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Y7 students keep safe... ...with help from PC Evans!

PC Duncan Evans recently completed keep safe sessions with all our year 7 students. PC Evans led interactive sessions with the students discussing such issues as sensible use of mobile telephones, personal safety on the way to and from school, safe use of social media and e safety. Students asked some very interesting and pertinent questions about lots of issues that worry young people today. The Y 7 students really enjoyed the sessions and found them very informative.

Athletic partnership for BGA

JJ Jegede is working with Y7 future leaders Bethnal Green Academy is now part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme. Sky Sports works in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to connect sports stars with schools. JJ Jegede, Great Britain Long Jumper and 2012 British Champion, is our Athlete Mentor and he will be working with a group of year 7 students to inspire them to be the leaders and champions of the future. JJ came into school for his initial meeting with the students and he will return in January to continue his mentoring programme and conduct assemblies with various year groups within the school. The year 7 boys were really enthused by the visit and they could not wait to get started on the homework JJ gave them! The academy is looking forward to developing this exciting partnership with Sky Sports.

Rubik’s record breakers

Congratulations to BGA’s problem solvers On Wednesday 21st November, 10 students were selected by the Maths Department for their hard work, organisation of equipment and effort with class work and homework to attend DePaul UK's Maths Festival: Rubik's Challenge at the O2 Arena.

Problem solved by BGA record breakers Living for Sport at BGA Issue #114 - Monday 26 November 2012

During this event, the students participated in the problem solving tasks and also broke the Guinness World record for the most people to complete the Rubik's cube in one area at the same time. They helped to beat the previous record of 937 people, with a record of 1414 students and teachers completing the cube. The Following students took part: Aurelia Red Gardiner (7SBn), Bayleigh Campbell Clark (7RJa), Afsana Khatun (8RBe), Adil Imran Ali (9EMa), Rayisa Sadia Karim (10MJs), Amin Uddin (10MJs), Francis Biyak (11FAs), Janelle Davis (11KPa Afsana Khatun said "I thought the event was really fun but what made it better was that we broke a world record"   Janelle Davies said “I thought that the rubik's event was a once in a lifetime world breaking opportunity that will be great to add onto my CV" 

BGA in pictures...

Haven Lunchtime Club The Haven Lunch Club has now been up and running for several weeks and our students absolutely love participating in it! The club is aimed at year 7 students and runs on a Wednesday and Friday lunchtime in the Learning Support Unit. Students develop their creative skills and are currently embarking on a project making a variety of masks. The club also aims to develop social skills and self confidence of the students that attend. Teresa Warrner runs the club and enjoys involving herself in the activities as much as the students! Kiera Campbell, year 7 student, said ' I always look forward to Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes as I get to go to the Haven!'  

Inequalities in London A year 7 and 8 research project

Year 7 and 8 gifted and talented students are currently embarking on a research project investigating Inequality in London. The project launched last week and will give students the opportunity to develop their independent enquiry and research skills and will hopefully give them the opportunity to become creative thinkers and imaginative problem solvers. Mr Whip and Miss Malik are supporting students with the project but it is the students themselves that will shape the direction and outcomes of the project. Watch this space for further developments!

Anti-Bullying Week Poetry

Staff and students were given a musical treat on Tuesday in room 323. Two groups of young musicians performed songs by Professor Green and Taylor Swift. Both groups definitely had the BGA Factor!

Identity by Asiah Koroma, 7SBr They all try to look the same, all try to give themselves a name. Pick on the boy who is alone, just because his identity is his own. What has this world come to? All this wrong that people do, just for the image they want to show Down the evil path they seem to go. The next person you go to hurt, or try to make fell like dirt. Instead of trying to look cool, feel for the guy you make look a fool. A cool identity isn’t a need. Let those you bullied be freed. Your identity should be your own. A better person shall be shown.

Principal’s Award winners

Sukhpreet Kaur Manpreet Kaur Donnel da Costa Afsana Khatun Carolina Britez Macareno Mueenul Islam Ar Rafiul Islam Mehjebi Choudhury Rebecca Wigzell Ryan Reid Abdur Rahat Rhys Thomas

Word Fragments

In this puzzle, a word fragment is given, and you must think of an English word that contains the fragment - that is, you must form a word by adding letters to the beginning and/or the end of the fragment. You may not add letters to the middle of the fragment, nor may you rearrange the letters given. How many words can you make?

This week’s fragment is:


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Associated Words In this puzzle a list of words is given. To solve the puzzle, think of a single word that goes with each to form a compound word (or word pair that functions as a compound word). For example, if the given words are volley, field, and bearing, then the answer would be ball, because the word ball can be added to each of the other words to form volleyball, ballfield, and ball bearing. Last weeks answer: parallel or hallelujah and light

1. hard 2. under 3. up

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