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One touch says it all. Caden, a marrow transplant recipient with his father.

Healing Touch 2010 Annual Report

Caden, transplant recipient, with his big brother, Austin.

“Before the transplant, Austin stood beside Caden’s crib, touched his arm and told him how much he loved him. He knew Caden was sick, but couldn’t understand how bad it was,” said Melissa, the boys’ mother. Today, Caden is happy and healthy and diligently carrying out his duties as a goofy little brother.

2 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Critical touchpoints

That make a profound difference Patients and their families are not alone when they begin the overwhelming journey that is a marrow transplant. From diagnosis to the search for a donor, and from transplant to recovery, Be The Match Foundation® and the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP) identify critical points where our healing touch makes a profound difference.

• $2.5 million awarded in Patient Assistance Grants helping more than 2,000 qualifying families with uninsured treatment costs

Generous supporters like you help us serve thousands of patients diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma and 70 other life-threatening diseases. These patients need a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant, but have no donor match in their family.

• $741,000 raised for transplant research

In 2010, you helped add nearly 723,000 potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry® — giving more patients hope for a cure. You helped ease the financial burden of more than 2,000 patients struggling with uninsured treatment costs. And you helped drive innovations in marrow transplant care by investing in medical research. Last year, the National Marrow Donor Program achieved a record with more than 5,200 unrelated transplants. Yet, we know that each year at least 10,000 patients need that chance. Your continued support will help bridge that gap. Because of you, one day we will eliminate graft-versus-host disease, a posttransplant complication. We will move patients to transplant faster. We will expand the growing number of diseases treated with a transplant. And, we will increase cord blood donations, an important cell source that can help the most difficult-to-match patients. With your support, all of this is achievable. Thank you for all you do to help us ease each patient’s journey.

Thank you for adding your healing touch.

• $4.9 million raised to add more potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry • 723,000 new members added to the registry • 300,000 of these new members are from diverse racial and ethnic communities • 116 donors compensated for lost wages, enabling them to donate to a patient in need • 5,200 unrelated marrow or cord blood transplants facilitated by the NMDP for patients with leukemia, lymphoma and 70 other lifethreatening diseases • 43,000 transplants since the NMDP began in 1987

Christine Fleming President Be The Match Foundation

Jeffrey Chell, M.D. Chief Executive Officer National Marrow Donor Program

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Unparalleled Expertise

Powering the global transplant community

Be The Match Foundation proudly supports The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). Since 1986, the NMDP has been entrusted by Congress to operate America’s marrow donor registry. Its reach, however, extends far beyond our national borders. The NMDP is a world leader in stem cell transplantation and at the center of a global Network, connecting more than 526 leading cellular therapy institutions in more than 40 countries. We partner with donor registries and cord blood banks worldwide to give searching patients access to more than 16.5 million potential marrow donors and nearly 550,000 cord blood units. We know how to leverage global resources: bringing together scientists, doctors, hospitals, laboratories and governments — all to better serve our patients.

The NMDP Network: 166 Transplant Centers (43 international) – meet the highest standards of care for stem cell transplant patients. 86 Donor Centers (7 international) and Recruitment Centers – educate the public about the need for marrow donors, add members to the registry and support donors. 21 Cord blood banks (2 international) – recruit cord blood donors, work with hospitals to collect cord blood units, and store and add them to Be The Match Registry. 99 Collection Centers (16 international) – perform marrow collections. 90 Apheresis Centers (7 international) – perform peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) collections. 26 HLA Typing Laboratories – tissue type donor samples and add them to Be The Match Registry for patient matching.

4 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Our Repository As one of the largest research storage facilities in the world, the NMDP Repository in New Brighton, Minn. processes and stores more than 10 million tissue samples from potential marrow donors, donor-recipient pairs and research participants. It receives 40,000 new samples each month. The Repository also houses more than 900,000 research samples from 22,000 donor-recipient matches. Researchers from around the world study them to advance transplant science.

When a person joins Be The Match Registry, his or her registration kit, complete with their tissue samples, is sent to the NMDP Repository. A portion of each sample is stored for future analysis and another portion is shipped to a lab for tissue typing. Once typed, the potential donor is added to the registry for physicians to search on behalf of patients who need a volunteer marrow donor.

The NMDP Repository is one of the largest research storage facilities in the world.

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Innovation that touches lives At the birth of a child, moms and dads intuitively feel that their little ones are born with unique gifts to share with the world. Scientists have discovered it’s more than a feeling. It’s a fact. Researchers have learned that not only is a baby’s umbilical cord blood rich with stem cells to help patients who need a marrow donor, they’ve discovered these cells can help more difficult-to-match patients. In recent years, cord blood has become an important and growing cell source for marrow transplants. In 2010, 22 percent of all NMDP facilitated transplants, more than 1,150, used cord blood. Cord blood has helped broaden access to transplant for more patients, especially those from racially or ethnically diverse communities. They have less common tissue types and have more difficulty finding a suitable adult donor. In 2010, more than 40 percent of all minority patients undergoing transplant received cord blood cells.

And while cord blood was once used almost exclusively for children, scientists have learned that using two cord blood units to increase the cell volume is an increasingly important option for adult patients. In 2010, the NMDP facilitated more than 400 multi-cord transplants. Cord blood is just one of many promising research areas providing hope to patients in need of a marrow transplant. In 2010, the NMDP — together with its partner, the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®— published the results of cutting-edge research through 86 peer-reviewed journal articles and 95 abstracts presented at professional conferences. It launched 16 clinical trials and continued progress on 262 observational studies; all to improve outcomes for our patients.

In 2010, Be The Match Foundation raised $741,000 to support promising researchers. Medical advances are key to helping the 10,000 patients each year searching for a donor and hoping for a transplant.

Cord blood saved this mother In 2011, Jennifer Jones Austin (second from the left), a two-cord recipient, celebrated her one-year anniversary post transplant. This wife and mother beat leukemia because there are women who choose to generously donate their babies’ cord blood to help patients in need.

6 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Be The Match Foundation has named Sophie Paczesny, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of Michigan Medical School, as the newest scholar in The Amy Strelzer Manasevit Research Program. She was awarded a three-year, $240,000 grant for her research to create a testing method that predicts a patient’s risk of developing chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) and their responsiveness to different treatment options. GVHD occurs when a recipient’s new immune system from the donor recognizes the body’s cells as foreign and attacks. This painful and potentially life-threatening complication occurs, to varying degrees, in at least 40 percent of patients.

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Patient Assistance A touch of relief

When you’re fighting for your life, the last thing you want to think about is a mounting stack of bills. While a marrow transplant can be a life-saving treatment, it takes a financial toll on a family. Often there is the temporary loss of at least one income. And even with insurance, not all costs are covered. Be The Match Foundation provides financial assistance to qualifying families who need help with uninsured treatment costs. Thanks to generous supporters, in 2010 we provided $2.5 million in Patient Assistance Grants and helped more than 2,000 families. Some of those dollars helped patients whose insurance would not cover the cost to search for a donor. For these patients, raising the necessary funds to conduct a donor search may have been impossible and taken valuable time they did not have.

The fastest growing need, however, is for post-transplant recovery grants. In 2010, we saw a 14 percent increase in the number of patient families overwhelmed by uninsured recovery costs. These grants help families pay for prescription co-pays; transportation to and from the transplant center, often in another state; temporary lodging; and other uninsured expenses for up to six months after transplant. On average, a patient’s recovery expenses exceed a family’s income by $1,400 a month. And, recovery can take 3 to 9 months. While we are proud that no qualifying patient has ever been turned away, requests for help continue to escalate. Your contributions to Patient Assistance give our families a touch of relief at a time when they need it most.

When a single mother gets sick, really sick, who takes care of her? Victoria, 48, a single mother and a heavy equipment operator from Ohio, was diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia and underwent a marrow transplant in September 2009. Her daughter, Kimberly, had just left to begin her freshman year of college and her son, Michael, was a junior in high school. “My kids did what they could, but they had to be in school. They needed to push forward, just like I did. It took me a while to accept help. My church brought us lots of food and Be The Match Foundation Patient Assistance Grants helped, too.” “Patient Assistance helped with the bills and helped with my spirits,” Victoria said. “Just knowing that there are people out there who understand and want to help — well, that means a lot.” Victoria enjoying her new grandson, Kyle.

8 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Rescuing the firefighter Saving people is what Steve is all about. Needing to be saved — well, that’s outside this Ohio firefighter’s comfort zone. In 2009, Steve, 27, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and needed a marrow transplant. “The hardest thing for me was the shift in roles. I had to totally lose all control and hand it over to the doctors and my donor.” Despite having good insurance, Steve’s disease took its toll on the family finances. He received a Patient Assistance Grant. “Oh my God did that grant help. I had lost my income and there were lots of uninsured expenses. Driving two hours each week to the clinic meant gas and parking expenses. And the medication costs were unbelievable. I was on 26 medications when I got out of the hospital. The co-pays alone amounted to hundreds of dollars each month. The grant from Be The Match helped my wife and I fill in the gaps.” A week before his wedding, Steve learned his cancer was back and he needed a marrow transplant. The centerpieces at his wedding reception featured a call for guests to join Be The Match Registry. Today, he’s healthy and happily planning to grow old with his bride, Aryn.

Steve training future firefighters in Perkins Township, Ohio.

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Corporate Partners A touch of hope

Be The Match Foundation partners with companies nation­ wide that want to make it their business to save lives.

small, to provide this unique life-saving opportunity to their employees.

In 2010, 799 new businesses connected our mission with their corporate values. Some sponsored our annual Tribute dinner, Be The One Runs, and other events. Some invested in our Patient Assistance Program to help families with uninsured treatment costs. Others created educational tools for our physicians. And many helped their employees and their communities join Be The Match Registry.

Companies work with us to sponsor their staff and arrange either an on-site registry drive or an online drive. Every $100 raised adds a new member to the registry. Be The Match relies on financial contributions from our corporate partners and the general public to help cover the cost of growing the registry.

Adding potential donors to the marrow registry is critical to helping more patients find their ideal match. Be The Match reaches out to businesses, large and

Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. provided a grant to create a free smart phone app with Quick Reference Guidelines for hematologists and oncologists caring for patients before or after a marrow transplant. The app provides two sets of clinical guidelines to help physicians recommend timing for transplant and screen for post-transplant complications such as graft-versus-host disease.

More than 5,500 businesses such as American Airlines, Ford, General Motors, and the United States Postal Service have supported our mission and their employees who want to make a life-saving impact.

In honor of Black History Month and to help raise awareness of the need for more African American marrow donors, Nordstrom, Inc. teamed up with Be The Match to add potential marrow donors to the registry. Nordstrom covered the $100 cost of adding each new member to the registry, up to $75,000. The retailer held live donor drives for its employees in several cities across the country as well as promoted the opportunity to join the registry to its in-store and online customers.

10 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Nissin and his father, Aron, take a spin around the transplant ward.

Corporate compassion in the skies After five months at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital, Sharon and Aron were elated when they learned they could take their 9-year-old son, Nissin, back home to Baltimore. Nissin had received a successful marrow transplant for a rare blood disease, and his immune system was beginning to heal. But after living in a safe cocoon of hospital care for months, the family had concerns about the long journey home. Nissin had already suffered severe pneumonia after his transplant. What if he got sick on the 2-day car ride home?

With the help of Delta Air Lines, Be The Match Foundation stepped in to get the family home safely. “The Delta plane ticket was very helpful and a relief. It brought us home safely in a few hours instead of a few days. After being away from home for months – you just want to get home,” said Sharon, Nissin’s mother. The family benefited from the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles® program which chose Be The Match Foundation as a SkyWish Charity Partner. When you fly Delta, you can donate your miles to help patients and their caregivers fly to and from transplant centers free of charge. To donate miles, call (800) 325-3999.

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Be The One Run A touch of energy

“If this run can help save a life — it doesn’t have to be me, just save one person — wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

— Margaret, then a searching patient

Margaret positioned herself at the Be The One Run finish line to thank her team for running in her honor.

Margaret wasn’t about to miss this day. She was there at the finish line, complete with her surgical mask and blanket, ready to thank 60 friends, one by one, as they crossed the finish line in her honor.

In 2010, Be The Match piloted this fundraising run/ walk event in Atlanta, Ga. and Long Beach, Calif. We were overwhelmed by the response: Nearly 1,000 participants and $100,000 raised.

Her friends created “Team Margaret,” the first fundraising team to sign up for the first Be The One Run in Be The Match history. This Atlanta team profoundly illustrates what Be The One Run is all about: Giving hope to patients and Celebrating donors.

Participants included marrow transplant recipients, patients searching for a donor, researchers, doctors, nurses, family caregivers, contributors, registry members and families who had lost loved ones. They came together to celebrate one another.

Margaret, a wife, mother and 20-year U.S. Navy veteran, was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and needed a marrow transplant. But like 70 percent of patients in need of a transplant, Margaret had no matching marrow donor in her family.

With a 5K, 1K Fun Run and Tot Trot, Be The One Run is perfect for the entire family and for people of all fitness levels.

Margaret lost her battle while searching for a donor. She passed away a few days after the Be The One Run in Atlanta, but understood the significance of the event. “If this run can help save a life — it doesn’t have to be me, just save one person — wouldn’t that be wonderful?” said Margaret.

Through Be The Match Foundation, Be The One Run raises funds to support marrow transplant research, help patients with uninsured costs, and add more potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry — giving more patients hope for a cure. In 2011, Be The One Run is expanding to six cities: Minneapolis, Portland, Charlotte, Atlanta, Houston, and Long Beach. We hope to see you there. We can promise you an experience you will never forget.

12 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Be The One Run is a tangible expression of everything and everyone we work for at Be The Match Foundation.

Across Atlanta and Long Beach, every step in the Be The One Run was a celebration.

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Hendrick Marrow Program The NASCAR winning touch that saves lives When Jackson was only 5 months old, an emergency room doctor told his parents they needed a miracle — a donor so their son could have a marrow transplant. Working with Be The Match and the Hendrick Marrow Program, Jackson found a marrow match and in 2010 was able to meet the donor who made his miracle possible.

Shortly after that visit, Jackson’s recovery accelerated dramatically. Be The Match Foundation’s relationship with the NASCAR community is especially valuable to our patients and donors.

Little Jackson was born with chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), a potentially fatal immune system disorder. Although his 2009 marrow transplant went well, Jackson suffered terrible complications.

The effort is led by Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports, whose NASCAR team is made up of four Sprint Cup drivers: No. 88 driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr., No. 24 driven by Jeff Gordon, No. 48 driven by Jimmie Johnson, and No. 5 driven by Mark Martin.

For 15 months, Jackson’s family battled one health problem after another. The bright spot was a Hendrick Marrow Program fundraiser in May 2010 where Jackson first met his marrow donor, Jerald, a quiet and humble man from North Carolina.

Working with Be The Match Foundation, The Hendrick Marrow Program has raised more than $10 million, added more than 100,000 potential marrow donors to Be The Match Registry, and eased the financial burden of uninsured treatment costs for more than 5,000 patients.

Teaming up with Pepsi and Jimmie Johnson Thanks to your votes, Be The Match Foundation won a $100,000 Pepsi Refresh Project grant to help financially vulnerable families afford the uninsured costs that come with a child’s marrow transplant. Pepsi invited three NASCAR drivers and their respective foundations to take part in this friendly competition. The driver who collected the most online votes in June 2010 won $100,000 for his charitable project. Jimmie Johnson, the five-time reigning NASCAR Sprint Cup champion, and the Jimmie Johnson Foundation selected Be The Match Foundation’s Transplant Grants for Kids project. “I can’t imagine having to choose between being beside my child’s hospital bed or being at work in order to keep our insurance active and a roof over our heads,” Johnson said. “These grants give moms and dads a little less to worry about and give kids what they want most when they are sick — their parents by their bedside.”

14 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

You wouldn’t know it to look at him today, but the battle for Jackson’s life was long and rough. “He eats like a horse, plays hard, goes to pre-school a couple of days a week and has a motor on him that does not stop. If you were to put him in a lineup of 100 kids, you’d never know that he had been ill. We have really started living again and enjoying him.” — Jonathan, Jackson’s father

Jackson (left) and his brother, Landley, enjoy a rare winter-wonderland in Tennessee, nearly two years post transplant.

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Diseases Treated by Transplant Acute Leukemias Acute Acute Acute Acute

Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) Biphenotypic Leukemia Undifferentiated Leukemia

Chronic Leukemias Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Juvenile Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (JCML) Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML)

Histiocytic Disorders Familial Erythrophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Histiocytosis-X Hemophagocytosis

Inherited Metabolic Disorders (non-malignant metabolic) Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) Hurler’s Syndrome (MPS-IH) Scheie Syndrome (MPS-IS) Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome (MPS-VI) Sly Syndrome, Beta-Glucuronidase Deficiency (MPS-VII) Adrenoleukodystrophy Mucolipidosis II (I-cell Disease) Krabbe Disease Gaucher’s Disease Niemann-Pick Disease Wolman Disease Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

Inherited Platelet Abnormalities (acquired marrow failure)

Inherited Erythrocyte Abnormalities

Amegakaryocytosis / Congenital Thrombocytopenia

Beta Thalassemia Major Sickle Cell Disease

Lymphoproliferative Disorders

Inherited Immune System Disorders (non malignant immune deficiency, primary immune deficiency)

Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)

Ataxia-Telangiectasia Kostmann Syndrome Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency DiGeorge Syndrome Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome Omenn’s Syndrome Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) SCID with Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency Absence of T & B Cells SCID Absence of T Cells, Normal B Cell SCID Common Variable Immunodeficiency Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disorder

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Hodgkin’s Disease

Refractory Cytopenia with Unilineage Dysplasia Refractory Anemia with Ringed Sideroblasts Refractory Anemia with Multilineage Dysplasia Refractory Anemia with Excess Blasts 5 q- Syndrome Refractory Cytopenia of Childhood Myelodysplasia Unclassifiable

16 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Myeloproliferative Disorders Acute Myelofibrosis Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia (myelofibrosis) Polycythemia Vera Essential Thrombocythemia

Myeloproliferative/Myelodysplastic Overlap Syndromes Refractory anemia with Ringed Sideroblasts-Thrombocytosis Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia

Other Inherited Disorders Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia Glanzmann Thrombasthenia Osteopetrosis

Phagocyte Disorders (Non-malignant immune deficiency) Chediak-Higashi Syndrome Chronic Granulomatous Disease Neutrophil Actin Deficiency Reticular Dysgenesis

Plasma Cell Disorders Multiple Myeloma Plasma Cell Leukemia Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

Stem Cell Disorders (acquired marrow failure) Aplastic Anemia (Severe) Fanconi Anemia Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) Pure Red Cell Aplasia

Research buys time for miracle Mike was diagnosed with an aggressive form of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) at the age of 62 and given 6 months to live. He was told he needed a marrow transplant but was too old to survive the procedure. Thanks to scientific advances and a lastminute donor, Mike is alive and well. Mike, a husband, father and grandfather from Oregon, took part in a clinical trial to develop safe marrow transplants for patients ages 50 to 65. Still, he had no marrow match in his family and there were no perfect matches for him on the marrow registry. Mike’s doctors decided to proceed with a less-than-ideal match. Four days before he was due to check into the hospital, a perfect match was found. “The mood changed pretty quickly,� Mike said. Jennifer, a mother of three from Minnesota, had joined the registry and agreed to donate.

Taking it one step further Today, we are taking the study that helped Mike, and patients like him, one step further. We have launched a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of transplant for MDS patients aged 65 and older. Each year, more than 15,000 patients are diagnosed with MDS in the United States, and 80 percent of these patients are 65 and older. Mike, with his donor, Jennifer

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Statement of

financial activities (as of September 30, 2009 and 2010)




Recruitment support



Area of greatest need



Patient support











Research support Total revenues

Expenses Program services Support services: General and administrative






Total expenses





Change in unrealized appreciation on investments



Increase (decrease) in net assets







Excess of revenue over expenses

Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year

**The NMDP pledged $5.5 million to the Be The Match Foundation Pay It Forward recruitment initiative that started during 2009.

AshantĂŠ, one year post transplant

18 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Our Contributors Be The Match Foundation is grateful to all contributors — individuals, organizations, foundations and corporations — who generously help patients receive the marrow transplant they need.

Individuals $10,000+ Lynn and Marshall Carlson Drs. Isabel and Jeffrey Chell Michael Clarfeld and Tamar Huberman Vanessa Dayton, M.D. and David Dayton Dannielle N. Faraj Audrey and Robert Morris Harry J. Pearce, Esq. Bertrand Shelton

$5,000 – $9,999 Edward Brown III Cathleen Choi Raymond Evernham, Jr. Ming and Brian Gamberg Diane Gerber Eileen Goodis and Eric Strom, M.D. Courtney and Caleb Hurd Doug Kingsriter Blanche Kitchen Karen and Robert Rice Herbert Rogers Denise and Christopher Sofia

$2,500 – $4,999 Elaine and Daniel Arndt Carol Barker Jackie and Ron Belschner Meredith and Michael Boo Rhonda and Rodney Carew Dennis L. Confer, M.D. Esther Crookshank Susan Cullen Karen and Dean Dodson Thomas Doherty

Patricia Downs Christine Fleming Mary Anne Gania Grace Guerrera Mary and Donald Haas Lisa Hornback Effie and Steven Kane Marilyn Lewis Patricia Manolis Andrea Mobley R. Moyer Nancy and Russell Nelson Tamrah Schaller O’Neil and Stephen O’Neil David Palmer Manuel Perdomo John Pontisakos Antonio Ribeiro Maryalice Rickert Jamie Rolewicz David Rousso Neville Shah Edward L. Snyder, M.D. Alyssa and Mike Vance Michele and Carroll P. Vance Jeffrey Weihl

$1,000-$2,499 Katherine Abboud Siamanto Abrami Richard Adams Ritika Arora Kay and John Bachmann Avin Bansal Constance and Russell Baxter Dorothy and Harold Berkowitz Dominique Bischoff-Brown Margaret A. Bittner Deborah Boyer Lisa Brooke

Denise D. Brookie Ann Brooks Donny Brown Marco Bucchi Laura Burress Ellen Butler Milissa Cameron Matthew E. Carrillo Patricia Chelsen Ravi Chittajallu Shannon Claborn Cinda Collins Patricia Cummings Jason Dehn Jill and Barton Eberwein Chase Edge Marc Elliott Lawrence Estaville Jay Ferriero Karen Fischer Timothy Floyd Karen Foster Rochelle Friedman, M.D. and Robert Friedman, M.D. Frederick Gale Michael Garibay Rebecca Gauthier Kathleen Genovesio Bonnie and Gary Goldberg Phyllis and Lawrence Goldberg Maureen Goulet Helga and Richard Griffith Kim and Gene Hagen Suzanne and John A. Hansen, M.D. Lauren Heuchling Sivan Hines, M.D. and Jeffrey F. Hines M.D Suzanne and Kieran Holohan James Hooks Becky and Barry Huff

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Catherine and James Huzl Kara Kaefring Jill I. Kendall-Erb James King Jean and Harris Klein Corrie Maki Knudson and Kyle Knudson Mukund Komanduri, M.D. Livia Konkel Jennifer and Jeffrey Korsmo Cass and David Kottkamp Marvin Landon Antoinette M. Lapann Alexandra Lazar Linda Leith Brian Levine Rebecca Lewis, Esq., and Jerry Johnson Santiago Lopez Elisabeth and Brian Lucas Barbra Luce-Turner Ann K. Martinez Becky and Mike McCullough Deb and Daniel McGlynn Jerome McKeown Michael McMenamin Cheryl K. Mcrae D. B. McReynolds Amber Miles Larry W. Miller Leslie and William Miller III Nathaniel A. Moore Emily Morningstar Joyce and Kurt Moser Cheryl L. Moss Kristyn and James Mullin Akshata Murty Iffat and Muhammad Mushtaq, M.D. Thomas Musselman Willis Navarro, M.D.

Eneida R. Nemecek, M.D. Sara Peeples Jolie Ann and Sarah Ximena Perez Memorial Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Sally and Robert Quinn Julian Rawl Luz Rios Mike Rosenfelt and Family Susan N. Rossmann, M.D., PH.D. Melissa F. Rowan Lester Ruth, Ph.D. Jennifer S. Saenz Vicky Sanders Daniel Saviano Arlene Saxonhouse Jeffrey Schneider Sandra L. Schopbach Andrea and Daniel Schreiber Vincent A. F. Sergi David E. Shelton Kiran Simhadri Benjamin Sloss Christine Smith Barbara Souther Karen Stam Carolyn Sturbaum Russell Taylor Alan Terry Costa Theodossiades Dave Thomas Jeffrey Tohl Linda Totah Ryan Townsend Eric Trosko Kristen Trout Michael C. Tunner Karin Van Dyke Deborah Vanderheyden John Vanhouten Monisha and Parag Vora Esther Wang Pam and Daniel Weisdorf, M.D. Paul Wharton Barbara Wilson Frances D. Phillips-Wingard and John R. Wingard, M.D. Alanna and James Worrell Kimberly Wortham-Macon Thomas Yearwood Mary Zagami K. Darcy Hanzlik and Gene Zilberg Martha Zola

$500-$999 Gene Aaron Alvernia Afflitto John Alley, Jr., M.D. Mitchell M. Almy Carlos Alvarez, M.D. Raquel Amezquita Bob Andersen Denise Andersen Beverly Anderson Drew M. Anderson Gail Anderson Vaune and Stuart Aronson Maurice Baker Susan Baker Matthew Bandelt Kelly Barnes Christine Barr Linda A. Bartlett Grayson Beckner Steven Beckner William Bejin Robert Bender William Benter Kathy B. Benton Jeffrey S. Bisger Sandra Bobbitt Della R. Leavitt and Roy M. Bossen Patrick Bradley Paul Brannelly Carolyn D. Braun Rosen Florence M. Brenning David Brooks Kent Brown Paula Brown Robert Brown Judy and Gordy Bryan Janice Bryner Florence M. Bunning Ruth Burstiner Rowland Burton Audrey Buxbaum Betsy and Paul Cacioppo Tracy and Otis Carlson Diane W. Carr Linnea K. Cedergren Charles Chami Stephanie Chimento Joseph Cina Diana Clark Elizabeth Clark Laura R. Claude Dorothy Collins Elisabete Costa

Susan Croft Robert Cummisford Michele Cyr Robert Danbom Kathy Davies, D.D.S. Judy Davis Marcos de Lima, M.D. Suzanne Deberry Donald Diggs Linda Donaldson Nicholas Donnangelo Craig Downs Dathan Dunn Janet Eden-Harris Cari Erickson Tracy Essad Renato Etrata, M.D. Julie N. Evans Deborah Fails Stephanie Hauge Farnia Mary and Kevin Farrell John Feldman and Rachelle D. Chase Ronald Fischer, M.D. Jennifer Fisher Jim Flavin Thomas Florack Janice Foster Barbara Fox Michael Fox David Frazee Julia D. Freda-Eskenazi Jacquelyn and Arlyn Fredrick Ursula Freireich Christopher Gaffney Nancy Gallagher Lansing Gatrell Casey Gavan-Spg Brian Gilbertson Lewis Glasener Cynthia Glock Raul Gonzalez Deborah Montague Gordon Wendy Gorrell Joshua Grant Gina Graves E. Gray Nicole Green Tony Greene Emily Grothe Robert J. Hartzman, M.D., Captain, MC, U.S. Navy (Retired) Jeff Hazlewood Pamela Henry Bob Herrick

20 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Gloria A. Hirsch Doug Horn William and Hazel Hough Patricia A. Hutchison Rebecca Drexler and Jeffrey Jackson Kurt A. Jaeger Maisie Jara Kathleen Joens Jerral and Gene Jones Michael Jones Susan C. Jones Sandra Owen-Joyce and Richard Joyce Scott Kahle Thomas Kaluzny Naynesh Kamani, M.D. Catherine Kaminski Greg Kassanoff Mary and William Keefer Todd Kelting Catherine Kendall Tyler Kent Jessica Keough Wilbur Kiel John Kievit Irene D. King Jamie E. King David M. Kitchen Anne E. Kocik Michael Kula Susan and Duane Kullberg Melanee Lane Amelia A. Langston, M.D. Monica M. Lara William Laule Patricia and Paul Lavallee Roy Leatherberry Jim Leslie Dennis Lesmeister Mark Levine Jennifer Limeri Karen and Robert Lorentz, Ph.D. Ian MacDonald Carol Cole and Stanley Manasevit Ann Mandel Mark Mann, D.D.S. Miriam A. Markowitz Bruce Martin Mercedes Martinez Chariff Masri Carol McCormick Terri L. Konstenius and Jeffrey McCullough, M.D. Timothy McDonald Theresa McGuire

Douglas McKeown Patty A. McKinnon Damian P. Meehan Memorial Fund Michael Messier Vidy Metsker Mary B. Meyer Ian Miller William Millgin Jane S. Miner Jeff J. Mixon Marge Monroe Angela Moore Roger Moore William Morange Sarah Morrison, M.D. Susan J. Moser Judy Mottar Michael Murphy Sushmeeta Nanda Francis Napoleon Ronald Nash Amal S. Nassar Ellen Nemec William Nickerson Kathleen M. Niclas Rita and Richard Niederhoffer Don Nutzmann Kim Nuzzo Patricia Oberrender Ryan O’Donoghue Dale Okuno Luella Olean Bobbie O’Quin Homiyar Panday Sue and David Pearce Kathleen Penn Rachelle A. Plonsky Leanne and Mike Porch Mason Powers Thomas H. Price, M.D. Susan and Gary Rappaport Samuel Rechter Dan Reeb Janet and Marc Reichman Gerald Reihsen Jayme Renner Lana Reynolds Sheryl Rhodes Beatriz Ringer Sharlene Risdon Lori Roberts Marcia Rodgers Crystal Ross Catherine Sabin Ann Sanders

Susan Santry, M.D. Melissa and James Schifman Stephen Schlegel Lloyd Schmitt Tara Schoeneman Donovan Schwichtenberg, Ph.D. Brian Seedhouse Mac Seligman Yeonok Seo Molly and Benjamin Setnick Brian R. Shearer Justin Sheperd James Shultis Lilly Skiles Amanda Smith Courtney Smith Janet Smith Kevin Smith Linda S. Smith Sonia Sonner Peter Soudin Stephen R. Spellman Judith and Stephen Spellman Theodore Spencer Leroy Springmeier Curt Srait Thomas Stanley Marcia Stehling Karen Sternal Mary J. Stoutenborough D. P. Strouse Christianne Surace Barbara Sutton Elizabeth and David Sweeley Leo Sweeney Zbigniew M. Szczepiorkowski, M.D., Ph.D. Debora H. Taylor Susan Tello Mario Testani Debbie Thompson Terry Thompson Bernard Tohl Timothy Towell Veronica and James Trezza Karol Tucker Allison Turner Evelyn Valen Timothy Van Raden Edward Villaume Nancy E. Wade Becky and Dale Walker Sandra and Sheldon Walker Lori and Vann Walters Daphne Walton

Bonnie Warner Kristen Webker Tyler Welsch Kathleen Welte Steve Wheeler Brian Williams Sara and Kenneth W. Winston III

$250-$499 Vivian L. Abernathy Carla J. Abler-Erickson and James Erickson Lise Abraham Michael A. Adamsky Wilton Aebersold Beverly Agdern Kimberly A. Allen Alan Ament, M.D. Bernadette Anton Adair H. Apple Alex Arab Jill Arrigoni Cindy and Bruce Backberg Thomas Bahrman Andrea Barella Tanya Barnicle Maria Barone M. Anita Barry, M.D. Kenneth G. Bartels Craig Bear Jeffrey Beatty William Beck IV Kenneth J. Beers Carol J. Belfonte Jeffrey Belford Christy Bellamy Benjamin B. Bennett Eli Berlin Trent Bernatz Jackie H. Bickel Lawrence Bishop Loretta Bitner Patrick Blessing Kristin Boggs Dr. Robert Bontrager Dorothy Borgstrom Rick Bothwell Emily M. Bowers Stephen Boyle Lee Brathwaite Jim Brennan Stephanie Brill James Bromley Jaclyn Brown Tim Brown

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Brian Bruce James Buckhahn Kenneth Bullard De Anna Bullaro-Anderer Cindy Bulther Chris Bunning Florence M. Bunning Fred Burdette Alberta and Rick Burleigh James Calzaretta Stacey Condit Campbell Nicole R. Canon Kerry Cantrell Michael Carrera, M.D. Bryan G. Carrier John Carron Ronique Carter Josiah M. Castro Stephen Cathers Stephane Cattelin Ruth Cernera Sarah Chadha Carter Chinnis Iru Choi David Chute Helen Clausen Gena Cobb Katrina Miller Cocca Cheryl A. Cohler Mary and Cliff Collins Robert Conley Carrie Conner Edward Connolly Edward Cowen Rex L. Crawley, Ph.D. Terrence J. Culhane Elizabeth Cumming Frank Cutrone Derek Dabrowski-Shotiveyaratana Shivam Daftari John D’Agostino Nema Dalal Diane and Gregory D’Angelo Steven Daniels Nancy Davids Amalie Day Gaye De Benedetti Jim and Geri DeCenso Marilyn Demarco Willam Demarest Julie and Brian Dentel Jeffrey W. Derr Robert Descenza Denise Devine Phyllis A. Dilbeck

Stacy Dixon Timothy Dixon Jill Docking Joseph Donahue Elizabeth Donnell Dr. Jennie Dotson Brent Douglas Francis Dubois P. A. Evans Catherine Fabiitti Rosellen and John Fairall, Jr. Stephanie Farah Anibal Felix Bernard C. Ferriero Mary Finelli Kelly Fisher Robert Fisher II Michael Flanagan Marie A. Flannigan Niki Flavin Joyce Fleck Barbara and Thomas Florack Christopher Florman Dr. Armand Formica Joshua C. Foster Debbie Frank Theodore Friedman, M.D. Tiffany Friesen Bonnie H. Fritz Candice Fuhrman Leigh A. Fulford Adam Gabler Susan and Dan Gallo Kathleen and Tibor Gallo Thomas Gardner Hartwell Gary Cindy and Jason Gaskins Alice Ann and Dennis Gastineau Luchanan Gatica Jennifer Gerlach Greg Gildersleeve Ernest Gilmer Christine Gimmler Sergio Giralt, M.D. Kerry Glicken Gary A. Goldstein Lindsay Goodman J. Cunyon Gordon, Esq. Larry Graff Dr. Lisa Green Doris Greene Mark Griffin Caroline Grothe Tara Gruspe David Gulden

Tom Haas, M.D. George Hager Keith Hahn William Hall Mitzi Hancuff Linda Hansen George Harris Vanessa Hartman Robert Hasday John Haugen Jeffrey Hauser Nancy Hay Jennifer Healey Victoria Heil Aimee Heis Aleigh Heldstab Joel Helman James Henon, D.D.S. Mary Hermanson Russell D. Hickman Daniel Hill Marinel and John Hirota Iva and Lawrence Hirsch Rebecca Holmes Melanie and Trenton Hood Mary M. Horowitz, M.D. Timothy Hoster Suzanne Hubbard Paula Huergo Joani Hughart Keith Hughart Robert Hunt Fraser Hunter, Jr. Dwight Hutchins Steve and Liz Hysjulien Laurie Israel Melissa R. Jackson Joan L. Jarosh B. Aileen Jenkins John R. Jenner Dolores and Merrill Johnson Tim Jones Elizabeth Jordan Megan Jordan Ruth Kanner Chatchada Karanes, M.D. Sai Karlapudi Karen and Mike Kasner Kathryn Von Darryl Kays Beate Kearns Kristine Keiser Jennifer and Dean Keith Christina Kelerchian Pichak Kelk Midge and Tim Kerr

Margaret G. Kessler Noor Khan Lee and Gary Kilgard Khy Kimura Michelle Kirkhoff Joe Knott Bonnie Kornfeld Eric Korpela Elizabeth and Mark Kosnik Amy Kovac Mary L. Krause Patricia and Fred Kriger Kaushik Krishna Duane Krueger Jake Ksobiech Nancy Ku Dr. Carol Kulp-Shorten and David Shorten Matt Kuntz Charoulla N. Kyprianides Lora Lacey-Haun, Ph.D. Kathleen LaFleur Cynthia Lasher Mark Lavalle Pamela Lebron Daniel Lee Ofer Leidner Carl Leighton Barry Levin Susan E. Levin Robert Levitt Carla Lewis Michael Lewitt Troy Lillebo Dave Link Irene Litz Mark Litzow, M.D. Beth A. Loberg Deborah Lodoen Lynda and John Lonsdorf Elaine Lopez Patti Lopez Karen and Michael Lorinser Peter Lovelady Amy and Mark Lucas Ellen Goldberg Luger and Andrew Luger Venus Lusk Maura Lyons Tiffany Lyons Gary W. Mack Mark MacLennan Victoria and Greg MacPherson Margaret MacRae, M.D. Sean Madden

22 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Kimberly Maguire Nagwa Maksy Sheel Malaviya Eugene Maloney Kelly Marchwick Margaret and Myron Marcinkowski Mary Marek Lance J. Mark Kenneth Markison Agnelo Marques Audrey Maschino Kathleen Massoth Gary Mattoon Mrs. Lester Mayer Kathleen Mazur Ann McAllister Larry McAllister Karen A. McAtee Larry McCloskey David McCoach Timothy J. McDonald Barbara McElroy Gwen McFaden Eileen and Ralph McGinley Geraldine McGinty Henry J. McHugh Victoria McKeon Elizabeth McKinney Robert McMurtrie Nancy Meacham Ernesto Melendrez Dr. Nona and Sandy Melnick Suzan Meredith Lisa Mitchell Mahlon Mitchell Margaret Mitchell Marilyn Moen David Molnar Mary Jean Moltenbrey David Mortenson Wilbert Moultrie Denise Mounkhall David Mozer Edward Mullin Franchelle Mullin Steve Mullins Bruce Murff Elizabeth Murphy, Ed.D., R.N. Aaron Murra Rob Nabb Jyothsna Nagaraja Joyce Naugle Virginia Newbury Donald Newman

Joshua Newsome James Niemczynski Tanya Nieves Katherine O’Brien Sharon O’Brien Michael O’Connell Jeanne O’Donoghue Lynn Okamura Colleen and Jerry O’Neill Corlett M. Orr Trudie and Daniel Oshman Kristen Paddon Linda A. Palmieri Marcelo Pasquini Dipali Patel Robert Patterson John V. Pawloski Robert Peek Edythe Peplinski Stephen Perna Mark Perry Shaunna Peterson David Petty Margaret D. Philip Kenneth K. Pia Jessica R. Pierpont Stacy Pimentel Becky Pink Isaac Pivovaroff Nancy and John Poland Margaret Poole Barbara Power Jean L. Price Josephine J. Price Dave Priester Firas Rabi Michael L. Rains Alaina Ramos Ron Reazin Michael P. Rees Judy Reishus and Bruce P. Schmaltz E. Michele and Michael Richardson Deana Riggio Peter Riguardi Tina and Richard Roberson Barbara Roberts Beth Roberts Pam and Todd Robinett Sharon Robinson Eva Rodal Bertram A. Roers Becky and Eric Rohde Mark Rolfes

Thomas Rooney Janice Roper-Graham Kim Rosen Lori Rosen Kristy and Brett Rosenberg, M.D. Lawrence N. Rosenblum, C.P.A. MaryAnn Ross Nan Roth Sherry Rue Kimberly Runyon Kathleen Ruttenberg Cathy Sallas Eric Samson Irene N. Sang Paris Saunders Susan M. Savage Deborah L. Scarpelli, Ph.D. Dale Schaechterle William Schilz Tom Schwanda Paul Schwarz Adam Serlo, D.M.D. David Sewall Jan Shanklin Jeffrey Sharpe Mohammad Shokouh-Amiri Pamela Siesel Burt Silva Scott Silver Yolanda Silverio Ross Silverman Veronica Sim Marc Simonetti Josephine Sineni Ronda Skubi and Ed Sheets Eleanor Small Dale E. Smith Stephen Smith Anne Sneed Richard H. Snyder Anita Sobel Stacy Sodahl Henry Solis Dava Sorensen Wade Sorenson Peter Spacciapoli Kartik Srinivasan Jay Sriram Carl Stam Pete Steinke Karen A. Stephenson Toni Stifano and Marc K. Walton, M.D. Diana and Richard Strauss Dolores Strong

Rebecca Stutzman Barry Sullivan Bonnie Sullivan Sundararajan Sundararajan Goldie and James Sutton Marion Sweeney C. Samuel Swenson Dean Tangren Kara Tedder, Pharm.D. Diane Theis Dee and Don Thibodeau Steuart Thomsen Mary Jean and Randall Tingler Indra Tobias Cayle and Jeff Townsend Regina Trainor Linda Treggett Laura and Jeffery Uecker Michael Unekis Ryan M. Urbanski Joseph Vicinanza Sharon Vipperman Genise Wade Jonathan Wagner Karen Walker Shirley Walker William Walker Chiara and Edmund Waller, M.D., Ph.D. Casey Walton Claude L. Weaver Kelsey Webb Kathy Webster Derrick Weems Nick Westenfelder Pascal Wever Elizabeth F. White Rebecca White Robert Whitman Deb and Bryon Wieberdink Ken Wigchert Deborah Wiggins Brooks Wilder Julie and Robert Wilke Charisse Williams Curtiss Williams Michelle Williams Donald Wilson Cindy Withington Ronald Witt Ann Wittpenn Robert A. Witzburg, M.D. Piper J. Wood Linda Woodside Robert Wortman

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Becky F. Wray Neil Yamagata Karen S. Yamasaki Bing-Bing Yang Kathy Young Kristi Young Alan Yowell Ramsey Zakaria Adam Zion Juli Zoota, Ph.D.

Corporations $250,000+ United States Postal Service

$100,000-$249,999 Bank of America Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

$50,000-$99,999 Histogenetics, Inc. York Capital Management

$10,000-$49,999 Abbott Molecular Aetna Amgen, Inc. AP Card Auto Club Speedway Because I Care, Inc. Bio-Rad Medical Diagnostics GMBH CARFAX, Inc. Chamilia, Inc. Choate Construction Company Dixon Hughes, PLLC EMC Corporation Enterprise Leasing Company Southeast European Federation of Immunogenetics General Motors Corporation Gen-Probe Goldman, Sachs & Co. Hendrick Automotive Group Hendrick Motorsports Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Kenwal Steel Corporation Kohler Co. Contributions Program LabCorp of America Holdings Life Technologies

Lowe’s Companies, Inc. Mosley Real Estate and Development, Inc. NASCAR, Inc. The New York Yankees Northside Hospital Norton Healthcare Olerup, SSP One Lambda, Inc. Pratt & Miller Engineering The Reynolds and Reynolds Company Softmart Turner Construction Company UAW - Ford National Programs Center United Health Care Services, Inc. Wachovia Bank

$5,000-$9,999 Ken E. Andrews & Company BAG Health Care GmbH BMW Financial Services Carnival of Love, Inc. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Cleveland Clinic Confiance IP Solutions, Inc. Friends of Allison, Inc. GMAC Mortgage Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation (VA) Hays Companies HCC Life Insurance Company Hendrick BMW Hendrick MINI Honda Cars of Hickory Hooters of America, Inc. Hospira, Inc. Janney Montgomery Scott, LLC Kellogg’s Long Funeral Home Manheim Corporate Services Midwave Corporation 3M Moore & Van Allen, PLLC Padilla Speer Beardsley Panasonic Craig Peracca Bone Marrow Drive Fund, FBO QED, LLC Quick International Courier Radiology Partners, LLC. RBC Capital Markets Corporation RedLine Design Group Reval.Com, Inc.

ROSE Superior Lexus Tejas Securities Group, Inc. Waco Wild West Century, Inc. Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Dealer Services Westchester Medical Center Zentrales KnochenmarkspenderRegister Deutschland

$1,000-$4,999 Acura of Concord Acura of Pleasanton Acura of Riverside Aflac Incorporated Allergy and Asthma Specialists, PC American Honda Finance Corporation APi Group, Inc Apostles Anglican Church Arch Bay Capital, LLC A-Son’s Construction, Inc. Bank of America Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Blackbaud - Kintera Division Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota BMW of North America Robert Bosch, LLC Branch Banking and Trust Company Briggs and Morgan Bryant Racing, Inc. The Bryn Mawr Trust Company Capstar Lending LLC Carter-Jones Collection Services, Inc. CB Richard Ellis Cequent Performance Products, Inc. Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin City Chevrolet Company Club at Irish Creek, LLC Colonial Cadillac Colonial Chevrolet Contra Costa Building and Construction Trades Council Dealix Duke Energy Carolinas East Bay BMW EMC Corporation EMH&T Engine Company 28/ Ladder Company II Exford, LLC Foil’s Incorporated

Fowler Enterprises, Inc. From The Heart Fashion Show Gach & Nolen, PLLC Genome Diagnostics Genzyme Corporation Jeff Gordon Chevrolet Gundel Funeral Home, Inc. Gwinnett Place Honda C. Hamilton Designs Hendrick Acura Hendrick Automotive Center Hendrick Cadillac-Hummer Rick Hendrick Chevrolet Hendrick Chevrolet Cary Auto Mall Hendrick Chrysler-Jeep Rick Hendrick Dodge Chrysler Jeep Hendrick Durham Automall Hendrick Honda of Charleston Hendrick Honda of Charlotte Hendrick Honda of Easley Hendrick Honda of Woodbridge Rick Hendrick Imports BMW Volvo MINI Rick Hendrick Jeep Chrysler Dodge Hendrick Lexus J.L. Hendrick Management Corporation Hendrick Motors Hendrick Motors of Charlotte Hendrick Pontiac-BuickGMC-Cadillac Hendrick Porsche Rick Hendrick Toyota - Scion Hinshaw & Culbertson, LLP Honda Cars of Bradenton Honda Cars of McKinney Honda Cars of Rock Hill Honda of Concord Honda of El Cerrito Hotwire, Inc. IBM Employee Services Center Infiniti of Pleasanton Jimmie Johnson’s Kearny Mesa Chevrolet Jewish Hospital, Blood and Marrow Transplant Program Johnston Paper Kohl’s Land Rover Charlotte Lexus of Pleasanton Lexus Southern Area Lockheed Martin Mahle Clevite, Inc. Mariner Energy, Inc.

24 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Marudas Print Services Mercedes-Benz Financial Micor Industries, Inc. Minnesota Twins Baseball Club, Inc. Monroe Community College Association, Inc. Morgan Kalman Clinic, PA National Check Trust, Inc. Neal-Sisk Corporation Nelson, Tietz & Hoye NetApp New England Mail Order Association Norsk Hydro North America, Inc. North Star Community Credit Union Office Environments, Inc. Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC Oncology Hematology Care, Inc. Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. OptumHealth Oracle America, Inc. Performance Chevrolet, BMW, Subaru, Acura, Porsche Performance Link Technologies Physicians Practice Group Physiotherapy Corporation The PNC Financial Services Group Preston Kelly Q.S.I. Qualcomm Incorporated R & J Public Relations, LLC Raising Canes USA, LLC Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. RJF Agencies, Inc. SAAB Aerotech Of America LLC Saint Mary’s Good Samaritan, Inc. Savannah’s Organic Ranch Schettine & Nguyen PLC Science Ministries, Inc. Shands Thos. Somerville Co. Speedway Children’s Charities Sprint Sport Marketing Stagnaro Distributing, LLC StemCyte International Cord Blood Center Superior Acura Superior Buick-Cadillac Superior Chevrolet Superior Lexus North Superior Toyota-Scion Superior Volvo

Switchgear Design Systems, Inc. Taupou Tower Computer Services, Inc. Toyota Scion of Concord Toyota Scion of Wilmington Tricounty Medical Equipment & Supply, LLC Truist Altruism, Connected Universal Voice & Data University of Minnesota Medical Center VFW Post 630, Inc. Canteen Fund Vigilant Watch Viking Charities, Inc. Walmart Darrell Waltrip Honda Volvo Subaru Wayne Industries

$500-$999 Alfred Williams & Company Andover Dairy Queen The Architecture Studio, Inc. Associations, Inc. Avera McKennan Hospital Block O’Toole & Murphy Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. Breezy Point Day School, Inc. The Brendan Borek High Tides C.W., LLC Carolina Business Interiors Chubb & Son, A Division of Federal Insurance Company Cole Jenest & Stone Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Corvettes International Cr Fun Development LLC Damman Development Corp. Dealer Solutions & Design LLC DeCare Dental, LLC Delta Educational Systems, Inc. Donnelly Stucco Construction Services East Cobb Urgent Care East Village Pharmacy, Inc. Eatem Foods Company Ebs-Rmsco, Inc. Edwards & Associates, Inc. El Patio Faribault Foods Fort Wayne Medical Oncology & Hematology, Inc. Fresno Pharmacy, LLC Greathouse Restaurants LLC Gryphon Advisors, LLC High Hopes For Lopes, Inc.

HMC Pain Clinic Staff and Faculty Hometown Hardware & Garden Center, Inc. Illinois Valley Credit Union The Ivy Community Charities of Prince George’s County, Inc. Karmanos Cancer Institute Kristiansen Klassic The Kroger Co. Lage Management Corp. F. Lax Construction Co., Inc. M.B. Equipment Co. Malkin and Ross Markos & Widly, Inc. Marlo Entertainment, Inc. Marsh, Wassermann & Associates, PC Maternohio Clinical Associates, Inc. McAfee McAllister and Quinn, LLC Medco Medical Supply Metro Staffing Millwork Associates, Inc. NetApp Novant Health, Inc. Online Resources Corporation Paragon Communications Solutions, Inc. Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman L.L.P. Planet Soul, Inc. Port Washington PBA Presbyterian College The Riddell Group, LLC Saints Peter and Paul High School Service Master Sewell Village Cadillac SFI Electronics, Inc Solcom, Inc. Startown Stables, Inc. Supercuts Bakersfield Tantalum Pellet Company TDS Telecom Service Corp. Town & Country Bank And Co. Triad School Voris Mechanical, Inc. WBFJ-FM 89.3 Weber Shandwick Wells Fargo Community Support X-Cel Restoration, Inc. Zaucha Family Limited Partnership

$250-$499 A. J. Transport, Inc. Adhesive Label Co., Inc.

Allima Marine & Fabrication, LLC American Para Professional Systems Frank Ancona Honda Axel’s Bonfire Restaurant Company Banded Brothers Belfonte Ice Cream Co. Black Book Online Black Faculty & Staff Forum Blair’s Tree of Hope Bohemia Fire Department Brookfield Chiropractic Butler IV Productions, Inc. Casino Central Texas, LLC Cedar Hills Ribs, Inc. Centare Group Ltd. The Citizens Bank of Winfield Colonial Insurance & Financial Services Combustion Technologies Contour Technology, LLC Courey, Kosanda & Zimmer, P.A. DDRTC Birkdale Village Marketing Fund Christopher R. Dang, LLC Dean Clinic The Demo Group, LLC Docks Clam Bar DS & B, Ltd. Em Chamas LLC Erj Dining IV, LLC Exelon Generation Company, LLC FCG Henderson, LLC File 13, Inc. First Class Car Care Flower Mound Taekwondo, Inc. The Law Offices of Michael Flynn, PC J. Gladu Construction, Inc. Glen Cove PBA Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program GradStaff, Inc. Great Neck Estates PBA, Inc. Gruber Law Offices, LLC Hadous PLLC Highland Village Tae Kwon Do, Inc. Hofstra University Hollstadt & Associates, Inc. Hopkins Center Drug, Inc. Independent Stave Co., Inc. International Marketing Administration & Insurance Corp. Jenniffer & Company Styling Studio

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JPMorgan Chase Kosta’s Gyros/ PPB Restaurant, Inc. Lamex Foods, Inc. Lee’s Body Shop LWB Refractories Company Nancy Cain Marcus Markit WSO Corporation Markitserv LLC Metavante Corporation Metcraft Industries, Inc. Metro Valuation Group LLC Mr. Valet, Inc. Monarch Brokerage, Ltd. Annie Moore’s Bar & Resturant Moss & Barnett NCPD Federal Credit Union Nestle New Hope Baptist Church, Inc. Newman & Associates Northwest Natural Gas Company NY Team/Federal Credit Union Office Systems of Conn, Inc. Orthopaedic Consultants of Cincinnati, Inc. Orthopaedic Rehab Specialists, PC Pro Advantage Prosource Wholesale Floorcoverings RBC Bank (USA) Rockville Centre PBA, Inc. Sayyed Ventures LLC Senior Care Medical Group PLLC The Soccer Shoppe Spicar’s Martial Arts, Inc. Subaru of America, Inc. Sugar Plum Thomasville-Archdale Town & Country Bank and Trust Co. Tracks at Penn LLC Tri County Toyota Tri-Umph, Inc. VF Services, Inc. Stanley D. Walker M.D. LLC Waterstone Mortgage Corporation Wedgewood Development Corp. Weiner & Associates PLLC Robert E. Weiner Attorney at Law Zeidner/Cowan and Associates, Inc.

Foundations $250,000k+ The Jeff Gordon Foundation

$100,000-$249,999 Jimmie Johnson Foundation F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

$50,000-$99,999 The Lincy Foundation

$10,000-$49,999 Be A Hero, Become A Donor Foundation Carolinas Healthcare Foundation Mia Hamm Foundation The Luther and Susie Harrison Foundation, Inc. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research Katherine John Murphy Foundation The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. William G. Pomeroy Foundation Katten Muchin Rosenman Foundation, Inc. St. Jude Medical Foundation Sheriffs’ Relief Foundation Spring Foundation The Trustmark Foundation

$5,000-$9,999 The Angel 34 Foundation Edith Baldinger Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation Columbus Citizens Foundation, Inc. Community Foundation of Tampa Bay George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation The Edouard Foundation, Inc. Foothills Community Foundation Hawaii Medical Center Foundation Hillwood Museum and Gardens Foundation Island Gift Of Life Foundation, Inc. My Friends Care, Inc. The William L. Price Charitable Foundation




The Asen Foundation The Attwell Foundation Bailey Family Foundation, Inc. The Bank of America Foundation Jeannine J. Barrett Foundation Benefit Fund For Christy L Annett The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Carquest Charitable Foundation Paul Andrew Clapper Foundation Community Foundation Fund Account The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven Dawkins Family Foundation Nicholas J. DeSocio Foundation Dominion Foundation William L. Eccles Foundation Foundation for Washington & Lee University Headstrong Foundation Jacobsen Foundation The Kullberg Family Foundation Mentor Rotary Foundation The McGlynn Family Foundation MiKyla Pickering Fund Mosberger-Tang Foundation National Foundation For Transplants Orange County Community Foundation Oregon Health & Science University Foundation The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation Steven L. Pearson Leukemia Foundation Phileona Foundation The Pimco Foundation Raymond Family Foundation RLJ Foundation C.H. Robinson Worldwide Foundation The Ryan Foundation, Inc. The Thomas H. and Mayme P. Scott Foundation The Helen & Irving Spatz Foundation, Inc. Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation The Charles Thide Foundation, Inc. Janice Vitale Benefit Fund Wal-Mart Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation

Aetna Giving Campaign The Ashley Lauren Foundation Brumberger Foundation, Inc. The Leonard Friedland Charitable Foundation, Inc. Dean M. Graham Foundation Jacquie Hirsch for “A.L.L.” Foundation The Janus Foundation Lap 4 Life Foundation, Inc. The David & Sondra Mack Foundation, Inc. New York Life The Reid Family Trust Rochester General Hospital Foundation, Inc. Saint Francis Foundation SF Mental Health Education Funds, Inc. Joseph Suchman Memorial Foundation, Inc. The University of Toledo Foundation

American Red Cross American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics America’s Charities Banner Health Be The Hero For A Hero Benefit for the Jewish Hospital Blood and Marrow Transplant Group of Georgia D.C. Metropolitan Asian Pacific American Marrow Network Emory University Hospital First Presbyterian Church Heroes Run for Hope Houchin Community Blood Bank Ladue Middle School Parent Association The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Lowcountry Food Lion Charities Motorsports Charities Inc. Tshibanda & Associates United Way of Genesee County

$250-$500 Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign Ball State Student Foundation Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Cooper Tire & Rubber Foundation GivingExpress Program from American Express The Hade Foundation The Hammoud Foundation Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona The Minneapolis Foundation The Von Gontard Family Foundation

Organizations $10,000-$49,999 Atlanta Blood Services, LLC Beta Sigma Phi Christopher’s Challenge, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association MTA PBA Benefit Fund Network For Good Persian-American Cancer Institute The University of Iowa University of Notre Dame

26 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

$2500-$4,999 American Red Cross - Charlotte Castle Rock Lions, Inc. Catholic Healthcare Partners Charleston Baptist Church Church of the Resurrection Community Health Charities of Kansas and Missouri Jared Coones Pumpkin Run Davidson College Derry Medical Center, PA EORH LTC Resident Council Henry Ford Health System Fridley Lions Club Tim Kerr Charities, Inc. Medical College of Wisconsin MidMichigan Medical Center Midland Morgan County High School Portland Marathon Regional Health Resource Center Schwab Charitable Fund Texas State University – San Marcos Tyner United Methodist Church Washington and Lee University Westminster Presbyterian Church




American Ramallah Federation American Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation The Big Apple Association BlueCross BlueShield of Kansas City Community High School District #155 Cornerstone Fellowship Crawfordsville Professional Firefighters Emory University Fenton Union Firefighters Fifth Episcopal District First Baptist Church of Highland Park, Inc. Go Benefit Golden State Grand Chapter, O.E.S. Gordon College Granville Exempted Village School District Hawaii Medical Center East, LLC Hendrick Marrow Program Holy Family Church Irwin County High School Kappa Psi Fraternity Lewisville Rotary Club Long Beach Police Officers Association Maggie’s Enterprises, Inc. Markit North America, Inc. George C. Marshall High School Medical Research Charities Nesconset Fire Department New Life Assembly Of God Partners Healthcare Rotary Club of Gilroy Rotary Club of Scott Valley Salem Elementary School District No. 111 Malcolm A. Smith for New York Soccer For Hope Sophia Area Volunteer Fire Dept. Southwest Transplant Alliance Stamford Marrow Donor Registry Unified School District 259 University of Kansas Hospital Authority Wabash College Warren County United Blue Washington University in St. Louis Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign West Mont United Soccer Association Woman’s Life

AG Production Co. Barnard College Big Lick Baptist Church Bint Jebail Cultural Center Biology Graduate Student Association Bread of Life Christian Church in Seattle Bridge and Tunnel, P.B.A. Bullthistle Festival Committee Cape Fear Corvettes Central Moravian Church Champaign County Post #5520 Children’s Cancer Community Church of St. Saviour Cornerstone Alliance Church The Dweebs Family Night Emergency Medical Services - Long Island City Encompass Credit Union Exterior & Interior Specialists G C Marshall High Booster Club Heart Sing Illinois Eastern Community College District No. 529 Intel-Volunteer Grant Program Klamath Basin Senior Citizens’ Council Lancaster County Medical Society Life Gift Organ Donation Center Manchester Masonic Lodge Max Creek Baptist Church Monroe Central Elementary PTO Mountain Grove Baptist Church New York State Troopers Political Action Committee Oak Ridge Middle School Oneida Teachers Association Picacho Middle School Police Benevolent Association Rotary Club of Long Grove Rotary Club of Strongsville St. Ignatius High School St. John Armenian Apostolic Church St. Joseph Hospital Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Salem Lutheran Church Seekers Sunday School Class Sterling Heights Firefighters Charities Sussex County Community College Committee to Elect Ruth Thompson Thunderbird High School Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York Vineland Lodge No. 434

The Arkansas Region of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Bardstown Rotary Club, Inc. Benevolent Protective Order of Elks BMHC Bristol Eastern High School Organizations Central Student Fund Charitable Flex Fund Citizens For Dilan CM Temporary Services East Tennessee Conference CME Church Employee’s Community Fund of the Boeing Company F.D.N.Y Ladder 8 Commissary Farm Fresh To You Fayetteville Elks Lodge No. 1792 B.O.P.E. Forbush High School Fraternal Order of Police, Transit Police Memorial Lodge #317 The Galman Group Greater Twin Cities United Way Hosanna School Independent School District 535 Irvington Grade School Jewish Family Services Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Kappa PSI Pharmacentical Klamath Orthopedic Clinic Lemont Professional Firefighters Lions Club of Robbinsdale Little Brasstown Baptist Church Long Island Lodge #754 of I.A.M. & A.W. Macedonia Baptist Church Mounds View ISD #621-Dollars for Donors Mount Vernon Police Association, Inc. New York State Camp Directors Association Port Authority Police Detectives Retired Police Association of the State of New York Rotary Club of Washington Scarsdale Police Benevolent Association Sergeants Benevolent Association Springfield Monthly Meeting Suffolk County PBA, Inc. Superior Officers Association Superior Officers Association Police Department Taekwondo America Union Chapel University of Cincinnati The Vidal Group, LLC West Tennessee Annual Conference CME Church Western & Southern Financial Fund Group Woodruff Road Animal Hospital

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Matching Gift Companies Amgen Foundation Bank of America The Bank of New York Mellon-Community Partnership Baxter International Foundation BP Foundation, Inc. Bridger Management, LLC Champlain Investment Partners, LLC Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program General Electric Company/The GE Foundation Greater Kansas City Community Foundation ITW Foundation Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc. Microsoft Matching Gifts Program 3M Monsanto Company Pepsico Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Russell Matching Gifts Program Transatlantic Reinsurance Company Wachovia Foundation

Tribute Event Sponsors Without our sponsors, the 2010 Tribute to Research would not have been possible. Thank you for helping us celebrate the wonderful advances in marrow transplantation.

Groovy Gene-$10,000 Drs. Isabel and Jeffrey Chell Five Star Productions Mayo Clinic St. Jude Medical Foundation Shapco

Nifty Nucleotide-$5,000 Haskell’s Hays Companies Midwave Corporation 3M OptumHealth Padilla Speer Beardsley Jaclyn Thomforde Tshibanda & Associates

Mighty Molecule-$2,500 APi Group, Inc. Blue Cross Blue Shield/Delta Dental Michael Boo and Dennis Confer, M.D. Briggs and Morgan The Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Vanessa Dayton, M.D. Dean & Karen Dodson Christine Fleming Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP Doug Kingsriter Susan and Duane Kullberg Patricia Manolis Marudas Print Services Medical College of Wisconsin/CIBMTR Minnesota Twins Baseball Club Andrew and Kristyn Mullin Nelson, Tietz & Hoye NetApp Oppenheimer & Co., Inc. Oracle The Phileona Foundation Preston Kelly RBC Wealth Management–The Collins Group RJF Agencies, Inc. Jim and Lissie Schifman Ed Snyder, M.D. United States Postal Service Carroll and Michele Vance Michael and Alyssa Vance Wells Fargo

Contributors Allegra Print & Imaging Minneapolis AmeriPride Bachman’s Deborah Boyer EMC2 Corporation

Recruitment Partners These organizations are recruitment partners for Be The Match. They facilitate recruitment events, as well as raise and provide funds to add members to the Be The Match Registry. Asian American Donor Program (AADP) Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches (A3M) Baylor University Medical Center Blood Assurance

28 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

BloodCenter of Wisconsin Bloodsource in Sacramento Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation Central Blood Bank (now ITxM – Pittsburgh) City of Hope Colorado Marrow Donor Program Community Blood Center Community Blood Centers of South Florida Community Blood Services of Illinois Cook Children’s Cooperative Appalachian Marrow Program Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Florida’s Blood Centers Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Hawaii Bone Marrow Donor Registry Icla Da Silva Foundation Indiana Blood Center Inland Northwest Blood Center Iowa Marrow Donor Program Jacksonville Marrow Donor Registry Kids Beating Cancer LifeSource (now ITxM – Rosemont, IL) LifeSouth Community Blood Centers LifeStream Link to Life Maine Leukemia Foundation Michigan Blood Mississippi Marrow Donor Program New York Blood Center NIH Marrow Donor Center NMDP at Puerto Rico NMDP Northcentral District NMDP Northeast District NMDP Northern California & Northwest District NMDP Southcentral District NMDP Southeast District NMDP Southern California & Southwest District Oklahoma Blood Institute Puget Sound Blood Center Rhode Island Blood Center Rock River Valley Blood Center San Diego Blood Bank Scott and White Marrow Donor Program South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters (SAMAR) South Texas Blood & Tissue Center The HLA Registry at Community Blood Services The Johns Hopkins Hospital

2011 Be The Match Foundation

Board of Directors Rebecca A. Lewis, Esquire, Chair Steamboat Springs, CO Becky McCullough, Vice Chair Director, Marrow Donor Program Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center Houston, TX Daniel D. Arndt, Secretary Hudson, WI Gordon Bryan, Treasurer Chief Financial Officer National Marrow Donor Program Minneapolis, MN Roy M. Bossen, Esquire Legal Counsel Hinshaw & Culbertson Chicago, IL

Dennis Confer, M.D. Chief Medial Officer National Marrow Donor Program Minneapolis, MN Christine Fleming President Be The Match Foundation Minneapolis, MN Robert D. (Denny) Lorentz, Ph.D. North Oaks, MN Bernadette Murray-Fertel Federal Square Farm Amenia, NY Jiro Okochi Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Reval New York, NY

Barbara Peterson Burwell Wayzata, MN Jeffrey W. Chell, M.D. Chief Executive Officer National Marrow Donor Program Minneapolis, MN

Mission Statement Be The Match Foundation raises funds to support the life-saving mission of the National Marrow Donor Program. Together, we help patients who need a marrow or umbilical cord blood transplant find a donor and receive the treatment they need.

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How you can help Add your touch

Give now One hundred percent of your gift will go directly to: • Fund more medical research • Help patients with uninsured transplant costs • Add potential donors to Be The Match Registry Remember us in your will. We will provide bequest language upon request. Join Be The Match Registry if you are between the ages of 18 and 60 and meet health guidelines. Donate your baby’s umbilical cord blood to provide access to transplant for more patients, especially those who have less common tissue types. Volunteer to organize a fundraising event or host a donor recruitment drive. Stay in touch to join our cause and help spread the word. Sign up for e-mail updates at:

Contribute — Please give generously Online:

Telephone: (800) 507-5427 Mail:

 001 Broadway Street N.E., Suite 601 3 Minneapolis, MN 55413

Joey Stott, with her marrow donor, Tom Wilhelm. Joey’s story was featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The broadcast spread awareness about the need for marrow donors across the nation.

30 | Be The Match Foundation 2010

Left to right: Teresa, transplant recipient, with her donor, Lydia.

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Be The Match Foundation 2010 Annual Report  
Be The Match Foundation 2010 Annual Report  

Be The Match Foundation annual report provides an overview of how financial contributions help patients get the life-saving transplant they...