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s I write this, Pastor Chrys and I are relaxing on the beach in Mexico and enjoying the cool ocean breeze under clear skies, and green coconut trees. What a life! Now, before you become jealous, remember, it is written, “Thou shalt not covet what is your neighbor’s!” But seriously, the truth is, for many years I attached very little value to rest and relaxation. I knew how important it was to pray, but I grossly underestimated how important it is to play as well. Pastor Chrys and I worked all the time and took virtually no time off. Read the Gospels and you will undoubtedly see how much Jesus gave Himself to prayer. It is obvious He spent hours alone with His Father daily and communed with Him throughout the day. However, if you open your eyes, and are honest, you may be sur-

prised to see how many passages tell the story of Jesus enjoying himself, as well, either at a party, or retreating from ministry for a while to get some much needed rest. The first miracle He performed was at a wedding! Jesus knew both how to work hard and to rest well. He knew when to pray and when to play! And for this he received much criticism from the religious establishment. They charged him with being a friend of sinners, of being a wine drinker and a glutton! Resting, relaxing, and taking time to enjoy oneself, even if in a wholesome manner, was for them “unspiritual” and unworthy of a man of God. That prompted Jesus to say to them: “But to what shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions, and saying: ‘We played the flute for you, And you did not dance; We mourned to you, And you did not lament.’ For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, ‘He has a demon.’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a winebibber, a friend

of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her children.” Matthew 11:16-19. Here is the truth. Sometimes the most spiritual and productive thing you can do is rest, relax and play. And you don’t have to wait until you are tired to do so! God did not take time to rest on the Seventh Day because he was weary from work. No, he did so to enjoy his work!” Every person needs to work hard. No argument there. But you want to be productive and not just work hard. That’s why taking a break from work and life to relax and refresh is so necessary. Remember, the mind that gets to rest is the mind that works the best. “There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither.” — Alan Cohen. Oh, the statement about rest and play being spiritual…I first heard it when I was in college, a very long time ago, from the lips of the Dean of Theology. I guess I didn’t take him seriously then. But now I do. I recommend you do, too!  Work hard. Play well.   The adage is true….  All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.


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The Lord is doing miracles in my life and my family’s life! Hallelujah! About six months ago, The Lord laid it on my heart to give to the Parking Lot Campaign. My husband is the sole breadwinner in our family. We prayed about it and decided to give even though it was a sacrifice. We recently got news that we have inherited a large amount of money! We were astonished! We sowed $1000 and God gave us back $19,000. To God be all the Glory for His Miracles.”— Anonymous

I have only been to one other church locally and I thought the word was good there, but now that I’m at Bethel World Outreach Church I realize that the Word doesn’t get any better then this. Every week I can’t wait until Sunday comes around again, so I can hear what God has to say through Bishop Johnson. He’s a man of faith, very humble, caring and brings the word forth with such understanding and power! So, if you’re looking of a word-filled, faith filled, anointing filled, God moving church; then look no further. Come join us and see for yourself what God is doing and continues to do at Bethel World Outreach Church. God is Awesome! —S.C.




to our Ministry Workers of the month for January, February, and March!





John Stevens Usher


Celia Sawh Greeter


Sonia Zambe Children’ Ministry

4 |


Latisha Faulk Youth Ministry

Mary St. John Nursing Home Ministry

Colin Frazer Prison Ministry

I called the Prayer line on March 11 because I have been battling cancer for a long time. During the Anointing Service that was held on one of the Friday Night Prayer Services, I went to one of the Ministers, and he prayed for me. On March 18, I had a follow up appointment with my Doctor and I found out that I am cancer free! I thank God for His healing power here at Bethel.” —Anonymous

About three or four years ago, I started having nightmares that would leave me physically sick and emotionally drained. I would wake up shaking, shivering and sweating, and my mouth would be dry. I would have trouble concentrating during the day. I would dream of snakes, graves, a house with dirt on the floor and sometimes I would dream that I was levitating. I felt like I was losing it and I was given medication for depression. I prayed to God for deliverance, started praying three times a day and started listening to Christian music before I went to bed. I visited Bethel and never left. Two months ago, out of the blue, Bishop asked all those who were suffering from nightmares to stand up, and he prayed for us. That thing, the source left! I heard God in my heart say that I was going to get better. At first, I got physically sick, and then the symptoms started to go down. I do not have nightmares any more! I feel much lighter! —B.K.

One of our members had received a letter of deportation with a specific date and time for her to leave the country. She prayed for a miracle. Recently, she went before the immigration judge. Instead of deportation, the judge granted her asylum and qualified her for her permanent resident green card. Yes she said that is her Ebenezer. Glory to God. This is our year of miracle! Revelation 12:11 “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” Share your story of what God is doing in and through you for His Glory, and to encourage others. There is power in your story! Email your story to, fill out a Testimony Card or call 301.588.8099 ext. 3002


laughed, cried, hurt and dealt with many things, including dealing with death and tragedy together. We have buried three of our four parents. Lisa’s mother and my dad passed away in the same year, 2013, and that was very hard to deal with. My mom has been diagnosed with dementia that has gotten really bad as of late, and that is sad to see. During our last visit to Texas in March, she didn’t recognize Lisa. We are praying for her healing. As a couple, we have shared many trying and difficult tests over our years together, but none probably as big as our daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock. The hurt was so intense and something Lisa and I were not ready for. It was not what we had prayed for and wanted for our daughter. As a loving Father and a Minister, I couldn’t believe that it happened to our child. But it did, and we had to lean on God, lean on each other as Parents, and our three boys to get through it. She could have not told us, she

IT WAS GOD, THROUGH HIS PROMISES, A LOT OF PRAYER, LAUGHTER AND JUST LIVING DAY BY DAY, THAT ALLOWED OUR FAMILY TO GROW CLOSER TOGETHER, AND NOT FURTHER APART. could have had an abortion, she could have, but she didn’t. Instead, by the Grace of God, she has become a responsible, incredible working single mother. This September, my lovely wife Lisa and I will celebrate 30 years of life, laughter, tears, hurts and a lot of love in our marriage. To God be all the Glory! We married young, I was 20 and Lisa was 23. Three years later we had our first child Blake in 1989, and added three more over the next 6 years. Rachel in 1991, Andrew in 1993 and Stephen in 1995. They are all in their 20‘s now with one married and two are engaged. In July of 2013, we were blessed with our first Grandchild Nickolas who is turning 3 this year. As I write this, all of our children have moved to Maryland to be close to Lisa and I, what a blessing and…see there I go again. Okay, on with the article. Over almost 30 years of marriage, Lisa and I have lived,


It was God, through His promises, a lot of prayer, laughter and just living day by day, that allowed our family to grow closer together, and not further apart. I believe that all of that was possible because my wife and children have a personal relationship with Jesus. The story doesn’t end there. Rachel recently got engaged and is getting married this year to an incredible young man who loves her and Nickolas dearly. Folks, it is great when we serve such a great God and put Him at the center! Lisa and I are by no means perfect, nor do we have all the answers, but what we have is God, each other, our family and 30 years of living life and counting. Pastor Craig serves as Executive Pastor, and Sis. Lisa serves as Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Bethel.

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[ Renewed! ] An interview with Pastor Maima Moore – by Sheba Kereere Name: .Maima Moore.. Occupation: Associate Pastor and Women’s Ministry Director............... Where were you born and raised? Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa

lot of things at Church, so I decided to get licensed. When did you get married, and whom did you get married to?.................. November 1991 to Charles Wesley.

When did you get saved?. November 1986

How did you meet? ....................... We were in the same Christian group in College.

When did you know that you were going to be a Pastor?...................... When I got saved, I did not know that I was going to be a Pastor. What I felt in my heart was that I wanted to be a missionary. The Pastor bit crept up on me. After several years of being a Missionary, I was helping to do a

What was the plan?....................... Charles served as the Missions Director in Bethel. After he got ordained, we sensed that we were being called as Missionaries to Cameroon, and we left. Our plan was to plant Churches and train leaders, and that is what we did.

6 |

Walk us through what happened. In 2001 we moved to the U.S. because he had been asked to be the General Secretary for Bethel World Outreach Ministries International. At the time, we had been married for 10, going on 11 years. In May 2001 we got pregnant. We had been praying for a child, and were very excited. In November of the same year, I was about seven or eight months pregnant; he collapsed at Church suddenly and died. He had a weak muscle in his heart, but it had never been diagnosed. You were heavily pregnant and your husband died. How did that feel? I was devastated and you feel like your


life has ended. It was so surreal. I was thinking why would such a terrible thing happen to me? I was in shock for a long time. How do you reconcile tragedy with the fact that you believe in God, and He is a good God? If it is not the grace of God, you can lose faith. Our theology doesn’t make space for bad things to happen to good people, but they do.

that was preached was for me. It built be okay and that God has your back. me up and it comforted me. If you You are going to grow and mature.” believe in Jesus and you go through For most of life, until that point, I a hard time, God uses His Word, His had been sheltered and life was easy Spirit and His people to comfort and reasONCE I SAID “YES” TO GOD, IT PAVED THE sure you. WAY FOR HIM TO DO WHAT HE WANTED For Believers, I would TO DO IN MY LIFE, EVEN RIGHT NOW. say that the worst thing you can do is to isolate yourself when you go through for me. The person I was at the time What helped? . a tragedy. You need to be in the house had never experienced anything bad. T.D. Jakes preached a Sermon a long of God and among believers. That is I did go through a civil war in Libetime ago when I was a young believ- the path that God has for your resto- ria, but I was with my family. When er, and at the time, it did not make ration and healing. I got married, my husband was very sense. He taught that there was a protective. He did everything for me special anointing, that he called “a How did the delivery of the baby go? and I relied on him a lot. So, when wind” that God reserves for the slain. It went well, my sister and my sister- tragedy struck, it was an opportunity What he was saying, which I found in-law where there with me. The fun- for me to grow up, and to also grow true, was that when you are going ny thing was that everyone expected spiritually. I have come to know God through deep tragedy, God comes to it to be a boy. The thought was that in ways that I never knew before. It is you in a way like never before. You because my husband had passed away, unbelievable! walk in a different level of Grace. In God would give me a boy. Whenever the midst of the worst thing that had I went to do the ultra sound and I When did you decide to move on, ever happened to me He was closer wanted to know the sex, the baby had and to be open to the possibility of to me than He had ever been. I began crossed his or her legs, so I just knew being married again? ..................... to hear Him. I could feel His physical it was a boy. It was a big shock to me I was not open to being married comfort. in the delivery room to find out that again. I had decided that I was going it was a girl. to be a mother and serve God. I think it was 2008, I got a Word from God WHEN YOU ARE GOING THROUGH DEEP How were your through a Prophet. The Lord was sayTRAGEDY, GOD COMES TO YOU IN A health and the ba- ing that it was time to move on. Even WAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE. YOU WALK IN by’s, during the five- though I had a calling on my life, I year healing period? had always seen my identity as being A DIFFERENT LEVEL OF GRACE. God was so good connected to my late husband. God that even when my knew that I was still holding on. One How did you feel on a day-to-day husband passed away, and I was seven of the Pastors asked me the next day basis? Life had moved on for oth- or eight months pregnant, my blood if I was ready to move on. I said “yes” ers, but you were healing. .............. pressure did not go up. I ate well, and and for me that was the day that I God supplies the Grace that you it was a breeze! I had a safe delivery received closure. need to get through each day. What and never had any issues before or afthat means is, He gives you the ter, and neither did the baby. When How did a new chapter start in your ability to get up and the strength you go through a hard time, you real- life? Leroy and I attended the same to function. It is a daily walk. I do ize that what you call “Grace” is not College in Liberia. There was an not want to give the impression just an abstract thing. It is the physi- event here at Church and he came that I wasn’t sad and that I even cal empowerment of the Holy Spirit. to our State specifically to see me, wasn’t depressed, sometimes I was. but I did not attend the event. He If who you are now could speak got my phone number from my sisSomeone may say that I am a Pastor, to yourself when you were ter and called me. I had not seen or and that is true, but I was in a fragile going through the five year period heard from him in twenty years. He state at the time. I found that every of grieving, what would you tell her? called when he returned to his home time I came to Church, the Word I would tell her that,” it is going to State, and I thought he was calling to BETHEL360 MAGAZINE | SPRING 2016

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sympathize with me. We chatted that day, but he kept calling me. When he asked me to send him a photo, I realized that he was interested. He then shared with me that as he prayed for a wife, The Lord put me in his heart. I remember deciding that I was not interested, and then I prayed about it. I did not want to be too hasty and send him packing. I got the confirmation that I needed in prayer, and we got married in 2010. What words of encouragement do you have for anyone going through any type of transition? At a certain point, you have to agree with God for your benefit. For me, it was agreeing to move on. I did not know what He had in my future, but I did know that He was extending an invitation. Once I said “yes” to God, it paved the way for Him to do what He wanted to do in my life, even right now. My advice is that whatever transition you are going through, and you sense that you have come to a place where God is telling you to close a door, do it! If you agree, you give Him an opportunity to work in ways that you have not seen before. When my husband died, I thought that was it

8 |

and I wanted to push a pause button, but now I see the growth in all areas, and it is beyond my wildest dreams. My advice is, say “yes” to God and be willing to step into whatever new season He has for you.

time, I did not understand what it meant, but I did give Him my pain. I have seen, and continue to see God take that horrible tragedy and use it for His purpose in my life. I have had many opportunities to minister to

What do you now know WHATEVER TRANSITION YOU ARE about God that you GOING THROUGH, AND YOU SENSE did not know before? THAT YOU HAVE COME TO A PLACE He is Father. He loves us. He is eternally WHERE GOD IS TELLING YOU TO CLOSE good. He is Faithful! A DOOR, DO IT! IF YOU AGREE, YOU GIVE I knew it before, but HIM AN OPPORTUNITY TO WORK IN I now know it as a WAYS THAT YOU HAVE NOT YET SEEN. reality. God may not necessarily stop your pain, because growth means that sometimes you have to go women who have lost their husbands, through stuff. I have learned that He and to give them hope. It is only God is an active, living reality with you in who can take a tragedy and make it the midst of trials. He is not a distant into a Ministry. So, what He said fiGod. I have grown to know Him in nally made sense. Paraphrasing what a way that I probably would not have the Apostle Paul said, God comforts known if I had not gone through a us so that we can be a source of comtragedy. The revelation of God is fort to others. Everything that hapfar beyond anything that I had ever pens in our lives, if we allow Him, known. is used as Ministry. That is how He makes all things work together for When I was grieving, He told me to our good. give Him my pain and that He would turn it into purpose. For the longest


Think you know our pastors? Think again! Look at the statements below, and correctly match it with the pastor! Once you’re done, check the inside back cover for the correct answer and see how well you did! A | When I went to college, I was a science major on my way to fulfill the desire to become a doctor. But after the first year I changed to another major because all of the science labs were at the same time as the afternoon movie matinées which I loved. My love of movies--that’s why I’m not a doctor today. B | I’ve been to Japan, participated in a fashion show and won in elementary school, considered becoming a nun while in a Catholic high school, and was Valedictorian of my high school class. C | I’ve sung the national anthem to a crowd of over 11,000, and have been in 7 off-Broadway musicals; 3 of which I’ve played leading roles.

Pastor John Cuzick Associate Director of Facilities & Support Services

Pastor Chrys Johnson Senior Pastor

D | When I was 3, I would lay down in the middle of the road at the crest of a hill and cars would pass over me. People would screech to a stop I would jump up and run back into our neighborhood.

F | I was very athletic in high school and college. I ran track and played volleyball. I haven’t ridden a bike since age 9.

E | A great friend and I were courting two sisters. The main road to their home was very long. The short route took us through a swamp. I bought special high top rubber boots for this. Instead of being afraid of messing up my shoes and pants I would just trudge through the swamp. Visiting them at home became known to us as “going swamping”. Can you imagine me telling a good friend of mine about visiting the love of my life and saying, “I’m going swamping today and pointing to my boots!”

G | I used to be left handed and broke that hand. I had to learn to use my right hand and became ambidextrous. I then broke the right hand soon after. I also swallowed a 4-inch spring as a youth.

Pastor Maima Moore Associate Director of Women’s Services


Pastor Zangai Peabody Associate Director of Men’s Services

Minister Varney Taylor Associate Director of Youth Services

Pastor Gledy Wariebi Associate Director of Worship Education

Pastor Craig Whisnand Executive Director of Administration

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We’re blessed to have many dedicated men serving our church family. We caught up with a few of them and had them share a little bit of who they are, why they

serve, and we also learned some interesting facts about them. [Hint: never challenge Anthony Atkins to a fight :) ]





Anthony Atkins (Security Team)

Terence B. Krangar (Usher Ministry)

I Am From:

I Am From:

I Am From:

Washington, D.C

Liberia, West Africa

I Enjoy: learning new

I Enjoy: Spending time with

I Enjoy:


Gregory Easton (Security Team)

I Am From: Hughesville, PA

I Enjoy: A great conversation, diving, reading, exercising and doing odd jobs

What You May Not Know About Me: I help

ex-offenders re-enter society, and also help them not to relapse into criminal behavior.

Akin Walker (Youth Ministry) Springfield, VA languages, fellowship with family and friends

What You May Not Know Or Guess: I have lived in Japan. I can communicate in 4 languages and I am learning 3 more.

Why I Serve:

Why I Serve: I like building new friendships and I was looking for a way to be active and not just attend church. I have found fulfillment serving as volunteer for Bethel’s Security Ministry because I get to be the first point of contact for visitors and I interact with the church members.

It is my reasonable service unto the Lord. I will never be able to repay him for what He did for me at Calvary. The least that I can do is to surrender my life.

my family, watching sports events and learning about other cultures.

What You May Not Know About Me: I used to live in

Germany while I served my country in the U/S. Army. I also used to be on a boxing team and my nickname was “Knuckles”.

Why I Serve:

I serve as a volunteer on Bethel’s Security Team in appreciation of what Jesus Christ did for me on the Cross. There is no question in my mind as to why I should not give a fraction of my time to serve Him and His people.

Playing scrabble, basketball and empowering people

What You May Not Know About Me: I teach mathematics and I enjoy it!

Why I Serve:

Making disciples is important to Jesus and therefore important to me as well. I serve as an usher to be an example, especially for our Youth. I want them to see that serving with excellence is an important part of Ministry. I also want them to see more men serving in the Church and not consider it a job only for the women.

Bethel’s Men Ministry is headed by Pastor Zangai Peabody, and is open to all men. To find out how you can get connected and serve, contact Pastor Peabody at (301) 588-8099, ext. 1106, or email 10 | BETHEL360 MAGAZINE | SPRING 2016

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Bethel 360 is a quarterly magazine that echoes what is happening in the lives that make up Bethel World Outreach Church- City of Hope in Olney, Maryland. Written and published by Bethel’s Media Team, it is a reflection of what God is doing in and through the local body of Christ in all areas, hence the name, Bethel 360. The foundation of this magazine is based off Revelation 12:11 “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony…” There is power in your story! God gets the Glory and everyone else who reads or hears the story receives a renewed perspective about who God is despite their circumstances, which can be summarized in one word­— Hope. We pray that this magazine shines a light so bright that hope arises in your heart. Editors: Sheba Kereere Henry Teage, Jr. Stories and Interviews: Sheba Kereere Photography: Oscar Piña Henry Teage, Jr Art Direction & Design: Henry Teage, Jr. Interested in joining the publications team and putting your gifts and skills to use? We’re looking for writers, editors, photographers, designers, and more! Contact us at, or call (301) 588-8099, ext. 3002! Guess Who Answers: A. Pastor Gledy B. Pastor Maima C. Pastor Craig D. Pastor John E. Pastor Peabody F. Pastor Chrys G. Minister Varney

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Bethel 360 is a quarterly magazine that highlights what is happening in the lives that make up Bethel World Outreach Church- City of Hope in...

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