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EXTENDED PRACTICE STATEMENT OF INTENT Name: Beth Hayden Blog Address: Statement of intent: As a designer, I see myself working mainly with image making, focusing on package and pattern design. I therefore intend to undertake a number of different briefs that will allow me to explore this. I want to build upon my current strengths, whilst also exploring them further. For example, I want to look at different ways of creating image and illustration, particularly through the use of a hands on approach. This will allow me to experiment further and create different, but appropriate, aesthetics. After realising the direction that I want to go in in terms of pattern, illustration and packaging, I intend to build upon these skills by attending workshops that will allow me to experience different processes. The inclusion of a range of processes within my work will allow me to strengthen it, and build upon my knowledge and understanding of design. I also intend to design within different sectors, not just sticking to what I’m comfortable with, making sure that I am producing design for both men and women. By doing this, I am not pigeon holing myself in terms of the type of work I can create. In addition to this, where appropriate, I want to keep my tone of voice quite light hearted within this. This will allow me to really connect with a brief and the audience. Subjects / Themes Within my briefs, I plan on exploring a number of different subjects and themes. A number of my briefs are very focused on food and drink, giving me the opportunity to work towards a sector that I have not previously explored. The Graze, Marks & Spencers and Harry Ramsdens briefs are all asking for packaging design and branding based on food products. My remaining briefs tend not to share any similarities in terms of subjects or themes, however, they all require a paper based or printed outcome. None of my briefs require a digital outcome, however, the opportunity is there to include one. Most of my focus for

this year will be on print. Although web was enjoyable last year, I am quite a hands on individual, and therefore gain a lot more from a psychical end product. Despite this, I will not restrict myself in terms of design, and will always view web as a possibility if I believe it will strengthen a brief or it is appropriate. Design Disciplines / Creative Development During level 6, my main focus is on image making, which will be applied to pattern design and packaging. This will strongly feature illustration and print based outcomes. I intend to really explore my image based and illustrative skills this year. Towards the end of level 5, I began to create pattern and illustration through the use of more hands on methods, such as paint and pen. I also purchased a graphics tablet so it could be explored digitally. This will be developed further, so that I can create aesthetics that are appropriate and “on trend”. This will be extended by looking at different print methods and also new stocks. I will also be much more focused in terms of design development, making sure to produce a lot of possibilities before reaching the final decision. This will allow me to choose the most effective and appropriate design. This is something that I will document well on my blog, so that each stage can be viewed, and you can see how the end product changed during the design process. Practical Skills / Workshops – what, why and when? As noted above, I intend to develop my illustrative skills further. This can be achieved through simply experimenting and practicing much more regularly. I recently researched into the best paints to be used for illustrative work, and have purchased some Turner’s acrylic gouache paints. These paints have ultra fine pigments that appear matter when dry, allowing me to spread colour across large areas. It is also extremely quick drying, meaning colour can be layered quickly and easily. In addition to this, I plan on taking advantage of the fact that someone I live with is on a photography course. This will allow me to produce final images that present my work in an effective and professional manner. This will be necessary when it comes to showing studios my work, and creating a portfolio. I will also get her to show me what to do so that I am capable of taking a good picture myself.

Brief 1: Brabantia

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: Regardless of your experience, age or location we are on the hunt for a design superstar to create a fresh and contemporary successor to our iconic Patrice print. Here’s your chance to get creative and design the new pattern for our global canister range and potentially an entire product range including bread bins, touch bins and pedal bins. You have total creative freedom with your submission and can work in any medium so long as it can be uploaded and reproduced digitally: modern art, graphics, illustration, photography, fine art, street art, textiles or montage. The choice is yours! The designs will be reproduced on an exclusive range of Brabantia products.

Brief 2: Dog’s Bollocks

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: We want you to choose a famous brand, product or service and redesign it in a breakthrough way. Everything is up for grabs; logo, colour, shape, texture… but what we are really looking for is a big idea. Entries will be judged using the following criteria: - simple but bold - warm and engaging - brilliantly executed and crafted - enduring and memorable - breakthrough in category You must work with a famous well known brand, product or service, which is to redesigned in a breakthrough way. You can change anything, including logos, shape, colour and texture along as the idea is 'big'. Brief 3: Graze

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: Grazers choose their favourite food from our range of 100 nutritious snacks, we handpick them a box and pop it in the post, first class, straight to their door. Bam. Better snacking is as simple as that. We’re seriously proud of our graze box but 3 years on we think it could be even better. That’s where you come in. Part A: The graze box is the embodiment of the graze brand; it’s charming, natural, honest, and premium, but we think it can work even harder and bring more excitement to the food inside and to the brand as a whole. So part A of your challenge is to refresh our graze box. All the surfaces can be changed but the structure (size, shape and the way it’s put together) can’t. Part B: We like our logo, it says friendly and has charm but we’d love it to be more distinctive and unique. So, part B is to redesign our logo. Make graze stand out from the crowd and better communicate what we are all about. Part C: Part C is a bit different... We want to see how these new elements would work in a direct mail marketing campaign. We see it as a really interesting medium and we’re looking for a creative solution that will stand out from ‘junk mail’ and make people leap

onto the internet to sign up. The average grazer is female, 25-45 and works in an office, but we have grazers both male and female and of all ages, so be careful not to exclude anyone. Also remember that boxes get sent to people’s homes as well as places of work.

Brief 4: Harry Ramsdens

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: Re-brand and make Harry Ramsden's relevant again by celebrating their past and defining their future. Harry Ramsden's are world famous for fish and chips with outlets in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia and America. In addition they have 30 outlets throughout the UK. They are a classic fish and chip brand - but your task is to refresh that brand. Enough output to get the idea over e.g. corporate identity, literature, interiors, point of sale, posters, tv advert, packaging, website, direct mail. Brief 5: M&S Picnic

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: Your brief is to create the ultimate picnic pack. It could be themed around a type of picnic or event, or around the type of food included eg. a romantic first date or anniversary picnic, a Spanish picnic, a picnic for an open air classical concert, a foodie’s gastro picnic etc. You should include everything needed for the perfect picnic: food (sweet and savoury), drinks, cutlery, plates, napkins etc. Think about the occasion, then devise the menu and decide on the physical packaging for all the food items and design of each item. Consider the overall carrier. It could be a picnic hamper, a cool bag or even just a cardboard box, but it will also need to be designed within the theme. Consider physical packaging: your design needs to be fit for purpose while creating minimal waste/refuse. The customer should feel like this is a fantastic treat and that M&S have thought of everything to make the occasion perfect. We have a wide customer base so you can aim this product at anyone from young, affluent singles or couples, families, older people whose children have left home etc. Consider who your target audience will be and tailor the picnic to that group. Brief 6: Room 101

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: To design ONE A3-sized print that responds to the question “What would you discard into a torture room, 101?” Along with this you must submit approximately 100 words, explaining your illustrations response. However... You didn’t think it would be that easy did you? You are only permitted to use THREE

colours MAXIMUM Each submission MUST include a 10mm border around the image. We ask you to bare in mind the context of your illustration, we have designed a fairly open brief and we are all partial a ‘laugh’. However, we will not accept any rude responses (visual or language), any of these will be automatically discarded into our ‘Room 101’ A.K.A The Trash. Brief 7: UK Greetings

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: To create a minimum of four greetings cards and supporting products,such as gift wrap and gift tags. Target audience: 16-34 year olds. Think about the sending situation. Why would you be sending them a card? What is the occasion? Birthday card to a friend or to a family relation? Something to say good luck, get well? Congratulations? You’re getting married? Simply ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’. Who is the recipient? At what stage in their lives are they? Single, married, with children, off to college/university, passing their driving test, losing someone close to them? Remember who you are targeting. Who is going to be actually buying the card for the recipient? Although you need to design a card that targets the recipient, it’s the person who is buying the card we need to impress and convince. Also please note: Women buy far more cards than men. Is the card design led or copy led? (could be a quote, just a ‘hello’ or a longer message)? Brief 8: Anna Jakobson

Deadline 22/05/2014

Rationale: To collaborate with Anna Jakobson on Photography, creating her self branding and promotional material. This will include a logo, if desired, business cards and any other products needed. CoP / Research Theme

To examine the production, distribution, and social practices of zine-making, exploring whether or not they have a future in today’s society. Initially, I need to research into the identity of the individuals who are a part of zine making, which will allow me to gain an insight into the process of writing these publications. This will then lead to a focus on the content and also the way in which the zines themselves are designed in terms of layout and production. By looking at this, I will gain an understanding of their purpose and reasons for publishing. As well as this, I

intend to look at methods of print and distribution, and the positive and negative aspects of this. This will allow for a focus on print based products in the graphic design world, and research into the advances of technology. Audience will also be a key research theme, as well as music, subcultures and particular decades.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Visual understanding


As I will need to gain an understanding of existing fanzines, which will inform the practical side of my project, I want to make sure that I have a strong visual understanding of the subject matter. This can be done through the use of websites, exhibitions and library research; however, I can also gain a first hand account by finding zines within their usual and existing context. For example, a number of different shops have zines available for purchase and there are also online sites that sell these types of publications, such as Etsy. This will also give me a better understanding of the types of products that can be included as part of a range.

RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Qualitative research


Although there needs to be focus within my project, I want to make sure that I obtain a large number of different types of fanzines so that I am able to make observations across a broad range of publications, and do not simply focus all my attention on one genre or one movement. I also want to make sure that I directly contact a number of different writers and producers in order to gain a better insight and understanding. This could be done through the use of a questionnaire, which would be qualitative, allowing me to gather in depth responses. RESEARCH ACTIVITY: Student research


It was also noted during a studio visit that the best people to approach in terms of research are your fellow students. I will therefore make use of my peers and the people

around me in order to gather relevant information regarding my subject topic. In addition to this, I will use the library as a resource, as well as the web and online journals as noted above.

BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS / TEXTS - (Harvard Referenced) The Book of Zines: Reading from the Fringe, Chip Rowe Notes from the Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture, Stephen Duncombe Subcultures: Cultural Histories and Social Practice, Ken Gelder Cut, Paste, Publish: The Production and Consumption of Zines, Michele Knobel and Colin Lankshear DIY Culture: Party and Protest in Nineties Britain, George McKay DIY: The Rise of Lo-Fi Culture, Amy Spencer

MAGAZINES / JOURNALS / ARTICLES – (include publication date and details) *Selection of zines from my parents to be collected this week* ON LINE REFERENCES / WEBSITES / ARTICLES (include specific urls) sites/media/fanzines.aspx rid.pdf?sequence=1 OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL (Films, events, exhibitions, conferences)

Village bookstore at Leeds Corn Exchange Fanzines to be collected Look at zine exhibition that was held in Leeds in July Leeds Book Fair 2013 DIY Cultures Fair (

ACTION PLAN – use this section to identify specific tasks that you need to complete in order to resolve the brief. Brief What do you need to do? 1 Marks & Spencers

- figure out a theme for the picnic itself - decide what products the picnic will include - collaborate efficiently and have creative compromise

2 Room 101

- decide what items/things etc will be going in room 101 - make a decision about the three colours that will be used - whether or not the illustration is digital or hand rendered

3 Dog’s Bollocks

- what service/product/brand will be changed - how this can be changed so that the product is improved - strong focus on audience

4 Graze

- can’t change structure of product so need to consider how to change visuals to improve product - research into marketing and mail campaigns


5 Anna Jakobson

- find out what exactly it is Anna wants - look closely at her work and personality - find out if she wants a logo - print and web?

6 Brabantia

- wait to receive paints so that can start experimenting and exploring illustration and pattern designs

7 UK Greetings

- look into processes that could be included - pick a theme or subject matter

8 Harry Ramsdens

- decide what products will be included within the rebrand - decide whether or not there will be a web element - find out the context and environment

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