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How does your media product represent particular social groups? The qualities that my target audience possess are that they would have some sort of musical background; they may play music themselves or are fascinated about the making of music. They would play an acoustic interment, preferably an acoustic guitar, and would either be a beginner, amateur or a professional. They would attend festivals and concerts in their free time, as well as make and record their own stuff. They would not be overly obsessed (if at all) with fashion, and may even be involved with a campaign called Green Peace. I think that I have represented my target audience through my use of images, colour and language throughout the making of my front cover, contents page and my feature article. I have used a close up image of an artist that plays acoustic guitar and writes and records her own music, the clothes that she is wearing does not promote a clothing line, the clothes of her clothing are also quite light, they are not ‘in your face’ colours. The flower headband represents her love for nature; is her only accessory. The writing on my front cover, and throughout my magazine, is simple and straight to the point. I have chosen to use cover lines that feature names of artists, this is because when looking back at my questionnaire most of the people that answered it said that they would like to see interviews with bands, reviews on concerts and would like to know about upcoming events; therefore I have decided to put names of bands and artists on the front of my magazine to draw in people that relate to the type of music that my magazine is about. The colours are light; they are not bright and in your face throughout the magazine. I have used clothes such as light blue, brown, light pink, cream and light red. I have used these colours because I think that they will draw in my target audience, by not using bright colours I have minimised the change of someone being put off my magazine because of its tacky bright colours. I have not included story lines that involve fashion because my target audience are not interested in fashion, or designer labels. My magazine suggests that my audience are very much interested in creating and listening to music, it also suggests that they would attend festivals and concerts. I have not been obvious when reinforcing stereotypes in my magazine; I have used soft colours and people that are musically motivated that could often be associated with ‘hippies’. By looking at this image compared to mine you can see clear similarities. Firstly you can see that the girl in my image does not have make that is easily recognised, it is very natural looking; this is the same as the professional image. Also, both models in the images have a flower headband on, this shows that they both like nature and natural things. They also both have quite natural facial expressions, they are not overall dramatic they are subtle. They are both also close up shots on the models faces. The lighting in both of the images are also bright and not dull, this could signify that they are both optimistic. The main difference in both of the images is that the model in my image does not contain a facial piercing.

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