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Monday 17th June . Issue 120

Word on the Street The Newsletter of Bethnal Green Academy and Sixth Form

Primary Dance Session On 13th June we hosted a dance session for year 5/6 students from Virginia Primary School. Several of the students will be coming to BGA so it was a great platform for them to familiarise themselves with our school and staff. The students had a fantastic time, creating their own dance routine based on the Bharata-Natyam - a classical south Asian dance style. Ms Stephanou was so impressed with the students we are now planning for them perform their dance at a BGA end of year assembly. Mr Oakley and Ms Stephanou

Goodbye and Good Luck Year 11 Last Thursday, in a moving Leavers’ assembly, we said goodbye to our Year 11 BGA Class of 2013 As exams draw to a close the familiar faces of our Class of 2013, Year 11 students leave BGA to move onwards and upwards to Sixth Form or College. They have worked really hard for their exams and look forward to a great set of results in August. After their leavers’ assembly on Thursday they spent time signing T-shirts and saying goodbye to each other. We look forward to seeing many of our Year 11s in September as they return to join Year 12 here at BGA and we wish them all success and happiness for the future.

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Primary Kwik Cricket On Wednesday 5th June, BGA hosted a large year 3/4 kwik cricket tournament for five of our Over 70 children participated with every child achieving some runs and every school achieving at least one victory. The children had a great time and for many this was their first inter school cricket fixture. There was some  young cricket talent on show, as several Christ Church students already play in external cricket academies. Christ Church beat Virginia in the final and were worthy winners. We're proud of the links we have developed with the younger children in our community. We now host all local primary school sports events and focus on creating a positive festival atmosphere for the children. Hopefully some of these bright young students will go onto achieve for BGA in the future. Our own students will compete in the tower hamlets cricket cup over the next two weeks. Results to be published later in the term.

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Art Exhibition Many Year 11 and 12 art students have been working very hard for their exams this term and we are very proud of the talent and creative flair that they have demonstrated. The Art Department will be exhibiting the work of our young artists on June 26th but in the meantime here’s a taster of their finished pieces of art.

Word of the Week Prototype noun 1 a first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed: the firm is testing a prototype of the weapon. • the first, original, or typical form of something; an archetype: these objects are the prototypes of a category of rapidly spinning neutron stars. 2 Electronics a basic filter network with specified cut-off frequencies, from which other networks may be derived to obtain sharper cut-offs, constancy of characteristic impedance with frequency, etc. Our Word of the week is sourced from our Focus Words list which is compiled by our teaching staff and is designed to include the sort of keywords, terms and phrases regularly used in their subject areas. The full list, complete with dictionary definition hyperlinks can be found on the Students page of our website.

Wednesday 26th June, 5pm-8pm. Venue: The Art Department classrooms.

Medical Taster Day

On Friday students from Years 9 and 10 were able to use medical equipment in a series of ‘hands-on’ workshops designed to inspire students to consider medicine as an option for further education.

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