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Goals and Outcomes There were several goals for the “PR for PR� campaign. In our first meeting, our contact person, Sean Gilmore, explained a few goals that he thought were important. One of the main ones was to increase awareness on campus about the major. An important part of this is to engage current students and also provide information about the program to undecided freshman. This will, in turn, help to increase the number of students either declaring PR as a major or pick it up as an additional major or minor. We think that this goal is very achievable because our video, event, and written information will spark more interest. Another goal of the campaign was to update the website. While there is some helpful information on the current page, we wanted to add something else that would be an attention grabber. With the addition of our campaign video, which highlights the program, we think that this is a realistic goal to achieve. It provides additional information about great opportunities within the program, while also giving a visual that shows current PR majors and professionals. Another goal that our contact, Sean Gilmore, wanted to address is the ratio of males to females in the program. There are substantially more females in the PR program currently. One way that we can help to draw more males is by linking it to other majors on campus which could benefit from the program. For example, the sport management major pairs well with the PR department so that would be a good target audience to draw in.

Goals and Outcomes