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Cover Girl!

Jeanette Hall Meet

A gal that can hang with the guys, Jeanette Hall is even a host on No Limits TV, which is aired across Canada on WildTV. Originally from Tennessee, Jeanette started doing taxidermy in California in 2002. However, she moved to Canada when she decided on Alberta as the best spot in North America to do taxidermy because of the tremendous amount of hunters living there and visiting from all over the world. Today, Jeanette owns a taxidermy studio, The Game Preserve Taxidermy, in Wildwood, Alberta. Jeanette also has awards to back up her taxidermy skills. In 2006, she won National Champion in the Game Head Division with a gemsbok she harvested. In 2009, Jeanette won 3rd in the world with a cape buffalo at the World Taxidermy Championships. Jeanette has hunted all over the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Africa, and is preparing to go back to Africa next June as well as a hunting trip to Spain. We wish you luck, Jeanette! See more of her on Facebook at Adventures in Hunting with Jeanette Hall and her taxidermy at The Game Preserve Taxidermy. 6



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