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David Reyna ’11

Alumni Spotlight


A Ray of Sunshine for the Residents... Bethlehem Academy graduate David Reyna ’11 spent his senior year working at the Faribault Care Center as a kitchen helper to assist with his tuition expenses. While leaving his shift one day, David, an accomplished trumpet player in the BA band, spied a piano in the corner of the dining room. Being musically inclined, this summer he turned his interests to that piano. With the help of youtube, David put a plan in motion. He asked the activities director, Andrea Sellers, if he could have permission to play the piano after his shift was over each day. The answer was yes! Since then, after every shift, David has spent time with the residents playing the piano for them. He has learned a lot from the residents there, stating, “Age is just a number, and older people have a lot to say!” David plans to attend Minnesota State University-Mankato this fall. When asked what he will major in, he replied, “I don’t know yet. I just know that I want to be something big! I enjoy helping people and making them smile.” Music will always play a part in his life, according to David. He is currently a part of the Faribault Community Brass Band. As the youngest member, he remarks how great the other musicians are and how he loves to learn from them. David came to BA in ninth grade. “From the first day of school, it was like a family. The teachers really cared, and I made friends right away! Even the carpeted hallways made it feel more homey and not so institutional.” Even though David had played the trumpet since sixth grade, it wasn’t until coming to BA that he learned to read music under the guidance of BA band director Scot Gardner. “He was my favoriteteacher! I loved to push his buttons–in a good way–by wearing sneakers and bright colored ties and by holding my trumpet with one hand. I wanted him to remember me!” David won’t be easy to forget! We wish him well as he goes off to college and look forward to what is yet to come for him! UPDATE: David joined the Army National Guard. He attended basic combat training (BCT) from February 6, 2012 until April 19, 2012. Then he started advanced individual training (AIT) until July 12, 2012. His MOS (job in the army) is a 36B-Financial Management Technician, and his unit is 247th Finance detachment in Roseville, MN. David returned to Minnesota State University-Mankato this fall and will continue to serve in the Army National Guard as well.

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Alumni Spotlight - David Reyna  

Alumni spotlight on David Reyna

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