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Beth Been a.k.a. The Scarlot Harlot

Austin, Tx

You can call her Beth or you can call her Scarlot, one thing’s for sure, Beth Been’s thinking about making a hat right now. Self-employed web/print designer/owner also working with her husband’s caterting company she’s a constant crafter, often an artist & a long time seamstress. As a kid, her Mama taught her to sew on a Holly Hobby sewing machine. There were lots barbie clothes, a ton of crosstitched jar lids and a tree load of painted ceramic ornaments. From jr. high on, Beth sewed a lot of clothes and invested time in projects like Tumble Weed Christmas Tree. As the Scarlot Harlot in the Hell Marys of the Texas Rollergirls #69, the red head with bedhead, she made a million bottle cap necklaces, wrapped a kajillion lighters with rollergirl images/ team logos and sewed and created a lot of Scarlot Harlot gear for on and off the derby track. Scarlot has always been a school girl, so there’s been plaid skirts, glitter shirts, lunch boxes, school bags and more. Plus a long history of pastel and acrylic art, dabbling in some jewelry (mostly metal and beaded necklaces) and a bunch of other things too many to list. Christmas 2009, Beau Been gave his wife a new sewing machine. While Beth had been hand sewing tiny top hats, patches, voodoo dolls, etc...a new sewing machine and a documentary about Anna Wintour, editor-inchief of Vogue, kicked the machine sewing into high gear. Summer dresses, winter scarfs, ornaments, have occured but something that has come to the forefront of all her arting and crafting desires is HATS, animal ears, tiaras and assorted flowers/feathers for your hair. Look out, The Mad Hatter LIVES and she’s joined forces with Beth Been and The Scarlot Harlot. Look for updates at and

The Mad Hatter Lives  

Hats by Beth Been