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Volume 7, Issue 3 | August/September/October 2017


Connecting people to the river


Inside: - 13th Annual Explore The River Series - Big River – Big Challenges Conference Insert

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You’ll Find Some Serious Fun Here!! August/September/October 2017 Volume 7 Issue 3 _______


e could have borrowed from the Beach Boys for the title of this issue and made it “Fun, Fun, Fun” because

it covers so many fun summer events. But we use events to

KATHY WINE, Publisher / Executive Director BETH CLARK, Managing Editor, Milepost Ventures, LLC. JEFF VanECHAUTE/pi design, inc., Design DIANNE PEGRAM, Calendar Editor

inspire and engage our members at the same time we hope

Contributing Writers ADAM BURKE, River Action Staff LAURA MORRIS, River Action Staff NOAH TRUESDELL, River Action Staff KATHY WINE, River Action Staff Contributing Photographers ROBERT BRYANT STEVE GUSTAFSON ADAM BURKE JEFF VanECHAUTE STOCK:

inspiringly fun it is going to be. We have a serious purpose behind it all.

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they come because they are fun, so when we present to

Kathy Wine

audiences, we say how fun it is going to be! However, what we really mean is how aweHopefully, we provide irreplaceable value in what we present. At least we try to craft them in a way that answers the question why? What’s in it for me? And we say something of irreplaceable value like education, new perspectives, insights, or the good feeling of giving back. I can give examples of promoting environmental education. We like to say ‘you can learn so much from the seat of a canoe’ or ‘explore firsthand the history, culture and geology of the Mississippi River aboard a water taxi”. Rather than using the title of the course as the subject line of our conference e-mail or brochure about a meeting, we try to use the formula and write this instead: “Meet the people you should know but didn’t know you


4 Serious Fun!

needed to know. This promises networking at

4 6 7 8 9 9

its best!”

We try to make the experience memorable. We try to keep the worth of it in mind while

creating an event, not just while promoting

it. Time spent up front to make events

awesome, contracting with the best professors

13th Annual Explore The River Series by Laura Morris Ride the River – Build A Tryke by Adam Burke and Noah Truesdell Floatzilla 2017 by Noah Truesdell Upper Mississippi River Conference by Adam Burke Adopt A Bike Path by Noah Truesdell Tune Up for Taming by Noah Truesdell

and professionals for presentations, finding

Center Section: 4-page UMRC Pullout

meaningful work for volunteer clean-ups, and


inspiring excellent work on the river through a

10 11 11

robust Eddy Awards program ensures, we hope, people will talk about — and come back to — an event year after year. We join the many organizations in the Quad

11 eddy Calendar:

Cities that are opening the public’s eyes to the development potential of our natural resources

August, September, October, 2017

15 Volunteer for River Action!

and the fun all of us have doing it! For starters, as good teachers and parents, we can show our children how to embrace serious fun on the river this summer.

In The News Floating Islands and Osprey Platforms by Laura Morris Earth Day by Laura Morris WVIK RiverWay Stories featuring Maria Onteveros by Kathy Wine

Our Mission: River Action strives to foster the environmental, economic, and cultural vitality of the Mississippi River and its riverfront in the Quad City region.

August/September/October 2017 | eddy Magazine



Channel Cat Talk participants tour the Mississippi River on MetroLink’s Channel Cat Water Taxi Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Riverine Walk participants learn about the environment and history of the Quad Cities on guided walks.

13th Annual Explore the River Series

— by Laura Morris


earn about the Mississippi River first hand through River Action’s 13th Annual Explore the River Series, which include Channel Cat Talks and Riverine Walks. The series provides Quad Cities’ residents and tourists a chance to experience and learn

about the Mississippi River by taking them to unique sites where they can explore wildlife, history, culture, water quality, and more. Each talk utilizes the multiple opportunities afforded by geology, local ecology, and cultural and historical factors unique to each place on 30

miles of the river and riverfront in the Quad City region. This year there are 55 presentations in total, covering 28 different topics! There is still a month left of River Action’s Explore the River Series!

Channel Cat Talks:


hannel Cat Talk participants tour the Mississippi River aboard MetroLink’s Channel Cat Water Taxi, while experts narrate. Channel Cat Talks are offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9-10:45 a.m., and are 14 dollars per person. Channel Cat Talks depart from the RiverBend Commons, 2951 E. River Dr., Moline, IL. August Channel Cat Talks include: • Bring the Kids! Watershed Fur Bearers, August 1 and 3 with Emily Santiago, Naturalist, Wapsi River Environmental Center - Learn about some of the mammals in our area, including their habitats, ecology, and human impacts to these fur bearing creatures. Feel real animal fur on this Channel Cat Talk! • The Watershed Story, August 8 and 10 with Amy Kay, Clean Water Manager, City of Davenport - Learn about the changes in our river and stream conditions, as well as the history of water quality in Iowa from pre-settlement to present day. We will discuss how water use, land use, perception and technology all contribute to problems and solutions for having clean and healthy water. • River Landscape Mosaic, August 15 and 17 with Dr. Reuben Heine and Dr. Norm Moline, Augustana College - Study the channel characteristic, riverfront uses, and environmental issues in Pool 15 from Arsenal Island to Campbell's Island. • A New Bridge; A New Tomorrow, August 22 and 24 with Jeff Reiter, Economic Development Director, City of Bettendorf


eddy Magazine |

Enjoy the ride and listen in style with provided headsets.

- With the construction of the new I-74 Bridge ramping up in 2017, new opportunities abound in Bettendorf. Tour the river’s edge and get a glimpse into projects and possibilities that will impact the Downtown Bettendorf landscape for generations to come. • 2017 Canoe Voyage – Quad Cities to New Orleans, August 29 and 31 with Dana Starkell, Sojourner and Author - Local canoeist recounts adventures of this year’s voyage from the Quad Cities to New Orleans.


Riverine Walks:


iverine Walk participants explore the Quad Cities through a series of guided walks. Riverine Walks are Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m., and Saturdays, 9-10:30 a.m. These guided walks, presented by local professionals, inform residents and visitors about the environment and history of the Quad Cities with an abundance of interactive discussions and activities. Riverine Walks meet at various sites around the Quad City area and are 6 dollars a person or free to River Action members. August Riverine Walks include: • Deep Maps-Historic Geography of Pool 16 of the Mississippi River, August 2 and 5 with Dr. Reuben Heine, Augustana College - Come aboard the floating classroom “Stewardship” to travel back in time using historic maps/photographs. Trips are limited to 15 participants. - Meet at: N End of Lake Potter/Sunset Park, 18th Ave Rock Island, IL • The QC Story of Dred and Harriet Scott, August 9 and 12 with Adam Burke, River Action - Dred and Harriet Scott’s antebellum battle for freedom was based on their lives in the North, including the QC area. Discover the truth behind a plaque that claims to mark the site of Scott’s Davenport home. - Meet at: The gazebo in Davenport’s River Heritage Park • Raising Monarch Butterflies, August 16 and 19 with Janet Moline, Rock Island High School

Dr. Reuben Heine leads a Riverine Walk on “Stewardship” this month.

- This session shows what people can do in their own yards to attract and feed monarchs, and help eggs become adults. Trips are limited to 12 participants. - Meet at: Quad City Botanical Center, Rock Island, IL. • Museum Without Walls, August 30 and September 2 with Kathy Wine, River Action and Curtis Roseman, Geographer - This walk will involve stories of 19th century events, focused on early U.S. settlement and the building of the first bridge. - Meet at: River Action office, 822 E. River Dr., Davenport, IA 52803 Visit to learn more information on the Explore the River Series or to sign up for a program. We hope to see you there!

August/September/October 2017 | eddy Magazine



Ride the River Build-a-Tryke and

— By Noah Truesdell

A mother and her son don their bicycle helmets in order to set out on their ride.

People came out to packet pick-up the day before Ride the River to help build specialized tricycles for children with disabilities. A partnership between River Action and another local nonprofit, Mississippi Bend Trykes, made Build-A-Tryke possible. Taryn Henschel sits on her new trike while Samuel Lee claps for the other children at the tricycle presentation. A total of nine tricycles were given to local kids. Funding for the trikes was donated by the Quad Cities Bicycle Club, the Davenport Kiwanis Club, the Happy Joes Kid’s Foundation, Sear’s Manufacturing, and US Bank.

People enjoying the excellent Father’s Day weather during the 33rd Ride the River. Over 33 years the event route has evolved from riverside streets closed off for the day to all paved, nearly all offstreet bicycle trails. Through community advocacy and city support the Quad Cities now have nearly 60 miles worth of riverfront trail.

A boy being taught the importance of helmet safety by Gerald the Giraffe. Gerald, along with a host of other characters, was a part of the Moline Pilot Club’s Brain Minders program which teaches kids to protect their noggins. The Moline Pilot Club put on a puppet show for kids riding across the Mississippi aboard the Celebration Belle.

Ride the River remains a Quad Cities family tradition.

River Action volunteers load bikes onto the barge for one of our three ferry crossings using the Celebration Belle. Nearly 100 volunteers helped to put on this year’s Ride the River and the BuildA-Tryke event.

Photos credit: Adam Burke


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Floatzilla Shoots for New Record

— By Noah Truesdell


ome join the fun at Floatzilla on August 19th and Floatzilla Fest on August 18th. This year Credit Island will host not only our Packet Pick-Up, but also kayak races, games, live music, and local food. Camp out with your kayak or canoe and launch from the island the next morning. Saturday at Lake Potter will feature more live music and food, along with two world record attempts. This year Floatzilla will be attempting not only the record for largest flotilla of kayaks and canoes, but also the largest simultaneous kayak launch. We will line up all of our kayakers along the shore of Lake Potter to see how many we can launch within a 15 second window. The current record for largest flotilla is 3,150, and for largest simultaneous launch is 396. Sign up now at

Paddlers make their way down the Mississippi on their way to Lake Potter for a world record attempt. (Submitted photo)

August/September/October 2017 | eddy Magazine




Big River, Big Challenges — by Adam Burke


he theme of the 2017 Upper Mississippi River Conference (UMRC) will focus discussion on the big issues that face riverine ecology. “Big River, Big Challenges” is a reflection on the large number of problems presented by climate change, nutrient and sediment runoff, water quality, changing water levels, and floodplain and watershed management. Building on the momentum of last year’s “Raise The Grade” theme, the 2017 UMRC will further examine stakeholders’ perspectives on the UMR. Presentations will address how to build resilient and green infrastructure; highlight public/private partnerships, best practices for flood plain and watershed management, and sediment and nutrient runoff issues as they affect the changing course of the river, the Gulf of Mexico and the global community. River Action will share an update on the potential UMRC idea session had serious fun during an idea session to “Raise the Grade.” Over 200 participants for hydropower on the UMR from their summer shared their thoughts on how to address the challenges and opportunities on the UMR, including workshop (see below). recreation, transportation, water quality and more. (Photo by Robin Bauerly) Several speakers will address climate change as it relates to the Upper Midwest and UMR, including Elwynn Taylor (Iowa State University Extension Climatologist) Washington Metro Watershed District; and a natural bioswale project at and retired professor Dr. Richard Baker (University of Iowa). Dr. Ross Powell Lewis & Clark University that partnered the school with Illinois American (Northern Illinois University) will give a talk titled, "Midwestern Impacts of Water and Alton Middle School. Climate Change in a Polar and Global Perspective," and Jim Noel, a Service Other speakers will address a forthcoming UMR watershed study; gulf Coordination Hydrologist from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric hypoxia; and the need for arranging multi-state input on comprehensive Administration (NOAA) Ohio River Forecast Center, will speak on climate planning for flooding and risk reduction. change and its riverine impacts. The tenth annual UMRC will be held Oct. 11-12, 2017, at the iWireless In the panel on green infrastructure and public/private partnerships Center in Moline, IL. Find out more at, or use we will discuss the extensive Bee Branch Creek restoration (Dubuque, IA); the enclosed brochure to register. a rainwater runoff project that coupled Maplewood Mall with the Ramsey-

River Action organized a summer hydropower workshop with

— Adam Burke


eddy Magazine |

the help of sponsors Western Illinois University (WIU), Stanley Consultants, Rye Development, The Moline Foundation and Natel Energy. About 60 people attended to examine and discuss the impact and prospect of hydropower at low-head sites on the Mississippi River. Hydro is one of the oldest forms of any kind of energy, especially renewable, but new technology dominated the discussion at WIU’s Riverfront Hall on July 18. The conference roster included speakers and attendees from California, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa, and Illinois. A hydropower update will be delivered at the 2017 UMRC in October that encapsulates some of the discussion during the “Hydro Potential” event. The workshop was an outgrowth of the “Raise the Grade” theme at last year’s UMRC (2016). Hydropower education was listed as one of the seven Action Agenda priority objectives. You can read the entire list or view presenters’ powerpoints at www. (Illustration: Adam Burke)


October 11-12, 2017 iWireless Center, Moline, Illinois Register today at


Wednesday, October 11 7:30 a.m. – Registration and Breakfast Open in lobby 8:15-8:30 a.m. – Welcome and Introductory Remarks — Room A 8:30-9:15 a.m. – Opening Keynote • Jim Noel, NOAA, “The Research Behind Climate Change” 9:15-10:30 a.m. – Unintended Consequences — Room A • Richard Baker, U of Iowa, Retired, “Observations on Global Warming” • Jim Angel, U of IL, “The 2018 Climate Assessment” • Gregory S. Karlovits, USACE, “Climate Change and the Changes to the River” 10:30-10:45 a.m. – Break 10:45 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – Morning Concurrent Sessions The Potential of Hydropower • Kenneth Star, Director of Outreach, American Governor, “Partnering for Non-Powered Dam Development” • Ray Wingert, HDR, “Harness the River” • Adam Witt, ORNL, “Environmental Design for Low-Head Waterways” Public/Private Partnerships • Darlene Walser, St. Paul Riverfront Corporation, “Working Partnerships” • Nate Hoogeveen, IA DNR, “Water Trails Create Partnerships” • Kelly McGinnis, Mississippi River Network, “1 Mississippi Campaign Funding Program” 12:00-1:00 p.m. – Lunch Program • Ross Powell, NIU, “Midwestern Impact of Climate Change: A Global Perspective”

1:15-2:30 p.m. – Afternoon Concurrent Sessions Floodplain Restoration • Ken Olson, U of IL, “Writing a Comprehensive Plan with Multi-State Cooperation” • Brad Gordon: American Rivers, ”Floodplain Restoration: A tool to Improve Nutrient Reduction in the Mississippi River” • Anthony Heddlesten, USACE, “Illinois Valley Flow Zone and Other Best Practices for Flood Response” How to Build Resilient and Green Infrastructure • Tina Carstens, “The Maplewood Mall Retrofit” • Deron Muehring, City of Dubuque, “Bee Branch Creek Restoration: A Funding Success Story” • Nate Keener, Lewis and Clark University, “Green Infrastructure on Campus” 2:30-3:30 p.m. – Late Afternoon Concurrent Sessions Gulf Hypoxia Update • Rebecca Smith, The Nature Conservancy, “How We Are Doing” • Dr. Melissa Lenczewski, UMBRA Task Force, “The Newest Strategies" Sediment and Nutrient Runoff • Clare Lindahl, CEO, Soil and Water Conservation Society, “Soil and Water Conservation: Highlights from Across the Nation” • Elwynn Taylor, Illinois Extension Climatologist, “The Effect of Climate on Agriculture” 3:45-5:45 p.m. – Field Trips (See registration form) 5:30-6:45 p.m. – Student Poster Session — Lobby 7:00 p.m. – Catfish Fry and Program — Room A

Featuring Brad Gordon, American Rivers, “Floodplain Restoration: A

tool to Improve Nutrient Reduction in the Mississippi River”

Featuring Robert Sinkler, Vice President, INTREXON, ”So Who Foots the Bill?”

with discussion of financing green and manmade infrastructure.

Featuring: Clare Lindahl, CEO, Soil and Water Conservation Society, “Soil and

Water Conservation” taking a look at the highlights from across the nation. Mississippi River eddies photo credit: Jeff VanEchaute


Thursday, October 12 8:00-8:30 a.m. – Breakfast — Lobby

12:00-1:00 p.m. – Networking Luncheon — Room A

8:45-10:15 a.m. – Morning Concurrent Sessions Addressing The Challenges for Watershed Management • Kirsten Mickelsen, Upper Mississippi River Basin Association, “UMRS Watershed Study Proposal” • Mary Beth Stevenson, IA DNR, “Moving Watershed Management Into The Future” • Scott Tomkins, IL EPA (Invited): “Existing Challengers for Watershed Management Planning and Implementation” So Who Foots the Bill? • Robert Sinkler, VP INTREXON, AWI, “Funding for Natural and Man-made Infrastructure Investments” • Michael Donahue, AECOM “Financing Concepts for Infrastructure” • Eric Pommer, CG/LA Infrastructure, “Innovative Financing Approaches”

1:15-2:30 p.m. – Afternoon Concurrent Sessions A Hard Look at the Regulatory Process • Robert Sinkler, Intrexon, “What it Takes to Shorten the Process” • Mel Koleber, Rye Development, “New Strategies for Permitting Success” • Marv Hubbell, USAACE, “Unintended Consequences” Getting Back to Cases: A Look at past case studies and plans for the future • Steve Ahrens, City of Davenport, Levee Improvement Commission - City of La Crosse - City of Keithsburg 2:45-4:00 p.m. – Closing Plenary Session — Room A Raising the Grade: Discussion with Conference Speakers and Attendees

10:30 a.m.-12 p.m. – Climate Change: What Cities Can Do • Amy Kay, Clean Water Manager, City of Davenport, “Landscaping to Mitigate Climate Change” • Duane Friend, U of IL Extension, “Environmental Stewardship for All” • Jennifer Burnham, Augustana College, “Sustainable Landscape Program”

Photo credit: Jeff VanEchaute


Registration is Easy!

Just visit and let our system guide you through the process. Or complete one registration for per attendee and send to River Action, 822 East River Drive, Davenport, Iowa 52803. _________________________________________________________________________ Name Title

_________________________________________________________________________ Company/Organization

Career Field

_________________________________________________________________________ Address Line 1

_________________________________________________________________________ Address Line 2




Total Remittance: $___________________ Payment Method ___ Credit Card (Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx) ___ Check (made out to River Action, inc.) ____________________________________ Card Number



REGISTRATION TYPE Standard (Full conf.) ___ $150 (before Oct. 1) ___ $200 (after Oct. 1)

____________________________________ Elected Official (Full conf.) ___ $75 (before Oct. 1) ___ $125 (after Oct. 1)

Student (Full conf.) ___ $25 (before Oct. 1) ___ $40 (after Oct. 1)

Standard One Day ___ $100 (before Oct. 1) ___ $150 (after Oct. 1)

Elected Official One Day ___ $50 (before Oct. 1) ___ $75 (after Oct. 1)

Student One Day ___ $15 (before Oct.1) ___ $25 (after Oct. 1)




RSVP Info (Luncheons and Catfish Fry are included in the cost of registration) ___ Guest for Luncheon ($20) ___ Guest for Catfish Fry ($20) Special Meal Requests _____________________________________________________ Field Trips ($15.00) ____ Bike Ride ____ Green Valley Wetland Restoration ____ Kayak Paddle

Exp. Date

Zip Code

Security code


Accommodations Radisson on John Deere Commons, a riverside hotel, is a one-minute walk to the conference center. Call 309-764-1000 and reference the Upper Mississippi River Conference room bloc, or visit molineil and use the booking code “UPPMSS” Conference sessions are held at the iWireless Center adjacent to the Radisson and the river. Continuing Education Credits Earn professional development hours. Certificates of Attendance will be available at the conference registration desk upon request.

Non Profit Org. US Postage PAID Montezuma, IA Permit No. 30

P. O. Box 964 Davenport, IA 52805


October 11-12, 2017 iWireless Center, Moline, Illinois Register today at


Cyclists enjoying a path clear of debris at Ben Butterworth Parkway. (Photo submitted)

Community Members Adopt Local Bike Paths — By Noah Truesdell

— By Noah Truesdell


aming of the Slough is on September 16th this year. River Action will be hosting weekly “Tune Ups” for our racers and the public on the river and mountain bike course so participants can get their bearings and get in shape individually or with their team. They provide the racers the opportunity to practice the route without the hazards of other riders. These practice runs can help prevent accidents the day of the race while being a fun way to get out and enjoy the East Moline and Hampton riverfronts with other outdoor enthusiasts. Tune Up for Taming will be held Thursday nights at 5:30 at Empire Park in East Moline, IL. River Action provides kayaks free of charge for practice in the Campbell’s Island Slough. Those who have signed up for Taming of the Slough may reserve a kayak in advance; they are on a first come, first served basis to the public. Registration for Taming of the Slough is now open, find out more at riveraction. org/taming.


leaning the 60 miles of riverfront trails in the Quad Cities is a big job, but somebody’s got to do it. Volunteers through River Action’s Adopt-a-Path program have answered the call. There has been a huge interest in adopting paths by local trail-users. Many of the paths have multiple people that would like to be their caretakers. To date the Adopt-a-Path program has 46 sections covered by volunteers who range from individuals, to families, to businesses, to Bigs and Littles, to 6th grade classes. There are still vacancies however, 9 sections of trail between East Moline and Cordova still need care, as well as one section of the Duck Creek Trail. Adopting a trail is a great way to enjoy our local trails, bond with family and friends, and give back to your community. To adopt please call the River Action office at (563) 322-2969.


90.3 FM

Michelle O’Neil NPR Host

Racers push through the last leg of their adventure triathlon. (Photo by Steve Gustafson)

August/September/October 2017 | eddy Magazine



Floating Islands and Osprey Platforms T — by Laura Morris

his summer River Action will be installing three floating islands and four osprey platforms in Scott County. This project, funded in part by Scott County Regional Authority (SCRA), will act as both an environmentally conscience practice and as an educational asset to the area. The floating islands, totaling 1200 square feet, will be placed at the Credit Islands Lagoon, Eastern Avenue Lagoon, and Carp Lake at Nahant Marsh.


eddy Magazine |

Floating islands combat algae by reducing the amount of nutrients, including phosphorus and nitrogen, that cause blooms to grow. (Photo by Steve Gustafson)

Floating islands are hydroponically grown plants that manage stormwater by removing suspended solids and contaminants, like heavy metals and nutrients. Blue-green algae is a microbe called cyanobacteria that is commonly found in bodies of water. Blue-green algae differs from other forms of algae in that they cannot be eaten by other organisms and are formed by an excess amount of nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen) and sunlight. Cyanobacteria is often the result of agricultural and stormwater runoff. Algae blooms form floating mats that become so dense that they block out sunlight from reaching other underwater plants and plankton. Because they no longer have the ability to photosynthesize, the water's oxygen level decreases. This creates a dead zone — a region that is uninhabitable to most plant and animal life. Credit Island Lagoon, Eastern Ave Lagoon, and Carp Lake suffer from large patches of blue-green algae from fertilizer runoff in their respective areas. Floating islands combat algae by reducing the amount of nutrients, including phosphorus and nitrogen, that cause blooms

to grow. The floating island absorbs the excess nutrients through its long root system, resulting in a cleaner waterway. They also create food for fish and habitat for birds. River Action will be taking water quality samples before and after the islands are installed, allowing urban planners and environmentalists to better understand the difference floating islands can make. These products will be in the water body year round and can last up to fifteen years! Volunteers will help us plant the native wetland species, totaling over 2,000 plants, and will aid in the placement of the islands at a volunteer event. While we are installing floating islands, we will also be putting up osprey platforms. Our hope is to not only provide habitat for this bird species, but to also maintain a population of them in the Quad Cities. With the help of SCRA, MidAmerican, the City of Eldridge, and a local carpenter, we will build and install the osprey boxes by March 2018. They will be installed at Nahant Marsh, Lost Grove Lake, Scott County Park, and Credit Island.


Volunteers pulled brush and invasive species at Pigeon Creek Park on Earth Day. (Photo by Robert Bryant)

River Action’s 2017 Earth Day Event

— by Laura Morris


iver Action hosted our annual Earth Day event on April 22nd. This year the event was at Pigeon Creek Park in Bettendorf, IA. There were about thirty-five hardworking volunteers that attended our event from 9:00-1:00 p.m. The volunteers ranged in age and included a group from Big Brothers, Big Sisters! Pigeon Creek Park is 40 acres of natural area located directly beside the Mississippi River. The park is used for hiking, picnicking, and fishing. The area has a restored prairie and bottomland forest, but was being taken over by invasive species, like garlic mustard. Working closely with the City of Bettendorf’s Parks and Recreation Department, volunteers removed invasive species and cleared brush. City employees were running chainsaws as volunteers pulled tree branches and treated the freshly cut stumps. The transformation of the area was magnificent. What was once full of invasive species and loose brush became a cleared and maintained field at Pigeon Creek Park. The cleared area has now filled with more native plants and will be easier for the City to maintain with prescribed burns and mechanical removal. River Action and the City of Bettendorf will continue working in this area, hosting more community clean-up days in the future.

River Way Stories R


River Action’s Channel Cat Talks and Riverine Walks

Memorial Day through Labor Day, Channel Cat Talks – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:00-10:45am, Riverbend Commons 2951 E River Dr., Moline, $14; Riverine Walks, Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm and Saturdays 9-10:30am, Location varies, $6; 563-322-2969 Join us for River Action’s Explore the River Series. Channel Cat Talk participants tour the Mississippi River aboard the Channel Cat Water Taxi while experts narrate. Riverine Walk participants explore the Quad Cities through a series of guided walks.

Backwater Gamblers Water Ski Show

— By Kathy Wine

iver Action board member Maria Ontiveros reads her story at WVIK radio station. River Way Stories are essays covering river-related topics including environmental concerns, conservation efforts, history and recreation. They are a collaboration between River Action and WVIK, sponsored by The Singh Family Charitable Giving Fund.

Rock River – 5000 44th St, Rock Island, IL 309-786-8987; Every Wednesday and Sunday from 6:30pm to 8:00pm a non-profit water ski show team will perform free shows on the Rock River in Rock Island, IL. Donations are welcome.

Celebration River Cruises

Celebration River Cruises – 2501 River Dr., Moline, 309-764-1952; The Captain will describe the rich history of the area and the Mighty Mississippi River. You will view the largest roller dam in the world at Lock and Dam #15, as well as the Rock Island Arsenal. August , continued on page 12 >

August/September/October 2017 | eddy Magazine


eddy C A L E N D A R

< August, continued from page 11

The Twilight Riverboat

Twilight River Cruises – Wisconsin St, LeClaire, IA, 800-331-1467; The Twilight Captain brings the history and stories of the river to life. Each afternoon features a variety of folk musicians and/or humorists.

Music on the Levee

Sundays, 7pm; LeClaire Park Band Shell – 400 W Beiderbecke Drive, Davenport; Quad Cities –Free music every Sunday this summer!

Breakfast Nature Club- “Preserving Insects.”

August 4, 8-9am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA ; $5 Member, $10 Guest, $5 material fee; 563-336-3370 or Learn how to pin and spread butterflies and other insects for display.

31st Annual Great River Tug Fest

Quad City Audubon Society Field Trip

Hennepin Hoopla

Quad City Symphony Orchestra Pops Concert

August 10-12, 1pm; Get together two teams, a long rope across the Mississippi River, and the towns of LeClaire, IA, and Port Byron, IL to compete in the annual Tug Fest. August 12, 9am-1pm; Big Island/Milan;309-787-8712 Free fun day of family friendly activities at Locks 30, 31, & 32 along the Hennepin Canal. Park at any canal or the public parking lot adjacent to the U of I Extension Office, 321 2nd Avenue W, Milan, IL.

August 19, 7:30pm; LeClaire Park – Davenport, IA; www. Join the Symphony Orchestra at the LeClaire Park Band Shell for an evening with The Beatles’ Greatest Hits.

Prairie Insects

August 22, 7pm; River Action Office – 822 E. River Drive, Davenport; 563-322-2969 or Discuss: Rain: A Natural and Cultural History, by Cynthia Barnett. Meetings are open to the public.

August 12, 10-11am.; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $3 Member, $6 Guest; 563-3363370 or Insects are the most numerous animal group on the planet, and this time of the year we find them all over the prairies. Each species have unique ways in which they obtain food. Learn more about these fascinating insects while catching as many as you can in this family-friendly program.

Nature Hike

August 3, East Moline, IL; This is a tribute and appreciation event for those who serve(d).

Nahant Marsh Toddler Tales- “Camouflage”

August 8, 10-11am OR 2-3pm; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $3 Member, $5 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Many animals use camouflage to hide from predators or to catch their prey. Participants read about different animals that use camouflage and then see if we can find any camouflaged animals outside!


eddy Magazine |

Alternating Currents

August 25-26; Downtown Davenport, It's all happening in downtown Davenport on Aug 25 & 26. This festival includes Ben Folds, Smoking Popes, and Julien Baker.

August 19, 7:00am; Lake Potter – Rock Island, IL; 563-322-2969, Take part in the largest paddle sport festival on the nation’s greatest river, the Mississippi! Help us set a new world record for the Largest Flotilla of ManPowered Crafts and newly this year, the Largest Simultaneous Kayak Launch. Compete in the water balloon launch and kayak races during Packet PickUp on August 18 at Credit Island! There will be food and live music. Floatzilla 2017 will be two days packed with music, food, and paddling fun!

Aug. 3-5, noon-11pm; Davenport, IA. Regional bands at LeClaire Park in downtown Davenport. While there, you’re invited to check out the newly opened Bix Museum and World Archives in the River Music Experience (“RME”) at 2nd & Main!

Freedom Run

River Action’s Environmental Book Club

River Action’s Floatzilla

Bix Jazz Festival

August 5, 9-10am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave. Davenport IA; $5 Suggested donation; 563-3363370 or Join a Naturalist for a guided hike along the trails at the Marsh. Visitors will learn about the various wildflowers and the different prairies found on the preserve.

August 19, 7am; Credit Island – Davenport, IA; www. Join the QC Audubon Society as they tour the Port Louisa National Wildlife Field Trip. Half day trip.

Nahant Marsh Dragonflies and Damselflies August 19, 10-11am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $5 Member, $10 Guest; 563-3363370 or www.nahantmarsh. org. Nahant Marsh is an ideal place to study dragonflies. In this program, participants will learn about the life cycle of dragonflies, their food preference, and how to identify common species.

Mushroom Program and Walk

August 26, 9-11am; Singing Bird Nature Center – 15th St., Rock Island, IL; 309-788-9536 or www. Join photographer Jim Frink for an indoor program showing mushrooms/fungi at Black Hawk State Historic Site followed by a walk to observe them in the Black Hawk forest, a Nature Preserve, where no plants or fungi can be collected, only viewed and appreciated.

Don’t forget to buy a ‘Retain the Rain’ Rain Barrel.

Barrels hold 60 gallons and come with a diverter, mosquito netting, and spigot for a hose! Cost is $75 for a standard sized diverter with barrel, or $80 for a large diverter. Buy at River Action, 822 E River Drive, Davenport, or online at

Premiere of “East Meets West” Documentary

August 31, 5:00pm and 7:00pm Showings; Figge Art Museum – 225 W 2nd St, Davenport, IA. “East Meets West-- The First Railroad Bridges Cross the Mississippi “will be presented at the Figge! Free admission.


Breakfast Nature Club- “Natural Dyes”

September 1, 8-9:30am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $3 Member, $5 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Learn how to use items from the garden and your kitchen to create natural dyes. There is an additional $5 fee for materials.

Nature Hike

September 2, 9-10am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $3 Member, $5 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Join a Naturalist for a guided hike along the trails at the Marsh. Visitors will learn about the various plants and wildlife that live and visit the Marsh.

River Action’s 18th Annual Senior Citizen Golf Cart Tour

September 7, 9am-4pm, $12.50 per person, tour specifics available at 563-322-2969 and www.riveraction. org. Senior citizens can participate in our five guided riverfront golf cart tours!


September 9, 10-11am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $3 Member, $6 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Learn about butterflies with a special emphasis on the Monarch. September , continued on page 14>

August/September/October 2017 | eddy Magazine


August/September/October 2017 2017 | eddy Magazine


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River Action’s 12th Annual Taming of the Slough

September 16, 8 a.m.; Empire Park, East Moline/Hampton; 563-322-2969 or Canoe/Kayak, Bike and Run through Illiniwek Park and Campbell’s Island Slough for the Mississippi River Adventure Race.

Quad City Audubon Society Field Trip

September 16, 7am; Join the Quad City Audubon Society as they visit Wild Cat Den State Park. Half day trip.

Brew Ha Ha Photo credit: Jeff VanEchaute

QC Pollinator Conference

September 13-14; River Center – 136 E. 3rd St., Davenport, IA; The 2017 Conference, Natural Areas for Native Species: The Art of Conservation is geared towards backyard enthusiasts, professionals and college students. Dr. Doug Tallamy, Professor and Chair of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware, will present the keynote address at our dinner on Wednesday evening. Informational sessions will focus on Bees, Butterflies & Beyond; Woodlands & Wetlands; and Crafting Conservation.

September 16, 1-5:00pm; LeClaire Park – Davenport. Take a sample of the American brewing landscape, one ounce at a time. National, regional, and local breweries will all be represented. Get home safe!

Monarch Release

September 16, 10am to 12:30pm; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; 563-336-3370 or See 200 monarchs released from the site at noon.

Riverssance Festival of Fine Art

September 16-17. 10am-4pm; Lindsay Park – 2200 E. River Dr., Davenport, IA. Come enjoy fine art from artists across the country. Musical entertainment, gourmet food, and a wine tasting are also available at this family event.

Fall Sunset Hike

September 21, 6:30-7:30pm; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $5 suggested donation; 563-336-3370 or Explore the marsh at dusk when the wildlife is abundant.

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First Bridge Fundraising Dinner

September 24, 1-6pm; LeClaire House – Davenport, IA; 563-322-2969 or Two seatings, live music, 3rd Iowa Calvary, fur trader, and reenactments.

Upper Mississippi River Conference: Big River—Big Challenges

October 11-12, iWireless Center – 1201 River Dr., Moline, IL; Join stakeholders in learning how cities are combating climate change, building public/private partnerships, and green infrastructure at the 10th Annual UMRC.

Quad Cities Marathon

September 24, 7:30am; John Deere Commons – 1201 River Dr., Moline, IL; The QC Marathon is held annually on the fourth Sunday in September. It’s the 20th Anniversary!

River Action’s Environmental Book Club

September 26, 7pm, River Action Office – 822 E. River Drive, Davenport; 563-322-2969 or Discuss Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things, by Rick Smith. Meetings are open to the public.


Breakfast Nature Club- “Native American Hunters”

October 6, 8-9am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $5 Members, $10 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Native Americans hunted many types of animals like buffalo, elk and deer. Learn their hunting techniques and how they used all parts of the animal for shelter, tools, food, art, and more. Specimens of animal parts and furs will be shown. Participants will get an opportunity to use an atlatl; a spear-like weapon used by Native Americans.

Nature Hike

October 7, 9-10am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $5 donation; 563-336-3370 or Join a Naturalist for a guided hike along the trails at the Marsh. Visitors will learn about the various plants and wildlife that live and visit the Marsh.

An Evening with Kenny Salwey, the Last River Rat

October 12; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $5 donation; 563-3363370 or Save the date-details to come on our special event page. Come see Nahant Marsh’s favorite story teller, Kenny Salwey.

Trees & Leaves

October 14, 10-11am; Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $3 Member, $6 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Trees provide so many benefits to people and to wildlife. Grab your family and join us to learn tips and tricks on how to identify leaves and trees.

Tweed Ride

October 14, 9am registration; or contact Tim Nelson at 563726-3333. Save the Date for the 5th Annual Tweed Ride.

Native American Hunters

October 21, 10-11am. Nahant Marsh – 4220 Wapello Ave., Davenport, IA; $5 Member, $10 Guest; 563-336-3370 or Native Americans hunted many types of animals like buffalo, elk and deer. Learn their hunting techniques.

River Action’s Environmental Book Club

October 24, 7pm, River Action Office – 822 E. River Drive, Davenport; 563-322-2969 or Discuss The Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth About the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity. Meetings are open to the public.

August/September/October 2017 2017 | eddy Magazine


eddy Magazine - August September October 2017  

Newsletter / magazine for River Action, Inc. - connecting people to the river in the Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois.

eddy Magazine - August September October 2017  

Newsletter / magazine for River Action, Inc. - connecting people to the river in the Quad Cities, Iowa and Illinois.