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Sunday, Apr 27, 2014 2nd Sunday in Easter

Jesus Christ, Chief Cornerstone and Shepherd Rt. Rev. Gregory G.M. Ingram Bishop Rev. Herbert L. Eddy Presiding Elder Rev. Dr. Ray Hammond Pastor Rev. Dr. Gloria White-Hammond Co-Pastor Rev. Robert Gray Assistant Pastor Rev. Daryl Lobban Youth & Family Pastor Lic. Rashad McPherson Minister of Music Ministers The Entire Bethel Church Family

Sanctuary: 38 Walk Hill Street Administrative Offices: 40 Walk Hill Street Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617 524 7900 x 301

Order of Worship WE PREPARE THE SANCTUARY FOR WORSHIP WE WORSHIP GOD WITH OUR PRAISE Doxology Invocation* Opening Hymn Concert Of Praise** Start of Youth Church (8:00 AM only)

WE WORSHIP GOD THROUGH THE PREACHED WORD Welcome of Visitors (Dear Visitor: Please complete your Visitor’s Card and place it in the offering basket or return it to a greeter. Thank you.)

Tithes and Offering (11:00 AM only) Sermonic Selection Sermon Invitation*

WE WORSHIP GOD IN THE WORLD Tithes and Offering (8:00 AM only) Announcements Benediction*** *To minimize the distraction to others, please stop all walking (unless you are responding to the Invitation) during the Invocation and Invitation. Thank you for your consideration. **During the Concert of Praise please remain at the back of the Sanctuary or if using the Walk Hill entrance, along the sidewall, follow the direction of the Greeters and they will seat you during a break in the songs. Thank you for your patience.

***Immediately following both services all are welcomed to join in the Fellowship Hall for the Ministry Fair.

The Genius of Generosity A True Story by Brian Kluth,

After my 40-Day Spiritual Journey to A More Generous Life book became an unexpected bestseller, I was contacted by NBC to do a TV news story. When the TV reporter interviewed me, she asked, "So, you think God wants everyone to be rich?" "No," I replied, "I don't believe that." The reporter was a little surprised by my answer. "Well, what do you believe?" "I believe that everyone needs to learn to become more generous with whatever God has given them." She then asked, "Well, didn't your bestselling book make you rich?" "No," I replied, "it helped me become more generous! The truth is that everyone of us in America is rich when you compare us to the rest of the world. What each of us needs to learn is how to become more generous with whatever God entrusted to us."

Could it be that God wants to increase your standard of living so you can increase your standard of giving?

BETHEL’S UPCOMING EVENTS Church School resumes today through June 1st. Today, teachers and students: please go to the ministry fair from 9:15-9:45. Church school classes for children, youth and adults will be from 9:45-10:45. CHURCH SCHOOL CLASSES AND LOCATIONS – Please see flyer in the bulletin. Note about following classes: - New Members class will continue. - Those who have completed Christian Identity 201 class with Sis. Marla will now take 301; Servant Leadership, with Pastor Ray and Sis. Jeanette Callahan. - Four Corners, Hebrews, Healthy Relationships and 20 Something classes will all continue and are accepting new students. - All children and youth classes will continue as well. NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE CHURCH SCHOOL TEAM IN 2014 TODAY - 9:15AM to 11:00AM and 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM, Bethel Ministry Fair in the Fellowship Hall. Are you willing to serve but not sure where? Visit the Bethel Ministry Fair and learn about the many opportunities for service, fellowship, discipleship and worship. See you there! On the second and fourth Sundays join us as we minister and fellowship at St Joseph’s Nursing Home (every 2nd) and The Boston Home (every 4th). Come be blessed with a word from Lic. Jacobi Cunningham, TODAY at The Boston Home. For further information contact Rev. Jumi Onatunde (617-515-0902)

FUTURE EVENTS Empowering Women through Self-Defense: Now that we have Shattered the Silence, let's get empowered through self-defense! The Boston Police, Area E-13 Community Service Office is joining our women's ministry to offer a self-defense program entitled Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.). Join us, right here at Bethel to learn realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women. This is a FREE four course series. Classes are from 6-9pm on, Monday, 5/12; Tuesday, 5/13; Monday, 5/19; and Tuesday, 5/20. You must attend all four classes to participate. Please contact Sis. Shavonne Moore, or Pastor Gloria White-Hammond, to sign up!

Evangelism Ministry Prayer Schedule 2014 (all services are in the Fellowship Hall from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM and will have 2 host ministries for each month.) 5/23(Stephen Ministry and Small groups), 6/27(Stewards and Audio Ministry), 7/25(Sign and Bethel Green ministry), 8/24(Lay and Church School Ministry), 9/26(Christina R. Gray and Daughters of Anna Ministry), 10/24 (Healing Service, Allied Health), 11/21(Marriage & Family Ministry and GBIO), 12/19(YPD and Youth Ministry) June 8, 2014 - Pentecost Sunday - Power Sunday - Pray for One Sunday June 8 is, of course, Pentecost Sunday--the Birthday of the Church, the day on which the Holy Spirit baptized Jesus's disciples; It's also the day on which our own Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram has challenged the entire First Episcopal District to observe Power Sunday. It's a day on which we invite friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and classmates to join us in worship, especially those who are open to hearing more about Jesus. In preparation for that Power Sunday, I'm inspired by the example of a NH church which asked each of their members to Pray for One. Likewise, I'm asking you to pray for one person who will accept your invitation to come on Power Sunday. (God bless you if more than one comes, but let's make our goal at least one). Can you join me in doing that--praying for one person whose life will be transformed by the Lord as they come to know Him on Power Sunday. God bless you. July 14-18th, Vacation Bible School for adults, children and youth.

SPECIAL NOTICES Looking for housing/rental. Seeking 2.5-3bedroom to rent immediately in Hyde Park, West Roxbury, Mattapan, Dorchester, Roslindale and surrounding areas. Max rent $1400.00 to $1600.00. Please call Andrea 617-971-6096 DID YOU KNOW? - The month of April has been designated as National Minority Health Month - Bethel’s Allied Health Ministry will be providing you key information on prevention related tips in your Sunday bulletin. Please take the time to read, take action and take control....Be Blessed. Please commit to memorize and meditate on the Word. Corporate prayer times continue. Commit to join a corporate prayer time: Tuesday or Thursday morning, Wednesday evening, 4th Friday evening or 3rd Saturday morning. There is power in numbers and there is greater power in numbers that pray together! Bulletin announcements and inserts must be emailed to the central office at by Tuesdays, at 12 Noon. Any items received after the deadline will be posted in the following week’s bulletin. Room Reservation: If you plan to use a room at the Bethel for a meeting, event or activity, please complete a room reservation form and submit it to Carla, our church secretary, at no later than two weeks before your planned use. Bethel offers scholarship support for members enrolled in school. Please contact the office for more info (617-524-7900 x301). Note: You must be currently enrolled with verification from the registrar’s office once the semester begins. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD OR DRINKS (INCLUDING WATER) INTO THE SANCTUARY.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man (or woman) is powerful and effective. James 5:16 (NIV)

Prayer Ministry 04/27/14 Morning prayer: Tuesday & Thursday, 6:00 AM Evening Prayer: Wednesday, 6:00 PM Anyone who would like to be added to Bethel’s prayer list, please call the main office. (617) 524-7900 x301

Meditative thought - April prayer focus will be for coworkers, bosses, administrators, secretaries, custodians. Prayer request forms are now available above the black box next to the church bulletin boards. If you have a prayer request, please fill out the form and place it in the secured box.

Prayers of Thanksgiving New Baptizees (Odair Brito, Pamela Howard) · New Members (Maya Smith, Hamel Husbands, Kenya Wordlaw, Magee Bryant, Chaunte McCoy, Sakeenah Chapman) ·

General Prayer List Cammie Browne & Family (death of her uncle) · Rebecca Whiten (find peace) · Brian Martin (find peace/healing of mental health issues) · Brandon G. (healing and protection) · Brittany Brown (killed in Detroit) · City of Detroit · The harvest of new disciples at Bethel · The crisis in Crimea & the Ukraine · Arleigh Prelow ·

Prayers for Specific Healing Maurice Grady (triple bypass surgery) · Marie & Donald Tucker (parents of James Williams, Alzheimer's and fragility) · Richard Frederick (cancer, homelessness) · Julie O’Connor (cancer) · Willie Brown (medical concerns) · Former Mayor, Thomas Menino (cancer) · Louis Corbett (12 year old going blind) · Annie Myers (illness and age related issues) · Kent Rankin (liver cancer) ·

Ministry Schedule Sunday 8:00 AM 1st worship service 9:45 AM Church school 11:00 AM 2nd Worship service 12:00 PM Toiletries Collection (2nd Sun) Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 AM Early Morning Prayer Wednesday 6:00 PM Midweek Prayer 7:00 PM Bible Study Saturday 9:00 AM Daughters of Anna (3rd Sat) 9:30 AM Christiana R. Gray Missionary Society (2nd Sat)

Sermon Notes Taking notes is one way of making sure that we don’t allow any of God’s Word to fall to the ground. Scriptures: Title: Outline of the Main Points: 1. 2. 3. What is God saying specifically to me?

What must I do to get closer to Christ?

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