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Bromley Miss Selfridge

Staff Style: glitz, glamour and a whole lot of glitter...

Get your Glitz Fix Party Essentials The new “IT” Item

Sparkle and Glitz Special Issue

Steal their style

g n u h C Alexa Lucy wears = Pinafore dress: Miss Selfridge Blouse: Miss Selfridge Bag: Miss Selfridge Shoes: Miss Selfridge


Beth wears = Maxi dress: Miss Selfridge Hat: Miss Selfridge Sandals: Miss Selfridge


t r o P y e n t Whi

Beth wears = Blazer: Miss Selfridge Blouse: Miss Selfridge Trousers: Miss Selfridge

Olivia Palermo Lauren wears = Fur Coat: Miss Selfridge Jeans: Miss Selfridge Shoes: Miss Selfridge

Celebs Wear High Street WE spotted Louise Thompson wearing the Miss Selfridge burgundy fur duffle at the end of Made In Chelsea’s dramatic (as always) episode five

We also LOVE...

this petite cropped fur coat, perfect for those chilly winter evenings!

We Love Lydia

y Get L

ok o l s dia’

Natalie wears = Playsuit: Miss Selfridge Boots: Miss Selfridge

Five ways to wear We LOVE the classic Miss Selfridge stud PU Biker, which is just so versatile...

Camilla wears = Stud PU Biker: Miss Selfridge Hat: Miss Selfridge Blouse: Miss Selfridge

Lucy wears = Stud PU Biker: Miss Selfridge Leather Look Jeans: Miss Selfridge

Laura wears = Stud PU Biker: Miss Selfridge Maxi Dress: Miss Selfridge Bag: Miss Selfridge

Lauren wears = Stud PU Biker: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Beth wears = Stud PU Biker: Miss Selfridge Maxi Skirt: Miss Selfridge

Hottest Trend: Little Princess

Beth wears = Peplum Top: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Miss Selfridge Embellished Collar: Miss Selfridge 140 Eyelure Eyelashes: Miss Selfridge

The “IT� Item: Embellished Collar Embellished Collar: Miss Selfridge

Embellished Collar: Miss Selfridge

Embellished Collar: Miss Selfridge

Party Essentials You can’t go out without....



for h olding every thing toget her!

s e su

s i T




for E

Nail Va rnish Remove r

for qui ck chan ges


s e h s a l e y E s e p i W Wet


er glam p u s g n i k o for lo


ergencies m e o g e h t n o r o f

And our number one must have is..... ROLLASOLE

Where did you get that?


Where can i find a bag similar to this? The exact one is the BERRY OSTRICH EFFECT CLUTCH from Miss Selfridge for only 17.00 down from 24.00!

Where can I find a casual bag like the one i saw Camilla wearing? This STUDDED SLOUCHY SHOULDER BAG is from Miss Selfridge and is 39.00 Lucy was wearing a ski-perfect hat and scarf combination! Where can i find something similar? Both items are from Miss Selfridge!

Glitz Fix

At Miss Selfridge Bromley, we are loving all things glittery! These are some of our favourites!

Bam Bam Black Square Stud Boot 55.00 Sassy Black Glitter Court 45.00

Gold Gem Embellished Clutch Was 26.00 Now 19.00 Black Sequin Cardi 39.00

Day to Night Change the casual CARDIGAN

to sparkly BLAZER

Change the large work BAG to smaller PURSE

Change the BOOTS to HEELS day Lauren wears: Cardigan: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Miss Selfridge Bag: Miss Selfridge Boots: Miss Selfridge Necklace: Diva at Miss Selfridge

night Lauren wears: Blazer: Miss Selfridge Skirt: Miss Selfridge Bag: Miss Selfridge Heels: Miss Selfridge Collar: Diva at Miss Selfridge

Staff Style

Christmas Party: Winter Wonderland

thank you for reading issue one of...

Bromley Miss Selfridge

Bromley Miss Selfridge


miss selfridge bromley at london fashion week

our family tree fashion footprint

team bonding and development

we’re winners!

Our Team! : g e n i l i a z t ma a N a ! r r e u g o na a m e i h p o S

position: Deputy Manager duration: over three years why ; miss s: the development and meeting good friends! funny fact: i have OCD of cleaning my ears

a n n


position: Supervisor duration: three years why ; miss s: love the vintage inspiration behind the clothes

position: Senior Sales duration: four years why ; miss s: love working with my friends and helping out other stores


h t e


a h as

position: Senior Sales duration: three years why ; miss s: LOVE the girlie style! funny fact: my favourite smell is frozen chips!

y l l i M

position: Senior Sales duration: one year seven months why ; miss s: the really close knit team funny fact: i hate writing in any colour other than blue

a h ac

position: Sales Advisor duration: one year six months why ; miss s: young, vibrant, enjoyable place to work with friends funny fact: i have a phobia of eels



y c u

position: Sales Advisor duration: one year six months why ; miss s: working with friends funny fact: i’m a professional singer... and dreamer.

position: Sales Advisor duration: nine months why ; miss s: i’d like a career in fashion funny fact: i eat with my knife and fork the wrong way around

n e ur

a L

position: Sales Advisor duration: three years six months why ; miss s: seeing the clothes first! funny fact: i look like David Hasselhoff in the morning... position: Sales Advisor duration: one year why ; miss s: the amazing music to dance to and the friendly atmosphere funny fact: i’m half Ethiopian

e i h p

o S

i b A

we are eco warriors!

we commit to... only print what’s necessary laminating all sts checklists turning till screens off not writing on till roll turning off lights having a stationary expert turning off the stereo asking if customers need a bag laminating hold tickets writing lists in the team diary

Team Events: THORPE PARK! mixed reactions before saw: the ride...

Team Bromley at LFW

Team Development

ess ystem to proghr e buddy s

using t f members pair senior staf isors v d a s e l a s r e g n u with yo nt to aid developme

certi ficat e of recog n prais ing a ition chiev posti emen ve attit


t to e to de ncourage velop ment

What we’ve won... Giftilicious

we sold the highest value of giftcards over the peak trade period! and won ...!

street style

we overwhelmed the judges with floods of street style photos to win a candy hamper!

miss festival


thank you for reading issue two of...

Bromley Miss Selfridge

Bromley Miss Selfridge

the Bromley customer blogger inspo the EXTRA mile


sneak peak at our personal shopping

we ; our bromley customers!

Engaging with our customers Our mottos... r e m o t s u c r u ’’O ” t s r i f comes “Know your c ustomer, knowledge is power” e c i v r e s e s i t i r o i “Pr ” s k s a t over

the BROMLEY Miss Selfridge girl... loves to party...

and loves to change up her style...

e b a b o h o b the

c i h c r e k i b e h t l r i g y l r i g e h t

what our customer thinks...

connect score feedback

we scored 96% during april 2013!

‘‘well isn’t that just ah-MAH-zing’’ said Caroline

to ensure this high standard of feedback continues we will keep exceptional service key while driving the incentive through promoting connect to both team members and customers.

Where our customer goes...

hideout festival

v festival

secret garden

who inspires our customers... bloggers!

ariana grande

millie mackintosh


day n u s ge r a l every ur o g n morni g room is in g n a nto h i c d e orm f s n a tr nal o s r e a p ing p p o h s n, o i t a n cts u desti d o r g p n i d n fi our o t ed cater rs needs me custo tes. as t d n a

during quieter periods we have a member of staff on meet and gree t giving out connect flyers and smiles!

our mission: find a glitzy outfit for a night in london

BROMLEY extra mile selection acquired!

this is a recreation

thank you for reading issue three of...

Bromley Miss Selfridge

Bromley Miss Selfridge

account incentives our improved KPI the three s’s STS, stockloss and strategy wow! milly’s cakes!

take a look inside our store!


Back of House: our notice boards

Account incentives

the a rea top challe gun nge

rea a r o f s r o t a t i v o as account m rey l r a l u g e r e r a seven, we x e d n a w e n e t a e quired to cr s for e v i t n e c n i t n u o c citing ac ... a e r a e h t d n a e r both our sto en e w o ll a h e r o t s t’ a e ur r o t r o christm as pas trick ‘ the pa s rcel

currently running : extra breaks fo r applications

THE BROMLEY STRATEGY customer engagement smile, socialise, smile team styling - influence the customer manage poor customer engagement know the trends know silhouettes and key shapes know entry and exit pricing stucture know new lines and best sellers selling skills data email capture

team engagement

quarterly appraisals and reviews know long term career goals clarity of roles and responsibilities clear store succession plan make the team aware of how to earn regular team building events

set the standard

consistent excellence at 95% at sts scored weekly supervisor sts expert sts forms a key part of briefings consistently challenging sts daily floor walks

Customer engagement ‘‘our customer comes first’’ set the standard ‘‘consistant retail excellence’’

team engagement ‘‘THE BEST PLACE TO WORK’’


this time last year we scored amber. this year we scored 48/50 98%!

WOOP WOOP! we got to GREEN!!!!

We make sure that the setting the standard checklist is used at least once a week to ensure a perfect shop floor and back of house!

Stockloss last stocktake result on 17/05 = 0.97% top three departments: shoes - £1241.45 casual jersey - £775 woven tops - £666 y l t n e r r u c g n i k meerkat trac .59% 0 : t a mentality! heads up and alert!

our re d route

Our KPI improvement cum to period 12 total rank 145 sales (15.6%) RANK: 92 stockloss 0.1% RANK: 86 pay to sales % (3%) RANK: 163 ops (16.3%) RANK: 163 accounts (20.6%) RANK: 168 labour turnover 116.7% RANK: 188 absence 1.6% RANK: 177

cum to period 8

total rank 69 sales (9.8%) RANK: 64 stockloss (0,2%) RANK: 51 pay to sales % (3.7%) RANK: 146 ops 9.9% RANK: 55 accounts 25% RANK: 22 labour turnover 60% RANK: 155 absence 0,2% RANK: 76

cum to period 9 total rank 47 sales (15.5%) RANK: 51 stockloss 0.7% RANK: 5 pay to sales % (4.6%) RANK: 78 ops 13.1% RANK: 17 accounts (18.7%) RANK: 62 labour turnover 71.4%

being acco unt motivators for area seven has h f t u e r g ther helpe rked to d we’ve all wo e u v s i s achieve ou e a mas r er to achiev d a o c i c r ount tarfrom pe improvement gets, as w this was ! 9 d o ell i r e p 12 to as inspiri customer g n i v i ng r d h g u thro the area t fit stock e n e b o o t e c i serv . s have the b account d n a s est e l a s , loss account performanc e of all areas over the last q uater!

Helping other stores Brixton

Milly’s Cakes

our baking extraordinarie, Milly, could give Mary Berry a run for her money!

in our joint location with Topshop and Topman we regularly hold bake sales in aid of Royal Marsden. Milly’s cakes are always gone first!

thank you for reading issue four of...

Bromley Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge Bromley Store of the Year!  

Bromley Miss Selfridge's 2013 Store of the Year Magazine Collection

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