking. Atkins worked at an advertising agency before going to university, and graduated with a Bachelor Honours degree in Visual Communication and 1) Mendls packaging, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson, 2014. 2) Packaging, Boxtrolls, Anthony Stacchi, 2014. 3) Identity, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson, 2014.

Graphic Design from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, London, and a Masters degree in Film Production, Filmmaking and Production Design from the University College of Dublin. After graduating, Atkins worked as art director at Gott Folk McCann, the Icelandic branch of McCann Erickson, producing


graphic design and advertising for clients such as CocaCola, Iceland Telecom, Channel 2, the World Cup and the Champions’ League. Since then Atkins has created props, set pieces and posters for television programs such as the Tudors, and films such as Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, Laika’s The Boxtrolls and Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies. Atkins has now co-founded Think & Son with creative partner Eoghan Nolan, operating from the studio in Dublin. In her spare time Atkins runs a weekend workshop from the studio.



Axios, Ashleigh Ashleigh Axios is the creative director for the presidential house the White House, in America. Axios graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Axios has notable experience working as graphic designer at openbox9, Fleishman-Hillard and Rhode Island School of Design, and also designed interactive museum exhibitions with Cortina Productions. Some of Axios’ significant work include helping the Henry Ford launch their Driving America permanent museum exhibition, and working as the manager of online editorial and engagement for the National Wildlife Federation. Axios also spent four years as an executive board member for AIGA DC, and two years as an Art Director for the Office of Digital 1) The White House website design.

Strategy at the White House before taking the position of Creative

2) The White House Tumblr promotion, 2014.

managing designs for the White House campaigns and website.

Director. Now at that position Axios is responsible for leading and



18 1




1) Seduction poster, Yale Architecture Lecture posters, 2006. 2) Poster, TypeCon Conference, 2007. 3) Poetry Month poster, Academy of American Poets, 2010. 4) Design Ignites Change poster, 2008. 5) The National: Orpheum poster, 2011. 6) The National: Wiltern poster, 2010.

Bantjes, Marian Marian Bantjes is a Canadian graphic designer, typographer, writer and illustrator. Bantjes attended Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver, however dropped out after a year, and therefore has no formal education in design. Her career started by chance, after entering a second-hand bookshop to get change for a bus, and viewing an advert for a job in publishing company Hartley & Marks. Bantjes worked as a book typesetter at the company for 10 years, despite having no previous interest in typography, and in 1993 Bantjes co-founded design company Digitopolis. Here Bantjes built up a portfolio of client work, but found herself disliking the position, stating “I no longer wanted to be a consultant on people’s marketing services.� Bantjes left the business, reinventing herself independently, mailing out 3

promotional calendars and handing out posters at the 2003 AIGA conference held in Vancouver. Now Bantjes works as a freelance designer, artist and letterer, making work for clients such as Saks Fifth Avenue, The New York Times, Wallpaper Magazine, Seed, FontShop, Houghton-Mifflin and Knopf Books, and has collaborated with designers are art directors such as Sagmeister Inc, Pentagram, Winterhouse, Bruce Mau Design and Rick Valicenti. Bantjes also designed typeface, Restraint, which won a Type Directors Club award in 2008, and has created designs for non-profit organisations such as the educational charity Design Ignites Change. Several of her pieces of work are part of the permanent collection of the Cooper-Hewitt National


Design Museum, New York.



Bingaman-Burt, Kate Kate Bingaman-Burt is an illustrator and educator. BingamanBurt studied Graphic Design at the College of the Ozarks, Missouri. Bingaman-Burt now works as the associate director of the Art and Design school at Portland State University, and independently from her studio space, which she shares with 4 other designers. Bingaman-Burt has illustrated designs for Target, Poketo, Madewell, Uniqlo, Hallmark, Chipotle, IDEO, Etsy, Good Magazine, Persil, GAP, and AirBnB. 1) “What Did I Eat Today? A Food Lovers Journal” design, 2014. 2) “#thxbirthcontrol” Bedsider campaign typography, 2014. 3) “Tools For Making” print design.

Bingaman-Burt has also created three publications, from Obsessive Consumption: What did You Buy Today? and What Did I Eat Today?: A Food Lovers Journal. These books combine her personal work, such as the Obsessive Consumption project where Bingaman-Burt illustrated and documented every purchase she made between 2002 and 2004.

21 1







1) 99% Conference, Identity & Branded Material, 2012. 2) The Behance Book of Creative Work: SuperModified, 2015. 3) MILK Graphic Design Magazine, 2011. 4) 99% Motion 2012. 5) 99U Book : Fold-out Flyer/Poster, 2013.


Brandon, Raewyn Raewyn Brandon is a graphic and web designer based in New Zealand. Brandon graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts in Graphic Design from the Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand. During this time Brandon completed an internship at Family Design Co. Upon graduating, Brandon received an internship at Behance in New York, and shortly after, became a Junior Graphic designer at the company. Brandon worked here for 4 years, working her way through the company to become Lead Brand & Communications designer, before leaving to return to New Zealand and set up her own freelance studio. Brandon has won numerous awards such as the Annual Design Awards, Award of Excellence in Print & in Identity, and an Outstanding Scholarship in Graphics.



How did you get to where you are right now? I simply worked extremely hard, long hours, and invested a lot of my time, mind and energy into design and to being the best I could. It started back in my last year of High School where I chose to give design everything I could, I made it a priority to achieve and be the best in my class, this mindset followed me through University

“Work for free, work hard, work loyal and every reason to

and into my career and day to day life.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I like to sleep in, sleep is good for designers haha. I have my morning coffee and TimTam, often go down to the

beach for a quick bit of fresh air to gather my thoughts,


then head back home to my studio (in the garage). I’ll

work most of the day, but I like to take breaks and set aside time for my family and friends, I think finding a way to balance work and life is a priority for me now.

What would you say is the defining moment of your career?

When I got an internship with Behance in New York, and was given the opportunity to work on the 99U Conference materials. This then followed on with a job offer, and I was able to work my way up to Lead Brand & Communications Designer, which was a very proud moment in my career.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is there anything you’re interested in exploring or doing that you haven’t yet been able to? Hopefully I would have done a bunch of projects that I’m really proud of, I’d love to submit to worldwide

committed make sure they have keep you.“

competitions, have won awards, been featured in more books and be more recognized for my work. I want to be in a place where I can continue having a balanced lifestyle of work and play, and be in a place where I can choose to work on only the projects that really excite me. I’d also love to be able to share my experiences and knowledge with the world somehow!

What is your best advice for those trying to get into the industry? Do an internship with your dream company, work for free, work hard, work loyal and committed, prove your worth to the company and make sure they have every reason to keep you!


26 1

Cezzar, Juliette Juliette Cezzar is a graphic designer, educator and author based in New York. She graduated with a degree in Architecture from Virginia Tech University, and a Masters of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Yale University. Cezzar now works as a director of BFA Communication Design, BFA Design and Technology and 1) Front cover, Allied Works Architecture book, Clyfford Still Museum, 2013.

AAS Graphic Design programs at Parsons, The New School

2) Front cover, Tartine Book No. 3, Chad Robertson, 2013.

established her own studio E.A.D. Cezzar has had a variety of

3) Punch card, Eleven Madison Park, 2006.

Art, RES Magazine, The Museum of Modern Art, The New York

4) Signage, Eleven Madison Park, 2006.

for Design, New York. In 2005, after a 2 year period working as a freelance designer at the Museum of Modern Art, Cezzar

different clients ranging from Tartine, the Metropolitan Museum of

Times, Eleven Madison Park and Columbia University’s graduate School of Architecture, Art and Planning.






28 2

Chahine, Nadine Dr Nadine Chahine is a Lebanese type designer. Graduating with 1) Specimens of Nadine’s typefaces. 2) Simulation of how the eye moves across a line of text and the pattern of fixations. 3) “The Web is Dead” feature for Wired magazine. 4) “Serial Killer” feature for Wired magazine. 5) “Im in ur Internets” feature for Wired magazine. 6) “Winging It” feature for Wired magazine.

a Bachelor Honours Degree in Graphic Design at the American University of Beirut, Chahine continued to study and now has a Masters Degree in Typeface Design from the University of Reading, UK and a PhD from Leiden University, The Netherlands. Following this, Chahine created a typeface, Koufiya, which was the first to include matching Arabin and Latin parts. Chahine also taught Arabic type Design as a visiting lecturer at the American University in Dubai and at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. Chahine now works at Monotype in Germany, as an Arabic Specialist and has seen her work featured in the 5th edition of Megg’s History of Graphic Design. Chahine was also selected by Fast Company as one of it’s 100 Most Creative People in Business.

Cho, Alice Alice Cho is an art director and graphic designer. Cho graduated with a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Cho’s career began as a graphic designer at United Riders, where she stayed for 2 and a half years before moving to entertainment company Electronic Arts as an Associate Interface Designer. Cho then became art director for Print magazine and Wired magazine, before deciding to work freelance. Cho has created designs for clients such as Twitter, Old Navy, Sunset, Car & Driver, The Atlantic, Afar magazine, Playstation and Seed magazine. 29






30 2


Cowie, Kim Kim Cowie is a graphic designer and illustrator. Cowie graduated with a first class Bachelor Honours degree in Graphic Design from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. During this time, Cowie was a finalist for the Marketing Star Society Creative Student, and won a commendation for the YCN student awards. Since graduating, Cowie works across multiple disciplines such as print production, artworking, branding, typography, digital design and clothing 1) The Pro-Feminism Press, 2012. 2) Love Shack poster and identity, 2013. 3) Oh Hello branding and promotion.

design. Cowie now works both independently, and for design agency Studio Plec in Bristol. Cowie has also exhibited at D&AD New Blood, StudentMarket, Picturing Time at Saatchi Gallery and Sotherby’s and at the London Zine Syposium.

Have you had any notable mentors along the way?

research trips such as visiting galleries or design shops.

Zoe, my main tutor at uni was really inspiring as both

How did you find interning and working in the

a tutor and as a woman in the design industry. She

design industry after university?

introduced a scheme within the Graphic Design course called the Agencies Project, where students in the final

Thankfully my current place of work has developed and

year would form an agency which ‘hired’ designers in

expanded as I have worked there, so I wasn’t thrown

the other years to work with them. Each agency had

into having to deal with multiple clients and work on

a mentor from a real local design agency which would

vastly different briefs as soon as I joined. However, when

pass on live briefs and give feedback. This was a really

you move from uni to working for a company you realise

good way to gain experience of working with real world

there are a lot of things that uni wasn’t able to teach you

clients, as well as managing a team and handling other

- for me this was things like correctly preparing artwork

aspects of being a designer.

for print and how to deal with clients and coworkers effectively via email. I think even in a work environment

What would you say is the defining moment of

rather than an educational one you should never feel like

your career so far?

you’ve stopped learning.

Going to the YCN Student Awards was pretty good,

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


but mainly because it included a super fancy dinner and wine! Seeing my work going out in print is really

The main thing for me is being happy and feeling

satisfying. I worked on a leaflet for Bristol Aquarium and

secure in my job - earning enough money is important,

I always get excited when I see one out and about.

but I think it’s also important to enjoy what you do and feel like you are contributing something positive with

What does a typical day look like for you?

your work.

I’m not very good at getting out of bed in the morning

What type of work have you been doing recently?

so I’m usually rushing about before I get to work at 9am. I then go through emails and discuss with the other

I do a lot of promotion work for club nights and live

members of my team what work needs to be done that

music events in my current job. We’ve recently been

day. The projects I work on can be quite varied, but

designing a lot of cool posters and promotional material

they do usually involve sitting in front of the computer,

for one off live events in London, and we’ve also worked

although sometimes we are able to take time out for

on a Funk & Soul Festival.



1) Wiels identity, 2008. 2) The Form of the Book Book, 2010. 3) Tree of Codes, Jonathan Safran Foer, book design, 2011. 4) Coloured Perspex Walls, Artissima Art Fair, 2011.


De Bondt, Sara Sara De Bondt is a Belgian designer. De Bondt graduated from Sint-Lukas College of Art, Brussels, in 1999, and Jan Van Eyck Academie, The Netherlands, in 2002. De Bondt interned at this time at a printing company, and Total Design in Brussels. Following graduation, De Bondt was introduced to designer Daniel Eatock, 3

who offered De Bondt a job at agency Foundation 33 in London. De Bondt worked on projects for Channel 4, Piaggio and the company’s promotional book. After gaining valuable experience, Sara created a freelance studio in London 2003. De Bondt works here on varied projects from identities, books, magazines, websites and exhibitions with two assistant designers and an intern. Notable clients include Phaidon Press, The British Council, The Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design, Camden Arts Centre and Black Dog Publishing. De Bondt also teaches and


gives workshops in her spare time.



Dixon, Keetra Keetra Dean Dixon is an Alaskan designer, director and artist. Dixon graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and a Masters of Fine Art from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Dixon now owns her own studio, From Keetra, and shares the space with designer JK Keller. Dixon has been awarded with a U.S presidential award, a place 1) Visual Foreword for Digital Design Theory, 2015. 2) Colors: Retooling Crayons, 2015.

in the permanent design collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the ranking of an ADC Young Gun, an award for creative professionals 30 years of age and under. Dixon has also been featured in publications and exhibitions, including Time

3) Become, US Presidential Inauguration, Layered Wax Type, 2009.

Magazine and + Surface, and has commissioned work for the

4) Yes & Know letterpress design, 2012.

In 2013, Dixon also participated in Incougruous, a residency for

5) How to Feel, illustration, 2012..

2009 U.S Presidential Inauguration and the 2012 Olympic games.

“brazen experimentation in design practices� with Museum of Arts and Design in New York.










1) Dreams and Shadows, C. Robert Cargill, 2014. 2) Girls Will Be Girls, book, 2014. 3) Far From the Madding Crowd, book, 2014. 4) The Wonder Garden, book, 2015.




Erkas, Sinem Sinem Erkas is a multi disciplinary Designer, Illustrator and Art Director based in London. Erkas graduated with a First Class Honours from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, in 2008 and has been working freelance since. Erkas has designed for notable clients such as actor Michael Palin, Orion Books, Profile Books, Bloomsbury, jewellery store Kabiri, Warp Records, Elle Decoration and Show Studio. Erkas has also won awards for her designs, such as ABCD award in 2014, and D&AD’s New Blood Award in 2008. Erkas strives to combine thoughtful ideas with bold aesthetics to create simple and playful messages, and her work ranges from illustration, to photography, books, animation, objects and interactive projects.


Evans, Scarlet Scarlet Evans is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer based in London. Evans graduated with a Bachelor Honours Degree in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Evans has notable experience such as an internship at Pentagram, The London Design Festival, Wallpaper Magazine, Gabriele Wilson Design, Graphic Thought Facility and now works at Made Thought, an award winning 1) Ladybeard magazine, editorial design, 2015. 2) Laterality in Ruby and Amber, Twin Study. 3) The Illusion of Colour.

design consultancy in London. In her spare time, Evans works with an independent team of females to create biannual feminist magazine, Ladybeard, which aims to inspire conversation around feminine themes typically stifled and misrepresented by the media.







1) Notecards, Quatre Mots Francais. 2) Packaging, Late July Crackers. 3) Packaging redesign, Gelato Fiasco.




Fili, Louise Louise Fili is an Italian-American graphic designer. Fili

during this time. In 1989, Fili opened her own studio,

studied a Bachelor of Science in studio art from Skidmore

Louise Fili Ltd. specialising in restaurant identities

College, New York in 1973, but soon found her love for

and food packaging. During this time, there weren’t a

graphic design, completing her final semester at the

lot of female led companies, however Fili went on to

School of Visual Arts. Fili then moved to New York City,

design for notable New York clients such as Sarabeth’s,

interning at the Museum of Modern Art whilst finishing

Tate’s, Bella Cucina, Picholine, Artisanal, The Mermaid

her degree. After working with Midge Mackenzie, writer

Inn and the Harrison. In 2009, Fili re-designed the

and film-maker, Fili recieved a position with Herb Lubalin

Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for it’s 100th

as senior designer. Here Fili was exposed to the use of

anniversary, and has authored and co-authored many

typography, and worked on book projects for New York

books with husband and design historian Steven Heller.

publishing house Knopf. From 1978-1989, Fili became

Fili also teaches at the School of Visual Arts and teaches

an art director at Pantheon Books, where she began

in their Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome during

to design her own typeface. After designing Marguerite

summer. Fili was inducted into the Art Directors Club

Duras’ bestselling book, The Lover, in 1984, Fili was

Hall of Fame in 2004, and is an elected member of the

granted creative freedom, designing over 2000 books

Alliance Graphique Internationale.


1) Life...Death poster. 2) Last Letters Home, Life, New York Times & HBO, 2004. 3) AIGA/NY Branding and Promotion. 4) Pentagram Papers. 5) Pentagram Papers.


Goldberg, Carin Carin Goldberg is a graphic designer specializing in book and album covers. Goldberg graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Cooper Union School of Art, New York. Goldberg’s career began as a staff designer at CBS Television, CBS Records and Atlantic Records, before establishing her independent studio, Carin Goldberg 2

Design, in 1982. Over this time Goldberg has designed book jackets for publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins, Doubleday, Hyperion, Farrar Straus & Giroux and Alfred A. Knopf, and has created album covers for record labels such as Warner Brothers, Motown, Nonesuch, Interscope and EMI. Goldberg’s book cover design for the 1986 reissue of “Ulysses” by James Joyce has become an icon of


postmodern design. In 2003, Goldberg became Creative Director at Time Inc. Custom Publishing, where she designed and consulted on publications for the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft, Citigroup and Gallup, and her studio has now expanded it’s services with publication design and brand consulting. In her spare time, Goldberg lectures and exhibits her work internationally, and is in


permanent collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale De France, Paris, The Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, and The Hong Kong Heritage Museum in China. Goldberg has also won notable awards such as the Literary Marketplace award, a gold medal from AIGA, and the Art Directors Club Grandmasters Award. Her work has also been featured in design publications such as Novum and Graphis. Goldberg is also a board


member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale.




1) The Lab Magazine, Set Design and Art Direction. 2) Aizone Fw15 for Sagmeister & Walsh, Set Design. 3) Young Blood Hawke, Set Design.




Goodrich, Adi Adi Goodrich is an American set designer and art

Goodrich quit her window display position, and

director. Goodrich attended the School of the Art Institute

began to work under a production designer for a year.

of Chicago, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. The

After meeting LA photographer Stephanie Gonot, she

degree didn’t include majors or minors, and Goodrich

was introduced to JUCO, a photo team made up

was able to experiment in different departments such

of Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud, where she began to

as Painting & Drawing, Architectural Preservation, Print

explore set design more thoroughly. Goodrich now

Making, Graphic Design, Art History and Animation.

works independently, directing commercials, designing

After graduating, Goodrich worked for Barneys in

interiors, illustration, production design, photography,

New York, assisting a window dresser. Goodrich worked

animation, event design and furniture design. Goodrich

in window display for two years, in New York and then

has worked with clients such as Target, Apple, Paper

Los Angeles for Anthropologie. Describing this time,

Magazine, Nintendo, Motown Records, Nickelodeon,

she states “Window display merged multiple worlds:

Facebook, Pizza Hut, Macklemore, Toyota and Universal

fashion, set design and graphic design.” After moving

Records, and received awards such as the Presidential

to Los Angeles, Goodrich began to make movies with

Merit Scholarship from the School of the Art Institute

friends, and here she found her passion for set design.

and the ADC Young Guns award.

46 1

1) Quora app imagery, 2014. 2) Editorial, New York Times, “Unknown Soldiers.” 3) Quora Anthology, 2014. 4) Front cover, The New York Times magazine, “The College Issue.”




Gressley, Holly Holly Gressley is a designer based in San Francisco. Gressley graduated with a communication degree from Parsons School of Design, New York. Gressley currently works as a principal designer on platform at Vox Media. Notable clients have included Quora, the New York Times, IDEO and Dwell. Between the years of 2007 to 2010, Gressley co-founded and managed brand and interactive design firm, Rumors, with two other designers, and has also taught graphic design at San Jose State University, and lectured at California Institute of the Arts, Otis College of Art and Design and the California College of the Arts. Gressley is also a former member of the Philadelphia-based art collective, 4

Space 1026.


Hasting, Julia Julia Hasting is a German designer, living and working in Zurich. Hasting studied a diploma in graphic design at the Staatliche Hochschule fur Gestaltung in Karlsruhe, Germany. After designing corporate identities, posters and books for clients between the years of 1993 to 1998, Hasting moved to London to design books for Phaidon Press. In 2000, Hasting moved to New York as Art Director for the same company. During this period, Hasting taught Publication design at the design faculty of the Cooper Union School of Art, and in 2007 she took over the design direction at 1) Art Direction, Collection of Phaidon Press titles. 2) WA: The Essence of Japanese Design, Phaidon Press.

Phaidon Press and moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Hasting has given lectures about her work at the BRNO Biennale of Graphic Design, The AIGA New York, Pentagram New York, the University of Lima, Peru, and Integrated Design Conference, Antwerp.




“Don’t let career sexiness or things other people be interested in You want you love every want going to work to


Hische, Jessica Jessica Hische is a graphic designer from Pennsylvania. Hische graduated with a degree in Graphic and Interactive design from Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia. Following this, Hische worked for Headcase Design in Philadelphia, and as a Senior Designer at Louise Fili’s studio in New York. Hische worked there for two and a half years, leaving to further her freelance career as 1) Ragnarok Survival Kit, John Hodgman, design. 2) Healthcare 50, Kiplinger’s, design. 3) Starbucks personal advertisement design.

a letterer, illustrator, and type designer. Currently works out of title case, a collaborative studio in San Francisco, California, Hische has worked for clients such as Wes Anderson, Nike, Penguin Books, The New York Times, Tiffany & Co, American Express and Victoria’s Secret.


say you should guide what you want to do. to be in a career that minute of and you be a joy.�







3 1) Red Cross university brief concept and design. 2) YCN Brief, FemFresh.

Hoefkins, Imogen Imogen Mary Hoefkins is a Leeds-based graphic designer. Hoefkins graduated with a Bachelor Honours degree in Graphic

3) ‘Dressing The Screen’ exhibition, the British Council, 2014.

Design from Leeds College of Art, and has won two awards for

4) Project Bush, 2013.

award in 2014. Hoefkins work focuses on concept generation,

5) Corinthia Hotel concept and advertisement.

art direction, branding and identity, and her experience includes

6) The National: Wiltern poster, 2010.

her work: YCN Student Awards in 2013 and D&AD New Blood

Brand Britain, Involve and Leeds Print Festival. Hoefkins currently works as an art director at The Home Agency.




Holder, Alex Alex Holder is a UK based advertising creative. Holder

Holder has also been involved in controversial

graduated with a Bachelor Honours degree in Graphic

campaigns such as Elle’s rebranding feminism, where

Design & Advertising from Central Saint Martins

Holder was involved in a campaign entitled “Make

University of the Arts London. Holder began her career

Them Pay” highlighting the pay gap between males and

as a creative at advertising agency TBWA London,

females. The project was viewed 83 million times in the

where she stayed for one year before moving to award

first two weeks, and was eventually backed by UK Prime

winning agency WCRS. Holder then moved to Wieden

Minister David Cameron. Other projects include Project

+ Kennedy and Mother as a creative director before

Bush, a campaign aimed at creating a debate about

founding marketing and advertising agency Anomaly

female pubic hair, and Head Shots of Hand Models

with fellow designer Oli Beale. Notable clients include

where Holder photographed the faces of hand model

Budweister, Cancer Research UK, Trainline, Youtube,

stars, which was featured on internet media company

Playstation, Bupa, and Amnesty International.

Buzzfeed and in Newspaper The Guardian.


1) Francesco Vezzoli Invitation design. 2) Insights Design Lecture Series: 2013. 3) Midway Contemporary benefit poster invitation and identity. 4) “A Woman Is a Woman” poster for Trylon’s Godard festival.






Hyde, Andrea Andrea Hyde is a US based graphic designer and art director. Hyde graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota, studied Graphic Design at Parsons School of Design, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Specialising in brand identity, publications and digital media, Hyde began her career during her studies interning at award winning design studio, Honest. Hyde then became a senior graphic designer at Design MW, GOTO Design and Walkers Art Center before freelancing. Now Hyde works both independently, and as a senior art director at advertising agency Peterson Milla Hook.

Lakwena Lakewena Maciver is a London-based artist. After living in Ethiopia, Maciver learnt cursive handwriting and her interest in typography developed. Maciver studied a foundation degree in Graphics at the London College of Communication, and graduated with a Bachelor Honours degree in Graphic Media Design. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in both galleries and public environments. Maciver is inspired by adornment and it’s use and power as a means of communication, and has created commercial designs for Adidas, American Eagle Outfitters, ASOS, Clinique, Converse, Diesel, H&M, Nike, Palladium Boots, Red Bull and Tiger Beer. Maciver was also featured in the London creative agency BBH exhibition, She Lights Up The Night, named after one of her pieces. The exhibition was in aid of charity, Refuge.


1) “She Lights up the Night,” BBH, 2016. 2) “I Repeat” 2015. 3) “Refuses to Seize the Day” 2010. 4) “I Am the Last Playground Standing” design, 2010. 5) Imagine Eternity: I Remember Paradise, design, 2015. 6) Ever After mural, 2014.








58 2

1) Big Cartel Good Vibes Theme Sample Product Abstract design, 2015. 2) CondĂŠ Nast Austin website design, 2016.



Lewis, Meg Meg Lewis is a graphic designer specialising in web

defined as a company working toward making the world

and user interface design. Lewis attended design

a healthier, happier place, and began to design solely

classes during her education, however always knew her

for those businesses. Lewis now designs exclusively for

ambition was to become a freelance designer. Lewis

clients of this kind, such as Phoebe Lapine, Thistle &

began her freelance career during this time, specialising

Clover, Scouted, Lovely & Co, Zoe Rooney, The Kinetix

in e-commerce design for small businesses.

Group, Expert Lab, Outpost, Vanity Fair Hollywood,

After working as a freelance designer for online

Coast to Roast, Michelle Bablo, CoPilot, Bill de Blasio,

shops and Shopify websites, Lewis moved to New

Daily Lemonade, WellCoin, Better and Condé Nast.

York and was hired for design marketing websites and

Lewis was also one of 10 nominees for Designer of the

user interface, however in 2014 Lewis began to design

Year in the 2014 Net Awards.

branding. However, Lewis was unhappy with her client

Lewis founded Ghostly Ferns, a freelance “family”

base: often receiving briefs through word of mouth for

specialising in web design, branding and illustration

corporate companies looking for cheap design. Lewis

located in Brooklyn, New York, and co-founded

decided to coin the phrase “Happy Companies,”

Scouted. Lewis also teaches classes on interaction.

How did you get to where you are right now?

go see a movie by myself, other days I’ll go outside

My story is pretty simple. When I went to school I knew

and play.

I wanted to work for myself and become a freelancer. I learned everything I could about my trade and started

What would you say is

freelancing during school. At first, I did a lot of work for

the defining moment of

free and as I got more experienced I started charging

your career so far?

more. There have been so many surprising opportunities along the way that have naturally changed my career,

Moving to New York City

but overall it’s been quite simple. I knew what I wanted

was absolutely the best decision I’ve made for myself

to do and I worked my butt off until I made it happen!

personally and professionally. Before I lived in NYC, I was a huge introvert and didn’t now how to make

Have you had any notable mentors along the way?

friends as an adult. New York has such a social culture and really pushed me out of my comfort zone. Today,


I’d say I’ve had 30+ mentors throughout my career.

I’m really comfortable having conversations with anyone

Everything I’ve learned has come from my freelancer

and I’m much more outgoing.

peers. Shortly after I began freelancing, I joined a shared studio space full of other freelancers. They’ve been such

What type of work do you prefer?

a source of inspiration, and information, throughout my career. They have provided me a shoulder to cry on

Because I love change so much, I don’t like to specialize

during client frustrations and they’ve helped me figure

in a trade of design like branding, web design or print

out contracts and pricing. The most important thing I’ve

design. Rather, I like working for companies who share

learned from them is self confidence. They make me

similar values to mine. For those companies, I’ll do any

feel loved. I’m so lucky to have them in my life!

design work they need. I love working for companies who are working to make the world a healthier, happier

What does a typical day look like for you?

place. Those companies typically value personable, fun design. When I get to work with those companies I’m a

I have an addiction to change. Because of this, no two

healthier, happier person!

days are the same for me! I generally only need about 3-4 hours a day of completely uninterrupted time to get

You were also nominated for Designer of the Year

a lot of work done. If I can get that, I usually spend the

from the Net Awards. Did this affect your career

rest of my day doing whatever I want. Some days I’ll

in any way?

Nah! I think the only people who care about that stuff

night, sometimes it happens in the morning. Once that

are other designers, and my mom.

creativity hits, nothing can stop me. The work I create when I’m feeling truly creative is incredible. I just have

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Is there

to wait for my brain and my body to be ready. My body

anything you’re interested in exploring or doing

always amazes me. Go Meg’s body, go!

that you haven’t yet been able to? What is your best advice for those trying to get I don’t like thinking too much about the future because

into the industry?

it makes life seem boring and predictable. Wherever I am and whatever I’m doing in 5 years is going to be

Make as many friends as possible! The friends you’ll

amazing, that’s all I know.

make in this industry will be so helpful for getting you work and helping you with opportunities. In return, do

What is your creative process?

whatever you can to do the same for others! Be kind to others, make friends and have a ton of fun. We’re so

My brain is fun and it only likes to feel creative at certain,

fortunate to have this career.

random, times. I’ve learned not to push creativity on my brain. Instead, I wait until it feels creative and I get to work! Sometimes my brain feels creative late at

“I love working for companies who are working to make the world a healthier, happier place.”



1) Travis Scott, the Fillmore Silver Spring, design, 2015. 2) Photo Illustration. 3) Photo Illustration.




Llanakila Victoria Brown, otherwise known as Llanakila, is an American visual artist and designer. Brown graduated with a Bachelors of the Arts in Printmaking from the Pennsylvania State University in 2014. Brown has also studied digital art and taught herself animation and coding. Currently based in Maryland, Brown works independently, and has been featured in Amber Rose’s Slut Walk and a mural in the East Village in New York. Brown uses mediums such as screen printing, lithography and etching to create her designs, and often features the female body in her designs. Brown’s artist name, Llanakila, means victorious in Hawaiian, and she received the name when attending a luau in Hawaii. Brown specialises in motion/animation, digital, painting, and 3

graphic design.




Liaw, Jennet Jennet Liaw is a typographer and illustrator. Liaw graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego in 2012. During this time, Liaw taught herself typographic and illustration skills, and began to work freelance. Liaw has also interned at Skybox Creative and The UCSD Guardian, however now works for Nike at World HQ, in Beaverton, Oregon. Liaw’s clients include Pure Fix Cycles, the European Independent Film 1) H Dropcap, The Type Fight, 2016.

Festival, Leonard & Church, Garnacha, From Head to Toe, Coachella, Brentwood Grand Prix, Ciclavia, Legion Paper and

2) Wallpaper design 2014.

Stone and Cloth. Liaw was also commissioned by Millennial Media

3) Pure Fix Cycles, 2014.

to create a mural of Baltimore, and has also created her own shop,

4) Intent, 2015.

Fictional Supply, selling prints and T-Shirts.




“Above anything else: have intent. Intent separates design from decor, and is just as important to have, as an artistic eye. Be intentional, be kind, work in earnest.�



Makerie Studio Makerie Studio is based in New York and London, founded and ran by designers Julie Wilkinson and Jovanne Horscroft. After becoming friends during their 1) Untitled Magazine Danger Editorial design. 2) Vogue China 10th Anniversary design. 3) Vogue China Travel Editorial design.

studies at the University of Bath, the two realised their passion in 3D art. Citing books by Stefan Sagmeister and Tibor Kalman as inspiration, Horscroft apprenticed with paper artist and former fashion designer Zoe Bradley, whilst Wilkinson returned home to Italy to

4) Fracture.

work with a local advertising agency. During this time,

5) The National: Orpheum poster, 2011.

the pair continued to communicate through Skype

6) Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Wings.


and completed projects together on weekends and



After getting their first job, the two remained at their jobs and used those positions as the basis for their initial portfolio. The studio has been described as coming together “naturally” with Wilkinson explaining, “It’s not 4 like we didn’t eat for eight months or something like that. Now it’s full-time and it’s overtime and we’re lucky for that.” Makerie Studio’s notable clients are Ben & Jerry’s, Givenchy, Kate Spade NY, Wallpaper Magazine, British Airways, John Lewis, Mulberry, Nike, Pandora, The White Company, Tiffany & Co, Harrods, Victoria’s Secret, Vogue and YCN London. They were also named Arjowiggins Designer of the Year in 2010.






1) Embroidered wrap around cover, Haus Frau, Jill Esbaum, 2015. 2) Embroidered quote design, Pick Me Up London 2013.


3) Watercolour Painting with Thread, 2015. 4) Embroidered artwork, “Shut up I’m dreaming.” the Hoopla group show, He Made She Made gallery, 2015. 5) Embroidered artwork, “Shut up I’m dreaming.” the Hoopla group show, He Made She Made gallery, 2015.


69 4

Maricor/Maricar Maricor/Maricar is the design studio of Filipino twins

to travel and work in the UK, and decided to pursue

Maricor and Maricar Manalo. The pair graduated with a

freelance and a passion in textiles and hand embroidered

Bachelor Honours Degree in Visual Communications at

illustration and typographic design, creating the studio.

the University of Technology, Sydney. After graduating,

In 2010, they were awarded the Qantas Spirit of Youth

the Manalos went their separate ways, with Maricar

award, and Maricor and Maricar are now represented

working in print and advertising, and Maricor working in

by Jacky Winter in Australia, and Handsome Frank

motion graphics and animation. After gaining valuable

Illustration Agency worldwide, producing embroidery,

experience, the pair began to work together at Sydney

design, custom lettering, hand craft props and stop

design studio Mathematics, working for three years

motion animation. Their notable clients include Vogue

creating print, web and animation design for clients

Japan, Hong Kong Airport, Saatchi and Saatchi NYC,

primarily in the music industry.

The Monkeys, BMF Australia, Toms Shoes, West

After being awarded the British Council Australia’s Realise Your Dream grant, the Manalos were able

Elm, Weight Watchers, British Council Australia, The Washington Post, Oh Joy! and ESPN Magazine.




3 1) Cadbury Dairy Milk advert, 2007. 2) Kate Moross x Kiehl’s Mother’s Day Bottles, 2010. 3) Make Your Own Luck, 2014. 4) Wired magazine spread, 2013. 6) Self Portrait.



Moross, Kate Kate Moross is an illustrator, art director and designer. After undertaking a foundation degree at Wimbledon, Moross graduated with a first class Bachelor Honours degree at Camberwell, University of the Arts London. During this time, Moross practiced actively as a commercial illustrator, and created a range of clothing for Topshop under her own name. Since then, Moross has created her own studio, which focuses on branding, art direction and commercial projects, ran a record label and has creating a clothing line. Moross recently worked on band One Direction’s tour visuals, and has worked for clients such as RayBan, Converse, Vogue, Kiehls, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, The Guardian, Ralph Lauren, Virgin, Vice Magazine, Cadbury, Glastonbury Festival and Ford. Moross has also written and illustrated her own book, called “Make Your Own Luck – a DIY Attitude to Graphic Design & Illustration,” a biography of sorts featuring insider tips about how to make a career in the competitive field of design. The book features chapters about surviving art school, collaborating with other artists, self promotion, how to deal with “copycats,” how to develop your own style and when to consider working for free. In April 2014, Morross celebrated the launch of the book with her first solo exhibition at the Cob Gallery in Camden. Moross regularly speaks at art conferences such as the OFFSET festival in Dublin and TYPO, and has worked on the D&AD award jury. Moross has also won notable awards such as ADC Young Guns award in 2012, YCN Professional Awards in 2013, and the UKMVA Award Winning Director 2014.


Moy, Karla Karla Moy is a Toronto-based, self-taught graphic designer. At the age of 12, Moy created her own business, which has developed into a strong freelance brand and blog, Hustlegrl. Moy specialises in music, creating designs for musicians such as Drake, who she often goes on tour with, Diggy Simmons, Nicki Minaj, Future Da Prince and Lil Wayne. Moy was mentored by Toronto’s youth program, “The Remix Project” and after gaining valuable experience, Moy was recently given the opportunity to serve as an on-air personality with MuchMusic. Moy recently applied for OCAD University in Toronto to study Graphic Design, however stated “In the industry that we’re in, it’s not really about what you know or your educational background. It is possible to be the most talented without an education in graphic design and still have a career.” Moy instead has decided to attend 72

Ryerson University in Toronto and study Radio and Television Broadcasting in order to expand her skills and career.


1) Urstruli, Hustlegrl. 2) All Things Fresh website design. 3) Not Just Marbles poster design, 2015. 4) Design Ignites Change poster, 2008. 5) JMSN poster design. 6) High Society poster design, 2015.








1) Monotype Font Curator personal list. 2) Circle gif, IBM. 3) IBM Cloud campaign concept & design, 2014. 4) Snowfractals Holiday Card Maker, 2014.




Murphy, Sue Sue Murphy graduated with a degree in visual communications from Dublin’s institute of Art Design and Technology in 2009. Following this, Murphy studied a Masters Degree in Advertising, and got a job as a designer at Edenspiekermann in Amsterdam. Murphy now works as a senior designer and art director at Wolff Olins in New York, combining art direction, design, copywriting, research and strategy for top Fortune 500 companies. Murphy works on projects from repositioning and improving a global brand, to reimagining experiences to be innovative, product launches and advertising campaigns. Despite her background in advertising, Murphy dislikes traditional paid for media such as banners, preferring to create new kinds of online content instead. In her spare time, Murphy works on personal projects such as and Good Design is Good Business, an archive of IBM posters, writing about design, judging award shows, public speaking and mentoring students.


Myerscough, Morag Morag Myerscough is a British graphic designer specialising






“supergraphics.” After graduating with a Bachelor Honours degree in Graphic Design at Central St Martins, Myerscough completed a Masters degree at the Royal College of Art. Myerscough was inspired by stage sets by David Hockney, and began to design large scale work such as her commission by the Science Museum, which was 230 metres long. Myerscough began her career at agencies such as Lamb & Shirley, and worked for a year as head graphic designer for Michele De Lucchi in Milan. Following this, Myerscough founded Myerscough Chipchase with fellow design Jane Chipchase in 1991. In 1993, when partner Jane Chipchase left the studio to work at agency Pentagram, Myerscough set up


Studio Myerscough. In 2010, Myerscough founded Supergrouplondon with Luke Morgan, collaborating on projects with others such as architects Allford Hall Monoghan Morrison, whose collaborations were nominated for the RIBA Stirling Prize, and poet Lemn Sissay on the Movement Cafe. Myerscough has designed for Zynga and the British Council, exhibits for London’s Design Museum such as Archigram and Formula 1, the exterior of the British 1) MVMNT Cafe, 2012.

Pavilion for the 2004 Venice Biennale, the wayfinding for the Barbican Centre, Westminster Academy, Kentish

2) Temple of Agape installation, super graphic design, London, 2014.

Town Health Centre and Tate Modern’s Herzog and De

3) Temple of Agape installation, super graphic design, London, 2014.

Eye magazine, on the cover of Creative Review and has

4) Future Vintage, 2010.

Museum’s Design of the Year.

Meuron extension. Myerscough has been profiled in

been nominated for numerous awards such as Design 1








Nieminen, Lotta Lotta Nieminen is a Finnish illustrator, graphic designer and art director. After studying graphic design and illustration at the University of Art and Design, Helsinki, and the Rhode Island School of Design, Nieminen worked at fashion magazine Trendi, 1) City illustration, 2012. 2) Budapest Train Station, illustration, 2012.

Pentagram Design and RoAndCo Studio. After gaining experience, Nieminen decided to work freelance and now runs her own New York-based studio. In 2014, Nieminen was nominated for Forbes

3) Animal Town, Finland stamp, 2015.

Magazine’s annual 30 under 30 list in the Art & Style Category, and

4) Hermes shop front display, 2012.

Similarly, Nieminen was also selected by Print Magazine for it’s

5) Le Monde, map illustration, 2012.

in 2010, she received the Art Directors Club’s Young Guns Award.

annual New Visual Artists review, highlighting 20 international rising designers under the age of 30.








1) “Better the Devil you Know.” Typographic print, 2013. 2) “G” Illustration. 3) Westfield Australia typographic installation, handdrawn, 2015. 4) “Remember Me” typographic installation. 5) Christmas Woolworths typographic illustration, poster, 2012. 6) Fear Less typographic design, 2014



O’Brien, Gemma Gemma O’Brien is an Australian graphic designer specializing in hand lettering, illustration and typography. O’Brien originally attended Law School in Queensland, however after dropping out O’Brien graduated with a Bachelor of Design from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. O’Brien now works independently, and has worked with clients such as Qantas, Heinz, The New York Times, Angus and Julia Stone, Monster Children, Smirnoff and Volcom. Alongside this, O’Brien has art directed for Animal Logic, Fuel VFX and Toby & Pete. In her spare time, O’Brien often hosts handlettering workshops across Australia, and has presented at design conferences such as TYPO Berlin, TYPO San Francisco, agIdeas International Design Forum, Typism and Semi Permanent. O’Brien also illustrates a personal project called The Spew Bag Challenge, drawing puns on airplane sick bags, and is a Volcom womens ambassador for creative and art based projects.




Panagiotopoulou, Angelina Angelina Panagiotopoulou is a Greek multidisciplinary designer. Panagiotopoulou graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. She then began working as a graphic designer and illustrator for advertising agency Antonia Skaraki, leaving after almost 2 years to begin working independently in the Netherlands. Panagiotopoulou focuses on branding and packaging, but is also fascinated in unique printing methods such as marbling and screenprinting. Due to this interest, in 2012 Panagiotopoulou co-founded MAMA Silkscreen, an experimental printing studio, with designer Miltos Bottis. Clients include the Network of Greek Psychologists, The Greek Graphic Designers Association, Dar-E-Mehr and Armiriki Stories.


1) Light Vs Dark, poster design, 2015. 2) Visual Echo packaging design, 2016. 3) Poetry Month poster, Academy of American Poets, 2010. 4) Pink Rabbits screenprint, 2015. 5) Zusammenarbeit, Druck Berlin Festival, poster design, 2013.









Pippin, Andrea Andrea Pippins is a Brazilian graphic designer and educator. Pippins graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Graphic Design, and Master of Fine Art in Graphic and Interactive Design degree from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia. Pippins’ career began at Brooklyn Children’s Museum, in New York, working as a designer of promotional graphics for the 1) Brown Betty Dessert Boutique interior typography, 2015.

museum’s events and activities.

2) Illustration, I am Carribeing, Brooklyn Museum, 2015.

greeting cards and working with experimental productions for

3) MyFry app, 2011. 4) OK Go, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, 2010. 5) Data Walk: BBC Broadcasting House, data visualisation, 2007.

Pippins left the position to work at Hallmark, designing

Warner Brothers and Barbie licensed collections. Following this, Pippins became Art Director at childrens TV channel Nickelodeon, art directing the set design and designing storyboards for on-air graphics and animations, and then went on to work independently. Some of her notable clients include clothing brand Free People and Worth Global Network.

Posavec, Stefanie Stefanie Posavec graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, with a Masters degree in Communication Design. Posavec now works as a graphic designer, both freelance and at Penguin, a British publishing house, designing book covers. Her work focuses on data visualisation that involves language, literature, science or a combination of all three. Posavec’s notable career highlights have been exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, designing an app for English comedian, actor, writer and presenter Stephen Fry, designing an album cover for band Ok Go, and designing book covers for author Jack Kerouac. Similarly, Posavec has designed for Southbank Centre and Facebook.






1) Find My Past Guildford, postcards, 2014. 2) Teisseire advertisement poster, 2015. 3) Drench advertisement poster, 2014.


Ray, Loty Loty Ray is a British graphic designer. Ray graduated

Design, and now works as a Designer at London

from Buckinghamshire University with a Bachelor

based agency CHI&Partners. Here Ray has worked on

Honours degree in Graphic Arts. During her studies,

designs for clients such as TalkTalk, Lexus, Teisseire,

Ray entered a response to the Fedrigoni Paper brief set

and Find My Past. Ray also designed the CHI&Partners

for the YCN student awards with fellow design student

welcome pack for new clients. Ray recieved a creative

Jade Coleman in 2013, and received a commendation

circle nomination for her work for TalkTalk and Find

for the design. After graduating, Ray undertook

My Past, alongside a Webby award nomination and a

internships at Rare Design, Quarto publishing and the

D&AD wooden pencil. In her spare time, Ray has set up

Rodnik Band, and worked as the associate art director

company Headspace in 2015, designing headdresses

for magazine The Future Vintage. Following this, Ray

for couture, festivals and bespoke designs and

received the position of Junior Designer at Cre8te

experimenting with mixed media and 3D printing. 87



The Fedrigoni project I did with my friend and classmate at university. It was interesting really because we both really loved doing handmade work, and when we saw the brief we instantly looked at each other and just knew How did you get to where you are right now?

we should do it together. The following few months were very sleepless, stressful and full of paper cuts. The

During my time at university I did an internship at a

whole book took about 365 hours, we counted them

design agency, this really helped me understand the

as we went because we were curious about how long

industry more so than my studies. It also made me

it would take. It proved to be very difficult as it involved

realise that I needed to be interning a lot to gain the

so many pieces and we encountered hundreds of

experience I needed to get a job. I met some people at

challenges to overcome. Also as we didn’t have any

my grad show and got an internship at a publishers for

money we had to find certain solutions for the project.

a few months, after that I interned for a fashion designer.

I think it has had a slight effect on my career, I think

The whole time I was applying for jobs and luckily I

partially due to the project itself rather that the awards,

landed one at a design agency. I lost this job about a

although i’m sure the award helped!

month after for unknown reasons. This was a huge set 88

back for me personally. I was then unemployed for a

How did you find interning and working in the

few months, in this time I did some freelance branding

design industry after university?

work which tied me over. I sent my portfolio over to the Head of Art at CHI&Partners at the time and got offered

I found it fairly easy I think, but I was interning at some


a month freelance work which was great.

fun places which made the transition smooth. However

we work the nights and other friday lunches You received a YCN commendation for your response to the Fedrigoni brief. Do you believe this has affected your career?

when I got my first job - I did feel slightly out of place and that I felt I was part of the city life instead of the creative community, which I didn’t really enjoy at all. However after getting my job at a creative ad agency that changed again and I much preferred it!

What does a typical day look like for you? I get in to work about 9AM, I usually have multiple projects on at the same time, although at the moment I

What is your create process?

am on a very big 3 month project. I always try and get ahead of myself too make sure I don’t get stitched up. I

I always start with some research, I have to get in

work closely with the creatives at the agency and have

the right headspace for the project. I gather as many

to liase with the project managers and also the account

references as possible and create moodboards. I always

teams. I attend lots of meetings about my projects,

try and have multiple routes for the project so that I feel I

from account managers all the way up to the Executive

have covered all the bases and possible solutions. Once

creative director and occasionally the clients. I research

a route is chosen I will begin working up the idea with

all of my work as much as I can, talk ideas through

as many versions as possible. I used to dislike doing

with people and spend a lot of time doing the work.

100 layouts that are all different but now I understand

Sometimes we work on pitches through the nights

how important this is and enjoy doing it. Then it’s just

and other days its friday lunches at the pub. It can be

narrowing it all down and crafting the work.

incredibly stressfull as I am given lots of responsibility, this is a great thing though as I am always pushed.

What is your best advice for those trying to get

on pitches through days its at the pub.” into the industry?

Don’t lose motivation, don’t let the set backs knock you, push yourself and don’t be afraid of the unknown! Email everyone - don’t just apply for jobs online, find the agencies you like and email them directly as well.


I feel that one of the things a great deal, especially when about more women role to for look them, the more I women haven’t done things but that their Saxena, Pooja Pooja Saxena is an Indian typeface and graphic designer, specialising in multi-script design. Saxena graduated with a


Bachelor Honours degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and worked as a graphic designer at Ishan Khosla Design before pursuing her interest in typography. Saxena was awarded the Monotype Imaging Studentship to pursue her studies, and studied a Masters degree in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, designing a Latin-Devanagari typeface called Cawnpore during this time. Saxena worked at Apple’s font team in 2012, and participated in GNOME’s Outreach Programme for Women in 2013, where she worked on improvements for typeface Cantarell. Saxena currently works as a consultant and designer for typography, currently working on a Devanagari typeface, the development of the Bharti Braille Converter, a free online tool that converts Hindi and Marathi typography in the Devanagari script to Bharati Braille, and 1) Cawnpore Devanagari typeface, 2012

The Ballot, a bilingual summary of information about the Indian political system.

that would have helped me I was younger, was if I knew models. The more I have tried have realised that it is not as if interesting work or great stories haven’t been told. 91



Skolos, Nancy Nancy Skolos is an American graphic designer from Ohio. Skolos studied Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, and following this


was accepted as one of a few undergraduate students at Cranbrook Academy of Art where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in interdisciplinary design. Following this Skolos attended Yale, and received a Masters degree 2 of Fine Arts in graphic design. After graduating, Skolos created a practice 1) Coexistence, AGI Conference Invitational Poster, 2015. 2) Digital Media Rhode Island School of Design Fall Lecture Series, 2007 3) Lyceum Fellowship, Student Architecture Competition poster advert, 2015. 4) Light of Hope, Invitational poster project design, 2005.

with husband Tom Wedell, designing for clients such as Boston Acoustics and Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1983 Skolos won an award in Progressive Architecture’s conceptual Furniture competition, and was featured in the book New American Dream. Skolos also teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design, and is an elected member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, and an AIGA Fellow. 3



Sobierajski, Leta Leta Sobierajski is a multidisciplinary designer and art director based in New York. Sobierajski graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Purchase College, the State University of New York and has been working independently since 2013. Combining traditional graphic design elements with photography, art, and styling to create unique visuals, Sobierajski has been recognized by Print Magazine for it’s annual New Visual Artists Review, selecting 20 international rising designers under the age of 30. Her clients include AIGA, Bloomberg Business Week, Digg, Google, IBM, Kiehls, Refinery 29, Renault, Target, Tate Modern, and Uniqlo. In her spare time, Sobierajski is also an adjunct professor at the School of Visual Arts, and created the Compliments Project with designer Wade Jeffree, a collaboration which combines both designers strengths and reinterprets hilarious, cringeworthy couple portraits that circulate the internet.


1) AIGA Eye On Design blog design. 2) Frostbite video, art direction and set design, 2014. 3) Tate Britain: World Goes Pop! exhibition, 2015-2016. 4) Inspired x Aldo, 2015.







1) Elephant magazine redesign, 2016. 2) Syzygy Posters design, Art Directors Club of Europe, 2009. 3) Backlist Classics books, 2008 - 2012. 4) AGI BCN Congress guides and catalogues, Alliance Graphique International, 2011. 5) Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, 2014.


Stavro, Astrid Astrid Stavro is an Italian multidisciplinary graphic designer. Stavro graduated with a first class Bachelor Honours Degree in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, and a Master of the Arts degree at the Royal College of Art. Her graduating degree project, the Art of the Grid Notepads and Shelving Units have been distributed worldwide by


Miquelrius and exhibited in museums across Europe and the United States. Stavro is co-founder of the publishing house Infolio, which specializes in books on graphic design and the visual culture, and owns her own practice, Astrid Stavro Studio. The studio has won many awards for their work, including the Spanish Laus Award, D&AD, The Annual by Creative Review, Design Week Awards,


The International Society of Typographic Designers, Art Directors Club of New York, Graphis, Type Directors Club of New York, and Art Directors Club of Europe. Stavro is also a contributing editor of Elephant magazine, and writes for journals including Elephant, Grafik, Creative Review and Etapes. Most recently Stavro has joined with Pablo Martin, designer at Grafica to create Design by Atlas, a new 4 design consultancy based in Palma de Mallorca. The two together have over 40 years of experience, and are the most awarded design consultancy in Spain. In her spare time, Stavro is a visiting professor in editorial design at IDEP Superior School of Design in Barcelona, Spain, and has been a jury member of several design competitions including Laus and D&AD. Stavro is an elected member of Alliance Graphique Internationale.





1) Olympics signage design, 1984. 2) Interiors and graphics, Standard Shoes, Pasadena, 1970. 3) Poster, UCLA Extension, 2010.



Sussman, Deborah Deborah Sussman is an American graphic designer and art director. Sussman attended classes at the Art Students League, and summer school at Black Mountain College. Following this Sussman studied acting and painting at Bard College in New York, and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from the Institute of Design in Chicago. Sussman has also earned a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Bard College, and began her career at Charles and Ray Eames in 1953, where she worked as an office designer, promoted to art director, for 10 years. Sussman then opened her own practice, and formed the firm Sussman/Prieza & Co in California with her husband. The practice specialized in urban branding and designed the look and architectural landscape of the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles. Sussman also helped to found the AIGA chapter of Los Angeles with notable designer Saul Bass and others.




Svendsen, Jessica 1) Yale School of Architecture Poster, 2015.

Jessica Svendsen is a designer, based in San Francisco,

2) Big Plans design, Yale School of Architecture exhibition, 2012.

in English Literature from Yale University, and a Master of Fine

3) Cover art, Yale University Art Gallery calendar, 2011. 4) Proposed identity for displaying archival books from the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript / Haas Art Library.

California. Svendsen graduated with a Bachelor Honours degree

Arts in Graphic Design from Yale School of Art. Following this, Svendsen worked at Pentagram in New York for partner Michael Bierut, and currently works as a designer at Apple, inc with the global communications team. Svendsen practices identity, book, exhibition design and illustration, and has taught typography at Parsons The New School, New York and the Pratt Institute.





Tanamachi, Dana Dana Tanamachi is an American lettering artist and designer. Tanamachi graduated with a degree in Communication Design from the University of North Texas, and landed a three month internship with Good Housekeeping magazine in New York soon after. Following this, Tanamachi landed her first position at creative agency SpotCo, which specializes in Broadway / entertainment branding. After a year and a half at the agency, Tanamachi accepted a design position at Louise Fili Ltd, a boutique studio specializing in the design of restaurants and food packaging. Here Tanamachi dealt with clients on a regular basis, which she believes was valuable experience for her future business. However, at the position Tanamachi was undertaking little design work, and decided to undertake personal projects in


order to keep her creative flow and skills. In 2009, Tanamachi received her first commission 1) Nike Women’s Marathon, San Francisco, identity and promotion design 2013.

for Google. Tanamachi now works independently, and has been commissioned by clients such as Nike, Hilton Hotels, Time Magazine, Charity:Water, Adidas, Target,

2) Tanamachi Goods.

Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Penguin Books and West

3) DIY Type.

Elm. Tanamachi was also named Young Gun by the Art

4) Cyanotype poster

Director’s Club in 2011, and a Young Creative to Watch

5) Typography for the Allstate Foundation.

by How Magazine.

6) War & Peace cover, Tanamachi Goods. 7) “The Cult of Tidying Up,” Wall Street Journal, typography. 8) Food & Wine Magazine typographic spread. 9) Romeo & Juliet cover, Tanamachi Goods.

In 2014, Tanamachi released her own book called DIY Type, and has relocated from Brooklyn to Seattle in order to debut Tanamachi Goods, a line of hand-drawn print and gift products. Tanamachi also regularly speaks at AIGA events, and has been a judge at the University of Florida’s Ligature Student Show, AIGA Kansas City Awards and Print’s Typography & Lettering Awards.











Tudball, Katherina Katherina Tudball is an award winning graphic designer from London. Tudball graduated with a Bachelor Hons from Central Saint Martins College of


Art and Design, London. It was here Tudball met Julia Woollams and began to collaborate. The pair were hired as a team at design agency Johnson Banks, where Tudball worked for over a decade. Here Tudball worked for clients such as the Science Museum, charity Shelter, the Victoria & Albert Museum of Art and Design, Royal Mail, and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Tudball now works as a design director at The 1) Science Museum identity and promotional material, 2011.

Partners, and is a judge for D&AD New Blood and Professional awards. Similarly, Tudball has also won D&AD, ADC, Design Week, Brand New and Benchmark

2) Great British Fashion Stamp Set, Royal Mail, design 2013.

awards for her work. In her spare time, Tudball is an

3) Cystic Fibrosis Trust promotion, 2014.

and Illustration Degrees at the Cass School of London

4) Send a Letter campaign, V&A, 2006.

external examiner for Bachelor Honours Graphic Design

Metropolitan University, and has a keen interest in design education, often being a visiting lecturer and speaker.








1) Story identity and interior design, 2011. 2) Art direction, Aizone, Spring & summer collection, 2013. 3) Poster series design, RISD “Shared Voices� Seminar, 2012.


Walsh, Jessica Jessica Walsh is a designer, art director and illustrator

the studio, and has won numerous design awards

based in New York. After graduating from the Rhode

from Type Director’s Club, Art Director’s Club, Print and

Island School of Design, Walsh was offered a job

Graphis, and has been recognised by Computer Art’s

opportunity with Apple, Inc, however turned this down for

“Top Rising Star in Design,” Art Director’s Club Young

an internship with design agency Pentagram. Following

Guns award, and Print Magazine’s New Visual Artist.

this, Walsh received a job at Print magazine, and after

Walsh has worked for clients such as Aizone, Details

working there for a year and half, Walsh emailed Stefan

Magazine, Barneys, RISD, AIGA NY, Kia, Adobe, Aishti,

Sagmeister with her portfolio and received a meeting

Levi, The New York Times, Computer Arts, Borealis

for feedback. Sagmeister offered Walsh a position, and

Wind Quintet, and Print Magazine. Walsh also works

after working for Sagmeister for some time, the pair

on personal projects such as 40 Days of Dating, and

decided to rename the company to Sagmeister and

12 Kinds of Kindness, and teaches at the BFA Design

Walsh, and create a partnership. Walsh now manages

department at the School of Visual Arts in New York.



Willer, Marina


Marina Willer is a Brazilian graphic designer and film maker. Willer studied at the Royal College of Art, London, and became Head Creative Director at Wolff Olins in 1999. Working there for 13 years, Willer worked on major identity schemes for Southbank Centre, Amnesty International and Russian telecoms operator Beeline, although Willer is best known for the Tate identity, which she produced with Brian Boylan. Similarly, Willer’s films have been shown at 1) Tate museum identity design, 2013. 2) Librería bookshop identity design, 2015. 3) Art UK online art collection database, identity design, 2016. 4) Second Home identity design, 2015.

the Cartier Foundation in Paris, ICA in London, and prestigious film festivals such as Clermont Ferrand and the Rotterdam Film Festival. Willer also created the film, “Exposed,” that introduced the exhibition of Richard Rogers in the Pompidou Centre and the Design Museum. Willer now works as a partner at Pentagram Design.







1) Fancy Perfume, Bloom Perfumery, 2011. 2) HSBC advertisement, infographic design 2014. 3) Recipe cards, illustration & infographic design, 2015.



Zhang, Jing Jing Zhang is a chinese illustrator, focusing on typographic, character and data visualisation design. Zhang graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the University in Guangzhou, and moved to London soon after. Here, Zhang continued to study Fashion in a postgraduate course at Istituto Marangoni, an Italian Fashion college. However, after this period, Zhang began to integrate into the advertising industry, creating for clients such as the European Parliament, HSBC, IBM, Samsung, Target, Visa, Nike, AOL, Sprint, The Washington Post and Nokia. Zhang is now well known for her infographics, often visualizing complicated data from banks, corporations and government bodies in a quirky, accessible and intricate illustration. In 2013, Zhang won the YCN professional award for her


commissioned piece for technology company Canon.


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Conversations about gender equality are on the rise. With media coverage, notable celebrities and initiatives trying to invoke change of current gender constraints, the topic has become prevalent in everyone’s lives. The design industry is one of many that has not yet reached a gender balance. One such problem is that of lack of exposure: women in the design industry are left behind the scenes, often not seen amongst the “celebrities� of the industry. This book aims to celebrate women of all ages, nationalities and disciplines, for the creative work they have made, and give them the exposure they so rightly deserve.

Profile for Beth Richardson

Influence: Women in Design  

Conversations about gender equality are on the rise. With media coverage, notable celebrities and initiatives trying to invoke change of cur...

Influence: Women in Design  

Conversations about gender equality are on the rise. With media coverage, notable celebrities and initiatives trying to invoke change of cur...