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February 6, 2009


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Lady Hawks shoot for the No. 1 spot in SSACArtists of the Month: Roby, Davis honored Corey Konter Staff Writer

Calvin Gibson Staff Writer Now at the half way point in their season, the Lady Hawks are looking to bounce back into the top spot in the Southern States Athletic Conference (SSAC). In the SSAC pre-season polls, Shorter was predicted to finish the season at fourth in the conference behind the likes of Lee, Emmanuel and Berry. At the beginning of conference play, the Lady Hawks were on top only to see their success begin to slip away just as fast as they got it.After a six-game winning streak the Lady Hawks saw themselves fall from first to second after a devasting loss to Berry College. “These past three games we have been really tired and not really playing as a team,” said freshman Troyanna Vickers. After coming out of a three game losing streak, the Lady Hawks still excited about their chances at winning the conference. “Working a bit harder, playing faster but under control and making better decisions is what we have been working on to get back to the top of the list,” said junior Tamara Weatherby. With only nine conference games left, the Lady Hawks still have a chance to win a ring. Recorded as of Tuesday, Feb. 3, Lee leads the SSAC conference with a record of 10-2 and Shorter tied with Auburn-Montgomery at 8-4, the Lady Hawks still have a lot to play for. These records are subject to change based on the Auburn-Montgomery versus Lee game on Feb. 5. “If we play better, there is no doubt in my mind that we will win conference,” said Vickers. The Lady Hawks credit all of their wins to hard-work and every individual putting it all on the line for the team to come out on top every game. “There isn’t just one stand out player on the team; they all play a significant part and it’s working out in their best interest,” added freshman Kierra Haggins. The Lady Hawks are using other Shorter teams as motivation to help them win conference.

Contributed by Ashley Ottinger

Junior Tamara Weatherby paces toward scoring against SCAD defensive player. Lady Hawks beat SCAD 63-55 back in November, their first win of the 2008-2009 season. “The football team, volleyball, men’s track, and cross country all have won conference in the past year, we just feel like it’s our turn to do the same,” said Vickers. Although the Lady Hawks try to take it one game at a time, it is hard not to look ahead and predict some games that can get them back in the top spot. “I’m ready to play Lee and Berry again; Lee so we can prove that it was not luck, and Berry because we didn’t play very well against them last time,” added Vickers. At the half way point of this season, the Lady

Athlete of the Week Tomas Pranciliauskas Men’s Basketball

Statistics Free Throws: 0.778

3 Pointers: 0.412

Rebounds: 3.22

Assists: 2.06 Blocks: 0.11 Steals: 1.11 Points: 13.78

Personal Height: 6’4 Position: Guard


Business Administration

Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania

Contributed by Ashley Ottinger

Hawks have managed to achieve an overall record of 13-9 (8-4). Last year, the Lady Hawks finished their season 20-11 (13-7). “Our goal after last season was to come back and finish better this season and win conference, that’s what drives us every day whether at a game or at practice,” said sophomore Jasmine Stewart. The Lady Hawks, who are now 5-3 in home games, go up against Southern Polytechnic State University on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 2 p.m.

Big Ben is clutch in improvisation Jeff Darlington MCT Campus TAMPA, Fla.- Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was joking when he said it. Contrary to his admission, the name of the play on his winning touchdown pass in the Steelers’s 27-23 Super Bowl victory wasn’t really “drop back, scramble right, scramble left, find someone open,” as he dubbed it late Sunday. Then again, would anyone be surprised if it was? Would anyone really be surprised if every play with Roethlisberger was named the same? On Sunday, Roethlisberger was not named the Most Valuable Player. Instead, it was wide receiver Santonio Holmes, who made the one-hour drive on Interstate 4 to be honored in a parade at Disney World. But Pittsburgh’s quarterback did something even more important: he solidified his legacy. He redeemed himself from his previous Super Bowl performance, too. “He’s not the same guy he was in the last Super Bowl,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said. “He was

a young guy in the last one. Now he’s a franchise quarterback that we have a long-term commitment to. He’s our guy, and he showed why.” During Roethlisberger’s first Super Bowl, he was a second-year quarterback playing on a team loaded with veterans. At his last Super Bowl he completed 9 of 21 passes for 123 yards and threw two interceptions. Lucky for him, his previous teammates carried him to victory. Lucky for his current team, Roethlisberger returned the favor. “I felt a lot better,” he said, comparing this Super Bowl victory with the last one. “I didn’t have the jitters. I actually didn’t feel really nervous.” With two minutes left and the Cardinals leading by three points Roethlisberger began to do what he has done more than any other NFL quarterback since 2004. He began to orchestrate a fourth quarter comeback. As has become his trademark, he extended plays by escaping the grasp of defenders, never giving up on finding open targets. His final numbers were solid: 21 of 30 passes for 256 yards with an inter-

ception and a touchdown. But his final drive was unforgettable. Said Roethlisberger: “I just said to the guys, ‘It’s now or never, guys. You’ll be remembered forever if you do this. All the film study, all the hard work, all the stuff that people talked bad about us, it will be for nothing. We have to go out and do this.’ “ That’s exactly the leadership Tomlin expected from the fifthyear quarterback. Despite a week of wondering whether Roethlisberger would be a better player than he was during his first Super Bowl, Tomlin said he never once questioned it. As a result of Sunday’s game winning touchdown, plenty of people benefited. Holmes made history as a result of his memorable catch. Tomlin made history by becoming the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl. And Steelers owner Art Rooney made history by winning a record six Super Bowls. But when remembering all the history that was made for everyone, Roethlisberger’s teammates and coaches urged after Sunday’s game that it was the hands of their quarterback that will now put rings on each of their fingers.

For senior music majors Rachel Roby and Justin Davis, talent is something no one can question since their recent awards say otherwise. Roby’s success came in the form of her beautiful voice, while Davis’s success came from his outstanding leadership ability. Roby recently took first place in the Southern division competition for vocal performance and received the Young Artist division of MTNA award at the same time. The competition was held at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia where Roby had to sing 25 minutes worth of music, which were composed of eight songs in front of three judges. “I am really excited about the honors,” said Roby. “I feel so blessed in getting this opportunity.” Now Roby will get the chance to compete at Nationals, which are held in Atlanta, Georgia on March 30. Roby’s friends are taking notice of her accomplishments, especially sophomore, Emily Tweedy.

Corey Konter

Rachel Roby and Justin Davis showcase their talents that they have been honored for. Roby, a vocal performance major, and Davis, a piano pedagogy and music education major, have made an impact on the music community. “Rachel is talented, always works hard and is one of the least arrogant people I know,” said Tweedy. Roby is described as being a very humble individual who works hard at her singing and always gives her all in every performance. “Rachel is very humble about winning and when I found out she won I new it was big,” said

Roll Tape

Highest grossing blockbusters No. 1 - Taken Gross Profit: $24.7 million Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace Showing At: Mt. Berry Square Cinemas

No. 2 - Paul Blart: Mall Cop Gross Profit: $13.9 million Starring: Kevin James, Jayma Mays Showing At: Mt. Berry Square Cinemas

No. 3 - The Uninvited Gross Profit: $10.3 million Starring: Emily Browning, Elizabeth Banks Showing At: Rome Cinemas

junior Tre Appleby. After Roby graduates from Shorter, she plans to audition for graduate school to earn her masters in vocal performance. Just one year ago Phi Mu Alpha was a fading fraternity dwindling away, but senior Justin Davis has begun the revival of this once great fraternity. At a Phi Mu Alpha workshop

at Georgia College and State University, Davis received the Olin G. Parker award for showing great leadership in reviving the fraternity. “I am humbled by the award,” said Davis. “This shows no good deed goes unnoticed.” According to Davis, Phi Mu Alpha was down to about two to three members, but since last

year, Davis has helped rebuild this fraternity by recruiting people from all over Shorter. Dr. Martha Shaw, professor of music, believes Davis’s leadership shows what kind of person he truly is. “He is one of the finest citizens in our department,” said Shaw. “Most of all we love him dearly.” The students around Shorter are also taking notice of the honor Davis has received in Phi Mu Alpha. “His award is highly well deserved,” said freshman, Eric Graise. “Justin pulled that fraternity out of the ground.” Senior Jennifer Tripi also believes the honor means a lot to Davis by showing what a good work ethic he has. “The award validates his hard work in bringing Phi Mu Alpha back to Shorter,” said Tripi. Davis plans to continue the recruiting process and bring this once forgotten fraternity back into the minds of Shorter students and to keep being a leader for Shorter’s music. Dr. Alan Wingard, Dean of the School of the Arts, thinks both of these students represent what Shorter music is about. Said Wingard: “They are nptj remarkable students and represent what kind of training program we have at Shorter.”

Peach Palace: Rome’s new hangout spot Caleb Carmean Staff writers Ashley-Grace Ramocan On Thursday nights, local Romans drive through downtown Rome, making their way past the City Auditorium, the courthouse and a string of restaurants and sports bars that all seem to blend in. Yet one restaurant and club in particular sticks out as college students from Shorter and Berry stand outside a building with an inner room colored by the orange and red flashes from the strobe lights. On these Thursdays the historic Broad Street resonates with sounds and movements from the latest music and most popular dance moves. The Peach Palace Bar and Grill, located off of 4th Avenue and Broad Street next to El Zarape Mexican Restaurant, is the newest addition to the party scene. Set up in a two-story building, the first floor contains a bar and grill that serves a variety of food ranging from burgers and sandwiches to seafood and steaks. The grill closes down

at 10 p.m., and appetizers are served until close at 2 a.m. The upstairs, known as Club Peach, is where the party begins. The atmosphere is layered with hip-hop, pop and rock music as well as college students and other adults dancing. In light of the recent closing of The Alley (now known as McCrobies), a former Thursday night hotspot, Shorter students have begun to settle in comfortably at this particular bar and grill. A survey of students at Shorter had results that showed that students prefer the Peach Palace Bar and Grill over McCrobies and the Prickly Pear. “Upstairs is where it’s at. It’s where all of the dancing is and where all the people our age are,” said senior Dennis Stanley. Although ‘the Peach’ is most preferred over others, some students have not found the new hotspot always satisfactory. “I wish that they didn’t have a cover charge for people that are over 21,” said senior Thad Padgett. Cover charge to ‘the Peach’ is $5 for everyone, except ladies 21 and above who get in free on Thursday’s. On concert nights, like tonight, the prices raises to

from $5 to $10 for everyone. Even though the Peach Palace Bar and Grill has become popular, students and partiers should be aware of the infamous long lines that curl outside the bar’s door. A main reason for this is because there is a limit to how many people can be upstairs at one time for safety reasons. Despite the lines, the Peach Palace Bar and Grill comes through with a quality security, which ensures safety and protection in the club’s environment. With a bouncer at the door and few others patrolling the dance floor and bar area, it seems that safety is hardly an issue like at other similar clubs. The Palace never runs out of entertainment after their college nights, as they continue to provide musical entertainment throughout the rest of the week. Tonight, the Peach Palace Bar and Grill is offering the musical styles of Corey Tucker in the grill area and Jacob Bryant at Club Peach. For more information on the Peach Palace Bar and Grill, visit their Myspace page by searching for their account under profile name, Peach Palace.

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