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Hundreds die of cholera in Haiti By David McFadden McClatchey-Tribune

SEXTING Teenagers begin to see serious consequences— including jail time and the label of “sex offender”

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A cholera outbreak that already has left 250 people dead and more than 3,000 sickened is at the doorstep of an enormous potential ground: WORLD breeding the squalid camps in Port-au-Prince where 1.3 million earthquake survivors live. Health authorities and aid workers are

scrambling to keep the tragedies from merging and the deaths from multiplying. Five cholera patients have been reported in Haiti’s capital, heightening worries that the disease could reach the sprawling tent slums where abysmal hygiene, poor sanitation, and widespread poverty could rapidly spread it. But government officials said Sunday that all five apparently got cholera outside

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Port-au-Prince, and they voiced hope that the deadly bacterial disease could be confined to the rural areas where the outbreak originated last week. “It’s not difficult to prevent the spread to Port-au-Prince. We can

prevent it,” said Health Ministry director Gabriel Timothee. He said tightly limiting movement of patients and careful disposal of bodies can stave off a major medical disaster. If efforts to keep cholera out of the camps fail, “The worst case would be that we have hundreds of thousands of people getting sick at the same time,” said Claude Surena, president of the Haiti Medical


DAMAGES Aerospace engineer received $1.68 million in damages after a scuba diving accident


Association. Cholera can cause vomiting and diarrhea so severe it can kill from dehydration in hours. Robyn Fieser, a spokeswoman for Catholic Relief Services, said she was confident that aid groups and the Haitian government will be prepared to respond to an outbreak should it occur in the camps. But she stressed that the challenge of See CHOLERA, page 3A ››

U.S., Mexico share blame for violence By Josh Meyer McClatchey-Tribune

See page 5A ›› Efforts by Mexico and the United States to stem the skyrocketing cross-border drug and weapons trade are failing, and both countries are to blame for the rise of violent cartels responsible for more than 6,000 related deaths south WORLD of the border last year, lawmakers and experts said at a Senate hearing Tuesday. For years, elected officials in Washington have sought to portray Mexico as being largely responsible for the problems spawned by the increasingly powerful transnational crime syndicates, and for fixing them. But at an unusual combined hearing of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs and the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics

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EXERCISE Miami psychologist recommends exercising in the great outdoors to revitalize workouts

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SURPISE Washington woman found a cat inside of a couch she bought for $27 See page 3C ›› Jose Manuel de la Maza (Abaca Press/MCT)

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Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and Bolivian President Evo Morales congratulate a miner at the San Jose mine, near Copiapo, Chile, on Wednesday, Oct. 13. After 69 days, all 33 miners were rescued.

By Nicholas J.C. Pistor St. Louis Post-Dispatch

All workers trapped underground in mine have finally emerged

A custody battle has begun over a newborn whose mother is charged with trying to drown her moments after birth. Ed Goodrich, the baby’s father, is seeking custody. A preliminary court hearing was held Tuesday morning, but no action was taken. A hearing on his motion for custody is NATION scheduled for April. Goodrich appeared with his attorney. Elyse J. Mamino was charged earlier this month with trying to drown the girl in a toilet after giving birth in the bathroom during a party in Columbia, Ill., in November. She has pleaded not guilty. Police are investigating what they said was the

By Alexei Barrionuevo and Simon Romero New York Times

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In the days before he was rescued, Mario Gómez had reached a breaking point. Though he was the oldest and possibly the most experienced of the 33 miners trapped nearly a half mile underground, he began to “feel strong explosions” in the shafts surrounding him, his sister said, and started panicking that another cave-in like the one that had hemmed them in two months earlier was imminent.

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Both GOP and Democrats predict victories as parties’ big names hit campaign trail Political parties have optimistic expectations for the rapidly-approaching election By Lisa Mascaro Tribune Washington Bureau Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Sunday predicted an “unprecedented wave” of GOP victories while Democrats saw signs of voters awakening as VOTE2010 both sides made closing arguments in the final week before the midterm election. Democrats said voters were souring on the big money being funneled to outside groups supporting Republican candidates, including one associated with President George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove. Rove defended the spending Sunday as part of a campaign

finance system in need of reform. “I would like to have a different system, but we have the system we have,” Rove said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” Some outside groups are structured in a way that does require donor disclosure. “It is what it is, and the choice is whether you fight the battle with one arm tied behind your back or not,” Rove said. Democrats are in a vote-byvote fight to ensure turnout in battleground states across the nation. Dozens of congressional districts are considered too close to call. President Barack Obama is scheduled to make a final campaign blitz next weekend, hitting four states in two days. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md.,

Joe Burbank (Orlando Sentinel/MCT)

Luis Sinco (Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke to supporters during a rally in Orlando, Fla., yesterday.

President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Cal., on Friday.

chairman of the party’s House congressional campaign committee, said voters were beginning to connect the dots between outside donors and GOP races. “These big interests are fighting hard to get back in power, and I think the American people are waking up to that fact,” he said.

“You’re going to see a wave, an unprecedented wave, on Election Day,” Steele said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Many political experts expect Republicans to pick up the 39 seats needed to wrest majority control of the House from Democrats in the Nov. 2 election. A GOP takeover

“That’s why I think you’re seeing a closing of the political energy gap that’s been talked about.” Republicans are depending on the enthusiasm of this year’s highly motivated conservative voters, many of them associated with the “tea party” movement, to push turnout in their favor.

of the Senate would be tougher, and neither Steele nor Rove was prepared Sunday to say that Republicans would win the 10 seats needed. Control of the Senate is likely to hinge on a few battleground See ELECTION, page 5A ››

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