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Student Ministry Renovation By Adam Winterhof

Student Ministry

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Introducing a new night and new format for Student Ministry at Bethlehem! New Night • New Locations Beginning in November of 2014 we will be launching a new mentor-based Student Ministry Night at Bethlehem each Wednesday night beginning with Middle School at 6:15pm in the Commons. High School will follow at 7:45pm in the newly updated Nees Hall. Both Middle and High School Students will meet weekly during the school year! Timeline to Implement Leading up to November the Student Ministry Renovation Team will be seeking servant leaders to assist in all aspects of Student Ministry from food and hospitality to leaders of young adult ministry groups as well as student groups. All spots need to be filled by August to begin training and shifting toward a new innovative ministry model. Mentoring Model Our goal is to move ministry forward to capture the head and the heart. We want students to know, believe, and put their faith into action. We will partner Young Adults with High School students, and High School students with Middle School students while Mature Christians invest in the teaching and spiritual training as well.

Core values Six core values form the foundation for this new ministry: Acceptance • Christ at the Center • Community • Discipleship • Dynamic • Relationships Purpose and Goals Summary  Cultivate faith in the lives of Middle School and High School students to “Build faith that sticks now and lasts beyond High School.”  Everyone at Bethlehem can invest in some way in the lives of our students.  Our goal is that every student is Mentored and in turn, Mentoring, to create knowledge and go deeper to impact the heart. ~ We want students to believe and live out the truth of the Gospel ~  Ultimately, students will become leaders pouring into the lives of other students.  Discipleship Pathway – “You are guided up the mountain as you become a Sherpa to lead others.”



Father`s Day Car Show By Steve Brown & Dick Shriver

The annual Father’s Day Car Show will be held June 15th from 7:30 am - Noon. We’ve had great participation and interest from the congregation over the years and will continue the show this year.

these special cars of our members and guests. We usually draw in a few cars of interest from passersby on Wadsworth and the neighborhood. Contact Steve Brown at 303.424.3034 or Dick Shriver at 303.986.3667 for details or more information.

Please bring your “ride” to the west side of the Chapel parking area for display. We’ll have the area coned off for


Christianity and Contemporary Culture By Ron Wahl

The Christianity and Contemporary Culture viewed and discussed material from Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project" from last September through May 4th of this year. For one episode (or "Tour" as it is called) on "The American Experiment", we were privileged to have as a discussion panel the cast of the 560 KLZ radio program - "The Heart of the Matter", Dr. Jill Vecchio, a Denver radiologist; Molly Vogt, a Denver area small business consultant; and our own Kim Monson, City Councilwoman for Lone Tree. These ladies were joined by our own

Natalie Meyer, former Secretary of State for Colorado. Questions concerning God and this country were raised and discussed vigorously until we ran out of time. The main thrust of this series is that when finished a participant may more clearly gaze on the face of God and thereby draw closer and be willing to be who He wants us to be and do what He wants us to do. We are currently working on next year's area to explore as Christians in this Contemporary Culture.


Two Summer Theater Camps Hey KIDS! We have not one, but TWO theater camps this summer. For kids going into grades 1-4, we will be working on “101 Dalmatians.” We have changed the dates to give us three more days to prepare. The new dates are June 5-13, not including the weekend, of course. We will rehearse from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon in the music room and the gym. The cost for camp is $125. For kids going into grades 5-9, we will be learning the Broadway version of “The Little Mermaid.” The dates for that camp are June 16-27, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The cost for the camp, not

By Marilyn Havekost

including the cost of costumes, is $250. Registration forms are available in the school office. Turn in your registration to the office and pick up a script and CD. The first day of camp is audition day! I’m looking forward to having fun with you at camp this summer! Moms and dads, please consider this great opportunity for your child to grow in confidence at camp this year! This camp runs June 16-27, from 9am-3pm with two shows planned, June 26 and 27. If you have questions, contact Mrs. Havekost at 303.204.8299 or email at



PrimeTimers` Activities By Lorraine Clark

Tuesday, June 2 & 17—Bible study at 10am in the Student Life Center. Out-to-lunch optional on June 17. Saturday, June 7—Bunco at 1pm in the Chapel Fellowship Hall. Bring a snack to share. No older adult activities are planned for July and August. Ideas for future activities welcome. Have a good summer and see you in September! ===========================================================

School Cooks By Kathy Schomer

Did you know the school kitchen has been serving nutritious, wholesome lunches to students, faculty, and staff since the mid 1950’s? Kathy Schomer, Elizabeth Foster and Mischa Nelson use many of the same made-from-scratch recipes. The majority of lunches are homemade and served with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Our lunch program is made possible with help from our faithful volunteers! We are thankful for the opportunity to serve the school in this capacity. Our motto is SWAS (Service with a Smile!). ===========================================================================================================

Stephen Ministry Corner The Stephen Ministry has been enhanced by four new ministers - Claudia Peterson, Phyllis Davis, Ethel Henderson and Jodi Gabel. These new Stephen Ministers have had 5 months of intensive training, meeting weekly for 2 hours. They will have some more continuing education along with our present Stephen Ministers. The commissioning was on May 18th in both the Chapel and Gymnasium services. They have learned about many subjects including listening, confidentiality, and trustworthiness, and they are ready to help people who are dealing with difficulties in their lives. They are full of faith and know that

By Martha Rowley

God is with them and their care receivers. They know that, although they will care for people, it is God who gives the cure. We thank God that they have been led to this ministry by the Holy Spirit and that the Spirit will be with them throughout their training and their ministry to hurting people. Praise Jesus! If you are in need of someone to listen to your problem or pain, please do not hesitate to contact Martha Rowley at 303.425.6971 or the church office at 303.238.7676.


Fully Alive Bethlehem Lutheran Church & School 2100 N. Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80214 Church office: 303-238-7676 School office: 303-233-0401 Visit us online at E-mail KLTT 670 Radio Broadcast 11:00 AM Sundays David J. Langewisch, Pastor Dr e w Ros s , P a s t or M a r c us L a n e V i c a r ( S t u de nt P a s t or ) T i m W e n de l i n Vicar M i c he l l e Fi s c he r , P r i n c i p a l S a n d y W e nd e l i n, D i r e c t or o f Di s c i pl e s h i p a n d E a r l y L e a r ni n g C e nt e r Ad m i ni s t r a tor S c o t t B u bk e , Di r e c t or o f O pe r a ti on s P a u l B e a s l e y, D i r e c tor o f I n fo r m a t i o n T e c hn ol o g y Ad a m W i nt e r ho f, D i r e c t or , S tu d e n t Li fe M i ni s tr y S uk e G na g y, P r e s c ho ol D i r e c to r T i mi S c hu e s s l e r , M e l i s s a M e uz e l a a r Cor ne r s to ne C o un s e l i ng , 3 0 3 -2 3 8 -7 6 7 6 , e x t. 3 1 5 Fully Alive is published monthly for t he m e m b e r s a n d fr i e n ds o f Bethlehem Lutheran. It focuses on news within the congregation and activities in the church each month. Articles may be submitted to the church office by the 15th of each month for the next month’s issue. e-mail to:


Are You Prepared to Share Your Mission? By Annette Gunther

We have all been called to “spread the Good News,” but are you prepared to do that? Do you know how to explain the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit? The very idea of Christian mission can seem so daunting and impossible. How do we share the Gospel with others? Why would anyone ever listen to us? After creating the world, God sent His Son to be our crucified and resurrected Savior, and then sent His Holy Spirit who works through God’s Word – both Law and Gospel – to call people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit works through the Word of Scripture and scriptural preaching to restore God’s creation back to Himself by His grace. That means that God’s mission is the Church’s mission, and the Church’s mission is the Christian’s mission. In our upcoming LifeLight study this fall, we will learn that the first aspect of this “mission” is to recognize our own personal mission which involves our receiving God’s forgiveness in Christ. We “Get” this forgiveness in the Sacraments through His Word in Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Then we “Grow” in knowing Christ, which helps us analyze why we need to know the Scriptures, and helps us to apply biblical salvation themes. After that we “Glow” with Christ’s love in our calling. We will learn to analyze the importance of our vocation for life, in general, and for our Christian life in particular. We will learn how to want to serve the Lord by serving our neighbors in love. The final aspect we will learn is how to “Go” tell the Good News wherever we are called by God to serve. Among other tools, we will learn to use good questions as opportunities for telling the Good News. LifeLight will start its fall campaign with a study of the book of Matthew. This will be done in two nine-week sessions. Matthew is the first of the four Gospels telling of Christ’s death and resurrection for mankind’s sins, once and for all. After that, we will study “The Christian’s Mission” which is a new, exciting nine-week study sure to equip you to share the Good News. For more information, please go on-line at www.bethlehemfully and click on Lifegroups and then LifeLight. Preregistration is required but super easy. Why not prayerfully consider joining Bethlehem’s largest Bible study?



Children`s Ministry By Marva Tonniges

SIDEWALK SUNDAY SCHOOL EXPLORING PAINT Summer Art Sundays in June and July We want to encourage creativity, reinforce fine motor skills, and explore color as we look at God’s creation through Art. Art Sundays will be held on the following dates: June 8 for 3 and 4 year olds

July 13 for 7 and 8 year olds July 27 for 9 and 10 year olds MUST REGISTER with Watch Sunday bulletin for more information.

June 22 for 5 and 6 year olds ===========================================================================================================


By Ann Nord

The biennial Rocky Mountain District LWML convention will be held at the Ramada Plaza in Northglenn on June 20-22. About a dozen women from our society will attend. We will participate in church services, meetings, enrichment sessions and enjoy Christian fellowship. Bethlehem’s Sandy Wendelin will be presenting one of the enrichment sessions. 4 Higher will be our special Saturday

evening entertainment. We will collect several offerings for designated missions, including Resurrection in the City Lutheran Church (formerly Mt. Calvary). School supplies for Orphan Grain Train can be donated in the boxes at church through June 11. We will also vote on new mission grants in this district for the next two years.


Mary Martha

By Barbara Wolter

Almost summer ~ time to close the books on the 2013-14 year and look forward to being in our new location in the fall. We enjoyed our annual May brunch and installation of our new officers. Vicar Tim did the honors at the latter and gave us words of encouragement regarding our faith and service. Outgoing president Jean Wendelin received a plant and gift card to honor her for outstanding leadership for the past three years.

We will have No Bake Bake Sales this summer and thank you in advance for your continued support of our new kitchen goal. Our service to the congregation does not take a summer break and we will be available to assist in needed ways. Have a safe, fun summer and God’s blessings to one and all!




Construction Progress Photos by Bethlehem Staff

BLC Fully Alive June 2014  
BLC Fully Alive June 2014