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18 October 2010

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

London Calling

Thursday 21st • 4p.m.



Black History Month (continued) Things to do this half term. Half term is fast approaching and their are plenty of things going on locally, especially considering Black History Month is in full swing. The Museum of London in Docklands is offering a wide range of activities during the holiday including drop-in Art Workshops, storytelling and drama performances. Sir Ian McKellen visit Visit, for In support of the TH antimore information. homophobia campaign


There are so many great extra-curricular activities going on we decided to give it a name. Check out “Active Thursdays” on the school website!

Great Scot: Macbeth is back!

Year 5&6 Shakespearean Workshops at BGTC Last week saw the triumphant return of our Macbeth-themed day of workshops, dubbed “The Scottish Day”. This time we invited in a group of Year 5 and 6 students from our local primary schools. Everyone had a lot of fun exploring the themes of the play through creative writing, poetry and performance.

Renowned actor, Sir Ian McKellen will be visiting BGTC on Tuesday in support of the Tower Hamlets AntiHomophobia Campaign. Watch this space for photos and an article in our next issue.

What’s for breakfast?

The most important meal of the day.

In case you didn’t know already, the Year 11 Breakfast Club is back. It is incredibly important to start the day the right way so that you are keeping yourself healthy and have the energy to stay focused on your learning throughout the day.

Year 11

Breakfast Club Every morning 07.45 - 08.30 Start your day the healthy way!


verb to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something: he collaborated with a famous Artist on the designs.



Year 11 Parents’ Evening Great Scot: Macbeth is back! The most important meal of the day. Sir Ian McKellen visit What’s for breakfast? There...

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