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Keepsake Christmas Edition

Bethany Republican Clipper

South Harrison Elementary Kindergarten Mrs. Barnett Dear Santa, I want a robot dog, color things, and I want a robot dog that is huge like Clifford. I love you, Santa. Love, Adriana Hunt Dear Santa, I want a pool, puppy, a tablet, some Muck boots, a pet python (because

my friend has one and they are really nice), and a Promethean Board. I love you, Santa. Love, Ashlynd Seamster

with gloves, and a big Lego set. I like your reindeer. Prancer is my favorite. Love, Joel McCall

Dear Santa, I want a cat and a LaLaLoopsy doll. That’s all. I love you! Love, Pyper Giles

Dear Santa, Can I have a puppy? I want a Barbie and a new sheet for my bed. Can I please have a new toy pony? Thank you for the presents. Love, Kenly Bridger

Dear Santa, I would like a skateboard for Christmas. I would like a baby doll. I want a beautiful dress. Thank you. Love, Kirsten Stout

How can you disappear from the outside to the inside wall? Maddox Dear Santa, I want a Barbie house and one Barbie doll. You are nice because you bring toys. Love, Julie Flores Dear Santa, I want a BB gun, battling robots

Dear Santa, I want a remote control helicopter, a remote control monster truck, and I want to get a remote control airplane. My mom is helping me make room for the new toys. Thank you. Love, Gabriel Smith Dear Santa, My mom won’t let me have an iPod, but can you please bring me one? If you can’t, you can bring me grapes. Ice cream will work to. Thank you. Love, Kataya Sunderman

Dear Santa, How can you disappear from the outside to the inside wall? Thank you for all the presents you make. Can I have battling robots and five race car Hot Wheels? Thank you for what you do. Love, Maddox Ury Dear Santa, I want a Saige Paint the Sky doll and clothes that match. That’s all I want. Thank you for all my things. Love, Alexis Hunter Dear Santa, Can I please have a make-up set and a Barbie set? Thank you for all the toys we get! Love, Evany Lowe Dear Santa, I want ten Santa Clause toys. We have a nice Christmas tree in our classroom. I am excited about my toys. Love, Aiden Ward Dear Santa, I want a Transformer, a coloring book, a pet puppy, a brand new Spiderman because the other is broken, and a sticker book. I hope you have a good day. Love, Ethan Smith Dear Santa, I want a little car from Wal-Mart and a remote control helicopter. How many elves do you have? How many toys can you deliver in one night? Love, Wylie Anderson

All The Best This Holiday Season Our wishes run as deep as our gratitude for you, our neighbors and friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

From the Mayor, City Council, and Employees of the City of Bethany

and girl Barbies. I really like the toys you gave me last year. Love, Kaylor Robinson Dear Santa, I want a helicopter with a rocket and a dirt bike with a button you can get on and ride it. I also want green headphones for school for the iPad station. You are awesome! Love, Cayden Cardwell Dear Santa, Are you doing okay? I would like a new Barbie doll and a bracelet. I would also like a new water bottle. Love, Sandy McCauley Dear Santa, You are the best toymaker! I would like a Spiderman house with Spiderman and a Spiderman motorcycle. Love, Leon Jincks Dear Santa, I want a dog treat for Trigger, a toy reindeer, and a little Christmas tree for my room. I like you a lot. Love, Jett Cornett

Dear Santa, I want lots of dolls and lots of toys and a Barbie house and lots of boy

Dear Santa, I like my robots that you gave me last year. I want a new toy race car with a controller and a rocket with a controller. I love you, Santa! Love, Johnathan Oliver

with our

Dear Santa, I would like a DS game and a toy gun. And I want a game about a Luigi Mission. You are very nice to all the kids. I have a cool Sonic toy already.


Your friendship and goodwill make it all worthwhile for us. Have a great holiday!

Gina’s Shear Heaven Gina, Nicki, Paige, BJ 3401 Miller St. • Bethany, MO


ALL THE BEST You deserve it!

Merry Christmas and many thanks. Bethany Care Center 1305 So 7th Str. - Bethany 660-425-2273

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