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Welcome to issue #103!

Weekly news from Bethnal Green Academy. A short week ahead and only four days to go until the first GCSE exam... so let’s get on with this week’s news.

Fight for Peace

Carrying the torch for BGA!

A small group of Year 10 students went on a trip with ThinkForward to a project called Fight for Peace. Fight for Peace has developed a positive participation model to support young people. Daniel Adjin-Tettey, Vinan Renee and Francis Biyak attended an induction at Fight for Peace. They found out more about the facilities, the workshops available and met the trainers. They had access to the gym facilities, a tailored fitness plan for participants and boxing and martial arts sessions. The students thought it was such a good project that there should be a weekly trip organised for ThinkForward participants. While the students were at Fight for Peace, so was the Olympic Torch. The students who attended all got to carry it!

Student Voice update Learning: Students have met with some teachers to evaluate schemes of work. Mr Pattani (Science department) said  “Working with student leaders on lessons challenged my thought process about the logical order of lessons"

GooD Luck! to our Year 11 students starting their GCSEs on Friday!

Voice: Student voice wanted a football tournament and thanks to Mr Warmann and the PE department, it went ahead. Student voice are now looking at how to make BGA even more of a community; they have voted on three cross year groups events they would like to happen. Have your say using the Student Voice Pods in the street. Volunteering: Students have been volunteering around schools to organise school events such as International Women's Day. Now it is time for all students to get involved and be more active. Sign up for the volunteering programme, clock up 30 hours of volunteering time or more and the prize is a trip at the end of term.

Student Leadership application forms are in the library.

Issue #103 - Monday 07 May 2012

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performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus: the audience broke into spontaneous applause | a spontaneous display of affection. • (of a person) having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner. • (of a process or event) occurring without apparent external cause. • Biology (of movement or activity in an organism) instinctive or involuntary: the spontaneous mechanical activity of circular smooth muscle. Our Word of the week is sourced from our Focus Words list which is compiled by our teaching staff and is designed to include the sort of keywords, terms and phrases regularly used in their subject areas. The full list, complete with dictionary definition hyperlinks can be found on the Students page of our website.

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We are looking for students to come and join our SAFE group. We are trying to stop students from getting bullied, so they can feel safe in their environment. The purpose of the SAFE group is to prevent bullying. We do this in many different ways, such as handing out student incident forms or taking you to an appropriate teachers, Head of year or a senior member of staff. If you feel you are being bullied and you feel you cannot go to a teacher then come to any SAFE member for Together we’re a team! advice and help.

Also, can you find the nine-letter word hidden here?



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