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NEW STUDENT ARRIVAL DAY SPRING 2011-12 MEAL TIMES: Serving times today are: Breakfast: 7 – 8 am Lunch: 11:45 – 12:20 pm Supper 4:45 – 5:20 pm Student meal cards are in the orientation packets you receive upon arrival and are required for students starting today. There are also two complimentary meal tickets in the orientation packet for parents or other guests to use today or anytime. Additional meals can be purchased in the serving line.

PARKING Please park in the main parking lot off of Auto Club Road when you check in and after unloading your belongings in the dorms. Students who bring vehicles will be assigned a parking space during the enrollment process and can move their car after receiving their parking permit. Please do not leave your vehicle parked outside the dorm buildings except to quickly unload your things. Move your car to make space for others and then come back to move your belongings into your room.

MOVING IN Men may be in the women’s dorms and women in the men’s dorms on Arrival Day but only for the purpose of assisting with moving in and to briefly check out the facilities. Please announce yourself as you enter the floor (ie: “Man on the floor!”). Your mentor will be on the floor to greet you and help you get settled in your room. The name of your mentor, along with your building, room number, and roommate(s) is printed on the label located on your campus map. Ask you mentor about storage space in your dorm building, if needed. Fill out the room inspection form in your orientation packet to report any damage or confirm that everything is okay, This must be turned in during the campus business process.

CAMPUS BUSINESS Along with moving in today, you need to visit a number of “Stations” (mainly in the T.A. Hegre Ministry Center) to take care of the paperwork and other steps involved in enrollment. Included in this process is a visit to the Finance Office to pay your first term fees. Enclosed in your orientation packet is a Campus Business Worksheet to guide this process. You must have the worksheet with you. You must finish the enrollment process by 4:30 pm and it takes about 90 minutes to complete.

ARRIVAL DAY ACTIVITIES/SESSIONS Parents and guests are welcome!

8 am – 12 pm

8:30 am – 4:30pm


2:15 pm

New Student Arrival

Campus Business

Campus Tour

Parents Session

Check in at the Welcome Center (Entrance B of the TA Hegre Ministry Center) by noon

See worksheet in the orientation packet you receive upon arrival for more details.

Meet on the ramp by the Welcome Center

Room 302 (2 floor of the T.A. Hegre Ministry Center)

11:40 and 4:40

7 pm

8 pm

Intro to Foodservice

Evening Service

Ice Cream Social

Please attend the session prior to your first meal on campus.

Prayer Room

East Dining Room

West Dining Room


(ground level floor, west wing of the T.A. Hegre Ministry Center)



MOVING IN There are also two complimentary meal tickets in the orientation packet for parents or other guests to use today or anytime. Pleas...