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St Andrews Standard is an exciting new customer service package aiming to empower the hospitality and tourism staff in St Andrews to be ambassadors for the town; to take pride in history, to be knowledgeable about its present offerings and passionate about shaping its future.


The idea to develop the St Andrews Standard came about through extensive consultation with businesses in the St Andrews area. Employers expressed discontent with the current generic customer service courses on offer, because these were not tailored to the local area and they included no system of follow-up with the staff and supervisors after the training. According to employers, a course that more closely met the needs of St Andrews businesses would be something in which everyone could take pride. Not only did this new course need to be more relevant than the existing programmes, it also needed to be more recognisable; employers were looking for certificates and pins (similar to those used by the old Welcome Host programme). With all this in mind, we set out to create the St Andrews Standard for all frontline staff working for organisations that have dealings with visitors to St Andrews. We developed this course in conjunction with fifteen town employers representing many sectors of the tourism industry, and an expert customer service trainer.

The St Andrews Standard is a three-part customer service concept for St Andrews businesses:


Participation in a day-long ‘Delivering Service Excellence’ workshop based on the 100k Welcomes programme; contact Anneliese if your staff have attended a customer service course in the past 12 months; it may qualify to fulfil this section.


Local knowledge quizzes based around St Andrews town centre and its attractions. Five questionnaires have been designed, each of which covers the main four streets in St Andrews, as well as the free museums and answers to common questions. Each candidate must complete one quiz, the answers to which can be found on information panels in museums or around the town, on shop fronts, or occasionally by making enquiries. The quiz takes no longer than three hours to complete.


An assessment period of 1-3 months in which employees implement their new service skills under supervision from managers. At the end of this period evidence must be produced by the employees and validated by their supervisor, explaining how they have improved the service that they provide.

On successful completion of all of these sections, candidates will receive a certificate and the St Andrews Standard pin.

Since the course I have been asking more questions about St Andrews, even visiting places I haven’t been so that I can be of more help to visitors. I was amazed at how much there is to do in the area! It has given me more confidence and I am a lot happier in my job role just because of all the positive feedback I have been receiving because of my new attitude. Natalie O’Kelly, Staff member, Rufflets Hotel

The St Andrews Standard has the potential to benefit employers, staff, and tourists, and therefore residents of St Andrews, Fife and even Scotland. Benefits for your staff: • Staff who display local pride and knowledge will improve the visitor experience, bringing in more visitors to St Andrews • Staff who can make confident, first-hand recommendations and dispense relevant information about the town are more likely to feel job satisfaction • Staff who feel involved in the larger plan for St Andrews can discover a renewed sense of purpose, motivating them to provide better service Benefits for your business: • Businesses benefit from a motivated, informed and skilled workforce • Businesses who involve themselves with cross-selling and referrals to other St Andrews employers will drive further visits, both to their own establishment and St Andrews as a destination

Lively and informative training at a cost efficient level has delivered high levels of customer service and customer satisfaction. The St Andrews Skills Academy has enabled the theatre to continue to deliver a five star service.

Stephen Sinclair, Operations Manager, Byre Theatre


£70 + VAT per candidate for full programme, including the customer service workshop and all materials (contact Lynsay for a booking form:

£25 + VAT per candidate for all materials, excluding the workshop (contact Anneliese to discuss your eligibility for this package: 0845 13 000 74 or Group rates may be available; please contact Anneliese for more details.

St Andrews Standard  
St Andrews Standard  

Introducing an exciting new customer service initiative for St Andrews and the East Neuk of Fife