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2014 SHORT TERM MINISTRY GUIDE February 2014 Edition

We exist to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ.

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2 • Bethlehem Baptist • STMM

Our Vision We send out short-term trips for one reason and one reason alone: to spread a passion for the supremacy of Christ in all things for the joy of all peoples. We believe that short-term ministry trips reach this end in two ways. First, they build up the saints on the trips for greater works of ministry once they return home. American Christians need to be woken up from their prosperity-induced slumber to see the power of the global church and needs of the global lost. Witnessing the power of God amid what the world calls weakness will bring you home dreaming bigger dreams for the Kingdom and trusting more deeply that God is able to accomplish those dreams despite your weakness. But short-term ministry trips will not only stir up and deepen your own faith—we will only send trips that have clear value for the Kingdom in the region to which you are going. Often, the trip you will go on will be in support of a global partner who Bethlehem already has in the field and thus will benefit his or her long-term strategy to further God’s kingdom in that place. Other times, your trip will go and plow new ground for new Kingdom ventures. Both ways, God’s fame is being increased in the place you minister. Don’t let concerns about your health, safety, or finances hold you back. God wants you to go on a trip precisely to show you how small those concerns often are in light of his worldwide effort to bring salvation and to give you a captivating taste of what it is like to take risks for his kingdom.


• Bethlehem Baptist • 3

Finding a Trip That’s Right for You Level 1 These trips are for anyone. If you’re in the youth group or are just looking for something that will allow you to ease in to cross-cultural ministry, look here. You’ll still be challenged, but (hopefully) not in an extreme way.

Level 2 These trips are a little more difficult. We ask that you have been a Christian for a few years and have an active relationship with God. These trips may or may not stretch you physically, but they will stretch you spiritually.

Level 3 These are our most difficult trips—not because they reach the hardest places (although that is generally true), but because they require the most spiritual maturity from their participants. On these trips, you must display both a boldness for Christ and sacrificial love toward others.


Level 1

Cass Lake Our Motto: “One person going to the same people regularly to be their friend, for Jesus’ sake” Our Focus: A housing community called “Tract 33” in the town of Cass Lake, Minnesota. Our Aim: To build lasting relationships, not only with people who live in that community, but also with the community leaders who oversee the larger area of Leech Lake. We lead teams to Cass Lake four times a year. We offer BackYard Bible Clubs for the kids, basketball tournaments for the teens, and home visits with the parents and grandparents. As a result of showing up time and time again, some community members have started to invite us to some of their events. Members of our team have been invited to dinners and have received invitations to Naming Ceremonies. We have also been able to go wild-ricing and maple sugar gathering. Evangelism


• North America • 5

Team Leader: Greg Mott Contact: Dates: March 20—23 July 18—25* Status: Open Cost: $75 / person, $200 / family $200 / person, $500 / family* Application Deadline: Rolling—ask Greg about a particular trip

6 • North America • Level 1

Team Leader: Ken Rude Contact: Ken Rude Dates: October 2014 Status: Open Cost: $1800 Application Deadline: May 2014

Haiti The team going to Haiti will be the voice and hands of Christ, demonstrating his love to the poorest country in our hemisphere. We will bring a medical team and children’s team to minister to orphans and the poorest of the poor, and we’ll help Haitian Christians grow in their love for Jesus. We will be working with orphanages and local churches around the Port au Prince area. Medical


Level 1

Ohio This team will put on a Bible camp for children of missionaries so that their parents can enjoy some time of refreshment and fellowship. We aim to both strengthen children with the word and have fun together. Children

Missionary Care

• North America • 7

Team Leader: Brad Nelson Contact: Dates: June 2014 Status: Open Cost: $200 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

8 • North America • Level 1

Team Leader: Mike Tong Contact: Dates: July 2014 Status: Open Cost: $300 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

Minneapolis Minneapolis is a culturally diverse city, with many opportunities to minister to people from all over the world. This ministry opportunity will have you spending one week living in Phillips, being exposed to different peoples while learning about our city. You will visit mosques, temples and shrines while experiencing different cultures. Education


Level 1

San Diego We will partner with a TCT church in San Diego to do evangelism, street ministry, and other outreach ministries. The church is located in one of the poorer suburbs of San Diego and ministers to a large homeless population. We will serve the poor and homeless however we can and share the good news of Jesus. Evangelism


• North America • 9

Team Leader: Lewis Guest Contact: Dates: July 2014 Status: Open Cost: $450 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

10 • Europe • Level 1

Team Leader: Daniel Viezbicke Co-Leader: Ryan Shelton Contact: Dates: July 17—Aug 1 Status: Closed Cost: $1800

Northern Ireland This team will be focusing on building a relationship with a Catholic community through evangelism. We will work with local churches in the area to serve and help mend many years of historical animosity using the gospel as a bridge— through children’s ministry, youth programs, and adult Bible studies. We pray that Christ’s love will permeate all we say and do as we call people to treasure Christ. Evangelism


Level 1

Sweden We will travel with our global partner Paul Lindberg to Sweden to partner with church and para-church leaders in order to pray and do evangelism both on the university campus and in surrounding neighborhoods. Evangelism


• Europe • 11

Team Leader: Paul Lindberg Contact: Dates: May 27—June 11 Status: Open Cost: $2500 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

12 • Club 4th • Level 1

Club 4th uses the unique environment of Spiritual Life Conferences to provide solid biblical teaching, worship, games, activities, and crafts for the kids in a safe, loving, and child-friendly place while their parents are given the opportunity to connect with others in their region and be refreshed spiritually. If you have a heart for children and desire to minister to the families through childcare, consider serving with this team.

Level 1

• Club 4th • 13

Turkey 1

Turkey 2

Netherlands Cyprus

Team Leader: Erika Hudson Co-Leader: Laura Pankonin Contact:

Team Leader: Corrie Ayers Co-Leader: Jess Bretz Contact: Dates: August 3—10 Status: Open Cost: $2,200

Team Leader: TBD Contact: Dates: August 12—20 Status: Open Cost: TBD Dates: June 13—22 Status: Open Cost: $2,900

Team Leader: Corrie Ayers Contact: Dates: October 2—9 Status: Open Cost: $2,500


Level 2

Bosnia Herzegovina We will come alongside one of our global partners who is reaching out to teenagers from his city. One of the strategies for doing this is through a month-long English camp on the mountains in Bosnia. There will be skiing and snowboarding during the day as you build relationships with the students. During the evening there will be English classes and opportunities to speak about Christ. Outreach

ESL Instruction


• Europe • 15

Team Leader: Tim Devane Contact: Dates: January 6—31 Status: Closed Cost: $2000

16 • Europe • Level 2

Team Leader: Brad Nelson Contact: Dates: May 9—20 Status: Open Cost: $2400 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

Czech Republic We will partner with one of our global partners and his church as we reach out to seniors and high school students. Much of the ministry will be spending time with senior citizens and talking with them, striving to have conversations with folks about Christ. We may also visit high school students in order to speak about American culture and to build relationships towards the goal of sharing Christ. Evangelism


Level 2

• Europe • 17


Team Leader: Jason Harms Contact:

By the invitation of Poland’s Count Von Promnitz, we plan to bring a team of musicians and contagious believers to celebrate a cross-cultural festival in the towns of western Poland. While the musicians are performing in cathedrals, parks, eating establishments, and street corners, others will engage people in conversations about Christ.




Dates: May 20—June 2 Status: Open Cost: $3200 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

18 • Europe • Level 2

Team Leader: Paul Lindberg Contact: Dates: Dec 27, 2014—Jan 8, 2015 Status: Open Cost: $2500 Application Deadline: May 2014

Burkina Faso We will help Medical Compassion Mission, a ministry of Cru, to complete their annual project. The 10-day event is advertised in-country as an opportunity to receive medical care and participate in exciting community events. People are needed to run a youth program, a soccer tournament, and to provide medical care. If you have a burden to share about Jesus through any of these ways, please join us! Children



Level 2

Congo We will be partnering with a local church to help teach church leaders about servant leadership, community development, the role and function of the church, and peacemaking. The teacher is free to choose a subject and a topic. We will also be working with women on a tailoring project (tailoring, handcrafting, knitting, etc.). Some of the women are widows or victims of rape, and some are married women who need ways to provide for their families. Mercy


• Europe • 19

Team Leader: Kisongo Mbeleulu Contact: Dates: Feb 19—March 7 Status: Closed Cost: $3000

“Whether you are a goer or a sender is a secondary issue. That your heart beats with God’s in his pursuit of worshipers from every tribe and tongue and people and nation is the primary issue. This is what it means to be a World Christian.” Pastor John Piper

Level 2

Ethiopia We will travel to Addis Abbaba and work with Alemnesh Heyi to build a ministry center. It is located in a poor community with the intention to be a drop in center for senior citizens. In Ethiopia they do not have social security or free medical care, so being a senior can be very difficult. Alemnesh wants to have a place where seniors can come and socialize, do personal hygiene, study the Bible and have at least one meal a day. Construction


• Africa • 21

Team Leader: Greg Mott Contact: Dates: June 2014 Status: Open Cost: $2800 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

22 • Africa • Level 2

Senegal We will partner with the English Resource Center which uses English-teaching as a platform to meet Senegalese students, who are mainly Muslim. We will participate in a weeklong day camp where we teach English, visit a local historic island, and pursue a theme such as “journeys”$or “forgiveness”$ which challenges their worldview and can lead to discussions about God. ESL Instruction

Team Leader: Keith Anderson Contact: Dates: April 3—14 Status: Open Cost: $2700 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

Level 2

Zambia We will help put on a conference with two of our global partners for national church leaders and lay leaders to help equip them to with hospice skills to use while ministering in an HIV affected area. We will also provide training on cultivating a theology of suffering and the sovereignty of God. Medical


• Africa • 23

Team Leader: Steve Stein Contact: Dates: June 2014 Status: Open Cost: $2800 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

24 • Africa • Level 2

Mongolia The purpose of the Ministers of Grace team to Mongolia is to encourage, strengthen the long-term ELIC teachers and families in Mongolia, so that they might continue in the eternally valuable work to which they have been called. When there, the MG team will pray over, listen to, counsel and worship with each ELIC brother and sister, as well as lovingly remind them of the atoning gift they have received from The Father through his Son’s death and resurrection. Additional days will be spent there to pray for both city and nation-wide needs and to be available for any ELIC global partner needing extra prayer or counsel. MG travelers will also seek to maintain long-term, supportive relationships with those they minister to in Mongolia. Missionary Care


Team Leader: Genevieve Greathouse Contact: Genevieve Greathouse Dates: April 25—May 5 Status: Open Cost: $3200 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

So Jesus also suffered outside the gate in order to sanctify the people through his own blood. Therefore let us go to him outside the camp and bear the reproach he endured. Hebrews 13:12–13

26 • Asia • Level 2

Team Leader: TBD Co-Leader: Pam Larson Contact: Dates: May 2014 Status: Open Cost: $3500 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

Philippines Some islands in the Philippines are experiencing a movement of God as multitudes of people turn from the worship of evil spirits and worthless religion to the true God following Bible-based film showings and Gospel preaching. This expansion of the Church has created a great hunger for the Word of God:  some 20,000 families have their names on waiting lists to receive a single copy of the Bible in their heart language.  There is also a great need for more trained pastors and teachers to help these new believers grow in Christ. Evangelism


Level 2

Team Leader: Steve Prater Contact: Dates: Spring 2014 Status: Open Cost: TBD Application Deadline: TBD

• Asia • 27

Philippines - Relief With the recent Typhoons that have hit the Philippines we wan to help bless the local churches that are suffering there. Along with financial giving through our Global Diaconate, we will be sending a short-term disaster-relief team to the Philippines. We will be partnering with local church leaders to support them and their congregations in the midst of this tragedy. Disaster Response

28 • Asia • Level 2

Bangkok, Thailand We will serve alongside our global partner to help coordinate a weeklong camp for Thai high school kids who will be coming from the slums of Bangkok. We will share the love of Christ with the high school students and help our global partners in their long-term effort to plant churches among the poor in Bangkok. Evangelism

Outreach Event

Team Leader: Thompson Ojoyeyi Contact: Dates: June 11—24 Status: Open Cost: $3000 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

Level 2

Thailand The Ministers of Grace ministry team will go to Thailand to bless and encourage ELIC personnel meeting together for their annual conference. The team will run a prayer room, encourage anyone in their path, and take a few prayer walks. The purpose of the trip is to cover the conference in prayer and to help fuel harvest work through strengthening the faith of ELIC servants abroad. Missionary Care


• Asia • 29

Team Leader: Genevieve Greathouse Contact: Dates: February 2—15 Status: Closed Cost: $1500


Level 3

East Asia We will be ministering alongside Bethlehem global partners to pray for the region and to have conversations with nationals in hope of opening up the door for sharing the gospel. We are also looking to have one to two team members who are good with media to be help create a video for the local ministry. Media


• Asia • 31

Team Leader: Tom Fields Contact: Dates: April 2014 Status: Open Cost: $3000 Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

32 • Asia • Level 3

India We will partner with one of our global partners to help bring Bibles and the gospel to India. We will visit village churches throughout Andra Pradesh to encourage local pastors. We will also conduct outreaches in various cities and villages. Participants should be prepared to share the gospel with large groups of people. Outreach


Team Leader: Dave Englund Contact: Dates: March 7—22 Status: Closed Cost: $2700

Level 3

West India We will conduct a camp for rescued survivors of trafficking, connect with partners in anti-trafficking ministry, and make visitations with aftercare homes and ministry workers related to Freedom Firm’s ministry. Justice

• Asia • 33

Team Leader: TBD Contact: Dates: Fall 2014 Status: Open Cost: $2100 Application Deadline: May 2014

34 • Asia • Level 3

Team Leader: Chuck Steddom Dates: June 16—27 Status: Closed

Myanmar A group of elders and global partners will be traveling to Myanmar in order to bless our Kachin brothers and sisters with theological education and counseling training. Please pray for this continued partnership and for the gospel to advance in Myanmar through the ministry of the Kachin Baptist Convention and other like-minded ministries.


Southeast Asia We will travel for 2–4 weeks to a variety of locations to get to know the culture and people by participating in ethno-tourism. We will strive to be the aroma of Christ in the homes of local residents, seek open doors to spread the gospel, and pray for Jesus to make himself known, treasured, and worshipped in that land. Ethno-Tourism


• Bethlehem Baptist • 35

Team Leader: Jeremy Johnson Contact: Dates: July 19—Aug 7 (Team 1) July 19—Aug 17 (Team 2) Status: Open Cost: $3500 (Team 1) $3900 (Team 2) Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

36 • Asia • Level 3

Continuous Openings Team Leader: Self-led Contact: Length: Two weeks to several months Status: Open to all Cost: Varies based on length of

Thailand Bethlehem global partners living in Bangkok are looking for people to assist in teaching English to Thai university students. You can go for a couple weeks or go for several months. You will be using the Bible as a teaching tool to foster conversations about Christ. Great for singles, young couples, and “finishers.” Visit for more information. *This will require an individual application.

East Asia You have an opportunity to help one of our global partners in an enormous way. Jonathan and Carol L are looking for a teacher for their two 10 year-old girls. They have a curriculum selected and ask that applicants be female college seniors or college graduates. They want you to be flexible and be an initiative-taker. Finally, you should be a woman of faith and prayer. Teaching experience is preferred but not necessary. You may have an opportunity to learn a new language and get to know national students. *This will require an individual application.

Team Leader: Jonathan and Carol L Contact: Length: 2 months minimum Status: Open to qualified candidates Cost: Varies based on length of stay

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. Habakkuk 2:14

38 • Bethlehem Baptist • STMM

How to Apply 1. Pray about where God might have you go. 2. Fill out and submit the short term ministry application found on this

website. Make sure to choose the trip you are applying for at the top of the application page. 3. Submit a $75 deposit to Gina Woodyard. She can be reached at

the church offices at the Downtown Campus (612-338-7653 x432). 4. You will then be contacted for an interview either by a short-term

ministries staff member or the team leader of your chosen trip. 5. If accepted, your team leader will contact you and let you know

how to begin preparing.


• Bethlehem Baptist • 39

Leadership Training Life for the Lifeless Come and hear how to share the wonderful news of Jesus. Join us as we look at the theology and practice of communicating the gospel with others. There will be a specific focus on understanding our part and God’s part in winning people for Christ and on methods of starting conversations.This intensely practical training will help equip you for short term ministry.

Essentials for Leading a Short Term Trip This training will equip team leaders with all the basics to plan, execute, and recover from a Bethlehem short term ministry trip. It is required for anyone who would like to lead a Bethlehem short term ministry trip.

Trainer: Vince Johnson Dates: March 7, 2014 Status: Open Contact:

Trainer: Brad Nelson Dates: November 8—9 2013 Status: Closed Contact:

Fundraising for Missions The only thing that keeps you from the mission field is funding your trip. Come and get training and perspective in how to raise a personal prayer and support team for your short term mission trip. At this training we will coach you through support raising misconceptions, biblical principles, and practical helps to build a team of people to support your ministry and trip. As you go out for the sake of the name in 2013 learn how to raise others to be fellow workers for the truth (3 John 7-8).

Trainer: Andrew Knight Dates: March 8, 2014 Status: Open Contact:

Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation Revelation 5:9 Contact Us:! Address: ! ! ! 720 13th Ave S" " " Minneapolis, MN 55415" "

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