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What is Royale Business Club International Inc.? Royale' is a multi-national corporation doing business all over the globe. It is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation established in 2006. From its headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines, the company is continually changing the landscape as we know it - from its expansion of branches throughout key cities in the country to international hotspots Royale manufactures their own product and they are all export quality, BFAD and FDA approved, PIPAC tested, and with higher seals of approval...SUPERBRANDS and HALAL certified!!

Why ROYALE??? •

A 100% Filipino owned company.

Management is committed to its Mission and Vision

We have our own Building

Balance Competitive Plan (Hybrid MLM-Unilevel-Binary)

Wide Range of Quality Products

WE manufacture our own Products

Higher Seals of Approval

World Class Packaging;

We are AWARDED Superbrands Status → accepted in 88 countries

We have branches not business centers

First Filipino Company to have business personality in different countries (UAE, Taiwan and Singapore), plus additional 4 more international branches in 2014 (Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom)

Certified Stable, built to Last

OUR MISSION To create a group or club of professional, success driven independent distributors & develop them to be world - class entrepreneurs utilizing a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence

OUR VISION To be a globally recognized brand & entity providing top quality products, services & business opportunities through a dynamic, innovative & sustainable system of product distribution & marketing while adhering to the highest standards of integrity & excellence.



3 Royale International Branches as of 2013

Total of 8 Countries by 2014

Total of 25 Countries by 2014

How to Become a Royale Independent Distributor? Step 1: Fill out an Independent Distributor Registration Form. If you are based in countries with no Royale branch yet, or if you are living far from any Royale satellite offices, We can legally process your Royale' distributorship registration, provided you give us your personal information with the following data: a. Full name b. Complete address with zip code c. Birthday d. Contact no. e. Beneficiary, 10 yrs old and above

Step 2: Choose any package that you would like to purchase from packages A to E This package cost Php 14,790 and contain 16,100 worth of products, which means you already have a profit once you purchase it :)

These are the 5 package options to choose from for you to start with. from option A-E

Aside from the 16,100 worth of products that you will get after you purchase a package, you will also have these Lifetime Privilege as a Full-pledge Royale Distributor. 1. AutomaticLIFETIME discounts up to 30%(percent) on all Royale products. 2.Marketing tools (brochure with price list, AVP cd, folders, registration forms, package Bag) 3.One(1) year Insurance worth of P320,000pesos. This includes: Accidental Death & Displacement, Hospital & Medical Reimbursement, Unprovoked murder & Assault, and Burial Benefit. 4.Royale's Online Tracking Center. This will serve as your secretary. an online account, where you can view all the transactions, Sales commissions, Referral rebates and Points you earned from sales, which is convertible to cash. 5.Privilege to "Refer" other people to do Royale or "Leveraging". On your online account,you can view the people whom you referred and the people that your members referred, that will also join Royale Business Club. They automatically will be new distributors under your sales team. **Take Note! : All of these privilege may be passed down to whom you choose to be your Beneficiary!!

Already a Distributor? HERE are WAYS TO EARN WITH ROYALE A. THRU PRODUCTS 1. USER- Imagine that! You are still earning while using our products, because all of them have equivalent points, which are convertible to cash. You just need to accumulate at least 75points and Royale will give you 1,050 pesos instantly on your account! Aside from that, you'll also earn 8% for your accumulated points! that's how generous Royale is! :) ex. For every bottle of spirulina = 300 points 10,000 points 8%= 800 pesos 2. Direct Selling- Remember, you are now entitled up to 30% discount on all products, so if you are good at reselling, this will fit you! example: *1 Kojic premium soap. Suggested Retail Price P180.00/pc ; Distributor Price P126.00/pc = 54.00 pesos profit per Soap, so 10 soaps are equal to P540.00profit! *1 Bottle L-Glutapower462 capsules. Suggested Retail Price P1,680.00; Distributor Price P1,176.00/pc = 504.00 pesos profit per bottle, so 10 bottles are equal to P5,040.00 profit!

3.Sub -dealership -If your busy or not that good at direct selling, very simple. You can always look for

people who can help you sell your products! :) Again, You have 30% discount all the time, you decide how much percentage you will give your sub-dealers every time they sell your products!

B. WHOLESALE 1. PACKAGE REBATES - Every time you sell a product package (option A-E), Royale will give you a commission of 1,610pesos. meaning: two (2) packages = 3,220 pesos commission three (3) packages = 4,830 pesos commission........ ten (10) packages = 16,100 pesos commission!!

2. TEAM MATCH SALES BONUS - on this program of Royale, many became Rich and living their dreams! because it applies to you and members under your organization.Just do it this way:You automatically have two teams, team A and Team B.All of your possible prospects in mind, that you want to share Royale, be your business partner, and join your team, will be assigned by you where you will put them, either on your team A or team B. You just need to get atleast 2 people/partners and Matching sales will be earned. Then those two people you got, will also just have to get atleast another two new partners.Whoever they get will be either on their team A or team B, which is also under your organization.Everytime you will have a "MATCH" or "PAIR", meaning you have a new member on Team A and new member on Team B, Royale will give you a 2,100pesos bonus! 1 pair=2,100 pesos 2 pair-4,200 pesos 4 pair=8,400 pesos 8 pair=16,800 pesos 16 pair=33,600 pesos 32 pair= 67,200 pesos 64 pair= 134,400 pesos 128 pair= 268,800 pesos 256 pair= 537,600 pesos 512 pair= 1,075,200pesos

3. Unilevel Program - You will earn money here with the personal points you accumulated from selling at 8% of its total. And you also have percentage from the whole group's accumulated points from first level to 10th level! 5%,4%,3%,2%,1%, 1%,2%,3%,4%,5%. Even if you can't sell packages or products, but if your whole team is doing it, you can earn big money here, monthly!

4. Multi level Program - You also are entitled to have rebates on all the Sales of your team! Look at the graph.

5. Profit Sharing


How effective is our products? Check out some of the satisfied product users

How profitable is this business? Check out these ordinary distributors, from almost all walks of life earning their weekly commission

Ordinary Distributors achieving Extra Ordinary Dreams Time and Financial FREEDOM !!

How To Become a Royale Distributor  
How To Become a Royale Distributor  

This document will show you how you would be able to join Royale Business Club International.