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Overcome F.E.A.R. - Live YOUR Legacy “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” ~Unknown “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ~Unknown Are you wrestling with the same challenges year after year? Acknowledge and face that which is holding you back, False Evidence Appearing Real. Take the necessary steps to get on the other side of fear and live your legacy. Are you ready? In order to overcome fear you will need to change. Change is never comfortable. Get out of your box and prepare to cross mental and emotional bridges. You get to choose whether you will remain a hostage to your fears or if you are ready to Face Everything And Rise. Fear is a common stumbling block. One we seldom realize we are tripping over. For years I embraced, other people’s fears and beliefs as my own. It was what everyone thought, so it must be true. “Don’t draw attention to yourself, it means you are arrogant.” “Don’t speak your mind, remain meek and quite. You don’t want to be outspoken or independent.” “Tow the line. Don’t rock the boat. Do as you are told! Don’t make him mad.” Sound familiar? Then, I came across the following quote. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson I see clearly now how the insecurities of someone else impacted my beliefs and the lies I embraced. And you, are you shrinking or shining? Whatever choice you have been making is the legacy you are choosing to leave. I am excited to share, it is not too late to change your legacy! “Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that dis-empowers them or one that can literally save their lives” -Anthony Robbins We all experience FEAR at various times in our lives. It is what we do with it that makes the difference. We can choose to embrace False Evidence Appearing Real, then Forget Everything and Run. But where has this gotten you? Are you still stumbling over the six inches between your ears? To live your life purpose, you will need to Face Everything and Rise.


Try my formula Facts + Empowerment + Action = Reality Work on one fear at a time. We are reprogramming the mental and emotional challenges that have held us hostage. Be kind, set yourself up for success. Choose one! Identify and Acknowledge One FEAR you are ready to overcome. Get the Facts versus believing fallacies. Uncover the truth. Embrace the new Evidence and be Empowered. Take Action. Make the necessary changes. “Action breeds confidence and courage.” ~Dale Carnegie “Confidence is the unconquerable enemy of fear.” ~Regina Rowley Reality, this is what you create day in and day out. Choose wisely, you get to create Reality when you get the Facts, become Empowered and take Action. As you overcome, Sharing your experience with others will enlighten and inspire them to face their FEARS. Remember, “As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”. Whether I am speaking or teaching one of the most important concepts I share is believing in and valuing yourself. It impacts your success in overcoming fears. Frequently we listen to the fallacies society dictates and tell ourselves “I don’t measure up.”. We allow the insecurities of others to determine our future. Referring once again to Ms. Williamson’s quote, “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.” If you degrade yourself with negative self talk or bemoan your perceived imperfections and want to value yourself: Make eye contact with yourself in a mirror and SMILE! Say, out loud, “I am Beautiful! I am confidant and strong! I am valuable and have worth!” Make this part of your daily routine. Let your children hear you. Invite them to join you. Live YOUR legacy. Perhaps this article struck a nerve and you would like to learn more. Email me for a courtesy invitation to my, Overcoming FEAR and Limitations call, where I address common fears and how to overcome them. Regina@ReginaRowley.com Mention, Be the Boss.


CHANGE THE WORLD FROM THE FRONT OF THE ROOM! Written by: Tonya Hofmann This is an article of HUGE ideas for huge thinkers and because you are reading this proves that not only are you unique and ready to expand what you know but also ready to change many lives! Basic Concept Anyone but not everyone can change many lives. The difference is that those who do make an impact are those who take action. That is the only difference. Everyone has learned something or has an ability that others do not and that others would love to have. Another is the desire of many to be a part of a community of like-minded people. Most people on this planet wants to join a group of others like them with the same interest, problems or challenges. You can accomplish both! Ideas of Aires Millionaires and Billionaires have a lot in common. Both believe in multiple income streams. The difference in both are that Millionaires have multiple income streams by creating multiple business such as real estate, a business, stocks, etc. where Billionaires have multiple income streams and multiple income streams in every income streams. I set out in 2007 to figure out how to start thinking like a Billionaire. In everything you do, you should ask yourself “How can I create another income stream from what I’m doing today?” You should try and create multiple opportunities every time you set out to do something. For Example: A Virtual Event not only creates a sale from a client who will be in the event but you can create sponsors, use it for marketing, invite a guest speaker for more exposure, revenue share with the guest speaker… get the point. Personal Growth Quote “I have one rule I live by now... I’m not allowed to be comfortable!” Tonya Hofmann I realized many moons ago that if I was going to be able to help as many people as possible meant that I was going to have to get out of all of my fears that had been holding me back my whole life. If you want to help only 1 person a year, that is much easier than 12 or 24 or 2400! I LOVE giving back, showing people the possibilities of their world, making a difference and to me that meant helping people beyond my back door. I hired the right life and business coaches that showed me how to think positively, step out of my fears, accomplish my goals, set goals, time manage, network, speak, create a presence on the internet and change people’s lives. Comfort halts everything. When you are uncomfortable you are growing.


Imperfection If you are waiting to make everything perfect, waiting on the time to be perfect, waiting... waiting... It will never happen. I started listening to million dollar producing speakers and coaches and found the top people out there have websites with old information, bad grammar and misspelled words. I listened to unedited audios and videos and they made mistakes, said “Um”, mispronounced words, said the wrong words, had all kinds of errors and mistakes but yet, that didn’t keep them from making millions! I figured if they aren’t worried about it, why should I? Sending an imperfect email out promoting an event is better than no email at all. Of course, you want to try and correct things but just understand that you have to take action or nothing will ever happen! Funnel Program The funnel is a simple idea. You pore a whole lot of people in at the top, they filter down until they become fewer people which become VIP clients. So the first level is your free area (social media, email campaigns, meeting strangers) and this is the largest group. Every business is different but most companies have a similar approach. The next level would be the $1 to $50 client. Again, smaller than the free group but larger than the others. The next level would be up to $150 and so on until someone gets to your VIP Client level for say... $5000. So the idea is that people come in at the top and slowly filter their way down to the VIP level. Building a Business Most small business owners fail to build a business. They offer one or a few services and/or products and they think that is a business. You have to build a foundation and move people through your levels of involvement. I know that the funnel works but I think it doesn’t work all the time. I think what really happens is that people come into your business through your courtyard you build. They LOVE your courtyard! It is so nice there and FREE. So the hard part is to get them to be so drawn to your skyscraper (your business) that they walk inside to the bar area. It is really nice inside and they are so glad they came in to order a drink; however, they finish your drink and you have nothing else to give them to drink so they leave and head back outside. This is called one off selling. You sell them one thing and now they go back to enjoying your courtyard and it is just as hard to get them to come in again. So you develop a program that keeps them belly upped to the bar and will never leave. They may take the escalator up to the next floor for dinner but realistically they love your bar and you can make a whole lot of money there. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year charging $25 to $50 a pop… it is so much easier, people don’t have to think real hard about it, they don’t have to go ask anyone and if you get 10 people at $50 that is $500! Nothing to sneeze at.


Business Groupies What you really want to create is business groupies! These are the people who hang out at your bar and won’t leave. These people are always waiting on the next great thing you have to offer. What is really brilliant about this group is that even though they are only buying your lower level products/services, they are incredible testimonials and connections to VIP clients! No More One Off Selling Most entrepreneurs have an incredibly hard time staying in business because every day brings a brand new day they have to go out and hustle to sell again. One off Selling wears out even the hardiest of sales people and if you don’t like sales then quickly becomes a thorn in your side. So first you have to ask yourself… which mind set do I have? An Employee or an Entrepreneur Mindset? The biggest reason that people have a hard time being an entrepreneur is because they can’t let go of their employee way of thinking. Employee Mindset says “I am worth so much per hour. I want to create something once it be completed and done. I want to have my next client find me. I want to be paid and then I’m done.” An Entrepreneur Mindset says “I want to constantly tweak everything I create to provide the best value on what my clients want me to provide. I want to constantly be meeting new people even if they don’t buy immediately from me because I know that I want them to be in my world forever so that I can continue to change their life forever and I will never be done changing their lives which also means that I will continue to sell to them.” Which mindset do you have? Are you always looking forward to being done… done with your website, done with your current client, done with marketing… so then soon you will be done with business. Every business needs to adjust to the market which means always adjusting your business. Easiest Marketing EVER Speaking even though scary for most is truly the easiest way to develop you and your business! I’ll go over the reality and then I’ll go over how to get out of your fear of speaking. Say a new client for you is worth $1000 a year they spend with you. It takes you 20 people to find that one new client. It would take you an entire week meeting 4-6 people a day for coffee and lunch to find that one client. Meetings like this take a long time and cost a lot of money with so many coffees to buy! So say you go speak in front of group of 20 people who are all potential new clients for you. You speak for one hour and you immediately find your 1 person out of the group who wants your product or service. You just made your quote in 1 hour instead of 40 hours! Plus if you speak once a month that is $12,000 a year from 1 client at a speaking gig. Fear I am a recovering introvert so I completely understand how difficult speaking is for most people. You know what… most people are really nice. I’ve never had a tomato thrown at me yet. How did I get through the shakes and fainting spells? Action… I just DID IT anyways. The more I got up to speak, the easier it got. And then one day, I noticed… I’m not shaking anymore! Any other thing would always throw me off was worrying about the negative person on the room who didn’t like me… Well, what was there not to like? At one event there was this guy who talked to me before the event and he was grumpy and negative then and now while I speaking to this group I saw him shaking his head, had a


grumpy face on and his arms were crossed. I started my usual panic attack seeing him not liking “me”. Then I happened to grab a glimpse of a lady to the other side. She was smiling, writing like crazy and I remembered our great conversation before. Suddenly it occurred to me that I was focusing on the negative people instead of the positive ones! I also realized that the people that didn’t like me… I didn’t like them either so who cares what they think! 20% in a room will immediately not like you, 20% will LOVE YOU and the other 60% haven’t decided yet. Own YOUR Fabulousness You must showcase how amazing you are because you ARE! Show people that you care, that you want to change their lives, that you are not going any place but up. Don’t give up… I’m so glad that I didn’t. I wanted to several times… okay, a lot of times but I didn’t. You can’t change the world without experiencing the world. I hope you get involved with the Public Speakers Association. We love helping people’s dreams come true, showing you the most up-to-date information on the speaking world, giving a safe environment to practice, tweak, adjust and giving you actual opportunities to go change lives from the front of the room! Tonya Hofmann CEO & Founder of the Public Speakers Association www.publicspeakersassociation.com www.tonyahofmann.com www.facebook.com/tonyahofmann www.twitter.com/tonyahofmann www.linkedin.com/in/tonyahofmann




A Quick Start Guide To Better Social Media Content written by: Heather Fein

When first venturing into social media as a marketing platform, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out exactly what to say. There are millions of ways to attract an audience, some better than others. As we transition from casual personal use to business applications, we have to change how we engage with our audience. Here is a quick start guide to help clear some of the clutter! What kind of message are we sending out on social media? Not only is what we are saying important, but so is how we say our message. Watching Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, along with several other platforms has really taught me a lot about good versus bad content. Everyone loves the adorable, the shocking, and the dramatic. What does it take to go from average to AMAZING? Let us look at some of the most common errors of those first venturing into the realm of marketing their business on social media: 1. Follow me and I’ll do “_____________” Great, you want to build your list, grow your

likes, get more contacts. We are all trying to grow our reach, however, the message being given to your audience is one of desperation. How many times have we seen the pictures of people looking for their birth parents, or terminally ill children asking for likes? While this seems like a great way to grow a following, it can be perceived as a possible way for people to ‘mine’ your information. Very frequently, if you look into the posts asking for likes, they have been proven to be scams. This may have been a good way to gain exposure in the past. Let’s leave it there! 14

2. Using auto posters that show up as an auto post. This can get a bit tricky. Apps are wonderful tools and very helpful. There are some very good ones out there. Here’s the thing, when going through the feed and seeing a link or post was shared via (insert app name here), your audience knows that you are off doing something else when that post shows up. Finding an auto poster that does not show that it is doing the work for you can be tricky. However, it may be as simple as having the content “piggy-back” across platforms. For example, schedule your

auto poster to post to Twitter, and have your Twitter account set to post to Facebook for you. Other social media sites do this as well. Take a little time to learn this trick and see your engagement SOAR! 3. Including your website links on EVERYTHING. That is what your BUSINESS page and ABOUT section are for. Every post, picture, every little tidbit does not need a link to your website. Create a signature watermark for your original content. That way you can still tell that it is your own, your brand carries along with the shares, and people viewing know who to look for in the crowd. 4. When asking a question, take the time to engage with the people who answer. Especially with the new year upon us, it is frequent to find a post asking for weight loss tips (example only). Then, after a few comments, that is where the self product promotion starts. It looks something like this: “Oh, Sally, I had such a hard time finding a good diet too. Buy my ‘stuff’ and lose weight like I did! Here’s my link, and make sure to join my team too!” Every so often, take a day and really LOOK at your pages. Look at the news feeds. Look at the image you are putting out there. If you were in a brick and mortar business, you would see the pieces of paper that fell on the floor, the paperclips that have gotten stuck in the carpet, the smudges on the windows. The same thing happens with our

social media content as well. Sometimes we get so focused on posting something, we post anything. Take a step back and observe yourself from your target audience standpoint. Once you can do that, you will have a better understanding of how to provide relevant content and dramatically increase your engagement. For more information, you can reach me at Heather@FeinSynergy.com. 15







10 Reasons

YouTube Is Important For Your Business Written by: Marshie Morgan

1. YouTube helps you be personal with your customers. People want and need to feel like you care about them. YouTube allows the viewer to feel connected to the person representing your company. This gives you the Owner of the business the opportunity to personalize and brand your company message to each individual viewer. You are talking directly to that viewer not the masses. 2. Helps with your Search Engine Optimization or better known as S.E.O. scores on your website. Search engines are looking for content and making sure the website is legitimate. 3. Brings value to your current and past clients. It is easier to maintain a customer than get a new one. For example, the company could present a promotion or discount coming out for the holidays. Perhaps the company is rolling out a new product line, this allows past customers to learn about the new and improved products with a personalized touch. 4. Helps a potential customer to buy from someone who brings value to them by information. I recently was in the need of a KOI pond pump. I looked on E-bay and Amazon and decided to find a local business I could support. I found two different companies across the nation. They offered the same exact pump at the same price, free shipping and even offered the same coupon for signing up to their Facebook page. What set them apart? Was it the way the website looked or was it the fact they had informational videos which helped me? You guessed it the informational videos. This is my first KOI pond and I need all the help and resources I can find. 5. Easy as 1, 2, 3. Anyone can make a video on their smart phone or tablet. Upload up to YouTube and it’s live all in the matter of minutes. The video does not need to look slick. The viewer needs an answer to a question or a solution to a problem and that is why they are watching the video. You have the answer and opportunity to connect with them, therefore, give them content.


6. Connects to all your social media outlets with a touch of a button. This saves time and allows you to reach more people in your network faster. It is proven that social media sites get more views and likes by having a video which means you and your company are getting more exposure. According to Quintly a social analytics firm significantly more people will like and comment on a video post over a photo, yet only 3 percent of pages’ posts a video giving you even more opportunity for engagement on Facebook. 7. Make money on YouTube solely by monetization. Depending on your product and how many people visit your channel you may find sponsors who would like to “pay for the rent” of your channel by doing endorsements or advertising for them. There are You Tubers who make their entire living by only getting those subscribers, likes and comments from their videos. 8. Be found by giving potential customers a coordinate on the information highway. 9. Boost your sales immediately by having one video or a dedicated channel. A YouTube video can be used on your website, social media sites, blogs, YouTube channel or all venues to maximize your marketing efforts. 10. Last but not least it is a free marketing tool.

Facts about M & M Business Solutions: 1. Named after the Owner, Marshie Morgan 2. Been in business for 5 years and going strong 3. Committed to helping businesses expand and run smoothly by providing training, business mentoring, life coaching and administrative services 4. “Teaching and helping others achieve their full potential is my life’s work.” www.MMbizsolutions.com or 817-291-6000


From Hobby

To Art Written by: Matt Dotson

What started out as a hobby is starting to turn itself into a business. Marsha Wilson of Robinson, Texas learned the art of wood burning while she was crafting crosses for fellow neighbors. After a while though they appeared to be too plain and she felt that they needed more decoration. One day she found her husband’s wood burning kit, and from then on things were never the same. Marsha did not take all of this up at once, but rather it was a progression. In the beginning, Marsha owned a bakery where she would sell donuts. She would use her craft to decorate and sell items. She would make wooden crosses out of cedar, after a while though she felt like they needed something, “I decided they needed more decoration than just plain crosses” Marsha said “I got his old wood burner kit that Jim had since high-school. I got it out and I started burning on


line straight and that takes time, patients, and discipline to get that line straight. If you bend it or bobble it, people will see it.” She contrasts with art requiring shading saying bending or bobbing does not matter as much as getting the right tone, the right depth and the right shade at the right place. Many of her wood burning pieces are held in the CAST in Waco alongside the work of famed artist Greg Peters and two other the crosses. I liked the wood burning more than I did making the crosses. So I started burning everything that didn’t move. It went from a craft to an art.”

nationally famed artists all of which have given her praise for her work. Marsha says it is an honor to have such recognition “I’m geeking out.” Marsha said. “It’s nice to have somebody recognize me and just not my

Marsha said she enjoys doing it, but she also

family saying it’s good honey it’s good. It

said there is a lot of shading involved. This

means a lot more knowing that they are not

shading gives it a 3D effect.

saying that just to be polite.

I had the pleasure of seeing a wood burning

Marsha’s craft really hasn’t evolved into a

of an alligator that she had done. Marsha said

big business, but she has had luck selling

that she enjoys alternating between words

commissions as well as selling some of her

and shading. “I go back and forth between

work on the internet. She enjoys all of it.

just doing words like scriptures or a saying and something that needs a lot of shading because it requires a whole different style.” Marsha said. “While I’m doing one, it lets

“I love it especially if it is a lot shading. you do a little bit of at a time. It starts to look like it’s coming out of the board.

me relax from the other. Both of them are

Marsha Wilson has been married for 29 years

challenging in different ways. For instance,

and has five daughters.

when you’re doing a word, especially straight block letters, you have to get that

Connect with Marsha on Facbook.


When You Wish Upon a Star by Candy Barone, CEO, You Empowered Strong, LLC

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” Do you remember saying that as a kid whenever you found yourself looking up into the night and seeing the first star? Do you remember what you used to wish for? I do. I remember saying so many times when I saw my first star on a new night that “someday when I grew up I was going to change the world and I wanted to be a published author.” Now, almost 30 years later, I sit marveling at the fact that that is exactly the dream I am making come true. You see, on one particular evening, the beginning of what would be my very first published children’s book commenced. And, I had no idea. I was twelve years old, my parents were going through a horrific divorce. My home was filled with despair, hurt, anguish, fear, and uncertainty. Yet, somehow, I always found solace in gazing out onto the night, whether taking a brisk walk outside in our neighborhood (it was safer back then to do such things) or simply by staring out my bedroom window. That night as the rain fell, I looked out from my window and made my routine wish upon the first star I saw. Now, while this night seemed to be a regular night like any other … one full of fighting, discord, animosity, and just getting my homework done, something was different. This night in particular everything escalated. At the time, my younger sister, Crystal, I didn’t get along very well either. She is six years younger than me, tried to copy everything I did, and all I thought was how big of a pest she was. Yet, due to the divorce and income level for my mom, my sister and I now found ourselves sharing a bedroom. That night as I was trying to lose myself in my homework to escape the mix of violent outbursts that had transpired from my parents that night and the storm that was starting to rage outside, my sister pleaded with me to comfort her. At first, I dismissed her request, as I really couldn’t and didn’t want to be bothered. But then realizing how upset she really was, I climbed into bed with her (she was only six year old at the 26

time) to soothe her fears. After I got snuggled up next her, she asked me to tell her a story. I said, “What story do you want me to tell you?” To which she replied, “I want you to make up one of yours.” I was known for making up stories. I often found myself making up stories for my younger brother and sister just for fun or to pass the time. So, I found myself digging deep and Dream Star was born!

copy in my files today with her beautiful smiley face of encouragement on the bottom of the page. Now, that I had my story in print, I found myself declaring my intention around the age of 15 that someday I would get this story illustrated and published. After college, I went through the process to get my story, along with a volume of poetry copyrighted in the Library of Congress to protect my work. I knew that someday I would bring my story to life.

“‘Once upon a time, in a galaxy enchanted by stars, there lived a little star way back in the heavens named, Dream Star. He was very little, Talk about dreams coming true!!! Now, so many and very sad.” years later, I finally am bringing Dream Star to the rest of the world! When I made the decision And, so the story began … to leave Corporate America in May 2013, I also made a cross-country move to Austin to build my own business. As I was starting to get my legs under me, and truly figure out how I was going to build and leverage my new company, I decided that it also was time to see what would happen if I put my story out there.

My story became a nightly ritual after that night for a long time between me and my sister. And, somehow, despite my dislike of her and irritation with her at times, it was like a safe place we both could retreat to when needed. After telling her the story many, many times, I finally decided to get it down on paper and to I then submitted my manuscript to several make it real. I even remember sharing it with publishing companies and found myself getting my 7th grade teacher, to which, I still have that a contract sent to me a mere three days later.


The ride since has been unbelievable. And, within a full year after taking a chance on me, after having the courage to put my story out there, I had a illustrated children’s book in my hands. Now, I am traveling across the country bringing to life the story of a little star who finds his purpose and how special and unique he really is, after feeling like he is nothing, simply because his light doesn’t shine as brightly as all the other stars and he is not as big as they are. In addition, the message of this story so naturally and intentionally connects to the other work I do within my own company, You Empowered Strong, LLC. I am helping others find and shine their own light. I work with people to help them think bigger, learn to say YES to themselves, destroy the NOISE getting in their way, and truly step into the gifts they were given.

consistency, and personal responsibility. And, to think, it all started with a dream, a vision I carried for myself way back in my early childhood. I knew with great certainty that I would get to impact others … even when so many challenged that belief and didn’t think it was possible. Somehow, I always believed. I always believed in the power of the stars, and the magic they hold. I believed in something bigger than myself. I believed that I had purpose to serve others. And, that dream is becoming more and more a reality every day! The best part of me sharing this with you, is you have the same opportunity. We all have that potential. We all have something bigger inside of us. Now it’s up to you to decide if you are ready. If you dare to take the driver’s seat. I want to challenge to dig deep so you can do the same. Go back and think about that wish you once made when you looked at that first star in the night, the dreams the child in you dared to dream. And, I want you to ask yourself, “Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.”

I am getting more and more opportunities to bring the story of Dream Star and the work I do together for kids (and adults) of all ages to help them better understand their own purpose, to set goals that align with what’s All it takes is making a wish upon a star, you. deep within their heart, identify intentional For, you are that star! And, your dreams can activities to accomplish those goals and makes come true! their dreams a reality, and create a way to hold themselves accountable through discipline,

Candy Barone, known as the “Pull-No-Punches” Accountability Powerhouse, is the CEO & Founder of You Empowered Strong. She is a certified master coach, certified Law of Attraction practitioner, professional speaker, trainer, and author. Candy is a master at helping people say YES to themselves, destroy the N.O.I.S.E. getting in their way, and create intention and accountability to propel them forward. Candy lives in Austin, TX, with her puppy, Payton.

http://www.candybaroneinternational.com/ 28



Gourmet Pawstries Written by: Yvette Day My name is Yvette Day, Owner and Head Chef of Gourmet Pawstries. Gourmet Pawstries is a gourmet healthy choice dog treat and cake business. In order to get a better understanding of me and my company I will give you a little background on how we got started. My parents were never really fond of pets when I was a child. When I met my husband he was a K-9 officer and had a fury partner named Fredy, the handsome German Shepard that stole my heart. Years went by and I grew to love him as my baby, my “Furbaby”. When my husband was promoted he was transferred out of the K-9 Unit, and unfortunately Fredy was re-assigned to another officer. When the time came that we had to say goodbye to him I was devastated. Eventually I was able to talk my husband into getting the kids and I another ‘Furbaby”. So we searched and searched and finally found our Furbaby, Zoey! She is a German Shepard and the most beautiful one out there, to us anyways.

Her first birthday was coming up in February 2014 and I thought to myself I’m going to make her a cake! I was so excited about it. I ran to tell my husband my grand idea! “Babe, I’m going to make Zoey a birthday cake” he looked at me like I was crazy! I’ll never forget the look he gave me! At that moment the idea came to me! I decided I’m going to bake cakes and treats for dogs! So I excitedly began to embark on my new adventure. With nothing more than a quirky idea, a basic knowledge of baking and an absolute love now for Furbabies, I did my research on what was safe for dogs to eat, and what was not. Based on that information, I came up with several different recipes. went to the kitchen and put them to action. Gourmet Pawstries was born! I put a facebook page together, baked some tasty treats and before I knew it, the orders for treats and cakes came rushing in. Here we are 2 years later and our business is going strong and still growing rapidly! I hope to have a store front soon, and the possibilities are endless from there! Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to share my story. Connect with Yvette on Facebook.


The Amos House of Faith Justina Page At 5’11, Justina Page stands tall. Her voice is one that commands action and her smile brightens even the darkest places. This woman with a big heart – travels the word teaching others how to overcome life’s obstacles. Her journey is one of tears, love and ultimately rising from the ashes. She has it all together Justina’s life was one of story books. She was athletic, beautiful and married her college sweet heart. Soon after marrying, Justina and her husband welcomed their first child a boy! The family continued to grow and soon this home schooled mother was raising six amazing sons as her husband worked. It was the life. No major worries. No missed meals. No stress. Some may even wonder how did she get so Justina and her son Benjamin were in a coma for lucky? Justina was on her way to happily ever after months. It would be weeks of surgeries and intense physical therapy before the family regained any – when tragedy struck and struck hard. sense of normalcy. The physical and emotional toll were enormous. Yet, in the midst of the ashes an The night everything changed On March 7, 1999, a 5 alarm fire swept through ember of hope flickered. By faith they were able to Justina’s home. Having taught her oldest children prevail and stand on top of their circumstance and about fire safely – they made it out safely, but not build again. without sustaining 1st & 2nd degree burns. James her husband – quickly grabbed Justina and tossed Fireproof With the support of her husband, James, and their her out the window. surviving children, as well as her dedicated church family, Justina was able to use the power of faith Justina’s motherly instinct to protect her children kicked in causing her to re-enter the burning house and love to turn tragedy into triumph. From the to rescue their 22 months old twins. However, a book ashes of fire a new hope has emerged. She is the shelf toppled over and pinned her in. Unlike the Founder and Executive Director of The Amos House big budget Hollywood movies – it was pitch black of Faith, a non-profit organization, established to and Justina was on fire. As the blaze continued to providepost-burn support to children and families sweep the home, James, after rescuing the four older affected by burn trauma. children, once again grabbed Justina and made it out the house. This time – it was no going back. Justina’s story has garnered national attention and Her husband was able to enter the nursery and has led to various speaking opportunities across retrieve one of the twins before the house collapsed the United States. Her book, “The Circle of Fire” tragically killing the other 22 month old twin son has won numerous awards and has found its way Amos. The fire left severe injuries to her other twin into book clubs, churches, and a publishing deal son, Benjamin, and she was severely burned over with Morgan James Publishing. The Circle of Fire is due to re-release in July of 2015. Proceeds from 55 percent of her body. 32

her book, benefit The Amos House of Faith. Her journey is nothing short of amazing and leaves you feeling uplifted and appreciative of life. While the story recounts a physical fire; Justina tailors her speeches to include the different type of fires we encounter whether mental, physical or financial and how to recover. Her vast knowledge regarding fire safety and recovery has made her a sought after speaker and presenter for groups of all sizes. A New Day A few years ago, Justina shared her story in the PBS documentary “Trial by Fire: Life’s Re-forged” featuring J.R. Martinez of Dancing With The Stars and All My Children fame. Her experience has created a platform for the most vulnerable survivors of house fires – children. After the camera crew leaves and donations cease – children and their families have to adjust to a new life. With the help and support of others, The Amos House of Faith is able to help families navigate how to recover from a house fire, where to go for additional support and know that life can still be beautiful despite tragedy. Happily Ever After On the heels of her newly released song, Amazing Hope, Justina is meeting with and seeking new Christian artist to write for. 2015 will be a year of release for her other works. Her daily mantra has become - no matter what kind of trouble or pain you are dealing with, there is a way to rebound. You can stand on top of your circumstances. For more information including upcoming events and booking opportunities please visit: justinapage.com. Let’s stay connected! FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/justina.page.14 FACEBOOK PERSONAL: https://www.facebook.com/justina.page.7 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JustinaRPage GOOGLE PLUS: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113912196179693428665/about/p/pub PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/jpage0360/ LINKEDIN: http://www.linkedin.com/in/justinapage WEBSITE: www.justinapage.com


5 Day Graduating Plan Written by: Erika Ervin

What would life be like for you IF the vicious cycle of ups and downs were to disappear? You know the cycle I’m talking about.... you eat well, work out hard but don’t see results so you slip up and ‘cheat’. Then what happens? You get frustrated and fall back into your comfort zone only you get more upset and allow the negative habits to rear their ugly head, depression sets back in and the cycle has begun again. Let’s take your mind off how big you feel your butt is and those jeans you yearn to button again and place your thoughts on learning the skill of positive self-thought and actions. YOU DESERVE THAT! I would like to share some tips that I have learned over my years of ups and downs; these tools help me get back on track and stay there! I’ve even included a sample 5 Day Graduating plan that will help you create building blocks you can use to get back on track and working towards a balanced healthy lifestyle. 1. Write out your weekly goals and create a time schedule in your weekly plan for your upcoming week. DO THIS every Sunday. This sets your mind and lets you not just think about but organize your priorities and goals into your everyday life. Once you get your goals on paper they are tangible and ‘real’. As your week progresses and the unexpected happens; you will be able to reference your written weekly goals. This helps you to stay focused on the course of what is important for you. The other HUGE advantage of writing out your goals is the surge of dopamine you get when you cross off a task or goal and feel the motivating rush of accomplishment. 2. Read 1 Fitness Related Blog, Article or listen to a podcast. Staying educated is key to keeping you empowered and educated. When you know better you do better…Maya Angelou and you are more likely to implement what you have learned. When you learn more, you are more likely to share what you have learned and your experiences with others which in turn helps keep you excited and focused. • You can find my blog at www.yourfitnessgirl.com • Chelane Johnson has a fantastic podcast for fitness and personal development: http://www. chalenejohnson.com/podcast/ • Want the info to come straight to your inbox? Check out the best fitness and nutrition tips from all around the country right here! Find Your Fit Magazine


3. Start with smaller workouts and nutritional changes and work your way up. I’ve created a quick weekly strategy for you to follow that will take out the guessing work of creating your own graduating program. Let’s define ‘Graduating Fitness Strategy’. It is a strategy that you use to make your journey structured, spelled out and less overwhelming. You do this by making 5 simple changes throughout the week; these changes then compound each day and by the end of the week you have a block that you can continue to add to until you reach the level you want to be at. Print this out and pin it up in your bathroom, or inside your pantry door. Have it accessible and in plain view every day to help you keep to your goal plan. On the last day, I encourage you to create your own meal so that you can put everything you have learned into practice and empower yourself with the positive daily affirmation of, “ I will do this, no excuses.”

Sample Week: Monday: Limit yourself to one sweet treat and 3 sets 20 squats



Limit Yourself to one sweet or salty Treat a day. Schedule in advance when you will have this treat and how much you will have. Remember.. Moderation!

3 Sets of 20 Basics Squats

Tuesday: Replace one complex carb with a Protein and complete 3 sets of 20 second planks (plus Monday’s nutritional changes) I say this as a general guide because in my experience, most people are eating too many carbs.. even the good ones.



Replace on complex carb with a protein. Drink 20 more ounces of water Omit sweet and salty treat

3 sets of 20 Basic Squats 3 sets of 20 second Planks

“You Deserve This!” 35

Wednesday: Add one extra green to one meal. Complete both Monday and Tuesdays workout and nutritional changes PLUS: 3 sets of 5 pushups (Modify by placing your knees on the floor)



Replace on complex carb with a protein. Drink 20 more ounces of water Omit sweet and salty treat Add one Extra Green to one meal!

3 sets of 20 Basic Squats 3 sets of 20 second Planks 3 sets of 5 Pushups

Thursday: Try one new vegetable and complete 3-5 burpees every minute for 5 minutes. (Plus Mon - Wed nutritional changes only)



Replace on complex carb with a protein. Drink 20 more ounces of water Omit sweet and salty treat Add one Extra Green to one meal! Try one new Vegetable

3 sets of 20 Basic Squats 3 sets of 20 second Planks 3 sets of 5 Pushups 3 to 5 Burpees / min for 5 Min

“Empower yourself with positive the positive self-thought, “I CAN do this”


Friday: Combine ALL workouts (see below) and add a stretch. Create an entire new meal using the info from Mon-Thursday. You can find recipes on my blog www.yourfitnessgirl.com. I have you create your own meal so that you can put everything you have learned into practice and empower yourself with the positive self thought.. ‘I CAN do this’!



Replace on complex carb with a protein. Drink 20 more ounces of water Omit sweet and salty treat Add one Extra Green to one meal! Research and create a new meal!

3 sets of 20 Basic Squats 3 sets of 20 second Planks 3 sets of 5 Pushups 5 Burpees/min for 5 Min Hamstring stretch, Back, chest and Hip

Saturday and Sunday: IMPORTANT!!! Focus on combining all nutritional changes you made during the week and for the workouts… REST and RECOVER. Spend time with your family and friends, show them what you have learned and tell them how you feel. Let them experience your success with you. The weekends are about letting go of the stresses for your week and loving those closest to you deeply. Spend time in worship and meditation to reset yourself for the upcoming week! If you would like to Join one of my Free Virtual Fitness Challenges, Please email me @ erika@yourfitnessgirl.com or go to my website: www.yourfitnessgirl.com and sign up immediately!


I GOT PUBLISHED AND SO CAN YOU! Lorraine Bossé-Smith I’ve been in the publishing industry for over 30 years. During that time, I have handled just about every aspect from acquisition of authors to product development, marketing and PR as well as sales. In 2004, however, I was introduced to the role of author. I decided that since I had published so many others and helped them become successful that I wanted my day in the sun. I now have seven published books, with three different publishers, out on the market. Here’s my story and how YOU can get published, too. Just because I had contacts and knew the right people didn’t guarantee me as a shoe in. I still had to work the system and submit manuscripts, receiving a ton of rejection letters before finally being accepted after four years of work. Did you know that only one percent of ALL submitted manuscripts ever get published? My first word of advice to you: Toughen up! You will need to handle rejection, criticism, and become VERY patient. So do you want to get published? Here are your options:

to re-sell. Remember, a traditional publisher is in it for the money! This is an investment that they hope will pay off. I went this route because I felt I did have the contacts, understood the industry, and didn’t have the funds to self publish. The best way to get a traditional publisher is A) Get an agent, which many want to only work with published authors, thus the Catch 22 scenario. Get a copy of Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents, and you will have a wealth of information on who you can contact. You can also search online. B) Self-agent and submit query letters. Most publishers will not accept unsolicited manuscripts, but start establishing a relationship and pitch yourself and your idea quickly and effectively. If you get to the next level, non-fiction book publishers will need to see some sample chapters. Don’t write any more than three sample chapters because they could change the direction on you. Save your energy. If, on the other hand, you have a fiction book, then you will need to submit most Traditional Publishing of the manuscript for review. They will want to see If you are a speaker and want to have books for the where the story goes. Be sure to have them sign a back of the room, you desire to spread a message confidentiality agreement. out to the masses, you have limited financial resources, or you are a writer but not a marketer, Self-Publishing then the traditional route is for you. The publisher If you just want to publish a book to say you did, takes all the risk and pays you a fee or advance to need back of room products for speaking, are write the project. You are given a deadline and a set looking to gain some credibility in a field you amount of words to provide to the publisher on the know, are a marketing machine and have some agreed topic, of which they can edit and change. money to spend, then you can self-publish. SelfYou are the author, but they own the product. publishing has come a long way and has gained They will create a nice cover and market and sell respect through the years. Just know you won’t your book to the masses. You aren’t responsible for get any advice or receive experienced guidance on selling the book but can buy books at a discount the process with self publishing. You better know


what you want and how you want it. Be warned that with self-publishing, you are taking the risk and the one responsible for marketing, promoting, AND selling your book. If you only want them for your garage and BOR sales, then you are set. You can print on demand at a reasonable rate. If, though, you desire market penetration, then you will need to pick up a copy of Guerilla Marketing for Writers by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Michael Larsen. You can’t be shy about marketing and promoting your own book if you want to get it out there. Shop and compare online to find the best deal. Consider price per book, turnaround time, paper quality, shipping, etc. One important factor to take into account is availability for key accounts. In order for them to agree to sell your book, they will require special terms. You will need to give them a steep discount with the ability to return books. You will also need to ship books to them in a hurry if they order more. Make sure you or your printer can fulfill the demands. Each key account has a requirement sheet you can obtain from their buyer. Manage your expectations by knowing this is a hard road to travel, but, once in a while, someone does an incredible job of selling their self-published book to the point that a big publishing house contracts them for more books. You never know! Always keep a positive attitude.


Hybrid or Custom Model Publishing If you are a marketing machine, high energy, have time to dedicate to promoting, want BOR sales, and desire market penetration, then the hybrid model will be a great option for you. This model did not even exist fifteen years ago, but self-publishing led the way. People found themselves able to print their books but didn’t know what to do with them once they had them, thus the “I’ve got a garage full of books” syndrome. A hybrid publisher will not only print your books (again, you are taking the risk and paying for them), but they will offer Ala Carte services such as marketing, PR, and sales. You basically buy what you need. If you are better with a checkbook than sales, you can purchase a team to support your project. It will cost you, but you will get key account representation and book promotion. In other words, you won’t be alone! You will have professionals with years of experience guiding you through the process, ensuring your success. Check references on your hybrid publisher and ensure they do have the contacts you seek. If your book is in the health and fitness genre but your publisher has contacts in the automobile industry, that isn’t a fit. Matching your product with your publisher will be key. The beauty with the hybrid model is you can be creative! Work with your strengths and hire out the rest. My husband completed his first book, and we went the hybrid/custom route. We’ve been very pleased with the results and sales. I believe everyone has a book in them, but not every one can write a book. Further, not everyone who even writes a book can get published. Give it some thought and sleep on it. If you find yourself thinking of writing when you aren’t writing, then you should pursue it. Writing a book isn’t as romantic as the movies make it to be, but it is THE most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, especially when a reader contacts me to say I’ve changed their life for the better. My best to you in your endeavors, and I hope my story helped! Lorraine Bossé-Smith is a speaker, business consultant, fitness professional, and coach who helps people across the country rewire their businesses and lives for success. She is available for consulting and welcomes the opportunity to speak to your group, organization, or club. She can be reached at www. lorrainebosse-smith.com


Is A Living Trust Right For You? Unlike a Will, a Living Trust has many living benefits in addition to avoiding Probate: A Living Will, Nomination of Conservator, Durable Power of Attorney for Assets and Healthcare, Guardian for Minor Children and more. If you answer “Yes” to any of the statements below, you just might need a Living Trust: • • • • • • • • • •

I want to avoid the Probate process I own real estate or I have a mortgage I own real estate in multiple states I have minor children I have a Special Needs Child I have children from a previous marriage I own assets from a previous marriage I don't want to leave difficult decisions to my loved ones I value my privacy I want to leave a loving legacy

Learn more by listening to a 9 Minute, Toll-Free Telephone Living Trust Presentation Call (866) 927-8552 x1 (also in Spanish x2) Call or email me after you have listened to the Toll-Free Presentation

Chajuan Fitzgerald (615) 988-0729 fchajuan@hotmail.com

Trusts prepared by a document preparation company and not a law firm.



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Be the boss winter 2015  

Be The Boss Magazine was created to inspire people to become their own boss and to inform business professionals on ways to start a business...

Be the boss winter 2015  

Be The Boss Magazine was created to inspire people to become their own boss and to inform business professionals on ways to start a business...

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