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Š 2011 Anderson, SC Published by Bethany Greene Nomad created by Bethany Greene



The Inspiration


Creating Majuscule D


Creating the Miniscules


The Purpose


The Specimen


The Oblique Specimen


The Bold Specimen


The Bold Oblique Specimen


Uses of Nomad


Retro meets modern and modern meets, well, classic. Nomad was created to be that perfect vintage inspired typeface for today’s designer. Its structured shape and stable serifs married with its thin, even-weight give it a sense of quirkiness while maintaining versatility. Nomad can be embraced in many different situations and guide the design into its full potential.


While Nomad is loosely inspired by some of the classic beauties of the 1920s and 1930s (Gill sans and Futura), its main inspiration was drawn from something much less expected, RayBan Wayfarers. Since the 1950s Wayfarers have been revolutionary in their shape and style. By focusing on the timeless beauty of the glasses, the goal was to create an equally timeless type with the same style and feel. As for the title? The strong connection between the type and its inspiration needed to be evident. When studying the word ‘Wayfarer’, the definition is simply, “a person who travels on foot”. By naming the typeface Nomad, it holds to the connotation of an everlasting wanderer.

The most pivotal character within Nomad’s alphabet would most certainly be the majuscule D. The creation of this character and evident ties to the shape of the Wayfarers led the rest of the set to become what it is. The initial exploration of the shape of the Wayfarers led to the decision to create a modern inspired serif. As you can see (right) the shape of the serifs were heavily inspired by the side pieces on the glasses. When it comes to the actual shape of the characters, it is also easy to see that the sleek curves within the glasses are also repeated in the characters themselves. Once the majuscule D was created, it was simple to repeat the shapes and curves of the letters until the entire set was formed.


The shape of the minuscules are heavily drawn from that of the majuscules. The same basic cur ves (as seen in the majuscule D) are consistently repeated throughout the set of characters. By repeating this shape, viewers can see the connections and similarities between the characters.


Nomad is a typeface which was created by brands, for brands. Once the initial inspiration from Wayfarers was established, Nomad was then created to be a branding and heading type for the same style of company. Two of the main companies of importance when creating Nomad were Nylon Magazine and Urban Outfitters. Whether it be used for magazine headers or for web design, that same quirky sense of fashion is evident throughout the type. Pictured right; Nomad (left), Original logos (right).


12 Nomad Book

14 Nomad Oblique

16 Nomad Bold

18 Nomad Bold Oblique

20 Uses of Nomad

22 Test Drive

Nomad Type Specimen Book  

A book created to show the processes and character sets of the typeface, Nomad.

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