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Bethany Dalzell Individual Submission Boards

OUGD503 Collaborative Practice

Cover Design


WORKING NOT BEGGING . NO.1016 . 10-16 FEBRUARY 2014 . ÂŁ2.00


I knew it was important to show that ultimately the type worked. The cover was clearly an important part of the publications design and it was here that I decided to implement the tag line. The moved away from usual covers which use celebrity stories as the focus. To tie in with the northern setting I wanted to celebrate the north. I decided to use a picture of natural beauty and used an image of the Yorkshire Dales Standing Stone. As I had discovered the type worked particularly well over images, and this was my favorite composition as the stone offered a boundary for the type to sit in. We decided to use the cover as a stand alone impact boards as we were so happy with its impact and they way it showed off the font design. This set the way for us to design the contents in a highly visual and stimulating way.

Type Design


The custom type I created was designed to give a real face to The Big Issue in the North. I felt the magazine was trying to act like a low end celebrity publication and lacked the edge that you’d expect from a norther publication focused on improving the lives of homeless people. The type reflects a genuine and honest attitude in its process. Using simple techniques and staying true to it’s materials and also providing the eye catching voice needed to headlines and covers. I also came up with the tag line, ‘Same big Issue’ which developed from ‘New small format same big issue’ reiterating it’s purpose and intentions. I felt ultimately people purchase the magazine because they want to do a good deed, and secondly because it offers a source of enjoyment and a good read. The magazine is sold differently to other publications as it is not purchased by a customer viewing the cover and content, but pretty much purchased blind. It was important for me to create a different aesthetic that will really work over the few seconds a customer on the street may have to decide whether to buy the publication. The type reflects the honest nature of the publication and it’s ability to cause change for the better.

Type in Use - Editorial

To show how the type could work straight into the publication as it is, I decided to use a range of previous stories for the Big Issue. This provided us with the content for the publication, but we decided to use image quite differently. The publication currently felt very text heavy and we decided to show how the same amount of content can be set out in a much more visual way. I wanted to use stories that were specifically norther focused, and stories that were the broader content that will be published in all branches of the magazine. I also wanted to create a page which listed local events, as I felt a focus on community with in the magazine suited its ethos and aims.


Type in Use - Editorial

An element of our concept was to address the need to use digital platforms in the publication. The website provided a good resource but seemed to be unused and inconsistent. I was also very aware that the printed element was essential for the success of the vendors and thought bridge technology could preserve this whilst providing a heightened user experience. We decided to use QR codes through as it seemed the most cost effective way for the magazine to do this. We both designed some spreads each and the ones here were my contribution, once we has the aesthetic a consistent look could be created. We then printed this and staple bound it and photographed it to show it as a real option and a professional looking magazine.


Type in use - Web Platform

I felt it was very important to readdress the web site. I wanted to create a more visual way of consuming media, and was inspired by sites such as Pinterest. This also provided another platform to show off the typeface. I created this style once again using existing stories. The QR codes would like to more information such as videos and further stories. This created a unity between the two platforms. I used the same navigation options and did not redesign the site map, but the way it was viewed. Vicky was then able to take this aesthetic and create a mobile version.


Brand Guidelines

For the brand guideline I was keen to put across the character of the font. I wrote about the font in first person to get across the idea the font said a lot more than the actual letters. PASTE-UP is real, friendly & honest. PASTE-UP doesn’t pretend to be something its not. PASTE-UP is bold & genuine. PASTE-UP isn’t scared to shout about the big issues. Our brand guideline were different as PASTE-UP is not a highly refined font that has strict rules about leading and kerning. Vicky picked out the key rules and I decided to write these out in the font and use this board as another opportunity to show off the font. I came up with the name PASTE-UP as it reflected fast paced guerilla styles of putting information out. I was thinking of graffiti style wheat pasted work on walls of urban landscapes. Our branding guideline were different from traditional ones as they lacked the rules and rigour, but this shows the difference in our proposal and our desire to create some robust and flexible.


Colloborative Practice 0UGD503 Individual Boards Bethany Dalzell  
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