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(9) Dome The dome is framed with wide flange steel beams that become progressively smaller to give the illusion of a circular structure. The glass is supported by steel tube.

(8) Window and Curtain Wall Structure The walls that consist prely of curtain wall use tube steel in place of wide flange beams.

(7) Open Web Joists The roof framing plan is the only part of the structure that includes open web joists. They are all K-series joists and vary from 12K to 14K.

(6) Beams and Girders The horizontal structure consists of wide flange steel beams and girders running inbetween the columns. They are connected using metal plates.

(5) Floor Slabs The floor slab consists of corrugated steel desking with a 5” thick concrete top.

(4) Columns The columns are steel wide flanges and run from the foundation to the roof.

(3) Foundation Slab The foundation slab is connected to the grade beams and is 4” thick with a 4” layer of sand beneath it.

(1) Grade Beams A typical grade beam for this particular structure is 16” deep and bears on a pier.

(2) Piers The piers vary in size and are located under every column and most corners of the grade beam.

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  
Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio  

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