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The GoodNewsletter Bethlehem’s Quarterly Newsletter Inaugural Issue

2011: News for April, May, June

A Look at the 4th Quarter  Leaders’ Conference, Friday, July 8, 7:30PM – 8:30 PM

A Message from the Pastor, Rev. James E. Coates

 Annual Church Picnic, Saturday, July 16,

Congratulations! How joyful it is to welcome this inaugural edition of the Bethlehem Baptist Church Newsletter.

This clearly demonstrates how dedicated

Allen Pond Park in Bowie, Maryland ,10:00AM8:00PM  Brother’s Day Worship and Brother’s Club Member of the Year Award, July 17th  July Circle Annual Day , July 24th

the Public Information Task force is to

 August Circle Annual Day , August 21st at

viable means for communications and

 Academic Achievement Day, August 28 at

providing to the congregation’s disciples a program improvement. A newsletter has

been long needed. “Hallelujah,” thanks be to God, we now have

this answer to our prayer! In future editions, look for articles

featuring things of interest to all age levels and areas of life. We welcome and solicit your input.

5:00pm 5:00pm

 September Circle Annual Day, September 11th at 5:00pm

 Annual Usher Day, September 18th at 5:00pm  Bethlehem Baptist Church Homecoming, Sunday, Sept. 25 – All Day

Welcome to the 4th Quarter! July marked the beginning of the 4th quarter at Bethlehem and we are excited to share with you what we’ve accomplished in the past three months! This quarter, we want to continue to be dedicated disciples for Christ, helping and impacting the residents of our community and God’s children around the world. We are happy to be expanding

our efforts to the web, and hope that as we grow, we are able to empower, inspire and motivate you to be dedicated disciples for Christ.

Inaugural Issue

Fourth Quarter ● Bethlehem Baptist Church ● (202) 889-1235

We’re Committed: Members, No More; Disciples, Forever! During the third quarter, Bethlehem participated in several faith-building activities. Among them were the Youth Revival, Sister’s Club Celebration, Women’s Retreat, and Family Month.

The Sister's Club went on their first ever women's retreat in May this year at Sandy Cove Ministries in North

East, MD. The theme was "Discovering Abundance When Life Seems Sparse". Their days were filled with a mixture of

activities that encompassed fellowship bonding activities, fun activities, exercise, entertainment, healthy eating,

relaxation, and "spaghetti groups", which allowed for elaborating on topics discussed by presenters. They met many women of different walks of life; all learning to love and trust God. Sister Andrea Reed said it all when she stated that "the camaraderie among sisters during the whole weekend was outstanding."

During family month, endearing and precious family histories were shared. Highlighted were those persons

whose contributions blessed their families and made it possible for the family-led worships to be filled with such great

inspiration and thanksgiving. Children and youth participated by leading readings, prayers, and the “Jericho Shouts”. After each worship, the families gathered for a historic family portrait provided to each family by the church. Harambee Christian Center for Life-Learning The Bethlehem Baptist Harambee Christian Center for Life-Learning and friends traveled to the American I am Exhibit

on April 9, 2011. Twenty-two members and friends caught the subway and made their way to the National Geographic Museum to view the award-winning touring exhibition conceived and presented by broadcaster Tavis Smiley. At the exhibit, Bethlehem disciples and friends viewed over 200 artifacts that celebrated nearly 500 years of African American contributions to the United States.

We are especially pleased that some of Bethlehem’s youth and young adults were able to join them. As they

reviewed the exhibit, they saw an abundance of familiar history, as well as some surprises! They saw objects ranging

from shackles used in the slave trade to abolitionist material and the poetry of Langston Hughes. They also saw personal items from contemporary African American figures such as Serena Williams (tennis outfit), Michael Jordan (basketball jersey) and Prince (guitar). Other highlights included:

- "The Door of No Return" from the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, which enslaved Africans passed through to board ships to begin the Middle Passage;

- Objects pertaining to the African American troops that fought in major U.S. wars; - Malcolm X's journal and personal Quran;

- The door key and stool from the Birmingham jail cell that held Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he authored "Letter from a Birmingham Jail";

- Frederick Douglass' clothing and a reproduced letter from President Lincoln that enabled Douglass to move

among Union lines recruiting black soldiers; Social Committee - A Action model of the first traffic signal, invented by Garrett Morgan, which served as the basis for today's traffic lights.

The Social Action Committee's charge is deeply rooted not just in scriptures, nor just in the teaching of Jesus Christ, but in that of the Old Testament prophets as well. "Let justice roll down like the waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream." ( Amos 5:24)

The Social Action Committee seeks to engage in activities which help address issues that confront our church

and community. They are currently involved in helping to insure that the development on the East Campus of St.

Elizabeth’s Hospital will not adversely impact our community, but maximize opportunities for residents of Ward 8 in general and residents of Barry Farms in particular to gain employment. Page 2

Fourth Quarter ● Bethlehem Baptist Church ● (202) 889-1235

Public Information Task Force This year Marcia Coates was nominated to serve as assistant clerk for public information. As part of her effort to communicate what Bethlehem is and what

Current members of the PITF are: Marcia Coates

it is doing, both internally and within the community, a Public Information Task

Akia Jordan

Force coalesced.

Bettie Blount

The Task Force is off to a great start! It has facilitated the Bethlehem

Lynn Griffin

Baptist website, created a Bethlehem Facebook group page, incorporated a

Cynthia Griffin

Pastor’s Bible Question of the Week on Facebook, and produces a monthly

Special Projects

calendar of activities and a quarterly newsletter. The PITF also announced a

Florestine Jones

program to assist qualified disciples with securing free cell phones and cell

Lee Jones

phone service. These projects are intended to engage Bethlehem disciples and


the community in the missions of the church and develop a distinctive identity

Christine Jones

for the congregation. Look us up on Facebook or at

Sylvia Nolan

Anyika Brown

In the near future, the PITF is looking to include news reporters for the

newsletter to increase the amount of information gathered to share with the congregation.

Disciple Highlights In Memory of…

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Collins was a devoted member of

Bethlehem. She was born on May 25, 1930 and passed away on May 15, 2011. She will be missed.

Disciple Spotlight: Wendy Glover Bethlehem



Glover was invited by President and Mrs. Obama to attend the

Crevente’ A. Proctor served as the minister of music at

Bethlehem for a number of years before holding the same position at New Bethany Baptist Church. He was born on May 20, 1952 and passed away on May 23, 2011. He’ll be remembered in our prayers.

arrival ceremony honoring Her

Excellency Dr. Angela Merkel, chancellor




Republic of Germany. The ceremony was held at the White House on June 7, 2011.

Merle Walker was the loving husband of Helen Walker.

Congratulations Wendy!

He was born March 24, 1930 and passed away on June 30, 2011. Our prayers go out to his family and friends.

Baptisms and New Members Mateo Branch

Priscilla Sampson Felicia Bartley

Eddie Thomas

Patricia Branch


Caption describing picture will or graphic. William Dunn be

attending Norfolk State

University. Bryanna Johnson has been accepted to North Carolina A&T. Jerome Pixley and Tyrone Pixley will be attending Central State University. Bethlehem will be providing each college-bound high school graduate with a partial scholarship.

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Fourth Quarter ● Bethlehem Baptist Church ● (202) 889-1235

Circle, Committee, Club, Auxiliary Meeting Schedules Every 1st Sunday Nutrition Committee

1:00 PM

Circle Meetings (following Sunday worship) Every 2nd Sunday

Communion Worship th


Every 4 Sunday Brothers/Sisters Club (following worship) Every 1st and 3rd Saturday

Youth/Young Adult Choir 1:00 PM Every 2nd Saturday

Mass Choir Rehearsal


Mission Board Mtg


Senior Usher Board Mtg



Every 4 Saturday Angels/Voices Rehearsal Every 5th Saturday


Brother’s Choir Rehearsal Every 1st Tuesday

Trustee Board Meeting nd

7:30 PM

Every 2 Tuesday Evangelism Board

7:30 PM

created a group for the members of Bethlehem to share

information, participate in weekly contests, and stay

informed on church events. Find us at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Washington, D.C.

Every Tuesday Social Action Committee

Bethlehem Baptist Church is now on Facebook! We’ve

7:30 PM

Every Thursday Public Information TF

7:00 PM

Every Friday Res. Pwr Deliv. Cntr

4:00 PM

Bethlehem Baptist Church 2458 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. S.E. Washington, D.C. 20020 Phone: (202) 889-1235 Fax :(202) 889-0722

The Public Information Task Force is seeking

Kitchen: (202) 678-7662 Office Hours: Mon- Fri 10:00am – 6:00pm

information from each church committee

Worship Service: Every Sunday at 10:00am

Please submit the name of the

Communion Worship: Every 2nd Sunday

and circle to be included in the newsletter. communications person from your committee or circle to Marcia Coates.

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Bible Class: Every Sunday at 9:00am

Senior Pastor: Reverend James E. Coates Editor-in-Chief: Akia D. Jordan

Fourth Quarter ● Bethlehem Baptist Church ● (202) 889-1235

Bethlehem Baptist Church Quarterly Newsletter  

The inaugural issue of the BBC newsletter.