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Elizabeth Champ Trend Forecasting Photography & Styling Editorial Public Relations + 44 (0) 774 127 3902

Trend Prediction A/W14

Brief Examining a variety of industries, impacts and influences, identify key cultural issues to forecast trends for autumn / winter 2014.

Concept Focusing on ethical issues and the environment, this project predicts three potential key trends.. Inspiration and research has been documented in a blog and sketchbook, varying from articles and interviews through to trend boards and fashion reports.. For the final output a trend book was created, depicting the trends and their origin.

Trend Book and image by Elizabeth Champ

Trend Prediction A/W14

Trend book and text by Elizabeth Champ

Mission Emission In Beijing and Shanghai it is recommended that those who live or work in the cities should wear smog masks. Smog is vastly increasing in cities around the world, including Bangkok, Los Angeles and London. In the future, we will all need to protect ourself from smog. The pollutants in the air cause respiratory problems, and smog masks filter out these pollutants. Masks will need to be worn by all by 2014, but the fashion industry will seize the oppurtunity to make something new fashionable. The masks can be technologically up to date with headphones and bluetooth, whilst being decorated for the fashion conscious. Mission Emission is a trend to be worn as a statement; masks can be emblazened with textiles and metals, and can be any colour or shape. These masks will still be practical, but a statement piece. The fashion industry can transform the mask from something practical and useful, into an accessory. The harsh masks can morph into delicate and feminine accessories. Incorporating materials such as lace, beading and chiffon, these masks will be fashion pieces again worn by those daring to make a statement. The trend addresses a lifestyle issue before being grasped by fashion and becoming a modern accessory.


Brief To create, brand and launch a trend forecasting agency. Choose a specific industry and focus on the identity and target market before researching and identifying key trends. Finally, decide upon how trends can be presented and communicated in an innovative and effective way.

Concept An innovative and unique trend forecasting agency, predicting upcoming trends specifically for the beauty industry, 'Palette'. Trends are researched extensively, examining social and cultural issues whilst taking inspiration from a broad spectrum of industries. The results are then presented and communicated through a trend pack including conceptual trend films.

Innovative beauty trend forecasting and communication


Trend boards, photography and styling by Elizabeth Champ


Image, creative writing and manipulation by Elizabeth Champ

Brief To create a menswear editorial photoshoot, focusing on a specific fashion trend. Location and styling must be highly considered in order to generate a strong theme and narrative.

Concept A menswear accessories shoot, led by a smart heritage theme. To give the images an abract feel and to keep the focus on the featured pieces, the models face is cropped out of all the images. The location of a historical library sets the scene, with a creative passage to introduce the images.


Photography, styling and image manipulation by Elizabeth Champ


Brief To produce a collection of images taken from a non-fashion related perspective. Experiment with location, product or documentary style photography to create a series of original images.

Concept A study of texture and layers in a natural environment. The North East coastline boasts a variety of colours and textures in the eroding rock, and proved incredibly engaging to explore and photograph. A variety compositions was used to ensure not all images looked the same; close up of textures has been contrasted with vast landscape images of huge rock formations.

Photography and image manipulation by Elizabeth Champ


Photography by Elizabeth Champ

Link Magazine

Brief To create a unisex publication for the young and fashion conscious. The publication must include at least three photographic shoots and an article among additional appropriate features.

Concept A high-end unisex publication, focusing on fashion, lifestyle and photography. The created issue has a theme of layers, which is echoed throughout the publication and can be interpreted in the written content, images and features. The purpose of the flipbook orientation is so that the reader can view the publication on the go. The hardboard cover holds the magazine rigid so it can be viewed like an iPad.; ideally ergonomic and easy to use.


Photography, styling, layout and construction by Elizabeth Champ

Link Magazine

Photography, styling, layout and construction by Elizabeth Champ

All Saints PR Campaign

Brief To create and brand a PR company, complete with mission statement, clientele list and target demographic. Once the company has been created, choose a client and devise a PR and Marketing strategy for the launch of a new collection or line for said client. The launch must occur online, making the most of social media and online marketing tactics.

Concept 'Spotlight' is a PR company represting a number of high street fashion retailers. Extensive research has been undertaken before a PR and Marketing Strategy has been created for the launch of debut underwear collection by All Saints. The campaign revolves around the use of social media buzz, an online competition and a fashion film to showcase the products for the first time.

Brand Values AllSaints is an international clothing brand, designing high quality and unique clothing and accessories for men and women. Ever since the first store opened on Carnaby Street in 1997, the brand offers a signature style which is rustic, vintage-inspired and edgy. What can only be labeled as ‘high end high street’, AllSaints delivers an exclusive range of clothing for the fashion conscious individual. Now with stores across Europe and the USA, the brand is worn by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Joe Jonas and Agnyness Deyn. Collaborating with artists such as Warpaint, Kings of Leon and Kelis, AllSaints continues to have strong ties within the music industry through the ‘Basement Sessions’ program. AllSaints have a strong online presence with a fully interactive Facebook page and Twitter account, clean-cut website and smartphone applications. The brand continues to expand this year, launching a distinctive and alluring underwear range. With personalities such as Whitney Port and Rhys Ifans supporting the ‘Not for Sale’ range, AllSaints is actively fighting modern day slavery. The brand will continue to fight for good causes in the future, whilst creating apparel which is even more distinctive and of an even higher quality.

Target Media The public audience of such an event will be both males and females, aged 16-35. The target audience will be very fashion conscious, favouring a more edgy and vintage aesthetic to their personal style. They will also be interested in indie and rock musicians, which is somewhat reflected in the style of clothing, as AllSaints have strong connections within the music industry. The target audience within the media sector will be magazines and websites that target our public market. As AllSaints clothing is somewhat high-end high street, magazines such as Look, Grazia and Stylist Magazine would cover the event. The Guardian online would report on the launch, as they have previously covered AllSaints store openings and events. Bloggers would also cover the event; Whitney Port supports AllSaints through their ‘Not For Sale’ campaign, and therefore would write about this launch on her blog. Publications such as Maxim are targeted to cover the event to reach the male audience. The event could be written about prior to the event in newspapers such as the Metro, as this publication would be read by hundreds of men and women in the target age range.

Spotlight PR 88 Dean Street, Westminster, London, W10 3RS Website: Email: Telephone: 020 7289 6435

All Saints PR Campaign

Strategy The online event will transpire over four weeks online over the AllSaints Twitter and Facebook pages, leading up to the unveiling of the collection via a short fashion film. A weekly clue or hint will be published on the social media sites; the answers to which will be needed to access the online launch. When the answers are submitted, the individual is also entered into a prize draw. The prize will be all the pieces from the new male/female’s underwear range. The launch itself will also take place online, with a short fashion film becoming unveiled on YouTube. The film will showcase footage from the campaigns photoshoot, clips of the garments being manufactured and will unveil both the new collection and the highly anticipated face of the campaign, Agyness Deyn. To incorporate the AllSaints Basement Sessions, the target audience are encouraged to vote for their favourite musician on the AllSaints Facebook page. The winning artist will feature in and have their music accompanying the film. Those who can access and watch the fashion film will also be awarded with a discount code that can be used on the new range in store the following day.

27th July

6th August

2nd hint is revealed Basement Sessions voting opens

Teaser video launched on YouTube

20th July

3rd August

Launch is announced 1st hint is revealed

3rd hint is revealed

13th August News release issued

10th August 4th hint revealed

Spotlight PR 88 Dean Street, Westminster, London, W10 3RS Website: Email: Telephone: 020 7289 6435

17th August Fashion Film launched on YouTube

16th August Voting for Basement Sessions ends

18th August Range goes on sale. Advertising campaign is publicized.

AllSaints Launches Beautiful Underwear Range In the height of summer, All Saints will launch an edgy and original underwear range for men and women. Mystery surrounds the launch due to the pieces and face of campaign being held a secret until the day before the range launches in stores. The range will launch in stores across the UK and USA on 10th August, and the collection will only be revealed the day before. The AllSaints Twitter account and Facebook page will keep followers intrigued with teasers and hints for the month leading up to the collections launch, forming a competition. Hints will be published regarding the face of the campaign, the location of the campaigns photoshoot and so forth. To enter the competition one must simply have the answers to the clues submitted by 8th August to have the chance of winning all the pieces from the range. The online launch will fully transpire online on the 9th August at 6pm, when a stunning fashion film by Kloss London will be revealed on YouTube. The film will consist of a mix of behind the scenes footage of the campaign photoshoot, final images from the campaign, and clips of the underwear being manufactured. The music accompanying the film will be provided by an artist from our ery own Basement Sessions, voted for by the public. The film will also of course expose the highly anticipated face of the campaign. After viewing the entire film the viewer will receive a discount voucher for 10% that can be used the next day on the new underwear collection in stores. The range will remain very true to the AllSaints aesthetic, with vintage and distressed pieces for both sexes. The garments will be crafted from organic cotton, with the womens’s pieces decorated with delicate lace. A colour palette of greys, navys, blacks and creams will be seen across the range which consists of eight pairs of mens boxers, eight pairs of knickers and 4 feminine slips. Follow us on Facebook to vote for your chosen Basement Session to accompany the launch video of the collection. Who would you think would be the perfect face for AllSaints underwear range? Tell us on Twitter now!

Spotlight PR 88 Dean Street, Westminster, London, W10 3RS Website: Email: Telephone: 020 7289 6435

Topshop Press releases

Topshop’s alluring new range to be launched after glamorous cocktail party

Topshop will launch their unique evening and promwear collection ‘Daisy’ after a sophisticated cocktail party on the 30th June. Daisy Lowe, who is known for her edgy, enchanting and exciting red carpet style, has designed the collection. The gathering will take place at the stylish Crystal Bar in London, and a guest list of 100 is expected including Miss Lowe herself. The collection is to be revealed to the guests during the evening, before exclusively going on sale at the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street the next day. The designs will be available to purchase in other stores across the UK from 10th July. The Crystal Bar, located in Covent Garden, is contemporary yet classic. Extravagant chandeliers and paintings are mixed with striking art deco mirrors and black leather sofas. The guests will be celebrating in style from 8pm with a variety of exquisite canapés, exotic cocktails and the finest champagne. Soft yet upbeat music will contribute to the relaxed and chic atmosphere. Marios Schwab, Celia Birtwell and Louise Grey, who have all previously designed for Topshop, have all been sent invites. Loyal fan of the brand Alexa Chung has also been invited, along with various press and bloggers to cover the event. Of course, the Topshop team and Daisy Lower are also set to attend, with Lowe opening the evening with a short speech before the collection is revealed on live mannequins. With the Crystal Bar booked until the early hours of the morning, a variety of guests and delicious cocktails the evening is set to be a success, with the perfect ambience for the launch of Daisy Lowe’s contribution to Topshop. Spotlight PR 88 Dean Street, Westminster, London, W10 3RS Website: Email: Telephone: 020 7289 6435 Launch Event Press Release by Elizabeth Champ

Topshop collaborates with Daisy Lowe for unique evening and prom wear range Topshop is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new evening and prom wear range, designed my model and indie style icon Daisy Lowe. The collection is the first for Topshop that is specifically designed for special occasions and evening events, and is glamorous, unique and inspiring. The distinctive designs will be launched on 1st July at Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street, London, where Daisy Lowe will make an appearance herself. After Kate Moss’ winning range for Topshop launched its final designs in November 2010, it’s time for another successful model to showcase a hidden talent. CEO of Arcadia group Philip Green said ‘Miss Lowe has been on our radar for quite some time now, her youthful and original yet glamorous sense of style has caught our eye more than once.’ The collection will be launched at the flagship store giving the fans to own a Daisy Lowe style gown before they are available in other stores. Selected Topshop stores and the Topshop website will retail the collection from 10th July. The launch will take place midday; guests will be offered refreshing cocktails and packed goody bags, whilst being snapped by our own paparazzi for the Topshop website. Daisy Lowe herself will be at the launch to view her collection in the store, for which she is incredible eager; ‘I am really nervous about it, but at the same time looking forward to it so much!’ Daisy continued, ‘The collection was just so much fun to work on so I’m eager to find out if Topshop fans approve’ The collection consists of 10 dresses; some with an ethereal feel of lace and flowing skirts, whilst others radiate classic Audrey Hepburn with a shift style and seductive cut outs. Celebrities will attend an invitation only event on June 30th to celebrate the collections launch. Fashionista Alexa Chung and designers Celia Birtwell, Marios Schwab and Louise Grey are on the guest list, along wit the designer herself. The collection will be advertised in Vogue and Glamour, whilst the next edition of Topshops quarterly magazine 214 is dedicated to Daisy Lowe and the new evening and prom wear collection, Daisy. Spotlight PR 88 Dean Street, Westminster, London, W10 3RS Website: Email: Telephone: 020 7289 6435 Collection Launch Press Release by Elizabeth Champ

Elizabeth Champ elizabeth.alice.champ + 44 (0) 774 127 3902

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