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ebbec`€ďq_PNď-tPqsXecqî Where do local portrait sessions take place?

Your local high school, sports fields, or open field make a great backdrop for your photos.

When will my Senior session take place?

Your individual styled session will take place between June August of your Junior Year. You have the option to either earn your custom Senior Session through referrals or you can pay for our Senior Portrait package at a discount rate. Those sessions can take place at anytime once earned or paid for.

How soon after a session will our images be available? Group shoots will be available 3-4 weeks after the sessions & invdividual shoots will be available 1-2 weeks after the session.

Can we do a photo session with another photographer? NO. As a BMP Senior Crew model, we expect you to only represent our brand. We invest a lot into our Seniors and we ask that they do the same. Each Crew member gets on free family session to be used at anytime during their senior year & while we special in Seniors & Weddings, we are available for all types of photography needs which alleviated needing to hire another photographer.

Do you take payments for your products?

Yes! We offer a custom and luxury Senior brand. In order to make our sessions affordable with our clients being able to purchase everything they want, we offer payment plans for up to 12+ months with a valid credit/debit card on file. We accept cash, check and all major debit or credit cards for all purchases.

Can we be removed from BMP Senior Crew?

Yes, Y es, as we have told you we expect our Senior Crew members to be responsible, bright and intelligent young ladies. We want you to have the qualities of a great role model and be a positive influence for the people around you. If for any reason, we decide you are no longer a good fit for our Senior Crew- we reserve the right to remove you from the program.


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Viewing and Ordering 1-2 weeks after your session



Once payments are made in full, you will receive your items 3-4 weeks following the last payment

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