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A House  Full  of  Content  Marke2ng  Ideas  

(for your  blog,  Facebook,  Twi>er,  Pinterest,  LinkedIn  and  beyond)   BEDROOMS   •  Blog  about  decora2ng  2ps  for  kids’  rooms  and   master  bedrooms.   •  Post  photos  of  bedrooms,  decora2ng  trends.   •  Tips  and  photos  of  closet  organiza2on  solu2ons.   LIVING  ROOM,  DINING  ROOM,  DEN   •  Decora2ng  2ps  and  photos.   •  Advice  on  insula2on,  windows,  paint,  floors,   staging  for  selling,  storage  solu2ons.   •  Informa2on  about  gas  and  real  fireplaces   (safety,  decora2on  and  more).     OUTDOOR  LIVING   •  Tips  about  landscaping,  gardening,   lawns,  trees  and  curb  appeal.     •  Photos  and  inspira2onal  ideas  for   beau2ful  porches,  decks,  pa2os  and   gardens.   •  Advice  on  buying  a  home  with  a  pool,   a  koi  pond  or  other  water  features.   •  Informa2on  about  building  an   outdoor  kitchen  or  barbeque  pit.   •  Tips  on  shopping  for  new  windows,   doors,  locks  and  security  features.  

BATHROOMS •  Before  and  aIer  photos  from  renova2ons.   •  Renova2on  and  improvement  advice  for   sellers  and  buyers  alike,  including  how  to   maximize  ROI.   •  Blog  posts  on  conserving  water  and   reducing  costs.   KITCHEN   •  Before-­‐and-­‐aIer  photos  and  advice  on   kitchen  renova2ons.   •  Kitchen  cabinet  organiza2on  advice.   •   The  latest  on  Energy  Star  appliances,   tax  breaks  and  kitchen  technology.  

GETTING IN  THE  DOOR   •  Advice  for  first-­‐2me  homebuyers  on  what  to  look  for,  what  to  know   about  the  process,  financial  advice,  mortgage  advice  and   inspec2ons.  

ADDITIONAL IDEAS   •  Tips  for  sellers  on  pricing,  cleaning  and  staging,  hos2ng  open  houses,  marke2ng  a  home,  nego2a2ng,  and  moving.   •  Informa2on  for  homeowners  interested  in  becoming  landlords,  buying  a  second  home,  investment  proper2es,   taxes,  flipping  proper2es.   •  Sharing  news  stories  and  giving  your  expert  analysis  of  local  market  trends.   •  The  latest  in  home  technology,  automa2on  and  security.     •  Showcase  historic,  unique  and  unusual  proper2es  in  the  area  –  even  if  they  aren’t  for  sale  (yet).     •  Feature  local  architects,  designers,  decorators,  contractors  and  your  team  of  professionals  from  a  personal  angle.  

GARAGE, BASEMENT  AND  ATTIC   •  Tips  on  saving  energy  in  these   notoriously  inefficient  spaces.   •  Photos  and  advice  on  renova2ons   and  making  these  spaces  useful   and  organized.   •  Advice  on  new  furnaces,  tankless   water  heaters  and    knowing  when   to  replace  your  roof  and  gu>ers.  

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House of ideas  

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