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PO ET works by b.c.f.


READ MY BLOOD Color of passion and desire Feeling from a blazing fire Rose of red with velvet petals Color races through my veins Cells of white and red Landed from wrist to bed

In a sudden rage and fallen I find the red of my tongue calling Placing red in my hair ON MY PAPER WITH MY BLOOD

If you look closely at the dabbing A message can appear of passion, rage and fire That becomes crystal clear A feeling of torture, pain and suicide Can be read in this scripture Through my empty eyes



Dancing Fairies in sight With Pan they take flight Cradled by clouds of Miracles Delight

Strong as Chiseled paper But his heart is wilting Before these eyes that did not see Remorse

THE EARLY MORNING ROUTINE Across the room I run Towards the window the suns begun Through the glass of fog and dew A path of dirt and pine Leading away to my imagination Butterflies emerge from the praire Beyond my vision

Turn my head towards my attractive bed A rectangular tin that barely fits in my hand Where a secret is always held Opened with a bit of strength Beneath the covers of pink and ruffle Beams of light shoot out A darkness Sunlight to crystals A secret hiding I love to trap the light inside On my hands and knees I crawl and stumble For myself to enjoy Check around to make sure I am alone Past of color

A present of imaginary loss These images so vivid in my mind But somehow left behind Hiding precious things Not allowed for me to enjoy I think I was dreaming and now awake In a world of adult reality

a sea of colors swallowed her whole She thought reality was a fairy tale So she painted, sketched and sculpted Her imagination I only wanted to wake her up Although I placed my depression over her head For years I shut her down, But she was swallowed by a sea of colors when she was born Her calling was in the world of imagination A world of concentration Made her sweet, shy and insane, But I don’t blame myself Her father made it hard All I could do was give her watercolors A piece of paper Then she would create my dream prevention I thought she would be better off Her grades soon suffered Her happiness failed A sea of colors swallowed her whole drowning Drifting far from home and school Painting against the rules Building her reality Not receiving her request She pulled herself out Drenched in oils of blues and reds Poor child could not keep up her head i cannot I feel the pressure Pressure. PRESSURE! Understanding a world of art? A world without my imagery? Would not be my pleasure use of color Expresses my emotions One’s my words cannot Why didn’t you allow me? Allow me to move in my direction Direction towards the canvas With a pallette of primary colors you pushed me away from the brush Towards math, science and computers That was when I fell Into these dark surroundings here take my hand I allow you to be swallowed by “Your sea of colors.” Your only happiness So sorry for blocking your creativity Now your soul can rise Through the tip of your brush You will create my dreams


Years and tears have passed Whilst myself collapsed On creaking bed with dependency Of secret malevolence Break Out Stop to SHOUT

IT’S BEEN A WHILE... Through tunnels never ending So strong they are whilst bending Inside I’ve lost “it” “It” was never there Now just to sit at the end and stare Awaken today and tomorrow is declared It’s been a while since I’ve shared.


In the town of Floppy Down Little Billy lost his crown King of children all around In the town of Floppy Down.

In the town of Floppy Down Flowed water of cream chocolate, strawberry In the green-yellow paint Billy ran merrily In the town of Floppy Down.

POSEIDON’S SEA Where did he go? Lost amongst the sea What ocean does claim him? Where can he find me?

Poseidon the king of saltwater Rides upon his seahorse I dare not shudder In my master’s face But question of Aphrodite My mothers race Where did he go? Tumbling in the sea Wasted by the wines of water Placed within my pleas “Let me have my brother! Lost amongst your sea.”

The great Poseidon raised his staff Pointing it at me “Athena, on your behalf, I set your brother free.”


Life is Disasterous A long-term process of Loneliness and pain beyond my Vision


Affect Me with danger And passionate fire Crossing your terms with a woven Wire


Ambiguous thoughts raced through my head Thoughts of power, of strength Thoughts of a peaceful slumber in bed Then rest within this sepulcher Here it comes, that knock Stalling for a night so plain Upon this driftwood door Casted out in the rain Like a baby in a cradle, I found a stain I rock In my sepulcher

On the satin coated walls Cool air froze my skin My eyes sealed Body grew stiff More comfortable than before Resting within this sepulcher



Clouds roll in of grey On top of purple sky Lightning across Sound of thunder My ear drums flare Drip, Drip, Drip The sound of music Standing beneath the atmosphere A mist of rain tickling my face A mouth full of drops A body drenched Drunk with desire Walking on wire Shriveled fingertips Clouds breaking up The sun peals through An ambiguous shower I, romping in rain puddles Evaporation did play I romped away

In the dark I feel alone Like a muscle turned to stone Within myself I do dwell Like a king on his throne


On the outside there is no shell Thriving in a frigid hell With a man I know to hate Because of the past I know so well Time to create a whole new slate With dreams that I can articulate Or this could backfire And I will need more than fate My heart seems to expire When calling him a liar Then stumbling through my fire Upon the tightest wire

Š 2014 Beth Carmela Fried


Poetry by BCF  

Poetry from my past and present in a small package of large titles, personal images and delightful words.

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