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Patiently Waiting By Pastor David Langewisch

School was out and we were all ready to see the trucks come in, the construction barricades go up, and the bell tower move. This was the moment for which we had been patiently waiting. And what we found ourselves doing was patiently waiting some more. In early May our plans were submitted to the City of Lakewood for permitting. It was several weeks after submission that the City looked at the plans for the first time, the first step in a lengthy review. Delay.

Call Extended

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Mary Martha

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Meanwhile, the Building Team and the contractor were working out final details and pricing. Delay. Without those details and a signed contract, the Lutheran Church Extension Fund could not close on the loan for the project. Delay. But “delay” did not mean “dead stop.” Work is going on behind the scenes. With the many players in this project, Bethlehem wanted to make sure - while others might delay, we will not be the cause of the delay. We will do our things on time. So we moved all the offices. We started worshiping in the gym. And pictured here is some of the necessary pre-work of asbestos abatement, which must be done by qualified, certified asbestos abatement crews. There are very few asbestos issues remaining in our building, but we are addressing these where the school office will be converted to classrooms, in the aisle of the main sanctuary, and other remote mechanical areas.



Call Extended By Pastor Tim Ahlman

Christ’s Greenfield Lutheran Church and School in Gilbert, Arizona has extended a call to me to serve as their senior pastor. I have not sought this call. I am immensely happy and fulfilled serving as a pastor at Bethlehem. Jesus is moving in mighty ways in and through the Bethlehem community. Please pray for me and my family that we would be attentive to the voice of Jesus. Praise God that Jesus is Lord of the church. I am also available either via e-mail ( or in person if you have questions or comments about this process. I cannot stress this enough - I have not sought this call and no decision has been made at this point. I love Bethlehem. The decision will be made in early to mid-July. Thank you for your prayers of love and support. ============================================================================================================

Joyful Noise Takes A Break By Irene Eggers

Joyful Noise has ended another season of concerts for Bethlehem members residing in retirement homes. A big "Thank You" to the PrimeTimers for letting us use the church van. The hookup with the Prayer Shawl LifeGroup enabled us to wrap shawls around Ada Wintringham at Wheat Ridge Manor and Heidi Elfton at Mountain Vista. We traveled to Lafayette and sang for Vernetta Larson and Naomi Leach. It was a pleasure to meet Sherri Wells’ mom, Adeline, at the Colorado Lutheran Home and Harriett and Dave (Evelyn Elliot's sister and brother-in-law) at Porter Place. For those in hospice care, our songs were spirit-lifting at

Hospice of St. John. We enjoyed singing at the Prime Timers Christmas potluck, a morning Lenten service, a Sunday morning worship service, and the Abe Lincoln/Mary Todd Lincoln tea. We will resume rehearsals in mid-August. We meet Thursdays at 11:00am in the chapel. If you love to sing, consider joining this LifeGroup. Call Irene Eggers @ 303-425-3208.


Mary Martha - The New Kitchen By Jean Wendelin

The Next Door Project will not only give us a new Commons area, and a new chapel, but a new kitchen (currently where the Parlor is located) as well. The Mary Martha Society has been working with the Building Team to help us get the best kitchen possible. There has been $10,000 designated for the kitchen, but that will probably not be enough. We will be using existing appliances from the current Chapel kitchen, coffee house, and PAC kitchen to help offset the costs. Mary Martha will be

holding No Bake - Bake Sales during the upcoming months with the money raised designated just for new kitchen expenses. If you would like to donate over the next several months to help with expenses that we might incur, a church-designated fund will be established just for the kitchen. Any donation you might be able to give to this worthwhile project will be greatly appreciated; we will keep you posted on the plans for the new kitchen.



“The Story”

By Pastor Tim Ahlman

(! We’re going to be highlighting the stories of God’s people throughout the series at 6:45 pm on Thursdays.

Are you missing LifeLight and your weekly time in the Word and in community this summer? If so, please plan on joining us Thursdays at 6:00pm for a fantastic meal, and then 7:00pm for worship!

Finally - thanks to all who weekly are making the gym into a wonderful space for worship every Thursday (and Sunday)! If you are free to help set up Thursdays at 4:30pm, please see Vicki McKenzie.

For the rest of July and August we are going to be highlighting “The Story” by Randy Frazee and Max Lucado. Frazee and Lucado have condensed the entire story of scripture in novel form. “the table” is adapting 12 stories from Scripture and converting them into firstperson narratives. You won’t want to miss a week!

Mark your Calendars - July 11th and August 8th! We’ll be eating and worshiping on the athletic field! Jesus is so good! Let His Story be shared this summer!

Also, if you’d like to share your story about what Jesus has done in your life, please let me know


West Side Bible Study Gang The West Side Bible Study Gang was formed as a continuation of one of the 2012 FAST groups that promoted small group Bible studies throughout the congregation. The members of the newly formed West Side Bible Study Gang include Janet and Rich Bell, Desiree and Jason Boelte, Suzie and Karl Kollar, Roy Volzke, and Marty and Dale Wagner. The group has just completed its first Bible study; Faith Lessons In The Dust Of The Rabbi-Becoming A Disciple, authored by Ray Vander Laan and has selected its next Bible study for this coming fall; If You Want To Walk On Water,

By Dale Wagner

You Need To Get Out Of The Boat, authored by John Ortberg. Our eclectic group, covering a broad range of ages, has grown to a cohesive and very enjoyable opportunity for all of us to get to know one another and enjoy each other’s company while studying God’s word. The members look forward to the continuation of the development of their supportive group. The West Side Bible Study Gang also had the honor of moving 10 bricks from the chapel to the narthex, each brick representing $5,000 received toward The Next Door Project pledges.


Stephen Ministry Corner

By Kristen Mader

Who are Stephen Ministers? We are everyday people… that have been through many of life’s bumps in the road. The phone call you hoped you would never receive. The divorce - the bottom falling out of your life. The funeral - when everyone has gone home or on with their lives and you are still grieving. The last child leaves home - or an adult child moves back home and the house isn’t the same anymore.

The job has changed or the company is closing their doors - what do I do now? We can be there to listen, walk, and pray with you to provide support and comfort during your life’s bumps in the road. Whether they are small or large, we can come alongside with you….as we have also been through similar bumps in the roads. You can call the pastors or Martha Rowley (303425-6971) to receive a confidential caregiver - a Stephen Minister.



Prime Timers’ July Activities By Georgia Phillips

The Prime Timers will be recessing for the month of July. Plan to join us on Saturday, August 3 at 1:00 pm for “Bunco” and Tuesday, August 6 and 20 at 10:00 am for Bible Study. All meetings will take place in the Chapel Fellowship Hall. ================================================================

Congratulations, Andie Gaide! Congratulations to Andie Gaide, Bethlehem Lutheran School and Lutheran High School alumni, on being named to the Term Honors List at Concordia Lutheran University for the spring semester of the 2012-2013 academic year. This distinction places her in the top 25 percent of the student body based on her GPA and witnesses to her faithful stewardship of God’s gifts to her! May she continue to grow in the knowledge and love of her Lord and in faithful response to Him. ============================================================================================================

2013-2014 Bethlehem Scholarship Awards Congratulations to this year’s recipients of grants for the 2013-2014 school term from the Bethlehem Scholarship Team: Tori Langewisch is pursuing her graduate teaching degree at Concordia University - Nebraska and received a $1,000 grant. Andrea Queen is beginning her first year of teacher training at Concordia University Wisconsin and received a $2,000 grant. Mariah Schamp is beginning her second year of DCE training at Concordia University - Nebraska and received a $2,000 grant.

By Dale Wagner

Jordyn Sturms is beginning her first year of teacher training at Concordia University Nebraska and received a $2,000 grant. A total of $7,000 in college grants was awarded. The team also awarded a total of $19,000 to seven individual Bethlehem members attending Lutheran High School and Faith Christian’s Lutheran Track for the 2013-2014 school term. Contact Marty or Dale Wagner (303-972-9431), Karen or Terry Donze (303-420-7876) or Helga Duncan (303-985-4952) to find out how you can help to support this important Bethlehem ministry.


Safety In the River

(cont’ from page 5)

possible to find joy when we fix our eyes on Jesus. He will give purpose and meaning to tragic situations. Like Moses, we may be called to help others in need. The way we respond reveals our view of God, whether or not we see him as being sovereign and in control. God was in control in the lives of the Israelites and he used the Nile River to save one

little boy who would change the world. In LifeLight this year, we will be studying the book of Exodus, a wonderful book that contains the history of how God leads his children of Israel out of Egypt and their journeys along the way. God IS sovereign and in control, you can count on that! Register for fall LifeLight at


Fully Alive Bethlehem Lutheran Church & School 2100 N. Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80214 Church office: 303-238-7676 School office: 303-233-0401 Visit us online at E-mail KLTT 670 Radio Broadcast 11:00 AM Sundays David J. Langewisch, Pastor


Safety In the River By Sherri Wells

Last spring my brother-in-law, Robby, went fishing by himself in a river near his home in Florence, Montana. While he was fishing, the current of the river became stronger. Soon his hip waders began to fill with water. While trying to get to shore, the current took him further downstream where he soon found himself under a broken tree branch, holding on for dear life, struggling to survive. Robby said he believed his life would soon be over, and then a man appeared on the river bank. He lived in a house on the hill above the river and happened to look down and see Robby struggling. He got in his truck and drove down to help him. He was able to rescue Robby from drowning. God saved Robby from tragedy in the river that day because he had other plans for him.

T i m Ah l m a n , P a s tor Ca l e b K r us e V i c a r ( S t u de nt P a s t or ) M i c he l l e Fi s c he r , P r i n c i p a l S a n d y W e nd e l i n, D i r e c t or o f Di s c i pl e s h i p a n d E a r l y L e a r ni n g C e nt e r Ad m i ni s t r a tor M a r i l yn H a ve k os t, Di r e c t or o f M u s i c M i ni s tr y S c o t t B u bk e , Di r e c t or o f O pe r a ti on s P a u l B e a s l e y, D i r e c tor o f I n fo r m a t i o n T e c hn ol o g y Ad a m W i nt e r ho f, D i r e c t or , S tu d e n t Li fe M i ni s tr y S uk e G na g y, P r e s c ho ol D i r e c to r M e l i s s a M e uz e l a a r & T i mi S c hu e s s l e r Cor ne r s to ne C o un s e l i ng , 3 0 3 -2 3 8 -7 6 7 6 , e x t. 3 1 5

Fully Alive is published monthly for t he m e m b e r s a n d fr i e n ds o f Bethlehem Lutheran. It focuses on news within the congregation and activities in the church each month. Articles may be submitted to the church office by the 15th of each month for the next month’s issue. e-mail to:

In Exodus we find the story of the enslavement of the Israelites by the Egyptian pharaoh. He wanted to control the population of Israel, so he ordered that boys born to Israel were to be thrown into the Nile River and drowned. What an awful tragedy. The story goes on to tell us about one little baby boy, Moses, whose mother hid him for three months and when she believed she could hide him no longer, she put him into a basket in the Nile River behind some reeds. The same river that could have destroyed him, God used to save him. You know the rest of the story, how Moses' crying alerts one of the pharaoh's daughters who takes the baby. Moses' sister Miriam convinces her to have a Hebrew midwife nurse him and his real mother is hired to take care of him while he now lives among Egyptian royalty. Wow, what a blessing in disguise. Because God had other plans for Moses, his life was spared. Moses’ mother surely didn’t know what was in store for her son, but God did. When Moses was a man, God asked him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. There were many trials and hardships along the way. God never said that Moses’ calling to help others would be easy, but he did promise Moses his assistance in doing so. The story of Moses gives us a perfect example of how God intervenes in our lives and how he lives up to his promise to help us during trials and in the midst of our struggles. At the heart of Moses’ calling was the call to help others. So many times in life we see tragedy around us, from the Century 21 shootings in Aurora, to the bombings at the Boston Marathon and the recent fires in the Black Forest near Colorado Springs. While it’s not possible to be happy with such awful circumstances, it is (cont’ on page 4)



Sunday School News

By Marva Tonniges

Although school is out, summer activities are in full swing, and while Sunday School is taking a summer break, Children’s Ministry is still going on… “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14 Jesus thought highly of children and made a point of including them during His ministry on earth. We also see the importance of making children a significant part of our week. With construction underway, we are re-evaluating how Sunday School will look. There are a lot of “how” questions being asked - classroom assignments, registration, safety, drop off and pick up to name a few. Preparations are being made for the start of our Fall Kick Off on September 8. Watch for fall registration coming in August! We hope that you have an amazing time with your family this summer! ============================================================================================================

Renovation Team Assembled! Assignment: Children and Youth Ministries When reading the above construction terms, many of you may think of The Next Door Project. However, another groundbreaking project is underway at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Like the Next Door Project, a team of architects, contractors and laborers are rolling up their sleeves, putting on their hard hats, and implementing a plan designed to honor God with our Children’s and Youth Ministries. Bethlehem Lutheran Church began this process by partnering with Ministry Architects, who consult churches on building strong and sustainable children’s and youth ministries. After listening to several people in many facets of our church and school, the Ministry Architects began to design a blueprint specific to Bethlehem.

By Rita Feldmann

Then, during an April retreat, our architects met with our “contractors”, including members of the Discipleship VIT, our children’s and youth ministry leaders, and our newly assembled “Renovation Team.” This team is made up of six members who answered the call to invest their time and talents over the next 36 months. The retreat was very productive as we spent time discussing our vision and developing a clear Discipleship Plan. This plan will give us the template we need over the next 3 years as we take very deliberate and clear steps toward cultivating a strong ministry that has an impact in our church community and beyond! Thank you for your prayers in this exciting process.




July Specials Smore Latte/Steamer Iced or Hot Mocha Cool Capp

We are OPEN 7:30am-12 noon during construction and would love to have you stop by. If you need a place to sit, hang out and drink coffee, the Coffee House is THE place. We are also looking for Volunteers to help make specialty drinks from 9:00am10:00am.

Blc fully alive jul 2013  
Blc fully alive jul 2013