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LIVE. scene. My goal is to capture the beauty in the every day and my style is to show who these women are through subtleties. Subtleties that show these are women and portray that they are agriculture. Too often in our world, the beauty of a woman, of an image, is judged by a face. These are beautiful women, doing beautiful work and my goal is to bring an appreciation to what they do. If you read the whole story, written through my images, I hope you end with a great understanding and appreciation of that woman, that farm and the beauty within. Each one tells a unique story, while the whole strives to be an overall movement.




I am so excited to continue this project not just in the near future, but for the long term. I believe in the idea of FarmHer. I believe that the only way you change ideas and perceptions is consistency over time. These changes might be subtle, but I believe they will occur. By infusing images of women in agriculture into farm imagery, we can change the way people perceive a farmer. If you believe change is necessary and can occur, spread the word about FarmHer, tell your friends and family, and come back to visit often. Visit FarmHer at

ADVENTURESS Spring 2015  
ADVENTURESS Spring 2015  

Information & inspiration for the outdoor woman & country lifestyle. HUNT. FISH. EXPLORE. LIVE. In this issue: turkey season, fishing for b...