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Dotcom Internet Marketing Tips: 5 Incredibly Easy Methods to Promote Any Product Online. By : Marcello Ducille From:

The direction of our economy has taken an historic turn in the last few years. We have been hearing more and more stories about people making a living or even becoming rich online. While many of these stories are pure hype, other stories are legit and represent a serious and real opportunity to profit online. One of the ways people make money online is by promoting digital products that can be found on marketplaces such as:,,, and Commission Junction ( In this article I would like to explain to you 5 methods I have used in the past to promote my own products and products from other companies for profit. Writing and submitting articles: This is a very popular technique among internet marketers; however, only a few know how to do it correctly. It is not only about writing articles and submitting them, there are many other factors to consider. For instance, you shouldn’t submit the same exact article to several article directories since google penalizes duplicated content. When Google’s spiders scan the internet they will find several copies of your article and they are very likely to not index your content. The best way to avoid a duplication content penalty is by using an article spinner. An article spinner is a program that allows you to identify synonyms within your article and that will automatically create hundreds of versions of your article.

Creating a set of blogs online for each product you promote: The main benefit of creating a blog to promote your products (or affiliate products) is that Google loves blogs. The word blog stands for “Web Log” and they are the most popular website and the ones that drag the most attention from the online community. It is not hard to create a blog and you can create as many as you want.

When you create a blog and write a review about your product you will expose your products to thousands of prospects who are interested in what you have to offer. More exposure equals more profits.

Building a mailing list (starting with your friends and family): Most internet marketers are intimidated by the idea of creating a mailing list but getting started is fairly simple. All you will need is to get an account at Aweber (they have membership for as low as $19/month) and the drive to get started. The easiest way to practice your email marketing skills, get used to Aweber, and start to generate some subscribers is by inviting friends to join your list. Your email contacts or friends with you on Facebook or LinkedIn make the perfect people to start with. Aweber makes it very simple to create a form and they will even host the form on their website if you don’t have one.

Writing a squidoo page about the product: Squidoo is one of the largest 2.0 websites in the internet. Squidoo allows you to create articles and reviews (similar to a blog) as well as publishing your affiliate links. Squidoo also allows you to make money through the advertising they place in your content, so it is a win-win situation.

Spreading your affiliate link in forums and message boards: It is incredible how many people (including your potential prospects) use and read forums and message boards. For starters, a forum is basically a website where you are able to create conversations and discussions with other users about virtually anything. Many of these forums and message boards will allow you to create a custom profile where you can add your affiliate links. As you can see there are several ways to make money online by using free online services such as free blogs, article directories, and forums. Stay tuned as I will be publishing more useful articles in the next few days. To your success, Marcello Ducille Professional Internet Entrepreneur

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Dotcom Internet Marketing Tips: 5 Incredibly Easy Methods to Promote Any Product Online.  

5 methods I have used in the past to promote my own products and products from other companies for profit