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August 2011

I’ll Have Chocolate, Please!

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Sunday Services 9:00 am – Traditional 10:30 am – Contemporary 6:00 pm – Contemporary

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Sundays: 10:00–11:30 v Fellowship Hall Please join us in the Coffee Cup Cafe for treats, coffee and conversation! We would love to meet you!

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I will admit, I’m a chocoholic. I have a hard time passing up anything chocolate. And the more chocolate the better. Brownies are good, but brownies with chocolate chips inside, that’s the way to go. I’ll even try to add chocolate to anything that’s not – like bananas, not my favorite fruit, go down much easier covered in chocolate. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and chocolate topping – I’m salivating. But I know a girl who doesn’t like chocolate at all. What? Inconceivable! But it’s true, she really doesn’t like chocolate. She’ll pass on dessert if it’s chocolate. She prefers vanilla. I was recently reading in 1 Chronicles that King David, although he couldn’t build the Temple to God himself, pre-arranged a lot of it. And one thing he did in particular caught my attention: he called for 4,000 musicians to provide praise to God through instruments and singing. Wow, that’s serious musicaI worship! David knew music. He was a skilled musician who had been chosen to play for the previous king — quite the honor. And it was King David who wrote many of the Psalms — a mixture of poetry and music. Seems as though he was passionate about music and passionate about God and the two mixed quite well. If you’re like me, and I know I am, I’m passionate about God and passionate about music too. I enjoy a wide variety of music — to be quite honest, pretty much an ABC guy. (ABC = Anything But Country). I prefer a certain style, though. Unfortunately sometimes our preferences in music cause us to lose sight of the unity that should be found within the Body of believers. Music within the western Church has quite a colorful history. It’s been the cause of many divisions and church splits. Over the centuries, the pendulum has swung from no instruments and no congregational singing to full bands and everyone sings, and everywhere in-between. “Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; Praise Him in His mighty firmament! Praise Him for His mighty acts; praise Him according to His excellent greatness! Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; praise Him with the lute and harp! Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes! Praise Him with loud cymbals; praise Him with clashing cymbals! Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!” (Psalm 150) This fall Bethesda embarks on a new venture, a new worship service in Walker Hall (See the article on Page 2.) The music will be newer, the band perhaps a bit louder, and the setting more casual. Chocolate or vanilla. That’s really all it’s about. A preference, a style, a means to the ultimate end: giving God glory. It’s not about you and your preferences or me and mine, it’s about engaging others in worshipping God. I’ve served on the staff of a couple different churches which had musical worship styles that I didn’t really get into. And it was frustrating for me at times. But it became easier when I moved my focus from myself and my preferences and back onto God and others. And I found other ways and other times to enjoy the musical worship style of my choice. So which do you prefer, chocolate or vanilla? I’ll have chocolate please, but I’m also happy that you like vanilla. So let’s enjoy them together, and maybe even share some with each other! Chad Shiffer Director of Youth Ministries

Sermons can be downloaded from our website at or purchased by calling the church office.

All Church Announcements

Worship in Walker Hall B

ack in January, Pastor Paul and a couple of the elders held a town-hall style meeting. Many things were discussed, but one item that seemed to be spoken of the most was a desire to see a new service started at Bethesda. The talks described this new service as one that would be geared towards a younger generation. This new service would be different than what we are currently offering — one that might be more comfortable for people who aren’t believers and one that might be easier for believers to bring their unsaved friends to. We also recognize that another worship style would be a great new option, and it could be helpful in fulfilling the C3 model that we have taken on. This new service would help us in all three areas of C3. This new service would help people answer the question, “Do I know Christ as my savior?” We are also hoping to launch a couple of new small groups out of this service that would also help people in their relationship with Christ and build community (Christ, Community, Cause).

New Bethesda Staff!

Hello faith community of Bethesda Lutheran Brethren Church. For those of you who do not know me, and for those who only know a little about me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Zachary Schroer, and I am married to Alissa Schroer (formerly Dittner). We do not have any children yet. But first allow me go back a little bit in my life story. 

What else is driving this desire for a new service? First, we really want this service to be different (music, involvement, segments, longer meet and greet, video, etc.) and it wouldn’t be fair to go and mess around with the two other services that people really enjoy. Second, since I have lived in Eau Claire, I have heard three statistics that also drive a desire for a new service.

Continued on Page 12 I grew up on the north side of Eau Claire in a Catholic Christian home. I went to Catholic schools through eighth grade and then went to North High and graduated from there in 2003. While in high school I felt God calling me to serve Him in a church body in full time ministry. I began looking into the priesthood, but was unable to commit to that life at the time. While seeking God’s will I began to expand my understanding of other Christian denominations and started going to an Assembly of God church. I also began attending UW-EC with a Religious Studies major and History minor. It was during my freshman year that God began to form the calling on my life as my heart and mind were being turned toward ministry somewhere in Africa. I went on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa for three weeks one summer and was guided by God more to serve Him in the future somewhere in the central Africa region. Through being involved with Navigators nondenominational Christian group on campus I met Alissa and was introduced to the Lutheran Brethren. We began to date, and through much prayer and discussion followed God’s leading to become members at Bethesda. We were both confirmed in our callings from God as Alissa too had received His direction, before we had even met each other, to go and serve Him in Africa. Upon becoming members at Bethesda, it seemed only right to attend Lutheran Brethren Seminary (LBS) in Fergus Falls, MN, to begin our training for church ministry and foreign mission. I began attending LBS in 2007 after I graduated from

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All Church Announcements

Check it out!

Stephen Ministry

How swiftly the summer days flow by! Pull into the harbor at Bethesda’s church library and enjoy some R & R as you tour through our collection. Below are a few highlights: • Grace Victorious: The Story of William Wilberforce (2 audio drama CDs) by Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold. From Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, hear the story of a man who learned that conviction comes with a very high price--but it’s a price worth paying to abolish slavery. (AD, GRA) Mission Possible (DVD). Join the Auto-B-Good community as they climb higher, persevere, and discover new abilities. Each story is wrapped up in brand-new music videos. (JF, AUT) • Sophie’s World (Book 1, Sophie Series) by Nancy Rue. A field trip sparks the imagination of future film director, Sophie LaCroix, leading her to use 18th century tactics to save a friend from humiliation by the popular girls. (YF, RUE)


about Bob?”


Praying Right Now “So we fasted and petitioned our God about this, and he answered our prayer” (Ezra 8:23). When was the last time someone really listened to you? We’re talking about that undistracted, full attention kind of listening. That’s one of the ways Stephen Ministers care for others. We are looking for Stephen Ministers to care for those who are making that long journey through the valley of a life crisis. Right now we are praying for the individuals God is calling to serve as caregivers. Please include this need in your prayers. God answers our prayers because he is faithful. For more information about Stephen Ministry, contact Paul & JoDea Green at (715)839-9468, Judy Draper at (715)831-0189, or Pastor Venberg at the church office, (715)835-5073. Will you consider serving in this way? Our Stephen Ministers will meet on August 1 & 22, for Supervision only


gather@theriver on

Bob couldn’t make it to church today because he didn’t have a ride to get here. Bob could be your friend, neighbor, or coworker. Yes, we have people interested in worshiping God and studying His Word at Bethesda but have no way to get here. Please help us help them by volunteering to give them a ride to church. If you can help, please call the church office and let them know that you could help. Then when some one needs a ride to church and they live near you and would like to go to the same service that you do, you could be called from time to time and possibly give them a lift to church if that time works out for you. You will surely be a blessing to others and you will be blessed as well. Thank you in advance for your continued willingness to help build His Kingdom in this way.

’s C




Rod Ruesch For the Deacons at Bethesda


28 at Owen Park 4pm–7:00pm

Food, fun and inflatables, followed by a worship service from 6–7pm!

Small Group Opportunities God Sightings Small Groups Each week (typically by Friday morning) we are posting discussion questions to our website to help groups discuss the text from the sermon. If you are leading a group that is discussing God Sightings, please contact Pastor Brian at, so we can include you when we have additional resources, support, and encouragement.

Women’s Studies Solid Rock Café

Monday Nights, 6:30–8:00 pm Rms. 311 & 313 (Bethesda) “A Heart like His: Seeking the Heart of God Through a Study of David” — We will begin this in-depth journey into the Scriptures to discover why King David was called “a man after God’s own heart”. This 11-week study begins Monday, August 8. Contact: Jane Louden, 715-835-6064 or

Solid Rock Café

Tuesday Nights, 5:15–6:45 pm Room 313 (Bethesda) We have begun another study in the “bad girls” series by Lizz Curtis Higgs, Slightly Bad Girls of the Bible. The book can be ordered from the Family Christian Store or on-line at Amazon. com. Contact: Sue Henneman, 715-552-1378 or; Pat Murphy, 715839-1219 or

Moms Study

Tuesday Nights, 5:45 pm–8:00 pm Bethesda Library Meeting Tuesday evenings throughout the summer in the library at Bethesda. Studying 1 Peter. Will be enjoying several Mom’s-NightOut events. Contact: Brittney Malone, 715-878-4366 or

The Rachel Circle

Wednesday Evenings

We will not be meeting in August, but will begin meeting again in September. Watch for more information. Contact: Joan Albricht, 715-830-0221 or Louise Koxlien, 715-552-3873

We are not meeting during the summer, but will resume again in the fall. Watch this space for more information.

Lydia Bible Study

Wednesdays, 6:00–8:00 pm Room 204a

First Tuesday of the Month, 1:00 pm Fireside Room (Bethesda)

Second Thursdays, 1:00p m Fireside Room (Bethesda) We are not meeting in August, but will resume again on September 8th with Chapter 7 of “Finally Into the Land.” Watch for more information. Contact: Grace Bailey, 715-214-4344

Rise Up!

Friday Mornings, 6:30–7:45 am Fireside Room (Bethesda) We have begun a new study on 1 & 2 Timothy. We are using the study guide, “Letters to Timothy: Discipleship in Action Fisherman Bible Studies”. All ladies are welcome to join us. Contact: Jackie Vold, 715-834-5775 or

Circle of Friends

Last Friday of Each Month From May through August, we will meet on the last Friday of each month at 10:00 am for Bible Study. We will then assist in collating the monthly newsletters and go out to lunch together. Contact: Mandy Heard, at 715-834-5246 or, or Chris Strasburg at 715-835-0721

Adult Studies Empty Nesters First and Third Mondays, 7:00–8:00 pm

Fireside Room (Bethesda) We are not meeting during the summer, but will resume again in the fall. Watch for more information. Contact: Brian & Janet Amundson, 835-0521

7:00–8:00 pm Fireside Room (Bethesda)

Contact: Pastor Venberg, 715-835-5073

Common Ground

We are not meeting regularly during the summer but may plan some special outings. Our weekly meetings will begin again in the fall. Contact us to find out what we’re doing this summer! Contact: Jay and Andrea Anderson, 715-8369358

Men’s Studies Monday Mornings, 6:30–7:45 am Fireside Room (Bethesda) We are beginning a new study in the book of Romans. This is a great time to get plugged into this early morning study to start off your week right! Contact: Mark Miller, 715-456-8293 or

Tuesday Nights, 5:30–6:30 pm Room 305 (Bethesda)

Step aside from your fast-paced, “too busy” world, to meet with a small group of men. Learn more from the Bible and how to apply it to a man’s daily life. We study different sections of scripture with help, at times, from Max Lucado’s books. Contacts: Stuart, 715-720-7771,; David, 715-828-6156,; Jeff, 715-563-8489,

Band of Brothers

Friday Mornings, 6:30–7:30 am Room 305 (Bethesda) We have just started an eleven-week study of the Book of Philippians. Join us as we discover the secret of Paul’s joy and experience his triumphant confidence in Christ. Coffee and pastries provided! Contact: Robert Bandolii, 715-529-0106

Adult Bible Fellowships Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are groups that meet in order to help us grow in our relationships to God and with each other. ABFs are committed to deepening our relationships, as well as growing new relationships. Bethesda has a number of ABFs available. Although ABF goals are similar, each group has its own identity. ABFs generally meet at the same time children are in Sunday School. During the summer months, ABFs are typically not meeting on Sunday mornings, but some may still have scheduled opportunities to get together. All ABFs will be starting up again with regular Sunday morning meetings beginning September 11th.

Sundays • 9:00 am Branches Fellowship Hall — Variety of ages. Join us as we explore how contemporary life and faith intersect. Coffee and treats guaranteed. Lively discussion likely. Contact: Deb Hubbell at 715-839-0594 or

iLess Ministry for 18+. Contact: Pastor Brandon at 715-835-5073 or

Sojourners Room 305 — Variety of ages. Come and make a journey with us as we look into God’s Word to find out just what a Christian world view is. Contact: Allen or Jeanne Sternke at 715-597-3526 or

Koinonia Variety of ages. Koinonia consists mostly of young families, and families with children in grade school into high school, focusing on Bible study and prayer for each other as we go through life together. Contact: Ross and Michelle Kooiker 715-833-9760 or Mike and Alissa Amundson 715-858-9457

Sundays • 10:30 am Kingfolk Fellowship Hall — Retired, or nearing retirement. Contact: Augie Wirkus, 715-831-0460

A.C.T.S. Room 305 — Variety of ages Together we will embark on a walk where we are Knowing and Growing in Christ, Belonging and Caring in Community, and Serving and Sharing His Cause — C3. We will do this through prayer and Bible study. Additionally, we will hear testimonies and gather with our families in activities outside of the church building. Contact: Steve or Jodi Flaten, 715-832-8312, or Steve Louden, 715-835-6064 /

Seekers of God Fireside Room, Room 102 — Variety of ages Contact: Beth Smith, 715-875-4553, or Janet Nuenke, 715874-6103.

LIFEgroups Coming This Fall!

Looking for a way to connect with others and build stronger relationships? Hoping for a chance to discuss your faith or gain a better understanding of the Bible? LIFEgroups are smaller groups of people who meet together regularly to support and encourage one another, as we seek to understand and apply God’s Word in the context of our lives. In the coming weeks, we’ll be talking about LIFEgroups, the benefits of being in a group like this, and the opportunities available to you this fall. “I came that they may have LIFE, and have it abundantly.” ~Jesus (John 10:10b ESV) 

Youth Ministries Wanna Make a Difference?

Leadership Training

For all who volunteer with Youth Ministries, this is a must! No matter if you’ve been volunteering for years, or new to working with students, we could all use some training. We’ve set aside a time for you and invited a couple of guests to share their knowledge with us. Jay Anderson, who has led many Small Group training courses as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship staff at UWEC, and Gary Gilger, leader of the Boy Scouts for years, will teach us some safety guidelines to working with young people. This event is open to all, especially those considering volunteering with student ministries in the fall in any and all capacities. Training will be held during the last week of August, with the final date yet to be determined.

YC11 Update Thanks to all of you who have helped support both the middle and high school students who are going on this trip. Your donations, prayers, and time have made this trip possible for 45 students. The high school group left on July 30th, and the middle school group left on August 1st. Both groups will return on August 7th. The Bridge and One23 will not be meeting during this time. Please continue to pray for the students, for safe travel, and for lives to be touched. August 22nd will be our report to the people, so that all of you can hear of the work God has done on this trip! 

Middle School and High School students are at critical junctures in their lives. These are formative years in a person’s life, and studies show that the more young people make their faith their own at a young age, the chances are much greater that they will become lifelong devoted followers of Jesus. We want to take students deeper in their Christian walk, challenging them to live out their faith in their daily lives and share the good news with their friends. Whether it’s Sunday School teachers, The Bridge leaders, HS Small Group leaders, or One23 leaders, students are looking for adults who care, listen, encourage and challenge them. Please consider joining our team — there is a place for you in Youth Ministries, no matter your age! You are invited to come check out any of the activities we have going on — try us out, no pressure and free of charge. Contact Chad Shiffer (HSM) or Ryan Rico (MSM) for more information.

High School Calendar Sunday, Aug. 7th — No One23 Tuesday, Aug. 9th — Girls Study & Pool Party @ Wallers (3040 Abbe Hill Dr.) Sunday, Aug. 14th — Pool Party @ the Wallers (3040 Abbe Hill Dr.) Sunday, Aug. 21st — Gospel Journey Maui: Why do bad things happen? Friday, Aug. 26th — Rally in the Valley, Owen Park, 7–10pm) Sunday, Aug. 28th — Gather@theRiver, Owen Park, 4pm Picnic, 6pm Worship Service

Weekly Schedule High School Youth Group: Sundays 7:30–9:00 pm The Bridge: Middle School Youth Group: Wednesdays 6:45-8pm HS/MS Girls Bible Study: Tuesdays 8:00–9:30 pm Chad Shiffer

Director Youth Ministries

Ryan Rico

Middle School Youth Director

Youth Ministries

Children’s Ministries Volunteers for Sunday School and Wednesday Nights

Rally in the Valley is a FREE, live music event in Eau Claire, featuring two exciting Christian bands and two great speakers. Rally in the Valley will be held at the Owen Park Bandshell, on August 26th, beginning at 7:00 pm. Featured bands are Lightswitch and Bright Light Parade, along with speakers Dan McCauley and Brad Hanson from The Extremity Project. OH! Did we mention it’s FREE?!

Middle School Calendar Wed., Aug. 3rd

— No Bridge (Ryan will be at YC11 with some students) Wed., Aug. 10th — The Bridge, 6:45–8:00 pm Wed., Aug. 17th — The Bridge, 6:45–8:00 pm Wed., Aug. 24th — Bridge Pool Party at Roy and Dawn Rico’s, 6:45– 8:00 pm. (2774 Wellington Dr., Eau Claire) We will be taking off the next couple of weeks, and will resume on September 14th with a parent orientation night from 6:45–8 PM. All parents of students in the Bridge are welcome to come.

We are looking forward to the start of our Sunday school and Wednesday night year coming up soon! We have several teachers and helpers returning but there are many openings for others who may be interested in serving in Children’s Ministries for the first time. Teachers, helpers, music leaders, record keepers, and small group leaders are all needed for the various age groups. Below is how our new schedule for this fall will look on Sunday mornings for 3-year-olds through 5th grade, which will start on September 11th. 9:00 — Sunday school during 9:00 traditional service (1 hour long) several of these classes will combine two grades or age groups 10:30/10:45 — Sunday school during these services (1 hour contemporary service in the sanctuary at 10:30 and 75 min. modern service in the gym at 10:45). The children will have class time together but separate opening/closing music time. 2nd/3rd grades and 4th/5th grades will be combined. Wednesday Nights — Our Wednesday night activities will start on October 5th. Once again we’ll be offering programming for 4 year olds through 5th grade and there are several opportunities available to serve in. Please contact Dawn if you are interested in teaching, helping, leading music, crafts, etc. Job descriptions are available for each of these positions. Training night for volunteers will be Tuesday, August 30th, at 6:30 p.m.

Registration for Fall Programs! Sunday school starts on September 11th! Wednesday night programming starts on October 5th! Registration for Sunday and Wednesday programming will begin on August 14th in the foyer. It really helps us to plan for how many teachers/volunteers are needed if you preregister your children, so please take a minute to do that when registration starts. We need every child registered even if they were registered last year. Thanks so much! Dawn Rico

Children’s Ministries Director

Karen Ratering

Children’s Ministries Assistant

Bethesda World Missions Praise and Prayer for Bethesda’s Family Around the World

Venbergs: • Praise God for a good year in France, and satisfactory acquisition of the French language for all. • Pray for a smooth transition back to life in Chad. • Pray for Gabe, Sylvia and Tevi, who will attend an American mission school in N’djamena starting in midAugust. • Pray for wisdom and discernment for Dan as he partners with the Chadian church. • Pray that the Chadian church would discern God’s vision for reaching out to the Muslims of Chad. • Pray that God would draw the community of Doh to Himself, and use the Venberg family’s presence there for His purposes. Gronseths: • Praise the Lord for a location for the English Forum Coffee House! A contract has been signed with a company called Citadines, and the property should be turned over in mid-August. The Coffee House will be located in a rapidly-developing business area near a university, with office complexes nearby. • Pray that the government registration process for the Coffee House will go smoothly. • Pray that the registration process and renovations can be completed in a timely manner, so that the Coffee House can open this fall. Contruccis: • Praise God for the fruit from Kent’s spring and early summer trips to present the Inside-Out Safety Program Seminar in African countries! He continues to be inspired by the dedication and commitment to Christ among the MAF families who serve in very remote locations around the world. • Pray that Kent and Nancy will have God’s wisdom as they make ministry plans for the upcoming months. 

• Pray for Sarah Contrucci, who feels God’s call to work in developing countries. She is mid-way through her master’s degree in International Development, and has an internship in Kampala, Uganda. She is living there for 6-8 months, and is volunteering as a project manager a non-profit company. Pray that Sarah’s volunteer work might turn into a paid position. Wiebes: •P  ray for Pastor Benjamin as he sells the Bola Bibles. •P  ray that excitement will spread about God’s Word in Bola, that people will read it (they are almost all literate, but are an oral society by tradition), and that God will use His Word to pierce hearts and bring many into His kingdom. • Pray for Angelica Tagole, caretaker of Brent and Sandi’s house in the Bola village. She rededicated her life to the Lord the night before they left for the United States. Angelica wants to grow in the Lord and be a light in the village. • Pray for good family time and rest this month, after a busy time with the Bible dedication and SALT course. Wiles: •P  raise the Lord for the six-session new staff training that John and Kathy led on “Barnabas Core Values’. They were encouraged by the high quality of the new staff, whose hearts are in the right place in their journey with the Lord, and who have excellent ministry skills for pastoring the hearts of His servants. • Pray for the continued impact of the Word that John shared with the Barnabas staff. One young staff member with cancer was especially encouraged by the message from Colossians. Volds: • Pray for Justin and Melissa’s marriage and children, Bradley, Jessie and Levi.

Women’s Ministries

Escape from the everyday at a Women of Faith weekend and be refreshed, encouraged and inspired. Because the God who loves you can do far more than you can ever Imagine.

Women of Faith, 2011

musical guests drama by special guest speakers This fall, Bethesda will be hosting another simulcast of a Beth Moore live event. This event promises to be another October 21–22 exciting day of teaching and ministry! Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN Doors open at 8:00am. Event ends at 4:15. Tickets are God can do anything, you interested know—far more in attending Women of Faith this Ladies, $15.00 in advance and $20.00 at the door. They will go on than you could ever imagine or guess or We have in your wildest dreams! a great opportunity to purchase this great sale July 5 in the Bethesda Office. We will also be selling requestyear? package. Michelle Heinzen will be here hosting a table on them in the foyer after all three services on July 31, August Saint Paul, MN October 21–22, 201119th Xcel Energy Center June to sign up, or contact her now if interested. 7, and August 14. Imagine weekend Friday 10:00 am – 3:30 pm Contact:, We will be selling Beth Moore Books at this event and 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm or 715-797-3834 CD’s from Travis Cottrell. Lunch is on your own but the The full cost of this 2 day event is $169.00. This inFellowship Hall will be open if you want to bring your own. cludes: There will be a 90-minute break for lunch. We will be pro• Tickets to the conference and concert viding morning and afternoon snacks and drinks including • Hotel Accommodations (based on 2 person occupancy) Gloria Jeans Coffee. • All transportation Please invite all the women you know of all ages! They • Boxed lunches on Friday and Saturday won’t want to miss this great opportunity to see beth live! • Dinner Friday Night (Buca Italian Restaurant- Catered For more information please contact Karen Biel at 715at Hotel) 577-6865 or or the Bethesda Office at • Continental Breakfast (Saturday) 715-835-5073. lisa harper

angie smith

luci swindoll

kim cash tate

sheila walsh

natalie grant

mary mary

nicole johnson

henry cloud

Ephesians 3:20 (MSG)

Group Leader Name Contact Information Group Price

Beth Moore Living Proof Live Simulcast Help Needed! We are still in need of a Prayer Team Leader. You would get some women together to pray for this event and recruit some women to go forward during an invitation to pray with women in need. We are also in need of women who would be willing to go forward during an invitation that Beth will be having to pray with women in need. For more information and to volunteer please call Karen Biel at 715-577-6865 or email

Dates, locations, times and talent subject to change.

Kitchen Clean-up! Ladies, it’s time to clean the church kitchens in preparation for the new school year. We need many hands for one or two hours on August 16th, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm. Questions? Call Lois at 715-835-6272

HomeStars A Homeschool Support Ministry of Bethesda Lutheran Church HomeStars is rolling out its 7th year as a homeschool support ministry of Bethesda. With a membership of over 50 families, we are excited to provide this valuable resource once again to families in Eau Claire area. Our activities for the 2011–2012 school year will include: • Monthly mom’s support meeting with concurrent classes for the kids • Monthly family activities • Educational field trips • Afterschool activities. Our kick-off meeting, providing all the details for the school year, will be held August 23 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. More details are available at our website: or contact Linda Swenson at 715-834-0713.

HomeStars Steering Committee. Pictured: Michelle Johnson, Susan Pederson, Linda Swenson, Wendy Dusick, Carrie McLain

Martha Moments

Chippewa Valley Women’s Connection Presents . . .

Saturday, Sept. 24th, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, Eau Claire Wesleyan Church 2405 Keith St. Eau Claire

August 23rd, 7:00 pm, Fireside Room Ladies come help create fun care packages with the school supplies we have collected here at Bethesda. The packages will then be delivered to the needy in the community and at church. Be apart of a night with Cause as well as build some Community! What is Martha Moments? Martha Moments meets once a month. It’s a fun ladies’ night out and a great way to connect with others. We meet once a month and feature a different craft, talent or passion. The evening always begins with prayer, a devotional, and of course, treats! Consider joining us each month as we have some fun and spread God’s love! 10

Join with women from all over the Chippewa Valley for a special day of connecting, reflection, and renewal with Susie Larson. With enthusiasm, humor, and conviction, author/speaker Susie Larson has spoken to thousands of women locally, nationally, and internationally. Her books include Embracing Your Freedom, The Uncommon Woman, Alone in Marriage, and Balance That Works When Life Doesn’t. The cost for the event is $25.00. Register by Sept. 10th and save $5.00. Registration with checks payable to Chippewa Valley Women’s Connection should be sent to: Judy Ramsey, 3214 Ellis Ave., Eau Claire, WI 54701. Any questions? Call Judy at 715-832-3452

School Supply Drive! Drop off your school supplies now!

Service Ops Please prayerfully consider helping out in at least one area in the church this Fall. It might be easy to think that since we are a large church, we have plenty of help, but that is not necessarily true. If you haven’t received a Service Ops card yet, pick one up at the Welcome Center. The card lists several areas where you can help out. Check a few boxes, and hand it back in. You will then be contacted by someone supervising that area. Questions about serving? Contact

Housemate Needed Once again this year we will be collecting donations of school supplies for needy families. This year we are making our focus the city of Minot, North Dakota. The severe flooding in Minot has left literally thousands of homes damaged or destroyed, and thousands of people have been left feeling lost, confused, and in financial ruin. In partnership with Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Brethren Church in Minot, we are pitching in to show our love for these families. Please drop off items in the foyer. Also if you personally know a local family who would be blessed with a filled backpack, contact with contact info. For more information on how you can help out Minot, check out Our Redeemer’s “Mission Minot” website at

Men’s Ministries Men of Bethesda Golf Outing August 20th, 2011 Mill Run Golf Course Men of Bethesda! If you love to golf and have lots of fun, plan to get your foursome together for our annual Golf Outing at Mill Run Golf Course. The day begins about 7:00 am, with 18 holes of golf, lunch, prize awards, then home by 1:00 pm. Cost is the same as last year: $48/person. Contact Paul Zipf before August 8th to sign up. (715) 839-7570 or e-mail at: pzipf7570@

House mate wanted to share country farm home, five miles west of Eau Claire. Seeking Christian woman, employed or local college student. Non-smoking, no pets. Furnished Bedroom, Kitchen & Laundry privileges. Some Storage. Garage space available. Rent $500 per month plus $500 security deposit. Call Nan at 715-4564728

Housing Needed Immediately I would like to move to Eau Claire and am looking for an apartment or house to share with someone, or to be a roommate with an elderly lady looking for companionship or help. I would also be interested in renting a small, onebedroom apartment with a garage as well. If anyone can help, please call me at 715-861-3257, or 507-840-0352. Thanks, Vicki Bignell

From the Wiebes We are looking for bicycles to use during the next year for our furlough. We still need bikes for Daniel (14) and Justin (15) and the two of us. We are also looking for unused Verizon mobile phones to use for the year. If you have any we could borrow, please contact us at 715-4566843. We’re also looking for one desk, lamps, and some kitchen chairs. Thanks for all you’ve done already to welcome us. We’re looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all this year! Blessings, Brent & Sandi Wiebe Justin, Daniel, & Karissa


Lutheran Brethren Church

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Christ … Community … Cause A vision for clarifying who we believe God is leading us to become.

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UWEC with a bachelor’s degree. After one semester at LBS, I came back to Eau Claire and married Alissa in January of 2008. She moved up to Fergus Falls with me and we continued to seek God’s will for our lives. While there we were led to the conclusion that we were to serve God through Lutheran Brethren International Missions in Chad, Africa. We went on a mission trip to Cameroon, Africa in January of 2010 and came back more certain of our understanding of God’s call. I then graduated from LBS in May of 2011. In June we followed God’s leading and moved back to Eau Claire to serve Him here as we are waiting for the funding to come in for us to be sent to Chad. While here, Alissa will continue to expand her nursing skills working at Mayo Clinic Health System (Luther Hospital). I will begin volunteering at Bethesda 15–20 hours each week in different ministry settings, while also taking French language and Muslim studies courses at UWEC to continue to prepare Alissa and me for Chad. We are both excited about being back in Eau Claire, and we look forward to the time we have here to build our relationships at Bethesda and the Eau Claire community.

65% of the Greatest Generation claim to be Christian while only 6% of the current generation claim to be Christians. We live in a changing world, one that is moving away from Jesus Christ. We are hoping that this service will be something that appeals to a generation that is walking away from Jesus Christ. We are hoping that we can take God’s Word and package it in a new and challenging way that would get people to think about their relationship with God. The 20–35 year old demographic is the fastest growing community in Eau Claire. When we think about this statistic it should push us to want to try different ideas to find a way to be relevant (still centered on God’s Word) to this age group. We have preaching that is focused on the Word of God. We have a really good/safe/nurturing nursery and children’s ministries department. So lets try to give this age group another worship option. Finallly, 80% of confessing Christians who enter college walk away from the faith by October of their freshmen year. As you know, Bethesda is about 1 mile from two college campuses. We are praying that this new service would also appeal to them, and that we can create an atmosphere where they can grow in their relationship with Christ and feel comfortable inviting unbelievers their own age. More info on this service will come out soon!


August 2011 Newsletter  
August 2011 Newsletter  

The August, 2011 Newsletter from Bethesda Lutheran Church