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Spring Gala

‫ קיץ‬5776




Beth Israel SU M M ER 2016 | QAY IC 5776

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3 Shabbat Delight / Confirming Our Future Messages from Rabbi Berk and President Mitch Siegler

5 Preschool Fundraiser at the Rough Draft Brewery The preschool fundraiser was a huge success - bringing together parents and new friends at the Rough Draft Brewery

6 Let’s Play Spring Gala Congregants and friends gathered together for the Spring Gala, Let’s Play and enjoyed a lovely evening to support Beth Israel

7 Welcome New Clergy and Staff Beth Israel welcomes new clergy and staff members - looking forward to many wonderful years of service

9 Men and Women of Beth Israel Beth Israel Men had “A Guys Night Out” and the Women of Beth Israel came together for a seder - all in celebration of Passover

13 Congregant Spotlight Lawrence Krause and Rolf Haas share their incredible life stories

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15 Meet Our New Members Some of our newest members introduce themselves. They’re excited to bring their interests and enthusiasm to our community and look forward to meeting you! 16 Confirmation Class of 2016 The Class of 2016 shared many special moments and celebrated a thoughtful Confirmation in April 17 Mazal Tov to Bar/Bat Mitzvah Kids & Baby Namings Mazal tov to our Lee & Frank Goldberg Religious School students who have worked so very hard to reach the simcha of becoming a bar or bat mitzvah


19 Congratulations to our Amazing Members Mazal tov to our congregants who have achieved high honors this year


R A B B I ’ S



By Rabbi Michael Berk

I remember being told that it was the great philosopher Mordecai Kaplan who invented the idea of Oneg Shabbat after services. Even if that is not true, it does accurately reflect his Reconstructionist thinking, which emphasized the importance of Jewish community and peoplehood. He was the one who thought Jews should play basketball together, which led to founding Jewish Community Centers, and that Jews should shmooz (chat) and socialize together on Shabbat – that is as important as saying the “Shema” together during services. Thus was born the Oneg. We made Oneg a noun! All of this can be traced back to the prophet Jeremiah, who once stood at the gates of Jerusalem and preached about not observing Shabbat as it was meant to be observed. He was the first person in the world to mention the idea of Shabbat as “Oneg” - something delightful. The prophet and the philosopher both recognized that the notion of being part of a people is very important, and delightful. The enjoyment we can

Delighting in Shabbat by having some fun with friends and family is what makes our lives beautiful and may even make us more likeable. experience on Shabbat enriches us by providing a healthy break from our routines and to delight in food, friends, family, prayer and study. All very important to physical and mental well-being.


By Mitch Siegler

In April, I had the privilege of speaking to Beth Israel’s 2016 confirmation class. The class of 32 strong traveled this spring to Washington, D.C., where they visited the Reform Action Center and the Holocaust Museum and lobbied San Diego’s Congressional representatives to discuss issues like reproductive and LBGTQ rights, stem cell research and gun violence. I don’t know whether the large size of the Kabbalat Torah class of 5776 owes to a demographic irregularity, particularly cold weather 15 winters ago, the presence in the class of two sets of twins or some other unexplainable factors. These young men and women - many of whom are Madrichim, members of our choir and youth band and leaders in our youth groups and Jewish community - are simply amazing. (Full disclosure: my daughter, Rebecca is a member of the confirmation class as are several of her best girlfriends who’ve carpooled with us since Beth Israel pre-school.) Members of the class wrote about why Beth Israel and Judaism are important to them. There were pearls of wisdom in their writings and I’ll share a few with you. Some of these ideas are virtually identical. Some are variations on a theme. Others are unique to members of the confirmation class, as individuals and Jews. Many fall into four categories that for me are the essence of Judaism: • How Jewish values shape each of us as individuals • The importance of community • Morals and values, justice • Tikkun olam Being shaped by Jewish values: • “I know that Jewish values have shaped my character, my ethics and my personality.” • “Judaism has been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember and I plan for it to continue to be so.” • “The Jewish community is where my family and I turn during the most important times in our lives, both happy and sad. Through Judaism, I have met some of my best friends and made connections that I hope will last a lifetime. Judaism is a constant in my life, something I can always rely on, something I know is and always will be there for me.”

It’s through the things that we delight in, through the relationships we have with friends and family that brings out the fullness of who we are as human beings created in the image of God. Delighting in Shabbat by having some fun with friends and family is what makes our lives beautiful and may even make us more likeable.

It’s an Oneg Shabbat -- an absolutely delightful Shabbat. Try it! It might even make you a more likable person!



The word Oneg means delight. We associate it with Shabbat because of the custom of serving cakes and beverages after Friday night services. Sharing food together adds the component of “delight”, not just because the food is good, but because it’s delightful at the end of the work week to relax and connect with the people you’ve just shared the Friday night service with.

Contact Rabbi Berk at 2 SUMMER 2016/5776

I have a recommendation for you: during the summer, I know exactly where you can find an absolutely delightful way to spend part of Shabbat -- in the Price Family Courtyard of Beth Israel at 6:15 pm. Every Friday night you’ll find a courtyard full of friends and fellow congregants from all ages; you’ll see children playing around the fringes of the courtyard where some people will be sitting at tables during the services eating a bit of a nosh. Children join in leading the service. The music is extraordinary. The dress is casual. In our courtyard in the early summer evening you feel like you’re in Jerusalem, the Shabbat Capital of the World (as my brother calls it!).

Cover Photo: Gala committee members Troy and Tricia Morrison enjoyed our Spring Gala, “Let’s Play”!

P R E S I D E N T ’ S



• “I am so lucky to be a part of this community, and being confirmed is the first of many individual strides I will take to better the world, hand in hand with my Jewish community.” • “Judaism means community. A holy community.” • “I am confirming my commitment to Judaism because I want

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Join Us in


By Rabbi/Cantor Arlene Bernstein

If you’re looking for a mitzvah to perform for yourself and others, come sing with our Zimriyah Chorale and reclaim your birthright. Whether in rehearsal, in concert or in the sanctuary, backed by the warmth of Jerusalem stone, or inside the intimacy of our chapel, our Zimriyah Chorale will give you the opportunity to enhance your wellbeing and raise the spiritual and cultural life of our community. Our new director, Dr. Stan Wicks, brings us a wealth of skill and joy. Dr. Wicks is no stranger to Beth Israel, as we have worked with him every Thanksgiving for many years in his capacity as Director of Worship Music and the Arts for First United Methodist Church. Throughout the over 150 years of Beth Israel’s existence, music has been at the heart of the worship, culture, joys and sorrows of our remarkable community,

reaching out to our more than 1100 families and the community at large. Note also that singing is good for your heart and mind, an aerobic activity from which the brain releases endorphins - a brilliantly effective mood buster. Singing is a global form of human expression, since Day Six of creation; the social, physical and psychological benefits have become a life affirming undertaking. Music is a language - of the heart and of the intellect. The impulse to express oneself through music is almost impossible to suppress, particularly through the human voice. I invite you to become part of that core heart beat, reclaim your birthright! Join us in song and live a life enhanced with fulfillment and wellbeing. Contact Rabbi/Cantor Arlene Bernstein &/or Susan Hutchison 858-900-2522

Continued from page 3... to ensure that I am always a part of a very important community, one which does good for others and cares about everyone in it.” • “I am affirming my commitment to Judaism because I want my peers and community to know that I am devoted to Judaism. I will always stand by this community.” • “Judaism is my second home, granting me the right to my personal beliefs and helping me make lasting friendships.”



Welcome to Dr. Stanley M. Wicks, the new director of the Zimriyah Choral. Dr. Wicks has been a church musician for over 40 years, and is Director of Worship, Music and the Arts for First United Methodist Church of San Diego, where he conducts three adult choirs and oversees the entire music ministry involving 350+ musicians. He has conducted Beth Israel’s adult singers at the Interfaith Service we share annually with First United Methodist at Thanksgiving. Dr. Wicks also directs the High Holy Day choir at Temple Adat Shalom in Poway. Dr. Wicks has been active as a guest conductor, clinician and adjudicator for various denominational and civic organizations. He has directed various choirs in England, Wales, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Carnegie Hall. He received his master’s in church music and organ from Westminster Choir College, and earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in choral music from Arizona State University, Tempe. 4 SUMMER 2016/5776



Cy nt hia

Morals and Values, Justice • “Judaism is about morals and values, and how you can make yourself a better person.” • “As Jews, we cannot stand idly by while injustice is performed in our own country.” • “To me, the most important idea in Judaism is forgiveness. It takes a big person to forgive. Forgiveness means trust. Forgiveness means love.” • “The most important idea in Judaism to me is the aspect of free will, equality and acceptance, as well as a devotion to making our world a better place through mitzvot.” • “The most important idea in Judaism to me is acceptance.” • “Being Jewish means to be kind and helpful no matter what.” Tikkun Olam

New Director



• “Tikkun Olam is important to me because I believe that if you live your life for yourself, and yourself only, your life has no meaning or direction.” • “To me, the most important idea in Judaism is the concept of giving back.” • “I try to always act kindly to others. I am affirming my commitment because if I don’t the world would be short of one good person.”

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Jeff Silver

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We asked Jeff a few questions:

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Jeff Silver is the owner and founder of Rough Draft Brewing Company, a local craft brewery in San Diego. Jeff, a 1994 UC San Diego graduate, opened the brewery in 2012 after homebrewing beer for more than 20 years as a hobby, leaving his career as a former marketing executive behind. Jeff founded his brewery with a very specific mission: to “craft innovative, high quality, delicious beers.” Jeff and his wife Chris open their brewery for fundraisers in and around San Diego, including the Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool fundraiser. Jeff and his family have been members at Beth Israel since 2014. Jeff has two kids that go to the Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Religious School; Alexandra (10), Cameron (8). My favorite beer is: “Like a lot of other San Diegans I’m partial to India Pale Ales. We make a version with fresh local organic grapefruit called Grapefruit Weekday IPA that I’ve been enjoying lately.” I started my own brewery because: ” I just wanted to work for myself. The fact I get to make beer all day is just an added bonus.”

Robyn Spiege l. Bet h Lev y. Ly nn Thedel l

Dawn Levey. Ly nn Thedell. Julie Gardner

We’re in very good hands. 32 pair of very good hands.

The hardest part of owning my own brewery is: “Small business is more about the people you have working with you than anything else. And because everyone is different, managing people can be a lot of work.” The most gratifying part of my job is: “Seeing my beer on the shelf at my local grocery store. Who would have ever thought?” One of my favorite pastimes that people would never guess is: “Gardening; I have a vegetable garden every summer and love fresh tomatoes. There is something relaxing about mowing the lawn, especially with a beer in one hand.“ You can visit Rough Draft Brewery at: 8830 Rehco Road, Suite D, San Diego |

Contact Mitch Siegler at Diana D av idson . Rachel Stephan Greenfie ie Epste ld. in.

kow itz. Kev in Ber ohen on. Ron C Peter Gord

Sheree Meyer ow itz. I r i na S ha m i l ova

SUMMER 2016/5776 5

Members enjoyed a wonderful evening of fabulous fun, inventive cocktails, delicious food, incredible silent auction items, a live auction emceed by Dan Cohen and a “Juicy, Jazzy, Jewish� Concert by Debra Wanger!

Spring Gala Peter Gordon, Jenny Hill Bratt, Andrew Bratt

Hayden & Tanya Katzenellenbogen w/ Traci Carpenter and Kim Carnot

6 SUMMER 2016/5776

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 2016

The Scene

Brian Haubenstock, Lori Shearer, Alan Haubenstock

Gary & Tracy Hirschfeld

Earl & Sandra Altshuler and Robert & Merrill Haimsohn

Anita Hosenpud, Alan Lubic and Helaine Baum

Michelle & Kevin Berkowitz, and Myles & Nicolette Bodine

Lesley Mills, Heather Taylor-Williams, and Bethany Eisenberg

Gregg & Fia Fasbinder

Lorne Polger smiling in crowd

Audrey & Steve Levine

Crowd Waving

Our Clergy: Rabbi Solomon, Rabbi Berk and Rabbi/Cantor Bernstein

Mitch Siegler presenting flowers to April & Meg

Jeremy Pearl, Sharleen Wollach, Claudia Ehrlich with Diane & Buddy Voit

SUMMER 2016/5776 7

welcome new clergy new staff

WBI Annual Women's Seder

INTERIM ASSOCIATE RABBI ALYSON SOLOMON We are pleased to announce that Rabbi Alyson Solomon will join Beth Israel as Interim Associate Rabbi in July. Rabbi Solomon is a 2009 graduate of the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College in Massachusetts and studied at the American Jewish University Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies in Los Angeles. She has served several synagogues, including three years as Assistant Rabbi in Santa Barbara and two years as VP for NuRoots, a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles to engage young adults in vibrant Jewish life. “I am honored and proud to be a rabbi, trained in the tradition of learning and seeking. I am a translator of tradition, guided by the wisdom, practice and journeys of my teachers”. Rabbi Alyson Solomon loves Shabbat and working with kids and is passionate about hands-on teaching and facilitating people’s Jewish journey explorations. She is a certified yoga instructor, loves The New Yorker, TED Talks, and is an outdoor enthusiast.

RABBINIC INTERN JEREMY GIMBEL We are delighted to announce that during the next school year, Jeremy Gimbel will return to Beth Israel as a Rabbinic Student. Jeremy Gimbel will be completing his last year of rabbinical school in Los Angeles will be with us on Tuesdays, meeting with our youth leaders and teaching Confirmation class as well as one weekend a month helping with Torah study, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, and our religious school on Sunday. Before entering Hebrew Union College, Jeremy grew up in San Diego as a member of Beth Israel. His parents are Joanne and Ken and his sister is Becky. After graduating UC Davis in 2008 he returned to Beth Israel as our Youth Director. He is a well-known song leader in NFTY and has been the head song leader at URJ Camp Newman since 2006. Jeremy is married to Sarah and they have two children, Ari (2) and Maya (3 months.) “I am thrilled to be rejoining the Beth Israel community, and I am very excited about this new position. The incredibly high level of engagement, from youth to adults, makes Beth Israel a sacred community that I look forward to help grow brighter”.


was a great community builder where men got together to eat, drink and get to know each other as we got in the Passover spirit. ON APRIL 4, GENERATIONS OF WOMEN JOINED TOGETHER FOR MUSIC, PRAYER AND FRIENDSHIP FOR THE WOMEN OF BETH ISRAEL ANNUAL WOMEN’S SEDER.

MEG M ANDEL Development Director

Past President of Beth Israel, Meg Mandel assumed the position of Development Director at Beth Israel on June 1. She will be responsible for developing plans that improve and support member/ donor stewardship and strengthen long and short-term revenue streams for operating, endowment and capital programs. Meg has been a member of Beth Israel since she and her family moved to San Diego from Iowa in 2006. She has chaired our Development Committee, sat on the Executive Committee, Campaign Cabinet and Membership committee before becoming Beth Israel’s President from 2013-15. Meg graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in American Civilization and earned an M.A.T. from Rice University. Meg lives in La Jolla with her husband, Jess, and their two children, Emily and Jonathan. “I am excited to broaden my involvement with Beth Israel in my new position as Development Director. We have countless opportunities to build on our community’s many strengths. I look forward to working with our wonderful members, staff, and clergy to further Beth Israel’s mission of being a warm and nurturing community for all who seek a meaningful connection to Judaism.” Contact Meg at, 858 535-1111

ILENE TATRO Program Director

L - R Cynthia Fram, Joani Gross, Tammy Vener, Debra Block, Julie Tedde, Haydee Ojeda-Fournier, Jenna Scarafone Gilad Hoffman, Joth Layton, David Kobrinetz

Gilad Hoffman, Alan Haubenstock

Originally from Los Angeles, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Jewish Studies at SDSU and her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at National University. Ilene has spent the last decade as a professional in the San Diego Jewish Nonprofit community as a marketing, development and programming professional. She began at the Agency for Jewish Education and was promoted to the position of Marketing and Development Associate. After transitioning to the San Diego Center for Jewish Culture, she was most recently the Director of Cultural Programs. She has also served as the Communications Administrator for Waters of Eden, San Diego Community Mikvah and Education Center. She also volunteers on the JPro Committee at the Jewish Federation of San Diego and as volunteer coordinator for the Shalom Baby/PJ Library Clothing and Gear Swap. “ I truly value the opportunity to amplify all of the fantastic existing programs at Congregation Beth Israel as well as try a few new things. I am honored to become part of the Beth Israel family!” Ilene and her husband, Michael enjoy spending time with their daughter, Audrey (22 months), by visiting the San Diego Zoo, Disneyland and the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museums. Contact Ilene at, 858 900-2516

Rabbi Bernstein, Joanne Gimbel, Nadine Finkel, Beverly Miller, Judith Abeles Glen Jaffe, Tony Vitale, Paul Taccone

Kevin Berkowitz, Scott Krause, Brian Haubenstock


Tammy Vener, Bonnie Graff

Communications Manager

Simone has been at Beth Israel since December. Originally from The Netherlands, she moved to the USA nine years ago after living in the UK and Israel and has been calling San Diego home since 2010. Before coming to Beth Israel, she worked in the recruiting industry and the real estate industry and she feels blessed to have found this fit at Beth Israel where she feels right at home. “I am grateful for this opportunity at Beth Israel and love coming to work to my new extended family”. Simone lives in Tierrasanta with her husband and two children, Mila (4) and Jonah (2). She enjoys spending time with her family, loves to cook, bake and travel. Contact Simone at, 858 900-2512

8 SUMMER 2016/5776

Aliza Berk & daughter Jenna

Marc Jaffe, David Kobrinetz, Glen Jaffe

Susan Levin, Mary Levin

Elizabeth Siegler, Robin Layton

Alicia & Alondra Moya

Meredith Nevin, Marina Nevin, Nancy Nevin

SUMMER 2016/5776 9

exciting news!


Beth Israel

WORSHIP SCHEDULE Friday, June 3 8:00 p.m. Erev Shabbat Service, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, June 4 Torah Portion: B’chukotai, Lev: 26:3-27:34, Haftarah: Jeremiah 16:19-17:14 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Lawson

10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah 4:00 p.m. The congregation will celebrate a B’not Mitzvah Friday, June 10 6:15 p.m. Erev Shabbat Family Service, followed by an Oneg. 8:30 p.m. Soul Food Shabbat Service, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, June 11 Torah Portion: B’midbar, Num 1:14:20, Haftarah: Hosea 2:1-22 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Einstein


NOW OPEN!! • 3:1 student/teacher ratio • Qualified, experienced nurturing teaching staff • Providing a safe, loving and caring place • Priority enrollment for Beth Israel Members • Accepting infants from age 6 weeks

10 SUMMER 2016/5776

10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service and the congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah 7:00 p.m. Tikkun Leil Shavuot (San Diego Jewish Academy) Sunday, June 12 10:00 a.m. Shavuot Yizkor service in the Foster Family Chapel followed by a Kiddush luncheon Friday, June 17 6:00 p.m. Tot Shabbat in the Lower Preschool Playground 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service (Men’s Club Shabbat) in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg Saturday, June 18 Torah Portion: Naso, Num. 4:21-7:89, Haftarah: Judges 13:2-25

8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Berk

10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah 4:00 p.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah Friday, June 24 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, June 25 Torah Portion: B’haalot’cha, Num. 8:112:16, Haftarah: Zechariah 2:14-4:7 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Bohm 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah 4:00 p.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah Friday, July 1 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, July 2 Torah Portion: Sh’lach L’cha, Num 13:115:41, Haftarah: Joshua 2:1-24 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Berk 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service Friday, July 8 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, July 9 Torah Portion: Korach, Num 16:118:32, Haftarah: 1 Samuel 11:1412:22 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Steven Einstein 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service

June-August 2016 Friday, July 15 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, July 16 Torah Portion: Chukat, Num 19:1-22:1, Haftarah: Judges 11:1-33 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Steven Einstein 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service Friday, July 22 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, July 23 Torah Portion: Balak, Num 22:2-25:9, Haftarah: Micah 5:6-6:8 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Lawson 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service Friday, July 29 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, July 30 Torah Portion: Pinchas, Num 25:1030:1, Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1-2:3 8:30 a.m Torah Study; Leader: Rabbi Berk 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service and the congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah

10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah 4:00 p.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah Friday, August 12 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, August 13 Torah Portion: D’varim, Deut. 1:1-3:22, Haftarah: Isaiah 1:1-27 8:30 a.m Torah Study 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a B’not Mitzvah Friday, August 19 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg. Saturday, August 20 Torah Portion: Va-et’chanani, Deut 3:23-7:11, Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1-26 8:30 a.m Torah Study 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bat Mitzvah 4:00 p.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah

4:00 p.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bar Mitzvah

Friday, August 26 6:00 p.m. Shabbabeque! Check-in: 5:30 p.m., BBQ: 6:30 p.m., please RSVP

Friday, August 5 6:15 p.m. Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service in the Price Family Courtyard, followed by an Oneg.

8:30 a.m Torah Study

Saturday, August 6 Torah Portion: Matot-Mas’ei, Num 30:2-26:13, Haftarah: Jeremiah 2:4-28; 3:4

Saturday, August 27 Torah Portion: Eikev, Deut. 7:12-11:25, Haftarah: Isaiah 49:14-51:3 10:00 a.m. Shabbat Lay Led Service 10:00 a.m. The congregation will celebrate a Bat Mitzvah

8:30 a.m Torah Study SUMMER 2016/5776 11


Beth Israel


Visit us at or contact Program Director Ilene Tatro, itatro@cbisd. org, 858 900-2519 Advanced Jewish Studies Sizzling Summer Classes The following classes are sponsored by Beth Israel and the Jewish Cultural Center, and held at Beth Israel. To register or for more information, contact Katey Lindley, 858-362-1134 We Are What We Remember Thursdays, June 2- June 23 4 weekly sessions, 10:00-11:30 am Price: $80; JCC/Beth Israel Member Price $65 Global Alphabet Tuesdays, June 28, July 5, July 12, 2016 10:00 am - 11:30 am Price: $60; JCC/Beth Israel Member Price $48

CARING COMMUNITY Visit us at or contact Caring Community Director Liz Levine,, 858 900-2525 (watch e-Tidings and the website for more upcoming events). Caregiver Support and Discussion Group 2nd & 4th Tuesday @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Offered by Alzheimer’s San Diego in partnership with Beth Israel and Jewish Family Service/University City Older Adult Center.


Visit us at or contact Program Director Ilene Tatro, itatro@cbisd. org, 858 900-2519 DayTimers Book Club June 7 & August 2 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm DayTimers Book Club members...

FAMILY ACTIVITIES EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION BILL & SID RUBIN PRESCHOOL Visit us at, or contact the Director of Early Childhood Education Cathy Goldberg at 858 900-2533. Enroll for the 2016-2017 Preschool Year! Visit our website or contact the Preschool for more information 12 SUMMER 2016/5776

Beth Israel Summer Camp Monday, June 13 - Friday, August 19 Camp Chaverim: 18 months - Kindergarten Camp Sababa: Kindergarten - Grade 3, Grade 7


Tot Shabbat Service & Dinner Friday, June 17 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Men’s Club Dinner Forum June 2016 Wednesday, June 15 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Tuesdays in the Park Tuesday, June 28, July 12, August 16@ 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Annual Men’s Club Shabbat Recognition Dinner Friday, June 17 @ 6:15 pm - 8:30 pm

LEE AND FRANK GOLDBERG FAMILY RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Visit us at Contact Director Ava Kurnow at akurnow@cbisd. org, 858 900-2551. Israeli Teen visit – July 3rd –July 24th Shabbat with Israeli Teens – July 8th FALL SCHOOL START DATES First Day of Wednesday 3-6th Grade Hebrew Classes September 7 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm First Day of Thursday 3-6th Grade Hebrew Classes September 8 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm First Day of TK-6th Grade Sunday Classes Sunday, September 11 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am Parent Gathering and Chargers Game Tailgate – Sunday September 11th New Parent OrientationSunday September 11th First Day of 7th Grade Classes Tuesday, September 13 @ 4:00 pm - 5:45 pm First Night of 8-12th Grade Classes Tuesday, September 13 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm TK-6TH Grade Open HouseSunday September 18th 6th Grade Taste of Rosh Hodesh- Sunday September 25th

Visit us and RSVP at mensclub. For information contact

Men’s Club Dinner Forum - July 20, 2016 Wednesday, July 20 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

SPECIAL EVENTS Tikkun Leil Shavuot Saturday, June 11 @ 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

CONGREGANT A glimpse in the


life of

Lawrence Krause, Ph.D My life has been blessed from birth, and Judaism has always been an integral part of it. Growing up in a depression-impacted family taught me to appreciate everything that I have. An academic prize from the University of Michigan permitted me to take a student trip to Europe in 1950 and I discovered my profession. I realized that good economic policy did matter in determining how well countries managed to recover from the devastation of World War II. Economics was a chosen profession of many Jews because of Tikkkun Olam.

Economists are only taken seriously when they have advanced degrees and academic credentials, so I worked to get a Ph.D, from Harvard, and I taught at Yale before joining the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. That background led to my being invited in 1971 to join the Johnson Administration in the Council of Economic Advisers and having a hand in determining policy. While the tools were macro-economic, the impact we were trying to have was to alleviate unemployment and poverty- the same that my family endured in the 1930’s. My blessings continued as in 1989 I was named the founding faculty member of the new Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at UCSD. I also found Beth Israel. I became active in the Men’s Club, joined a chavurah, visited Israel with Rabbi Stein, and began to regularly attend Torah Study and Minyan Service. The celebration of Cantor Merel’s second Bar Mitzvah convinced me to try to do the same, which I did in 2012. Beth Israel became my family as I have no blood relatives in San Diego. That family stood by me and gave me needed support as I endured the inevitable tragedy of personal loss. My blessings continue. I met a perfect companion who herself was a former president of the Women of Beth Israel. I continue to attend Torah Study and Minyan Service to help me bring meaning to my ninth decade of life.

Summer Outdoor Erev Shabbat Service Friday, June 17 - Friday, September 16 @ 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm

Escaping the Holocaust and building a

10th Annual Shabbabeque Friday, August 26 @ 5:30 pm

new life in Cuba and the USA

SUMMER CAMPS Beth Israel Summer Camp June 13-August 16 Camp Chaverim: 18 months-Kindergarten Camp Sababa: Kindergarten-Grade 4, Grade 7 Individually themed, week-long camps packed with fun and activities especially designed for your child, and run by experienced, dedicated staff! For more information, and to register, visit, or contact Gilad Hoffman at, or 858 900-2555.

WOMEN OF BETH ISRAEL Visit us at For information contact Meal Provisions for Rachel’s Women’s Center Sunday, June 12, August 14 @ 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm


Visit us at or contact Gilad Hoffman at, 858 900 255 (watch e-Tidings and the website for exciting upcoming events).

By Leah R. Singer Like so many German Jews, Rolf Haas was told he had to say goodbye to his home in Munich, Germany for a new life beyond his country’s borders. Leaving home is a frightening prospect for many children. But when you’re 10-years-old and forced to escape because of the Nazi threat, leaving home takes on a completely different meaning. Rolf’s life forever changed and his courageous journey began when his family fled Germany for Belgium in 1936. During the escape, his father was arrested and imprisoned in a concentration camp in France. Rolf’s mother, Charlotte “Lotte” Haas, began plans for her family to immigrate to the United States. But first, she wanted her German parents to escape from the Gestapo-occupied Amsterdam. To do this, Charlotte sent 10-year-old Rolf by himself on a daylong train trip from Brussels to Amsterdam, with hand-written notes sewn into the liner of his coat.

Rolf had some assistance by the Quaker’s “underground” society that helped Jewish children travel through Europe. He remembers passing through the destroyed city of Rotterdam, before arriving unannounced at his grandparents’ doorstep. Unfortunately, his grandparents elected to stay in Holland, and were later killed in a concentration camp. Rolf returned to Brussels, and Charlotte made arrangements for herself and children to travel through Spain to Cuba, in hopes of making it to the United States. During their stay in stay in Brussels, the Haas family was picked up numerous times by the police for questioning and placed in various holding areas. Charlotte always kept a bag at the front door that contained the family’s critical papers. The family arrived in Cuba, where Charlotte mailed resources to her husband in the concentration camp who used those assets to gain his freedom from the camp. He arrived in Havana on Dec. 8, 1941, one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Visas to the United States were halted and the Haas family took up life in Havana. During his time in Havana, Rolf learned Spanish, went to school, and became a Bar Mitzvah. When World War II ended, the Haas family immigrated to New York. Rolf finished high school, enlisted in the Army and earned a Bronze Star during the Korean War. He made his way to San Diego where his parents were living (and members of Congregation Beth Israel). He worked as an insurance broker and started his own business. He is now retired and serves as a business consultant to the non-profit organization, SCORE. Rolf lives with his wife, Carol, in University City. Together, they have a family of six children, six grandchildren, and their dog, Pandi. Carol is an designer who created their exquisite garden that has been featured in San Diego Home & Garden magazine. They are involved in the San Diego community as active member of the many organizations, including Koi Club of San Diego and Beth Israel members. SUMMER 2016/5776 13



Beth Israel Summer Camp Enriching the Lives of Jewish Youth Beyond the Classroom

Our items are either made in Israel, made by Jewish artists, or are Judaica. We have candles, jewelry, gift registries for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and weddings and more. Come and browse!


Thursdays and Sundays when Religious School is in session and Friday evenings: 30 minutes before and after the earliest service. For weekday assistance, contact Liz Martin at 858.900.2500. Open by appointment as well:

Sarah & Marc Shulman, Taliah (2.5) “We are so honored and humbled to be welcomed into this community. Marc and I first started attending classes at Beth Israel when we anticipated the arrival of our now 2 1/2 year old Taliah. Taliah will be joining the Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool in the fall and we are so overjoyed to be joining as members right along with her. We most look forward to growing our spirituality and our practice as a family and continue to be amazed by the warmth and generosity shown to us by Beth Israel. We live in the heart of Ocean Beach are both passionate about equity in education. We both teach with High Tech High Charter schools; Sarah in the special education realm and Marc is a math and physics teacher. Most excitingly, our family is looking forward to welcoming a second little daughter in May.”

“Camp Sababa has all the activities a summer camp should have, but as a parent, you know it’s a good camp when you go to pick up your child seven hours later and they aren’t ready to leave.” - Staci

For more information: pick up a brochure or visit

Mike, Albina, Pauline (6), Solomon (4) and Benjamin (1) Kravtsov “We are the Kravtsov family. We moved to San Diego last summer from Moscow, Russia. Our 4 year old attends the Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool and soon our youngest will be joining too. We look forward to becoming more involved with all that Beth Israel has to offer. We love the positive attitude towards to the kids at school. We live right across the street from Beth Israel. We love spending time as a family, especially traveling. Our favorite country is Argentina and we have family living in Israel. (Mike’s parents and sister).” Tanya, Andrew, Milena and Natasha Malk “We are the Malk Family. Our daughter Milena graduated from the Bill & Sid Rubin Preschool and our younger daughter Natasha is currently a student at the preschool. Milena is looking forward to joining Religious School this coming session. Both girls are looking forward to summer camp at Beth Israel! We live in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla. Andrew grew up in La Jolla and after meeting each other in the Bay Area and marrying we decided to move back down to La Jolla to raise our family. I grew up just north of San Diego in Dana Point. Our family is happiest enjoying nature together either on a hike, beach day or desert day trip. Our favorite adventure together was our trip to Israel two summers ago. Natasha was 1 and Milena was 5. The girls’ favorite parts of the trip were planting a tree on a kibbutz exploring an ancient underground spring in the Jerusalem hills and visiting with friends from preschool. We love how comfortable and welcome we feel at Beth Israel, beginning with our wonderful introduction to it through the preschool.”

“AIPAC Policy Conference 2016 once again exceeded all expectations. The policy conference features our nation’s leaders from both sides of the aisle, working together in a bipartisan manner unlike any other issue….it’s not a natural state of affairs…the bipartisan approach exists in large part because of the work AIPAC does every day. Even though the numbers were impressive (over 18,000 attendees), we need more and broader participation. Please join us and the majority of Congress (from both houses) next year for another exciting Conference. David Bark, Policy Conference attendee 1995 - Board member of Beth Israel and President of Camp Mountain Chai “AIPAC’s annual Policy Conference in D.C. is always an incredible experience but the 2016 event was truly over the top, with four of the five Presidential candidates delivering speeches on their Israel/Mideast positions, supplemented with appearances from Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker Paul Ryan and dozens of other luminaries. If you haven’t attended Policy Conference in the past, don’t miss it in March 2017 - and take advantage of Beth Israel’s special early-bird pricing!” Mitch Siegler, Policy Conference attendee 2012-2016 and Beth Israel Board President “Outstanding event with incredible speakers and attention to detail. With four Presidential candidates taking the stage and showing their pro-Israel support, Policy Conference was a very emotional experience! A must attend event for all who care about a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.” Alex Genin, first-time Policy Conference attendee “AIPAC Policy Conference makes you feel like you are really ‘doing something’ for Israel. You hear from top government officials from both parties, and Israeli officials. One of the highlights is lobbying your senator and congressman. This year I presented an issue to congressman Scott Peters in a meeting attended by more than 30 San Diego attendees. Register now for March 2017 Policy Conference and get a highly discounted rate. After you attend once, you’ll want to go again and again!” Barbara Cohen, 4-time Policy Conference attendee, 2013-2016

OTHER NEW OR RETURNING MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Lizzy Loeb & Howard Yeh Lindy & Matthew Rinkey Mindy & Art Lewis Aimee & Jonathan Smith

Rachel & Tim Kitt Dawn & Douglas Levey Rachel & David Greenfield Marcia & Robert Malkus

Billy & Martin Ferron Shawna & Tim Kidman Barbara & Phil Kuwent Jessica Mandel & Brandon Vieyra

For more information or to purchase tickets for the AIPAC 2017 Policy Conference, go to: 14 SUMMER 2016/5776

SUMMER 2016/5776 15


v o T l a z Ma to the of s s a l C on nfirm ati




ol B C ap i t

Erica Leif will be called to the Torah on July 2, 2016. She is the daughter of Stephanie Leif and James Montgomery and the granddaughter of Suzanne and Robert Leif. She attends the School of International Studies at San Diego High Educational Complex. She is currently in eleventh grade, but is graduating high school a year early.

g uildin


Librar y

Mar tin Luther

o f C on


July 2

l King Jr Memoria Librar y of Cong re


MAZAL TOV to Beth Israel 10th Graders, who led a beautiful


thoughtful remarks, creative prayers and musical contributions by the students! The class shared

C ap i t o l Buildin g

incredible experiences during their trip to Washington D.C.

She is President of the San Diego High Parent Teacher Student Association. She will be a counselor at Waldsee, a German language summer camp, this summer and will go to Hofstra University in the fall. She loves to go camping, learning languages, indoor rock-climbing, and recreational canoeing. For her ma’aseh mitzvah, she helped organize and assisted at JCC’s Teen Connect. Teen Connect provides Jewish middle schoolers with community service opportunities.

Brett Serwin will be called to the Torah on August 20, 2016. He is the son of Michelle and Andrew Serwin and the grandson of Ron and Julie Cohen. He attends Carmel Valley Middle School and his favorite hobby is baseball. Brett enjoys playing video games, baseball and ping pong with his friends and loves watching sports. He is on a competitive team in the Del Mar Little League. Brett has been involved in many community service projects, including “Deeds from the Heart” where he fed the homeless and helped assemble bikes for the needy, BRETT SERWIN Miracle League, where he buddied up with a special needs child to play baseball, assembled food bags for the August 20 military and Kids Corps. Most recently, he assembled bags for Passover for Seniors.

Trevor Keith will be called to the Torah on August 6, 2016. He is the son of Brandon and Heather Keith and the grandson of Frank and Linda Girard and Paul Keith and Leslie Malicote. Trevor went to preschool at Beth Israel and started religious school in kindergarten. He is very excited about continuing on to the high school program and becoming a Madrich.

Trevor is a 7th grader at Carmel Valley Middle School. He plays guitar and golf. His favorite thing to do in his free TREVOR KEITH time is to play video games and he has taken several classes to start learning how to make them. Giving back is important to Trevor. This year he joined Teen Volunteers August 6 In Action and has done five different charity projects. His two favorites were helping to plan a Valentine’s day party at a local women’s recovery center for the women and their children who live there and playing wheelchair basketball with other teenagers in a local league. Sadie Smith will be called to the Torah on August 20, 2016. She is the daughter of Stefanie Schiff and Joel Smith and the sister of Eli. She is the granddaughter of Susan and Paul Schiff of NYC and Fran and Julian Smith of Detroit.


August 20

BAR & BAT MITZVAH CELEBRANTS July - August, 2016 Erica Leif, July 2 Dylan Casden, July 30 Ross Peller, July 30

Front row seated: Ilana Hirschfeld; Melissa Schneider; Rebecca Shuman; Shayna Kobrinetz; Courtney Langbort; Rachel Layton; Ellie Krantz; Lexi Kobey; Sidonie Gruenberg; Rebecca Siegler; Samantha Greene; Abigail Prager Back row standing: Jonathan Herman; Joseph Senoff; Michael Ramirez; Andrew Moehringer; Zachary Pilarski; Tommy Dayzie; Gabriel Mayer; Michael Stein; Maia Pearl; Daniel Nieberg; Dr. Ori Lidor; Rabbi/Cantor Bernstein; Rabbi Berk; Ava Kurnow; Garrett Layton; Sophie Williams; Justin Stueland; Mia Harris; Andrew Book; Max Glaser; Joseph O’Malley; Sebastian Mayer; Jonah Mandel; Noah Moore 16 SUMMER 2016/5776

Trevor Keith, August 6 Ryan Green, August 6 Sydney & Taylor Ang, August 13

Mazal Tov



Sadie is a 7th grader at the new Pacific Trails Middle School in Carmel Valley. She is on the Vertical Hold rock climbing team, takes drawing classes, and is a member of the choir at Beth Israel. She enjoys traveling, hiking, canoeing, skiing, and camping. As part of Sadie’s ma’aseh mitzvah, she has volunteered with the Hunger Project and the Hand Up Youth Food Pantry. After she attended a screening of the film Refugee Kids at the Leichtag Foundation and heard talks given by the filmmaker, the director of JFS Refugee Services, as well as an Iraqi teenager who just resettled in San Diego 5 months ago, Sadie was inspired to investigate ways she could help refugees. She is planning to organize a collection of household items to help newly resettled refugee families in our community and to volunteer with San Diego Refugee Tutoring in City Heights. Sadie Smith, August 20 Brett Serwin, August 20 Madeline Ramirez, August 27

Jesse & Tova Agler, parents of Jonah Justin & Ashley Bissell, parents of Noah David Todd Friedman & Yvonne Hernandez-Friedman, parents of Mason Stephen Katona & Liora Kirby, parents of Samantha Matthew & Diana Valji, parents of Joshua, and to grandparents Susanna and Michael Flaster SUMMER 2016/5776 17

Thank You

CEN T U RY CLU B A N D D O R L’D O R M E M B ERS Your generosity makes membership open to all, including those who can’t afford full dues. As of: April 27, 2016 You make Beth Israel membership possible for others.

LIFE MEMBERS Sandra & Earl Altshuler Deanne & Leonard Bloom Lillie* & Robert* Breitbard Phyllis Cohn & Arthur Brody* David Engel* Alberta & Charles* Feurzeig Zena* & Dr. Donn* Kobernick M. Larry Lawrence* Lisa Massry & Alexis Massry Evelyn & Ernest Rady Cassidy & Jeremiah Robins Mickey Stern Iris & Matthew Strauss Carol & Charles* Swimmer Rachel Swimmer-Flores & Armando Flores Geraldine* & Lt. Col. (ret) Hubert* Wolff DOUBLE CHAI Allison & Robert Price PILLAR Pauline Foster Debby & Hal Jacobs Sookie Jacobs The Klitzner Family Marcie Sinclair & Andy Ratner Karen Foster Silberman & Jeffrey Silberman BENEFACTOR Jeanette Burnette* SPONSOR Joan & Jeremy Berg Phyllis & Daniel Epstein Esther Fischer Lee & Frank Goldberg Neoma Goldhammer Edy Kenton Brigitte & Gerrard Salomon Anne & Ronald Simon Helene & Allan Ziman PATRON Loretta H. Adams Melissa & Michael Bartell Rusti Bartell-Weiss Beverly & Dr. Leonard Bernstein Terri Bignell Barbara Bloom Sharon & Jeffrey Briskin Deborah & Daniel Carnick Ginny & Arnold Clements Si Coleman Lynn & Bert Epsten Susan & Bernard Feldman Diane & Elliot Feuerstein Carol & Ron Fox Marcia & Leonard Fram Elaine Galinson and Herb Solomon Bobbie & Jon Gilbert Edward Goldberg Barbara Goldman & Howard Katz Carol & Mort Goodman Dr. Lawrence Gratt Merrill & Robert Haimsohn Stacy & Jonathan Halberg Alan Haubenstock Marcia Hazan

18 SUMMER 2016/5776

Tracy & Gary Hirschfeld Linda & Dr. Edward Janon Margaret & Jerald Katleman Karen & Dr. Warren Kessler Betty & Dr. Leonard Kornreich Sandra & Arthur Levinson Judy & Marshall Lewis Gail & Jim Malkus Meg & Jess Mandel Jackie & Charlie Mann Leslie Mark & Kenneth Gross Anabel & Theodore Mintz Anne Nagorner Haydee Ojeda-Fournier & Andy Lowy Dr. Ellen Potter & Dr. Ronald Evans Jeannie & Arthur Rivkin Arlene & Gerald Rosen Allan Rudick Dr. Jeffrey Sandler Ingrid Scharpf & Roger Acheatel Mary Ann & Dr. George Scher Gayle & Donald Slate Bill Snyder Deborah Szekely Maxine & Gerald Trimble Dr. Audrey Viterbi & Daniel Smargon Ann & Bennett Weinbaum MITZVAH Nancy & Dean Abelon Betty Amber Ronit & Tim Austgen Nan and Alan Barth Judith & Lawrence Belinsky Julie & Edgar Berner Joyce & Robert Blumberg Lisa Braun-Glazer & Jeff Glazer Betty Byrnes Stan Caplan Pamela and Edward Carnot Silvana & Richard Christy Dr. Lanny Cornell Amy Corton & Carlton Eibl Julie & Mitchell Dubick Lois & Martin Ehrlich Beatrice & Robert Epsten Susanna & Michael Flaster Lisa Foster & Alan Bersin Marcia & Matthew Gettinger Francine & Phillip Ginsburg Beverly* & Joseph Glickman Kay & Bill Gurtin Ellen & Herbert Hafter Jr. Diana Hahn Julie & Howard Haimsohn Henry Haimsohn Carolyn & Gary Jacobs Emily & Chris Jennewein Joy & Dr. Jeffrey Kirsch Dr. Lawrence Krause Lainie Lesser-Mark Heidi & Steven Levin Stefanie Levine & Michael Breslauer Susan & Denis Levy Theodora Lewis Hollis & Alan Litrownik Meryl Maneker & Peter Herman Margaret & Paul Meyer Steve Milgrom Evelyn Mishuck Susan & James Morris Christine Nievergelt & David Chait Nancy & Alan Nevin

Rebecca & Dr. Lawrence Newman Barbara Parker & Geoffrey Wahl Linda & Shearn Platt Cindy* & Lorne Polger Lois Richmond Barbara & Dr. Norman Rozansky Rae & Edward Samiljan Leslie Satz Cynthia & Wayne Schwartz Susan Shmalo Harriet & Dr. Alan Shumacher Elizabeth & Mitchell Siegler Susan & Richard Ulevitch Diane & Bennett Voit Jamie & Kevin Wechter Myla Wingard & Louis Rosen Caryl Witte Bebe & Marvin Zigman DOR L DOR SOCIETY Anonymous (3) Nancy & Dean Abelon Janet and Larry Acheatel Ingrid H. Scharpf, MD and Roger Achaetel Loretta Adams Grayton Allen* Betty Amber David Bark Stanley Beck* Leslie Belden Rabbis Michael & Aliza Berk Jack Berkman Julie & Edgar Berner Beth Bernstein-Tabor and Ron Tabor Robert Berton Barbara Bloom Deanne & Leonard Bloom Joyce and Robert Blumberg Jenny & Andrew Bratt Merle & Mitchell Brodie Sophie* and Arthur* Brody Hattie Brooks* Betty Byrnes & Dr. Donald* Byrnes Kim Carnot and Traci Carpenter, Emma and Harley Carpenter Lynette & Sherwin Chasen Amy Corton & Carlton Eib Susan and Damon Couch Clive David* Deborah DeBow and Herb Weissman Stacey and Jeff Eaton Phyllis and Dan Epstein Diane and Elliott Feuerstein Sigrid* & Jack* Fischer Judith & Tom Fisher April and Matthew Fink Nadine and Philip* Finkel Susanna & Michael Flaster Pauline Foster Carol & Ron Fox Davis B. Fox Marcia & Leonard Fram Elaine Galinson and Herbert Solomon Heidi Gantwerk and Andy Mayer Bobbie and Jon Gilbert Francine & Phil Ginsburg Lee & Frank Goldberg Family Linda & Jerry Goldberg The Estate of Jean & Herman Gordon* Charlotte Haas Trust* Ellen & Herbert Hafter Jr. Barbara* & Alan Haubenstock Barbara & Gordon Haworth

Jimmy H. Heimann Tracy & Gary Hirschfeld Debbie Horwitz & Paul Nierman Emily & Chris Jennewein Ellen and Adam Kahn Marjory Kaplan Margaret & Jerald Katleman The Klitzner Family Fern* & Allan Kohn Jill and Martin Koller Sallye* & Lawrence Krause Ava & Michael Kurnow Lainie Lesser-Mark Terri Levenson Liz Levine & Andrew Resnick Sandra & Arthur Levinson Leona & Dr. Jerome Levy Theodora Lewis Marsha & Herbert Lubick Gail & Jim Malkus Meg & Jess Mandel Meryl Maneker & Peter Herman Julianne & Greg Markow Mary Marshall and Steve Gould Lynn and Michael Maskin Lisa Massry-Neichin & Barry Neichin Jessica and Michael Middleton Lesley Mills Elaine Moser Ann Levenstein Mound Nancy & Alan Nevin Ronald J. Newell Rebecca & Dr. Lawrence Newman Anna Newton & Steven Guthauser Haydee Ojeda-Fournier and Andy Lowy Sima & Joseph Oppenheimer Renee & Joseph O’Rourke Linda & Shearn Platt Cynthia* & Lorne Polger Vivian Rich Rae & Ed Samiljan Ann and Michael Rosenblatt Barbara and Dr. Norman Rozansky Marjorie & Sanford Schane Ingrid H. Scharpf, MD & Roger J. Acheatel, MD Mary Ann & George Scher Brenda and Ben Schneider Laura Schumacher Judi & Robert Schwartz May Sebel Sydney and Rick Serwin The Shapiro Family Elizabeth & Mitchell Siegler Karen Foster Silberman & Jeffrey Silberman Bev & Howard Silldorf Anne & Ronald Simon Debra & Robert Skomer Gayle & Donald Slate Penny & Sidney* Spector Celia Tingley Susan & Richard Ulevitch Diane & Buddy Voit Jamie & Kevin Wechter Cathy & John Weil Arlene & Fred Weitzen, Jr. Cynthia & Sydney Wexler Elaine Simon Wilson Marcia and Don Wolochow

congrats AND THANK YOU for many significant

contributions to the community and to Beth Israel.

robin layton is the San Diego Business Journal’s 2016 Most Admired CEO in education. The award honors her determination and insight that has yielded huge successes for San Diego’s must vulnerable children and families. For 31 years as president and CEO of Educational Enrichment Systems, Robin has grown the nonprofit into one of San Diego County’s most respected providers of quality early care and education services.

rabbi cantor arlene bernstein

Rabbi Cantor Arlene Bernstein will be honored June 8 and 15 as a Woman of Valor. She is one of the six inspiring Jewish women of 2016 along with former U.S. Rep Lynn Shenk and Prime Minister Golda Meir! The Festival tells the story of her life, challenges and accomplishments with a moving tribute through music, poetry and imagery.

ed and rae samiljan, two of the founding

members of Camp Mountain Chai, were honored at the Camp Mountain Chai’s 10th Anniversary Gala. The inspiration, dedication and financial support of Ed and Rae have made a dream a reality as Camp Mountain Chai has established itself as one of the premier overnight Jewish Summer Camp experiences in the nation.

dr. jeffrey kirsch was inducted into the KPBS

Hall of Fame as the Lifetime Achievement honoree for 2016. Jeffrey joined KPBS in 1974 and was the Executive Director of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center for 30 years. KPBS Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the station through their work, philanthropy and leadership. Making science relevant and meaningful to all audiences is Dr. Kirsch’s legacy.

shabbat morning minyan Volunteers of the year

The Shabbat morning Minyan, which is 25 years old, was honored as Volunteer of the Year for 2016. From the beginning, lay people were engaged in presenting Divrei Torah (Torah commentaries) and acting as hosts. In 1992, leadership of the Minyan shifted entirely to congregants, and the Minyan became the highly participatory service it is today. Volunteers lead the service, read from the Torah and deliver divrei Torah. Minyan volunteers, coordinators and participants keep the Minyan warm, welcoming and vibrant.

chris jennewein’s

Times of San Diego, was named a 2016 California Small Business of the Year on May 25. covers the essential news in San Diego County online for an audience of Millennials and Gen-Xers. Chris launched in 2014, and it already reaches 200,000 readers a month.

joseph glickman, elaine galinson and laura galinson are Hillel of

San Diego’s 2016 honorees and Glickman made the $5 million lead gift in Hillel’s campaign to build the Beverly & Joseph Glickman Hillel Center near UCSD. Their visionary leadership and generous philanthropy have advanced many Jewish, civic and arts organizations.

marty stern

was honored as Volunteer of the Year at the Annual Meeting in May for his tireless efforts on behalf of Caring Community since 2013. He also serves on the Men’s Club Board and the Adult Learners Committee. He is a regular at Friday night services, Shabbat Torah Study, and the Shabbat morning Minyan. Beth Israel thanks Marty Stern for his devotion to the congregation and his tireless efforts on behalf of Caring Community.

helene kruger

celebrated her 100th birthday on March 30th. Helene has been very active in many organizations, including the La Jolla Music Society and The American Jewish Committee. She keeps up with current events and is close to her family and friends. She is the widow of the late Theodore (Ted) Kruger, who passed away many years ago.

noa eaton

was awarded the 2015 Peter Chortek Leadership Award, given to high school students who inspire others through a volunteer service project. Noa is a head intern for Casas de Luz, a Tijuana nonprofit that raises funds and builds homes for families in need . Noa’s strong Jewish values drive her passion to help and support the community.

*of blessed memory

SUMMER 2016/5776 19


Contribution by: Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs, Kimberly Carnot and Traci Carpenter, Pamela and Edward Carnot, Susan and Bernard Feldman, Marcia and Leonard Fram, Helane and Jan Fronek, Stephanie and Michael Heinzman, Jan and Irv Kass, Barbara and Sheldon Krueger, Robin and Joth Layton, Heidi and Steve Levin, Jeanette and David Osias, Shira Robbins, The Rowling Family Charitable Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation In appreciation: Of Rabbi Bernstein, Rabbi Berk, Bonnie Graff, Liz Levine and Lesley Mills for their extra and caring efforts by Al Kohn In memory of: Joseph Behar by Melissa and Victor Behar Mary Farb by Melissa and Victor Behar

Sally Kronovet by Jerry Kronovet Marion Meyer by Marilyn and Robert Filderman Belle Miller by Joanie and Ken Weiss Linda Glaser Pomplun by Edwin Pomplun Minnie Rothman by the family of Burton Blackman David Temple by Renee O’Rourke Milton Weiss by Joanie and Ken Weiss


In appreciation: Of Rabbi Bernstein’s support, hospital visits, blessings, and kind words by the Couch family Of Rabbi Bernstein for her kindness and hospitality by Shelley and Barry Lomove Of Rabbi Bernstein by Roger Stern Of Rabbi Bernstein for making Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah so special by Rachel Shein and Steven Pilarski

“The Couch family would like to thank the Beth Israel community for their support, blessings and outreach during the past year”. With gratitude and appreciation, Damon, Susan, Morgan and Bradley Couch RABBI BERK’S FUND

In appreciation: Of Rabbi Berk for the service in memory of Marlene Bennett by Allan Bennett and family Of Rabbi Berk’s guidance, support, blessings and kind words by the Couch family Of Rabbi Berk by Marilyn and Robert Filderman Of Rabbi Berk for making Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah so special by Rachel Shein and Steve Pilarski and family In honor of: The Bris for Jonah Agler by Stuart Rubenstein Mason Friedman by Yvonne and Todd Friedman New grandson Mason Friedman by Rochelle Friedman Barbara Lanci-Greenblatt’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Diane and Buddy Voit The Bris for Michael Kalinichenko by Stuart Rubenstein In memory of: Salvador Joshua Azicri by Margarita Brill and family Marlene Bennett by Allan Bennett Debra Berton by Robert Berton Pauline Blackman by Mary and Burton Blackman Ruth Epstein by Phyllis and Daniel Epstein Irwin Filderman by Marilyn and Robert Filderman Irvin Franks by Penny Spector Gertrude Kronovet by Jerry Kronovet 20 SUMMER 2016/5776

Of the unveiling service for our mother Elaine Shulman by the Marks and Zweig families In honor of: Mae Bernstein’s birthday by Eileen Wingard Cory Brigg’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Diane and Buddy Voit Carol Fox’s birthday by Barbara Appel Renee Lande-O’Malley’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Diane and Buddy Voit Susan Levin’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Barbara Appel Marge Schane’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Janet and John Perlman The Bris for Joshua Valji by Stuart Rubenstein Joshua David Valji’s birth by the Matthew and Diana Valji Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation In memory of: Goldina Almus by Fanny Almus-Jacobs Cecyle Beitscher by Kathy and Isaac Hirschbein Edna Briggs by Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs Eleanor Cooper by Dale and Jerry Spector Inge Dor by the Susan Morris Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Cathy Engel by Thomas Engel John David Goodman by Judy Goodman Laura Deroy by Marge Stein Victoria Gold by Andrea and Russ Gold Violet Ilko by C. Marie and Robert Ilko Meyer Kohn by Al Kohn Rose Kohn by Al Kohn

We acknowledge these contributions, processed through April 30, with appreciation. To make a contribution email, or call Liz Martin at 858 535-1111. Hazel Levenson by Terri Levenson Maurice Levenson by Terri Levenson Jack Meyer by Alicia and Elias Moya David Overback by Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs Max Portugal by Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs Sam Portugal by Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs Fanny Roberts by Charles Noodelman Elisabeth Rubin by Martha Starr Mildred Schwartz by Stanley Schwartz Belle Sedloff by Janice and Michael Sedloff Louis Spector by Penny Spector Alfred Wohl by the Wahl family


In memory of: Sandra Landrum by Gerald Bongard Earl Richmond by Lois Richmond and family Clara Smith by Lois Richmond and family Clarice Turner by Hermeen Scharaga Samuel Wiener by Hermeen Scharaga


In honor of: Susan Levin’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Leslie and Melvyn Nadler Jenna Scarafone and Garrett Ashman by Garrett Lees In memory of: Jake Abbit by Ernest Abbit Thornton Boyce by Marlene and David Nourok Rose Bronstein by Terri Bignell Jessie Deutsch by Simma and Paul Nemeth Dorothy Dimond by Mickey Stern James Edgar by C. Marie and Robert Ilko Aileen Eisenstatt by Linda Luttbeg Leo Eisenstatt by Linda Luttbeg Cecil D. Elfenbein by Judith Leitner Bernard Fagan by Jackie Fagan Rudolph Gans by Donna and Robert Gans Diane Gillick by Suzan and Gad Shaanan Jean Goldberg by Suzi and Bernie Feldman Charles Gordon by Rita and Harold Block Herbert L. Gordon by the Herbert J. Solomon Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Lillian Gottlieb by Bernard Gottlieb Rose Gottlieb by Bernard Gottlieb Elizabeth Horowitz by Merrill Jacobson Alex Ilko by C. Marie and Robert Ilko Ruth Jacobowitz by Lisa Braun Glazer and Jeff Glazer Beverly Koenigsberg by Alan Koenigsberg David Morrison Korn by Sharon and Peter Korn Harvey Robert Levine by Judith Levine, Harvey X. Levine, and Hayden Mass Danna Levy by Linda and Louis Levy Louis Levy Sr. by Linda and Louis Levy Sol Lipsky by Rita and Harold Block Renee Mayer by Heidi Gantwerk and Andy Mayer

Craig Mills by Beth Israel staff and colleagues, and Emily and Chris Jennewein Ann Mintz by Anabel and Ted Mintz Sam Moskowitz by Shirley and Sylvia Gilbert Joel Nagorner by Suzi and Bernie Feldman Samuel Podrup by Karen and Jonathan Horn Louis Press by Thelma Press Sandy Ratner by Pauline Foster Minna Rowelsky by Susan Morris Luis Salomon by Brigitte and Jerry Salomon Murray Sarfin by Joan and Roy Rosenwald Edward Satz by Leslie Satz Lilyan Satz by Leslie Satz Betty Sholl by Sam Kleinman Donald Silldorf by Beverly and Howard Silldorf Robert L. Smith by Arlette and Greg Smith Ben Snyder by his daughters Sara Stern by Marilyn and Melvin Stern Irving Suknow by Lynn and Dick Gordon Beatrice Taffel by Sheree and Mayo Stiegler Joseph Taffel by Sheree and Mayo Stiegler Sean Wander by Terri Bignell Sidney Winicki by Suzi and Bernie Feldman Emanuel Yavner by Joyce and Robert Blumberg

BETH ISRAEL CAR PROGRAM Contribution by: Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler


In appreciation: Of Ava Kurnow, Gilad Hoffman and all Beth Israel Religious School students and families for their continued support, blessings, gifts, photos, and philanthropy dedications by the Couch family In memory of: Arnold Belinsky by Anne, Matthew, and Evan Nagorner Shirley Harris by Barbara and Jeffrey Gordon Ruth Jacobowitz by Anne, Matthew, and Evan Nagorner Rosalie Pomerantz by Lee and Frank Goldberg Linda Glaser Pomplun by Betty Glaser


Contribution by: Alisa Einwohner Howard Yeh In honor of: Happy 40th anniversary to Helene and Allan Ziman by Shirley Mantel Friedman In memory of: Linda Glaser Pomplun by Linda Katzman and Dennis Glaser Norman Rubin by Toby Rubin


Contribution by: Nancy and Dean Abelon In appreciation: In gratitude to Helene Schlafman, Bonnie Graff, Lisa Kalal, Rabbi Berk, and Rabbi Bernstein for your teaching, dedication, and support of the 5776 Adult B’nai Mitzvah class by Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs


In honor of: Mazel Tov to the Adult B’nai Mitzvah class by Bonnie and Barry Graff Seekey Cacciatore and Cory Briggs’ Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Anita Hosenpud Fran Ginsburg’s birthday by Bonnie and Barry Graff Bonnie Graff becoming Program Director Emerita by Al Kohn Jane Lazerow’s and Elissa Shuchter’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Al Kohn


In honor of: The B’nai Mitzvah of Lily and Jacob Rozansky by Naomi and Larry Rivkin In memory of: Hymie Gros by Sara Gros-Cloren Paul Merel by Cantor Sheldon and Marcie Merel


Contribution by: Nancy and Dean Abelon, David Bark, Rabbis Aliza and Michael Berk, Rabbi/ Cantor Arlene Bernstein, Joyce and Robert Blumberg, Jenny and Andrew Bratt, Kim Carnot and Traci Carpenter, Emma & Harley Carpenter, April and Mathew Fink, Cynthia and Howard Fram, Linda and Jerry Goldberg, Ellen and Peter Gordon, Gloria and Jay Harris, Tracy and Gary Hirschfeld, Emily and Chris Jennewein, Staci Tiras-Jones and Dan Jones, Ava and Michael Kurnow, Meg and Jess Mandel, Meryl Maneker and Peter Herman, Julianne and Greg Markow, Heather McCracken-Cohen and Ron Cohen, Lesley Mills, Becky and Larry Newman, Haydee Ojeda-Furnier and Andrew Lowy, Marcie Sinclair and Andy Ratner, Marge and Sandord Schane, Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler In appreciation: Of Rabbi Berk’s kindness by Melvin Goldzband Of Liz Levine’s caring and kindness with Shabbat caring casseroles, inspiration, and outreach that Beth Israel is always there for us by the Couch family In honor of: Leslie Simon by the Polger Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Marty Stern, Volunteer of the Year, by Al Kohn, and Liz Levine and Andrew Resnick In memory of: Adeline Burton by Lucy and Jerry Kramer William Dockser by Barbara and Sheldon Krueger Marilyn Goldzband by Melvin Goldzband Lottie Goodman by Stefanie Schiff and Joel Smith Doris Grasshoff by Leslie Simon, Adrienne and Portia Harley Henning by Al Kohn Ruth Jacobowitz by Leslye and Scott Lyons Herman Kramer by Lucy and Jerry Kramer Sadie Kramer by Lucy and Jerry Kramer

Cindy Polger by the Lisa Braun-Glazer Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, the Daniel J. Epstein Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, Amy Letourneau, the Jackie and Charlie Mann Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, David Snyder, John Tishler, and the Walker & Dunlop La Jolla office Albert Stern by Martin Stern Phyllis Siegel by Barbara and Irvin Gellman Beverly Zoloto by Martha and Richard Lyles Lee Zoloto by Martha and Richard Lyles

Have a vehicle taking up space in your driveway?


Contribution by: Deborah and Isaac Bejar Pamela Bosworth The Foster Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation The Men’s Club Renee and Joseph O’Rourke Sylvia Wechter In appreciation: Of Ron Newell’s dedication to the Hunger Project by Al Kohn Of Janie Smith’s and Marty Lederer’s dedication to the Hunger Project by Al Kohn In honor of: Happy birthday to Phil Elkus by Annette and Fred Schriber and family Happy birthday to Brenda Jacobs by Carole and Howard Robin The B’nai Mitzvah of Jacob and Joshua Shuman by Tracy and Gary Hirschfeld In memory of: Clifford Acheatel by Ingrid Scharpf and Roger Acheatel Sydell Acheatel by Ingrid Scharpf and Roger Acheatel Gustav Axelrod by Andrew Ries Rose Bachrach by Eileen Bachrach Sarah Bacow by Gail Zides Vernon Bayle by Joan and Leon Kutner Arnold Belinsky by Beverly and Leonard Bernstein Sigmund Blumenfeld by Susan and Jerry Pollock Max Bern by Brenda and Arthur Bern Mildred Borden by Betty Garrity Gertrude Bridge by Phyllis and Stan Minick Max Brody by Marla and Gordon Gerson Jenny Cantor by Irene Borevitz Stephanie Christy by Silvana and Richard Christy Daisy Cohen by the Cohen and Corrigan families Mauricio Cohen by the Cohen and Corrigan families Sami Cohen by the Cohen and Corrigan families Sam Cook by Janet, Terry, Alex, and Mara Cook Clive David by Ronald Newell David Dubinsky by Maxine and Jerry Trimble Rose Durbin by Hal Meltzer Amy Dworkin by Jill Reich and Howard Dworkin Bernice Felsenthal by Brenda and Arthur Bern David Felzer by Celia Felzer William Friedman by Jean Friedman Jack Gard by Julie and George Bronstein Gladys Garelick by Ken Garelick Joel Gerber by Marsha and Jerry Krasny Anna Goldstein by Suzanne and

Donate it to Beth Israel! • Avoid the hassle of selling a car • No need to pay repair bills • Free up space in your garage • 100% tax deductible • Do a mitzvah • We do the work • Same day pickups!

855-500-7433 Marc Pollack Abraham Golokow by Gail Wurtz John Goodman by Joani and Steve Gross Rachel Greenberg by Martin Greenberg Samuel Greenberg by Martin Greenberg Hymie Gros by Sara Gros-Cloren Gail Gross by Susan and Ed Weiner Elaine Gutstadt by Jan and Irving Kass Eleanor Hasson by Carol Hasson Edith Heinzman by Stephanie and Michael Heinzman Gussie Herman by Ronald Newell Marion Howe by Joyce and Jim Spievak Ruth Jacobowitz by Barbara Bloom Gilmore Kahnweiler by Susan and Jerry Pollock Jacob Kahnweiler by Susan and Jerry Pollock Ann Kamel by the Hersh family Max Kamel by the Hersh family Tobias Karel by Joan and Victor Kramer Harry Kass by Jan and Irving Kass Ruby Kraft by Joyce and Jim Spievak Belle Kluger by Ruth and James Harris Raymond Lesser by Lainie Lesser-Mark David Meltzer by Renee and Joseph O’Rourke Morris Nagel by Henrietta Farber Nathan Newell by Ronald Newell Audrey Newman by Margy Newman Sibley Newman by Margy Newman William Newman by Margy Newman Patsy Nourok by Marlene and David Nourok Casra Pollack by Marc Pollack Norman Radin by Harriet Radin Nadia Reznik by Vivian Reznik Ann Rivers by Eileen Bachrach

David Roller by Linda and Larry Okmin and family Harry Roller by Linda and Larry Okmin and family Sylvia Roller by Linda and Larry Okmin and family Sylvia Schenker by Gordon Gerson Max Schneider by Linda and Ed Janon Sylvia Latto Schneider by Linda and Ed Janon Sylvia Simms by Henrietta Farber Theodore Simons by Jane and Sydney Shore Louis Sperling by Anthony Summers Jack Springer by Bev and Alan Springer Sally Summers by Anthony Summers Elias Alan Temple by Renee and Joseph O’Rourke Sean Wander by Beverly and Leonard Bernstein William Stephen Weiss by Judith Weiss Bertha Wohl by the Wahl family Irma Wolovsky by Ruth and James Harris


Contribution by: Marina Baroff and Robert Kaplan, Jennifer and Bruce Hirsch, Steven Horowitz, Anita Hosenpud, Linda and Ed Janon, Cecile Jordan, Marge and Jerry Katleman, Miriam Kastner, Sarah Karp, Edythe Kenton, Sandra and Dan Kindred, Edith Kodmur, Al Kohn, Robert Kolkey, Jill and Martin Koller, Betty and Leonard Kornreich, Lucy and Jerry Kramer, Martha and Jerry Krasne, Marcia and Jerry Krasny, Ava and Michael Kurnow, Joan and Leon Kutner, Geri and Donald Shaevel

SUMMER 2016/5776 21


In honor of: The baby naming for Emilie Juliette Amsili by Cheryl and Al Ray In memory of: John Marshall by Mary Marshall and Steve Gould


In memory of: Leonard G. Nierman by Deborah Horwitz and Paul Nierman


In appreciation: Of B’lishem Chavurah’s support and love given to me during my bereavement by Al Kohn Of Randy Savarese’s Passover hospitality by Al Kohn In honor of: Seekey Cacciatore’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Diane and Buddy Voit In memory of: Mindy Bornstein by Sandra and Larry Bornstein Robert Gaston by Billie Green and family Freda Sandweiss by Nancy and Don Sandweiss Morris Stein by Nancy and Don Sandweiss Ernst Wellisch by Edith Koppel


In appreciation: Of Maxine and Glenn Farber’s kind hospitality, and serving as coordinator for B’lishem Chavurah by Al Kohn


In memory of: Ben Alexander by Norma and Al Alexander Stephen Berkowitz by Jorrie Miller and Jay Berkowitz Cindy Polger by the Erman family and the Herman family


Contribution by: Nancy and Dean Abelon, Erica and Michael Berent, Jane Best, Nancy and Jay Handwerger, The Steve and Audrey Levine Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation, Rich Weinroth, Louise Winheld In appreciation: Of Janice Alper’s dedication to the minyan service, and Jewish education by Al Kohn Of the clergy and the participants at the weekly Torah Study by Al Kohn Of Leslie Mark’s enriching piano music 22 SUMMER 2016/5776

during the minyan services by Al Kohn Of Minyan service coordinators Elissa Shuchter, Howard Hian, and Gordon Glenn by Al Kohn In honor of: In celebration of the Adult B’not Mitzvah of Jane Lazerow, Marge Schane, and Elissa Shuchter by David Wertlieb The Minyan Service for the Volunteer of the Year award by Al Kohn Giving my first D’var Torah by Leslie Satz Elissa Shuchter and Stan Fader’s new home by Al Kohn Elissa Shuchter’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Chavurah Mitzvah, Leslie and Charles Levine, and Diane and Buddy Voit Martin Stern’s D’var Torah by Esther and Richard Rosenberg In memory of: Sharon Alper by Janice Alper Hyman Avidon by Sidney Green Lynne Barbara Binder by Janice Alper Joseph Feinstein by Jean Feinstein James Goding by Jane and Bert Lazerow Rose Goding by Jane and Bert Lazerow Marion Howe by Joyce and Jim Spievak Ruby Kraft by Joyce and Jim Spievak Lena Krause by Lawrence Krause Jessie Krueger by Bobbi and Sheldon Krueger Jeff Loeb by Jean Feinstein Joseph Loeb by Jean Feinstein Karola Loeb by Jean Feinstein Gladys Modell by Harvey Helsel Bob Wolfson by Janice Alper, and Esther and Richard Rosenberg Wassey Zbikowski by Nancy and Dean Abelon


Contribution by: George Bronstein In memory of: Eli Amiel by Nancy and David Amiel

MEN’S CLUB YOM HASHOAH FUND Contribution by: The Men’s Club of Beth Israel of San Diego wishes to thank the many families and individuals who donated to this year’s Yom HaShoah candle project. The funds generated from this program will be used in the coming year to help finance many different programs supported by the Men’s Club. In past years these funds subsidized the Temple youth trip to Washington DC, The Shevet Achim program for teen boys and other worthwhile programs including activities related to Holocaust remembrance. Thank you again for your on-going generosity. In appreciation: Thank you to Clone Duplicating and Printing in Del Mar for the generous contribution of printing the Yom HaShoah letters In honor of: President Jay Harris for his leadership by Al Kohn In memory of: Donna Wise Binns by Jean Feinstein and Joan and Arnold Gass


Contribution by: Elaine Wilson In honor of: Joanne and Ken Gimbel’s new granddaughter, Maya Esther, by Joani and Steve Gross Joani and Steve Gross’s new granddaughter by Joanne and Ken Gimbel In memory of: Inez Amiel by Nancy and David Amiel


In honor of: Marsha Lubick by Stacey Clark Ohara


In memory of: Lottie Goodman by Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler Craig Mills by Elizabeth and Mitch Siegler

ESTELLE LEVI CAMPERSHIP FUND In memory of: Norman Levi by Nonie and Robert Levi

LIVINGSTON RELIGIOUS SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND In memory of: Helen Schulman by Richard Schulman

SHEARN AND LINDA PLATT YOUTH TO ISRAEL FUND Contribution by: Marcia and Leonard Fram In honor of: Wishes for a quick recovery for Shearn Platt by Beverly and Leonard Bernstein In memory of: Josef Usatin by Netanya and Karl Cranford


In honor of: Louis Galper becoming a grandfather by Helena Galper


In memory of: Susie Greenberg by Kadima Chavurah Emma Levinson by Jeanne Gill and family

LOUIS AND LEE TEMKIN HUNGER PROJECT FUND In memory of: David Leeds by Barbara and Norman Rozansky and family Paul Leeds by Barbara and Norman Rozansky and family Mort Luster by Barbara and Norman Rozansky



DIANA FISCHER MEMORIAL FUND In memory of: Samuel Fischer by Carol and Morton Goodman


Contribution by: Lawrence Sadick In honor of: Marsha Lubick’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Edythe Kenton In memory of: Ben Hayden by Anne Bleier, and Edythe Kenton Bill Hayden by Anne Bleier, and Edythe Kenton William Kenton by Anne Bleier, and Edythe Kenton Daniel Kleinberg by Anne Bleier, and Edythe Kenton Abe Levin by Anne Bleier, and Edythe Kenton

Give your family peace of mind. Beth Israel is here to help you.

Beth Israel’s Cemetery & Mausoleum Association provides Jewish burial space to the community. For more information, without obligation, call Stuart Simmons at 619 871-4160. Mount of Olives Memorial Lawns at El Camino Memorial Park


Home of Peace Corridors at Cypress View Mausoleum

Contact Mendy Strebe, Facilities Director, at (858) 900-2572, or


In honor of: Lexie Kobey’s 10th grade Confirmation by Charlotte Kobey Marsha Lubick’s Adult B’nai Mitzvah by Rita and David Priver

JACOB NOVAK MEMORIAL FUND In memory of: Jack Shumacher by Harriet and Alan Shumacher


In appreciation: Of Rachel Dean, Garrett Layton, Jonathan Mandel, Andrew Moehringer, and Rachel Zimmerman by Helene Schlafman Of Helene Schlafman for her support, blessings, caring, inspiration and all good things that she does every day for our children by the Couch family In honor of: The Adult B’nai Mitzvah students by Helene Schlafman Mazal Tov to the Confirmation class of 2016 by Helene Schlafman Get well wishes to Carol Levy by Helene and David Schlafman Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Jerry Kaner by Helene and David Schlafman Wishing Adam Pappelbaum a full and complete recovery by Helene and David Schlafman Michael Zeldin by Helene and David Schlafman In memory of: Joseph Kleiman by Helene and David Schlafman

may their memory be for a blessing

Remember your loved ones on the Memorial Wall or a Memorial Bench. Order online at or call Susan Hutchinson at 858.900.2522

SUMMER 2016/5776 23

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