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Week Commencing: Monday, 9 May 2011

Feet first Walk to School Week: Special Edition 1 of 2 Next week is national Walk to School Week. The main aim of the project is fairly obvious; to encourage more students and staff to walk to school and to explore the health benefits of doing so. We will also be looking at our current school statistics regarding how we all travel to school and what we can do to get more of you putting one foot in front of the other every morning.

Strength in numbers



How do we get to school? How do you get to school in the morning? Do you walk? How about everyone else? As a school, each year we complete a survey about how we travel to and from school and we want to see just how much you know. So, here are a few questions for you to have an educated guess at by colouring in the diagrams on the right. 1) What percentage of students at BGTC walk to and/or home from school? Colour in the footsteps to the percentage level you think is right. 2) Imagine a huge balloon being filled with all the CO2, pollution and fumes from the cars and buses used to travel to school each day. How many thousands of kilograms of CO2 do you think we emit as a school each year?


3) Lastly, walking to school is really good for the environment and for your own health, but so is cycling. What percentage of students do you think cycle to school? Your tutor has an answer sheet to accompany this quiz and some additional facts for you to think about.

Word of the week.



• information about reactions to a person’s performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement: she made changes to her essay structure following feedback from her teacher.

Fully booked

New door displays for teachers to recommend a good book they are reading Calling all teachers! Are you reading a good book at the moment? Why not spread the word with one of our new, door display frames. Keep a look out for them on the corridors. If you’d like to take part, you can request a template and/or frame from Mr. Pedley. So, who’s reading what? Well, Ms. Gledhill is currently reading The Hare with the Amber Eyes, a wonderful autobiographical history that tracks a lucky charm across continents and through time. If non-fiction is more your cup of tea, then why not give Freakonomics a read. Mr. Pedley thoroughly recommends it. Are you reading a good book? Why not recommend it or lend it to a friend.

Shelf life

Magazines and journals in the LRC We hope you like the new reading area in The Street. There is a fantastic range of newspapers, magazines and journals delivered every week and they are yours to sit and read for free! My particular favourite is Creative Review. I spot the latest issue on the shelf as soon as it comes in and always try to find a few minutes at the end of the day to read an article or two. This month’s issue has a great article about a new iPhone App created for the Museum of London. It has historic archive photos of London arranged on a map so you can visit exactly where it was taken. Why not check it out. Teachers/Students - if you spot an article you really like, let us know and we’ll “pass it on”.

This week

Last week

As we’re talking about travel and transport as part of Walk to School week, our puzzle has a similar theme.

We asked to unravel this rhyming riddle.

All we want to know is, in which direction is the bus pictured below travelling?

My My My My My My

first is in fish but not in snail, second in rabbit but not in tail, third is up but not down, fourth in tiara not in crown, fifth in tree you plainly see, whole a food for you and me.


The answer we were looking for was FRUIT.

As always, post your answers in a Voice Box or return them to Mr. Pedley.


Week Commencing: Monday, 9 May 2011 Word of the week. Your tutor has an answer sheet to accompany this quiz and some additional facts for yo...

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