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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION LAUIL603 Extended Practice





STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent 2


Bethany Hampson



Rationale My creative desire is to illustrate children’s books, ranging in different kinds of mediums including ink, coloured pencil & digital. My wish is to finish this module with a body of work that will help me to pursue my creative ambition, and be good enough to show off to prospective clients and publishers. To realise this ambition, I intend to work on different ranges of character designing briefs, packaging and children’s illustration, combining my knowledge gained from these three subjects into one. Themes / Subjects Aesthetic: Cute, Charming, Whimsical, Funny

Products / Methods of Distribution Children’s book proposals and merchandise that will accompany the body of work and be able to show to publishers. Create intriguing packaging ideas, using briefs to my advantage. Exhibitons & Emailing publishing companies. Practical Skills / Media / Formats I will be working towards increasing my skills within illustration, working on different projects to make sure that I am pushing myself to try something new. I will be practicing character designing, storyboarding, sketching, packaging designing. Designing book covers and working on my typography skills by creating card designs & packaging.

Brief 1: Wuntu Thortful Competition



Rationale: Creating card designs is something that I have not done before, therefore I want to try out this brief and push myself to try something new. I like funny slogans and cute images and I feel like that’s all cards need to be successful so I may as well give it a go.

Brief 2: Pillow Fight – Ohh Deer



Rationale: Create fun and cute pillow cases for the competition, something that would make people want to buy it. I want to enter as many competitions as I can push myself to, even though this would not be my first choice for my work, itd be nice to see my work on a cushion.

Brief 3: Lifting Tower



Rationale: Work together with Animation to create a fun and interesting short animation themed around Christmas. Have good communication between the team and try out different things, maybe even give myself a go at animating something myself.

Brief 4: Roomzzz



Rationale: Work collaboratively with a photographer to produce more sleek and business appealing images for a hotel wall. Not something I normally would submit to, but I want to try and push myself to try new things and see what happens.

Brief 5: Network Rail



Rationale: ‘What Leeds Means to Me’. Create a fun and vibrant piece of art for the walls of the train station. Something eyecatching and nice to look at. Use elements of Leeds that mean something to me, LCA building, Revolution Bar, 164 Café, Art, etc. Brief 6: Montgomery



Rationale: Create a zine focused on a small and grumpy cat, use humour and expletives in a delicate but funny way and try and make something that would appeal to an adult audience. Push myself with using different means of an end result, trying out new techniques to create the zine.

Brief 7: Biff



Rationale: Make a children’s zine focused on a moral of being different. Different isn’t bad. Make sure it is lighthearted and fun for children to read, with bright colours and cute characters. Make all kids feel included, including the ones who don’t have their wings.

Brief 8: Drawing my Friends


April 2018

Rationale: Practice character designing and use my friends as the models. I want to try and broaden my skills and ensure that I can encapsulate their personalities and identities through the means of clothing, posing and facial expressions. Brief 9: Papergang



Rationale: Try my hand at creating some packaging. Give making a pattern a go, find some tutorials on how to do it. Try and make something that you wouldn’t mind getting in the post, not too boring but not too in your face. Brief 10: Photographer Branding


March 2018

Rationale: Create a professional range of branding as per the client’s wishes. Keep good communication with the client to make sure that the work is up to their satisfaction and they are getting what they want, that way if things aren’t going to plan they can be sorted quickly.

Brief 11: 27 Club



Rationale: Work on a piece for Kim Jonghyun, member of SHINee. Use different mediums and utilise character designing skills to encapsulate who he was but also putting your own style spin on it.

Statement of intent  
Statement of intent