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Monday, 3 October 2011 of students who achieved 5+A*- joined BGTC in Year 7 C including Engl ish & Maths.

BHM Events

There are a wide range of events running throughout October across Tower Hamlets and Hackney. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Our African Roots Exhibition Hackney Museum Tuesday 11 October - Saturday 7 January African Mask Making Stoke Newington Library Saturday 8 October - 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Raw Talent Workshops: Celebrating Music of Black Origin Brady Arts Centre Thursday 29 October - Saturday 10 December For more information, visit: or and download the event brochures. Copies are also on display in school.

Black History Month October is Black History Month and this year there are plenty of ways to reflect upon and celebrate Black History in the UK. Locally, both Tower Hamlets and Hackney have a broad programme of events on offer, from exhibitions to music concerts, walks and talks to creative arts. On Wednesday 5 October, the Museum of London will be visiting the school with a special performance of London Calling, a play that celebrates the achievements of Black African and Caribbean Londoners through time. Students are actively encouraged to get involved by responding to the interactive show featuring audio-visual backdrops and soundtracks.

Romeo & Juliet Tickets available now!

The cast and crew of Romeo & Juliet have been working hard to get their production ready to represent BGTC in the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The performance will be at a fantastic, central London venue, The Unicorn Theatre, Southwark. This is a very exciting opportunity for our young As a warm-up to the event, do you know who any of thespians!   these three people are (below)? What’s their story? What part have they played in Black History? Look To celebrate this exciting event, I’m hoping that out for their photos around school and see if you can plenty of staff and parents will be able to attend.  find out a little more about them too. Tickets are on sale now, priced at £5.50 if booked in bulk through the school.   From next week, there will be a stall in The Street to sign up for tickets.  More information for parent/carer tickets will be distributed soon. Visit w w w. s s f . u k . c o m f o r further details.

mast, but Tiago, Luke, Barry, Joshua and Caroline were less scared of heights and ventured higher up. All the students built up friendships with the others in their watches and it was difficult to get them to home. Well done to everyone, we were all challenged in so many ways and experienced so many breathtaking moments. Please ask these students about the trip when you see them in their lessons next. Ms. Dippenaar

Sail away, sail away, sail away. Tall Ships Voyage 2011 On Wednesday 14th September 2011, BGTC embarked on a Pirates of Bethnal Green style adventure. We started our voyage in Southampton where we got to know the Tall Ship, Stavros S. Niarchos Brigg, which became our home for a week. We had one day of intense training on how to set sails and climb the yards before we set off to sea. Our students were then split into watches and remained that way for the rest of the week. A typical day was determined by the watch you were assigned to. The easy watch started at 8.00pm and ended at 12.00pm. Some of the duties while on watch was to look out and report everything you saw, as well as helming and steering the ship. Most challenging for me was spending my Saturday night from 4.00am – 8.00am in the pouring rain on a rough and turbulent English Chanel with a few still trying to find their “sea legs” in the force 8 (gale) conditions. Thank goodness for sturgents (sea sick tablets), 7 boxes later we survived. There were many highs and lows and I’m not just talking about the sea on this awesome experience for all the Ship’s crew. Some of the highlights for me were, sailing down the Thames because we knew it was almost over. Tower Bridge was opened at 6.00pm and we stopped London for 15min. Sailing under an open Tower Bridge was a once in a life time experience, whilst manning the yards which meant climbing the main and foremast and stood on the yards. I personally could only manage the first

Every Day Counts.

The Attendance Olympics is back. This term sees the triumphant return of our Attendance Olympics competition. Starting with Year 9, tutor groups will compete against one another in a virtual 100 metre sprint, powered by their individual attendance figures each day. Just like a real running race, it’s too close to call at the start of the week. By Friday, will your tutor group take gold? Will you rally together, encourage one another to arrive on time each morning and win the race? Congratulations to 9G, winners of Heat 1. The overall winners will be announced at the end of the half term, after which the competition will open up to all year groups competing against one another for a grand prize!

This week

Can you solve these riddles? Q. What is once in a minute, twice in a moment, and never in a thousand years? Q. A black dog is sleeping in the middle of a black road that has no street lights and there is no moon. A car coming down the road with its lights off steers around the dog. How did the driver know the dog was there? Q. There are two clocks in your classroom, one that loses a minute a day and one that doesn’t work at all. Which one works best? As always, post your answers in a Voice Box or return them to Mr. Pedley. Prizes to be won!


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