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Welcome to issue #111 Weekly news from Bethnal Green Academy. Get the latest news, information and entertainment from Bethnal Green Academy right here at Word on the Street.

Go on, grow one! It’s almost Movember. Time for a tache. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health. Can you recognise these moustaches that adorn the faces of Bethnal Green Academy staff?

Principal’s Awards

Mascuud Dahir (Y9) and Jesse Halil Bagirtkhan (Y7) receive their awards... Read more over the page.

Issue #111 - Monday 22 October 2012

Last year, Movember raised a phenomenal £79.3 million across the globe. The hairy movement will continue to grow in 2012, as 21 countries across five continents unite to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. It’s time to think about how we can support Movember at Bethnal Green Academy. Get prepared - cut out a moustache (below) and wear it with pride! To find out more about Movember go to:

Word of the week.

Basketball League News Tower Hamlets Y10 & 11 Basketball League This week’s players were: Theo Barbey (yr 11), Francis Biyak (yr 11), Elvis Magba (yr 11), Abdul Khabirr Mohammed (yr 9), Jesse Santos (yr 11), Daniel Alexander (yr 11), Robbivl Chowdury (yr 11), Mustafa Aydinogle (yr 11). They played St Paul’s Way (score: 19 - 8, win) and Bishop Challoner Boys (score: 12 - 6, lost). The St Paul’s way game, a brilliant display of team work and passing. BGA managed to get an early lead in the first half and keep calm in the second half which allowed them to punish St Paul’s Way for any mistakes on a fast counter attack. Bishop Challoner Boys is probably the best team in the borough for this age in basketball. BGA managed to level up with their ability up until the first half with the score being 6-6. Lack of concentration allowed Bishop to show their experience in winning this tournament and they completed the score line with a 12 - 6 win. BGA still battled and displayed teamwork and possibly the best defensive this season and could walk off the court proud with their team effort.

Precise adjective

marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail: precise directions | I want as precise a time of death as I can get. • (of a person) exact, accurate, and careful about details: the director was precise with his camera positions. • [ attrib. ] used to emphasize that one is referring to an exact and particular thing: at that precise moment the car stopped. Our Word of the week is sourced from our Focus Words list which is compiled by our teaching staff and is designed to include the sort of keywords, terms and phrases regularly used in their subject areas. The full list, complete with dictionary definition hyperlinks can be found on the Students page of our website.

October Principal’s Awards Congratulations to award winners...

Year 7 Iqra Amani - Positive role model for year 7. Consistently works hard in all subjects Jesse Halil Bagirtkhan - Always working his hardest and helps students and staff

Student Voice update

Year 8 Tilak Subedi - Excellent start to BGA Kevin Jhojan Roman Vasquez - Excellent progress in school Year 9 Irmak Bostan - Consistent hard work and dedication in English and across all her subjects. Mascuud Dahir - Outstanding effort and achievement Year 10 Etelvina Nosolini - Excellent progress in school Paulina Bazala - Excellent progress in school Year 11 Larisa Bodnariu - Incredible determination to succeed in her education Md Jakir Hussain - Incredible perseverance and determination across all subjects. Year 12 Shahanaz Miah - Outstanding Student

Word Fragments

In this puzzle, a word fragment is given, and you must think of an English word that contains the fragment - that is, you must form a word by adding letters to the beginning and/or the end of the fragment. You may not add letters to the middle of the fragment, nor may you rearrange the letters given. How many words can you make?

This week’s fragment is:


Students at BGA have worked hard over the last two years to set up City Safe Havens across the local area.   A shop on Hackney Road, which is now a City Safe Haven (which BGA students converted) was used by someone who was going to be attacked! That's a result of the shopkeeper keeping true to their commitment and it's all down to  the students that someone was  saved from attack- Well Done BGA Shoreditch Citizens.

Student Leadership application forms are in the library.

Sign up today.

Find us online:

Associated Words In this puzzle a list of words is given. To solve the puzzle, think of a single word that goes with each to form a compound word (or word pair that functions as a compound word). For example, if the given words are volley, field, and bearing, then the answer would be ball, because the word ball can be added to each of the other words to form volleyball, ballfield, and ball bearing. Last weeks answer: congratulations and proof

1. battle 2. work 3. play

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