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LolaSela has found a new voice

By Bethelmina Santos

Facing the mirror, she takes a look at herself. “Mi-ee-yo-o-ooh… Do re mi fa sol la ti do…,” she hummed. Moments later, she was producing different voices that would eventually launch her golden career. No one may have ever thought that she would become the voice behind anime characters Sailor Mercury and Luna (Sailor Moon’s cat), and various characters in anime, radio drama and television shows.

radio (2006), Vilma Santos for film (2005), and Eugenia DuranApostol for journalism (2004). Canlas received the award and delivered her lecture last July 20 at the UP Cine Adarna.

Canlas started working for Radyo-Natin Nueva Ecija. She also worked for DZRH’s radio dramas in the 60’s. During the event, Canlas described her humble beginnings as the “little things that count”, she expressed Flashforward- “Who are in- in Filipino. She had no formal terested in learning voice acting training in voice acting; however, for radio drama?,” Eloisa Cruz- she has grown as an outstanding Canlas asked the Gawad Plaridel voice talent and host. audience in Filipino. “That’s what I do before, that’s the secret to In addition, she has also it,” she said in Filipino. She was voiced characters from old radio pertaining to vocalization in front programs such as “Adventures of of the mirror as one of the se- Zimatar” and “Gabi ng Lagim” to crets to having a good radio dra- name a few, according to a Philma voice. ippine Daily Inquirer news article, Voice Talent ‘Lola Sela’ wins Who else knows it but “Lola UP Gawad Plaridel, published as Sela” of Philippine Radio Broad- UP announced her as this year’s casting. awardee. Canlas, better known as “Lola Sela Bungangera” (a radio drama character she voiced before), was this year’s University of the Philippines (UP) Gawad Plaridel recipient. That was the most prestigious award given by the UP College of Mass Communication (UP-CMC) to outstanding print, radio, television, and new media practitioners. She was the latest among six others who have received the award in the past years. They were Kidlat Tahimik for independent film (2009), Pachico Seares for community print media (2008), Cecilia “Cheche” Lazaro for television (2007), Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo for

human voices. It was definitely a great show of talent from the radio drama veteran as the Gawad Plaridel audience kept on chanting for more, in amazement. “However, I cannot sing it in a chicken’s or a goat’s voice,” Lola Sela chuckled. Canlas was not only an excellent voice talent. She was an inspiration for future media practitioners and radio drama talents. In fact, she founded the “Tanghalang Parisukat Training Center” for aspiring radio talents. She was dedicated to reaching out to the common people who have the same dream as hers“to make people happy and share life to others,” she said in Filipino in an audio visual presentation during the event.

In her lecture she further addressed the media students as the future of the profession. Today, Canlas is a segment Canlas stressed the importance host of a UNTV morning show of media ethics, truth telling, and is still a voice talent for and keeping radio drama alive. various programs and advertise- “Strive to keep drama alive in ments. radio. Don’t let it die a natural death,” she said. Excitement fueled up in Cine Adarna as Canlas talked Towards the end, Lola Sela about her ability to imitate the left a message for all media voice of a little child (both male practitioners. “Let us serve our and female), of a grandmother, country with a clear conscience. and also animal sounds (that of Right Now! For if we abandon it, a chicken and a goat). who will suffer? It would be us,” she added in Filipino. In how many ways could the popular nationalistic song Truly, Canlas lives up to “Bayan Ko” be sung? (The an- what she have been recognized swer? Many. Well, that’s for Lola for- “Karaniwang Tao, Boses ng Sela.) During the event, Canlas Karaniwang Pilipino” [simple sung it well in a little girl’s voice, person, voice of the common in an elder’s voice and in other Filipino people].

Lola Sela has a new voice  
Lola Sela has a new voice  

Lola Sela may be gone now but her life is worth remembering, a true inspiration for future radio drama talents. *A feature article on her G...