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Welcome to Bethel! We are so glad to have you here! As you look through this Connect bulletin, we trust that you will quickly find that Bethel has something for you and your family. Our hope is that you will take the next step into our community and get involved. As you do, you will begin to see that Bethel is more than just a Sunday service, it is a family of everyday people following Christ to bring hope and change to the world - one life at a time.

Pastor Tim Gibb Lead Pastor



BETHEL NEWS Adult Sunday School Class Understanding the Tribulation from the Book of Revelation. Taught by Pastor Keith. Begins Sunday January 9th at 9AM in the Fellowship Room. Come & learn God’s Word!

Office Hours in 2011 The church office will be open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 5PM each day. Fridays the office will be open from 9AM to 1PM. The office will also be open Sundays from 9AM to 10:30AM and then for 30 minutes following the service. You can reach the office by calling 519-542-7731 or at

Offering Envelopes Offering envelopes for 2011 will be available in January in the church lobby following Sunday services or during the week through the church office.

Prayer Meetings in 2011 Corporate prayer meetings in 2011 will take place in our Prayer Room (room behind Sanctuary) 30 minutes before each service. Pastor’s prayer meeting, which is open to all, takes place each Thursday from 4:30PM to 5:30PM.

Membership Induction We are pleased to welcome 12 people as new members of Bethel. These are: Gary Allen, Christy Bressette, Winston & Jennifer Cameron, Carol Kernohan, Harriot Mitton, Perry & Sandy Routley, Kim-Ann Samuds, Adriana Wallace, Peter & Ali Wierenga. A special induction ceremony will take place during our Sunday morning service on January 9, 2011.

Items Needed We are looking to create a games room for our youth to serve as a “hang-out” area. If you would be looking to donate items such as; video game systems, televisions, video games, pool tables, ping-pong tables, etc. We would be interested in receiving them. Please speak to Pastor Tricia or call the church office.

MINISTRY CHANGES AT BETHEL IN 2011 Young Adults to Start this January We are pleased to announce that we are in process of reestablishing a strong Young Adult ministry program here at Bethel. Chris and Linda Guerette, along with Steve & Kathy Fraser, will be providing leadership to this group beginning this January.

Every Tuesday Night Starting Jan 18th, Bethel Cafe

Young Adults, LIFE, will be a ministry designed for spiritual growth and social interaction for those ages 18 to 30. The first meeting of LIFE will take place on Tuesday, January 18th at 7:00PM in the Cafe. We are excited for this ministry as we are seeing more and more young adults and college students attending Bethel.


Student Ministries Pastor As we come into 2011, Pastor Tricia’s ministry job description and title will be changed. Her new role is that of Student Ministry Pastor. This means that Pastor Tricia will be providing leadership and oversight to all ministry programs from Nursery through to Senior High. Pastor Tricia will now be providing leadership to REVO 3 Youth on Thursday nights beginning Thursday February 3rd. REVO 3 will now be for all students, senior & junior high, ages 13 to 17. Those 18 and older are encouraged to be a part of the Young Adult ministry. In addition, Pastor Tricia will be running our Junior High Outreach Rescue program. This program takes place on Wednesday’s and will now be here at the church starting in early February.

Assisting Pastor Tricia in Children’s Ministry will be...

Pastor Tricia will continue to provide leadership to the Sunday morning Kidsplosion program. She will be a presence and a regular teacher. But to provide help for Pastor Tricia, we have added a Children’s ministry staff to manage much of the Sunday AM program as well as our junior high program Rescue. Kimberly Gibb will be now teaching the PreSchool age group and we are moving Kim Lapier and Mary Elliott into Kidsplosion as assistants. The Junior High program Inside Out will no longer be running on Sunday mornings but we do encourage junior highs to join the REVO 3 program Thursday nights. We believe that good things are in store for each of these ministry programs.

Kim Lapier Kidsplosion

Mary Elliott Kidsplosion

Kim Gibb PreSchool


Interested in Learning and Working with Media Design and Videos?

We are pleased to announce that Jordan Ouellette will now be working full-time at Bethel in Media Design. Jordan started 3 years ago at Bethel as a volunteer. This past year he has been working 20 hours a week. Jordan is naturally gifted with creativity and a strength of understanding in media design and tools. We welcome Jordan as we work to continue to develop our media ministry here at Bethel.

Are you interested on how the videos are made, bulletins are created, and everything is designed from Sunday to Sunday? We will be starting creative nights where you can come and learn and help create things that help promote the ministries here at Bethel. If you are interested, email or call the church office.

On Full Time Staff For Media Design


Divorce Care is a 13 week, video-driven, small group program that helps people through the pain of separation and divorce. DC4K classes for your children ages 5-12 is also offered. Starting Feb 7th, every Monday from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Contact the church office to register for this course.

Regretting An Abortion?

Statistics reveal that 1 out of 3 women under the age of 45 will have experienced at least one abortion. This means, several women are struggling secretly with the aftermath of abortion with intense feelings of guilt, shame and unforgiveness. The Pregnancy Centre has a program  'Heart's Hope...a choice to Heal'.  A Biblically based study that leads women through the process of healing. Register for the January sessions by confidentially calling Donna or Neta @ 519-383-7115 or email The Pregnancy Centre  204-551 Exmouth St. Sarnia 519-383-7115 Web Site -

MINISTERING MEMBERS Exciting things are happening in the Christian community at Lambton College. Dan Helps, a member at Bethel, was recently appointed to serve, by the ministry of The Rock on Campus, as chaplain to Lambton College. Local churches, including Bethel, have joined together financially to support this ministry to our College. Below is a report from Dan as he has begun this chaplaincy this Fall. Its been an incredibly exciting fall serving as

Patti and I were also part of a wonderful "praise

and help in times of crises.   In addition to

The Rock on Campus' first ever chaplain to

and worship" evening put on at the College

showing the love and kindness of Christ in

Lambton College students. We had an average

residence in the common room by the

response to the spiritual needs that confront

of approximately 30-35 students out on

i n t e r n a t i o n a l s t u d e n t s .

What an

me on an everyday basis, as an official college

Thursday's during "college hour" for a time of

incredible delight it was to join with a variety of

chaplain I would be available to continuously

Christian fellowship and Bible study.


international students to passionately praise

cultivate spiritual relationships as well as to

were many spirited discussions and some

and worship the Lord in a college residence

help organize and provide opportunities for

excellent insights shared by  students as we

where all could see and hear us unashamedly

Christian fellowship and witness.

dug into the Word.

It is such an awesome

glorify the God who saved and loves us. It truly

priviledge to watch students from so many

was a special time.   For the new year I  am

Please pray for the students and faculty at

different church backgrounds and Christian

praying for the opportunity to start a small

Lambton College that each one will come to

traditions as they wrestle with and ultimately

group Bible study with 8-10 students at the

know the love and grace of God in a personal

embrace the claims of Scripture, deepening

College residence that would be appropriate for

way and that doors will be open for me (and all

and owning their faith. 

I often have

both believers and spiritual seekers. Possibly

the other Christians at Lambton) to share the

opportunities to meet one on one with students

studying "Alpha" or "Experiencing God" or

good news of the Gospel to all who are

or a small group of students following the

something of that nature.

searching for ultimate truth and spiritual

Christian fellowship time and I am beginning to


establish a number of new friendships.

I am still awaiting official recognition for my

sanction of my chaplain's position and that I

chaplaincy position from Lambton College.

will daily have the wisdom and humility to

In addition to our regular Thursday meeting we

However, it has now been approved in principle

conduct myself in this position as a godly

also had a couple of special events.

In an

by the College executives and the Director of

ambassador of Christ. Thank you all so much

effort to be proactive in confronting the

Student Success (Student Success is the

for your prayers and the financial The Rock on

increasing rates of depression and suicide in

department with which I would work) has told

Campus receives from Bethel and other local

the community among young adults, mid-way

me that he has found a space for me to have

churches - without which we could not do what

through the fall semester the LCF (Lambton

an office at the College.  I am hopeful it will all

we do. Happy New Year to you all and may

Christian Fellowship) showed the film "To Save

come together early in the new year.  Once the

God richly bless you beyond all you ask or

a Life" at the college on a Thursday evening.

College officially sanctions my chaplain position


There was an excellent turn out with an

it will allow me to have a much more active and

extended time of quality discussion following

visible role on campus, including establishing

Dan Helps

the film.   From the comments and responses

some set hours to be in an office where

it was clearly evident that most in attendance

students can find me and meet me for

knew someone  who struggled, or had

counselling or encouragement or whatever

struggled themselves, with depression and

helps them in their spiritual journey and

thoughts of suicide.   A professional social

Christian growth.

worker/crisis counsellor and I were available to

answer the many questions that students had

Ultimately chaplaincy is a ministry of presence.

about how to help potentially suicidal friends or

That is to say that by being visibly present and

family members.

It also gave me an

available as an official representative of

opportunity to share some thoughts on God's

Christ, students and faculty (many of whom are

passionate love for every student and His

unaffiliated with a local church) have someone

perspective about the relevant issues being

familiar to them that they can turn to for


spiritual guidance and support or for strength

Pray for official College

Dan Helps with his wife Patti

Pastor Tricia ministering in Northern Thailand January 11-28 Pastor Tricia will be traveling to Northern Thailand this January. She will be joining a team from our Pentecostal church in Belleville, Ontario. While the team’s primary ministry will be in a building project, Pastor Tricia’s focus will be on children’s evangelism. She will be ministering in churches, villages and Buddhist schools where she will have the freedom to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please keep Pastor Tricia in your prayers for safety in her travels and for the anointing of the Spirit as she ministers the Gospel. Pray for many salvations of Thai Buddhist children and families.


A WORD FROM PT I am very excited about the 2 new sermon series that I will be bringing to our church as we start our new year! Our Sunday morning series, What in the World is Going On?, will provide an understanding of today’s headlines in the light of Bible prophecy. Many people today are looking for answers and want to know what the Bible says. This is a great series to invite a friend. Then our Sunday night series will deal with how we can change our lives by changing our thinking. This is more than just positive thinking or mind over matter, this is an attitude established on the truth of God’s Word. Our adversary is continually throwing his a r r o w s o f f e a r, w o r r y a n d discouragement. As we come into a New Year let us, individually and collectively, determine to raise our level of expectation and develop a “Yes” attitude to God’s power in our lives and church.

Our World is in serious trouble. We have become more and more vulnerable to disasters of global proportions. Terrorist attacks are growing in number and intensity. Wars are on the rise, and unstable economies are set for precipitous falls. Natural disasters are more cataclysmic than ever. The possibility of nuclear warfare is very real and threatening. And it’s no coincidence - the Bible predicts the very dilemma we find ourselves in right now. In fact, it presents the warning signs that will tell us when the last days are at hand. In this brand-new sermon series by Pastor Tim Gibb, he will answer from a Biblical perspective the question: What in the world is going on? Topics will include: • 10 Prophetic Signs that we are indeed living in the last days. • Why does Israel matter and what our response toward Israel should be?

Pastor Tim Gibb Lead Pastor

• Where does the religion of Islam fit in Bible prophecy? • What is the last day message of the apostate church? • The Global economy and the rise of the anti-christ. This is a very important message series to help us understand, from the Bible, what is going on in our world and how we should respond. An 8 to 10 week Sunday morning sermon series you will not want to miss!

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Sunday mornings during service: Nursery - Newborn to Age 3 Pre-School - Ages 3 to 5 Kidsplosion - Grades 1 to 4 YOUTH MINISTRY Revo 3 - Thursday night Jr. & Sr. High Youth  service [Ages 13-17} Additional activities planned throughout the year.    ADULT MINISTRY We have many groups with ongoing activities, check the bulletin and website for details of what’s upcoming!   Young Adults - Weekly Bible Study group called “Life” meets Tues nights in Bethel Cafe. Led by Chris & Linda Guerette.   Young Families - Monthly activities for families with young children. Led by Kevin & Josie Hazzard.   Real Women - Ongoing activities for women of all ages.   The Core Men’s Ministry - Activities for all men. Led by Shannon Smith.   Keenagers Seniors Ministry - Monthly lunch or special activity. Led by Carl & Faye Johnson.   Music Ministry - Is always looking for new talent, including choir, audio and visual personnel. Speak to Caleb or Stephanie Courtney.   Small Groups - Organized throughout the year around specific themes. Usually 4 to 6 weeks long. A great way to connect with others.   Bible Study - Tuesday night Bible Study & Hymn Sing. Led by Gilbert & Margo VanSligtenhorst.    Foundation Course - A course on the essentials of Christian faith followed by a retreat weekend. Led by Pastor Keith Patrick.

Connect at Bethel

6:30 PM Service Richard Crisco

31     7:00 PM Service Richard Crisco

February 1      7:00 PM Service Richard Crisco

6:30 PM Service Pastor Keith Patrick 30 10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

7:00 PM LIFE-Young Adults-Café

25 6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room


7:00 PM LIFE-Young Adults-Café

23 10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

6:30 PM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room



16 10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

11     6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room


6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room



6:30 PM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

9 10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

6:30 PM Service Matt Allen

10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb




2    Communion   








6:30 PM REVO3


6:30 PM REVO3


6:30 PM REVO3



January 2011


12 Noon-Keenagers Luncheon





Men’s Day- with Chuck Price -Strathroy





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CONNECT | January Edition  

Bethel Sarnia's CONNECT Magazine, January Edition.

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