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BETHANY COLLEGE OF MISSIONS ADMISSIONS POLICIES AND INFORMATION FOR COUPLES AND FAMILIES 2013-14 ENGAGED COUPLES If you’re engaged and wish to enroll prior to getting married, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind: For all incoming students: • We strongly encourage both parties to attend Bethany if at all possible. Even if you are planning to complete a certificate only, you and your fiancée/fiancé will benefit greatly as a couple to have this year of training as a foundation for your future ministry and life as a married couple. • If you plan to get married prior to enrolling at Bethany, please note that our standard policy is that newlyweds should not enroll until close to their first wedding anniversary. This policy reflects the principle of taking an appropriate amount of time to adjust to marriage, without the additional stresses of college-level work and living in a dorm environment. You may, however, submit your applications during your engagement, indicating an enrollment date closest to your first anniversary. • If you feel that there is a compelling reason to enroll prior to your first wedding anniversary, you are welcome to submit a statement explaining your unique situation to the Admissions Office when you send in your applications. Exceptions to our standard policy are considered on a case-by-case basis. For those wishing to complete the B.A. Degree: • If you plan to complete the B.A. program, you will be spending 16 months on Global Internship. Married couples are required to go on internship together. In order to adequately prepare for this experience, your spouse is required to enroll as a part-time student for 2 years as a minimum requirement. See the “Program Options for Married Couples” document for details. • Bethany International Ministries (our missions-sending entity, which fields interns doing the B.A. program) also holds to a policy that newlyweds be married for approximately one year before going to a Global Internship site. Please keep this in mind as you make wedding plans. • If you wish to get married sometime during your first two years of enrollment and then plan to go on internship, arrangements can be made for you to take a one-year leave of absence from the college following your marriage. You would then re-enter and go on internship with the next outgoing class. Contact the Admissions Office if you have further questions about the policies and recommendations regarding engagement and the setting of wedding dates as it relates to your projected entrance date.

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SINGLE PARENTS Single parents participate fully in all components of their chosen program, just as a single student without children would. Since childcare is not provided on campus, children must be old enough to care for themselves when their parent is fulfilling school requirements. Therefore, single parent with children under the age of 14 will be considered for enrollment provided the parent has access to consistent childcare and receives special approval from the Admissions Committee. Please review the information for families throughout this document, as much of it will apply to you as a parent regardless of your marital status.

SEPARATION OF SPOUSES The college does not advocate the separation of spouses for the sake of training. American students enrolling in Program Option Three should expect to live on campus or have the ability to commute home each night. An exception is made for International students who may enroll under Program Option Three for a maximum of one year (2 consecutive semester).

RESIDENCY Residency is not required for married couples, but it is highly recommended for those enrolling in Program Options One and Two, due to the intensity levels of the programs and convenience of being on campus. Contact the Admissions Office to discuss housing options and learn more about campus life.

THE COLLEGE SCHEDULE Classes, chapel times, and life groups generally take place weekday mornings from 8:00 am – noon. All full-time students participate in a practical training (P.T.) assignment with a department on campus for 10 - 20 hours per week, depending on the credential being earned. Part-time students may also be engaged in P.T. (see the Program Options for Couples document for details). Full-time students are involved in a weekly Outreach (about 4 hours per week), have regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings with a mentor, and generally have two hours of homework each evening. A number of breaks and special events are planned throughout each term.

MARRIED COUPLES WITHOUT CHILDREN We highly recommend that married couples without children both enroll as full-time students in order to take advantage of the opportunity to receive comprehensive life and missions training as a couple. However, married couples may choose from among any of the program options available to couples regardless of whether they have children.

MARRIED COUPLES WITH CHILDREN We welcome families! Families with children under the age of 14 will be considered for enrollment provided the parents have access to consistent childcare and receives special approval from the Admissions Committee.

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There are several other program options that are more conducive for students with children. The document, Program Options for Couples, goes into detail about the requirements of all options.

HOME-SCHOOLING Families who choose to home-school their children may arrange for use of facilities and resources on campus, pending availability. It is up to each family to work within the parameters of their college schedule when home-schooling.

CHILDCARE Bethany College of Missions does not provide childcare. It is the responsibility of the parents to make all childcare arrangements. Children are not allowed to come to class or Practical Training with their parents. Therefore, parents should think realistically about the needs of their children and the demands of college life when selecting their program. We require each couple with dependent children to schedule a phone call or meeting with one of our deans before enrolling, for this purpose. Every effort is made to assist families with planning a schedule that will work well to balance their family needs with their college requirements. Information on local school options for children is available upon request from the Admissions Office.

LIVING CONDITIONS Resident married couples are typically given one bedroom, with the option of renting additional bedrooms as available. Children age 2 and younger can share a bedroom with you, if desired, thus keeping the cost of housing a little lower. Couples generally share a bathroom with another couple or family; and a living room and kitchen facilities with several other couples or families. Unless you have a large family, plan to share these spaces. While our students find married student housing to be sufficient and often develop long-lasting friendships with one another, you will probably be more “cozy� than in your present situation. We provide all meals in the campus dining rooms. The cost of meals for adults is included in your school fees; the cost of meals for children is based upon age. You may want to do some of your own cooking in your dorm as well, though this will not lower your school costs. The dorm kitchens are equipped with basic appliances (refrigerator, oven, dish washer). Important: Married student housing is very fluid and dependent upon the make-up of the student body from one year to the next. Specific information about dorm facilities, and the furnishings provided in the dorms is included in pre-orientation materials or upon request from the Admissions Office.